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April 14, 2014

by MullOverThis

A Utah mom accused of killing 6 newborns (her biological children) is facing criminal charges for their deaths.  MullOverThis is befuddled once again. And, it is a rare scenario that leaves me with a lack of words.

Okay. I’ve recovered enough to share this:

1. Who could have possibly lived in that house and not smelled six carcasses stored in boxes amassed in the past decade?  Only nasty people can live in a home and not ever notice their garage smells like a gutter.

2.  This woman was repeatedly pregnant. So, ex-hubby knocked up this murderer while they were together-several times-and never noticed a pregnancy?  Am I to believe he impregnated someone numerous times and nothing registered in his brain or ding ding that his wife-at-the-time was preggo?

3.  Preggo was pregnant several times and *shrugs*…where are the babies? Pregnancy, no baby, no problem.

I am saddened to know that children were devalued enough to be snuffed from life by their mother, rolled up and then stored in plastic bags and boxes.  Imagine what kind of organizing guru this nutjob could have been had she harvested her knowledge to literally mask pregnancies and store dead fetuses without a putrid odor, unbeknownst to people who have working brains.



June 12, 2012

Creflo, Again!

by MullOverThis


Now, Creflo has an official mugshot for some sort of physical tuff with his teenage daughter. While MullOverThis is a firm believer in knocking children out when they need correction, I have a few concerns about Mr. Dollar:

1.  How does the grand mighty pulpiteer advocate getting physical with his teenage daughter, yet believes that people who praise God with the dance are too emotional?  Emotional praisers who run, scream, and holler can’t release and praise God, but Creflo can run, scream, holler and allegedly choke his teenage daughter?

2.  Creflo says his daughter’s account of the incident is not correct.  He happens to pronounce this in church, as if the pulpit is his blackboard or FB page to post announcements.  What kind of a father feels the need to clear his own name at the expense of painting his daughter as a liar?

3.  Creflo’s older teenage daughter corroborates her sister’s story.  So now, we have two lying Creflo children.  However this pie is sliced, Creflo does not look good.

4.  If the “chiren” are scheming against self-control when it comes to praise God, lack of self-control when disciplining his daughter Creflo Dollar, then why hasn’t the wonderful Taffi Dollar made a public statement about the challenges of parenting teenage children?  The mama who was not there for this specific incident is silent on the matter?  We know why: cause she knows precisely how things go down in the Dollar household.

Creflo needs to cut it out and stop trying to save face.  This is a private matter and he should keep it as such and protect his troubled daughters.  Whether their trouble is super pimp Creflo or they are just high end drama queens gone wild, they still need a father who will handle this matter with self-control.

Now, “Praise Him, Creflo!”  Maybe now Creflo just might get a real dance.

July 5, 2011

Smackeroos Can Be Deadly

by MullOverThis

To all those who are afraid to leave a domestic violence situation, consider that many who have been murdered never thought that death would be the outcome.  Although some have the instinct and know that one of the two are going to end up dead unless things change, many never think the fatal punch, slip, kick, thrust, headlock, bullet, stab wound or whatever will be the last.

If you are afraid to leave, you should be even more afraid to STAY.  All that you may have to leave behind, will also be left behind if there is no more you.  The people who love and value you will also lose much:  their loved one.


February 1, 2011

FL Mom Murders Two Teenage Children

by MullOverThis

Why, as this story unfolds, is this tragic outcome not surprising?


Why were these two teenagers left alone (hello Colonel) with a mom who is allegedly mentally unstable? 


Why was this mom free to purchase a hand gun AFTER she told police (hello police) she back slapped her daughter in her face, when her daughter notified authorities that her mother was abusive? 


This mom’s  teenagers mouthed off, like just about every other teenager in the world. Most teenagers don’t have to deal with so-called recovering drug abusers as mothers.  But, these two got their heads blown off-literally.  No one had a clue?  What makes people like her be on the radar, off the radar, and no one does a dag on thing to prevent this type of disaster?  She needed more than 12 -step therapy.

The mother of one of my minor relatives threatened to give her a black eye.  Threatened.  I found out about it, and told a relative with standing to sue the threat-wielding parent for joint custody.  All other factors remaining constant, this mother is a relatively good parent, like all of this mom’s neighbors seem to think of this pre-meditated killer mom.  Our family   preempted the black eye and sent a strong message to Rocketta:  Rocky is only a movie and  this child won’t be abused or neglected, point-blank.  This mother is a better mother because her daughter has family that pays attention and intervenes. 

No more excuses and duh question marks.  Mom under pressure or not, these children needed protection and didn’t get it. 


October 10, 2008

When The Juice Dries Up

by MullOverThis

I remember the day I waited for the verdict in OJ’s murder trial better than I remember most days.  That day was a day that I would find that most of the hope vested in true justice in America would be crushed.  I heard the verdict, watched OJ’s reaction, his son’s reaction, and knew what I knew the moment I saw the televised chase in the white bronco.  As one who refuses to dethrone common sense for a bunch of extraneous theories that amount to nonsense, it was clear that Orenthal Simpson, The Juice, had something to hide.  Marsha Clarke and Chris Darden missed simple common sense approaches to working their legal theory and proving the prosecution’s case against OJ.  OJ’s legal team pimped stereotypes and the race card to give place to reasonable doubt.  Such mastery even trumped DNA evidence, which by the way, has no particular feelings against OJ.  And, we cannot forget Johnny Cochran’s “if [the glove] doesn’t fit, we must acquit”.   OJ’s immediate post trial behavior only substantiated that fact that I believed that OJ did in murder Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. His year-long pre-verdict promise to find the real killer never took place.  A much needed trip to the golf course did, however.   Nicole’s alleged drug abuse and frivolous lifestyle did not cloud my judgment about the worth of her life, or the ignorance many still hold regarding control and domestic abuse at its worst. The grand celebration that many African Americans conducted, because OJ symbolized someone who got away with it, like endless other white men who have gotten slaps on wrists for committing crimes against blacks, was not true equity.  OJ’s victory only symbolized the sickness of racism and celebrity love working in the reverse where African Americans by the masses showed that when given the opportunity, we would engage and celebrate the same racial bias that  historically served to oppress us. 

As Denise Brown allegedly stated, all who worked to help OJ “go free” have suffered major castastrophes because God doesn’t like ugly.  As the following referenced AP article denotes regarding the recent Las Vegas trial, “He [OJ] was convicted of an armed robbery that happened on Sept. 13 and was found guilty on the 13th anniversary of his Los Angeles murder acquittal. The Las Vegas jury deliberated for 13 hours after a 13-day trial.”  Thirteen [13] is the number of apostasy, depravity and rebellion in Biblical numerics.  OJ will finally be sentenced for the current charges, yet I cannot help but believe that OJ, who is facing a possible life sentence, will spend incarcerated days knowing that he finally got what he deserved. 

Although I believe OJ was set up and walked right into the trap set for him, he did so because his steps of life needed to take him to reap what he sowed.  He needed to be exposed for his shady low-grade lifestyle.  The same legal system that OJ allegedly “got over” on in 1995 is the same legal system that may have worked against him in this case.   OJ’s jury is this case was a jury of his peers.  OJ is not concerned about being surrounded by black people unless it involves his family.  So African Americans need not even attempt to use the make-up of the jury as a ground for bias against OJ because he is a Black man.  The Juice’s willful associations over the years have been with the same racial make-up of the jurors that heard the case and relevant facts in this case. 

For OJ, it is time to pay the piper.


July 1, 2008

Bynum’s Battle is Over–Weeks and Bynum Divorce Final

by MullOverThis

If you live long enough, you will experience the best of times and the worst of times, all at the same time.  This holds true, for example, when a doting father watches his only daughter get married.  The ultra dad may be exuberant while witnessing his daughter take on the life of a wife, all while grieving because his baby girl is now looking to another  as her strong man, protector, provider and leader.  Divorce often has this ambivalent effect on couples that don’t make it.  While each partner may be looking forward to a permanent dissolution of the marriage, it is often a painstaking reminder of the end of life as usual.  Psychologically, it can be as traumatic as experiencing a death, or loss of a loved one.  So, this divorce cannot be an easy time for Bynum or Weeks.

The couple received a final divorce decree on June 20, 2008 at the Atlanta area Gwinnett County Superior Court.  Bynum and Weeks were a high-profile ministry couple who had an unprecedented media exposed take-by-take coverage of the demise of their marriage.  Their union had challenges like most.  The straw that broke the camel’s back was the August 21, 2007 parking lot incident where Bynum alleged that her then husband, Weeks, assaulted her by beating and repeatedly kicking her.  Weeks plead guilty to aggravated assault, after initially stating that he never put his hands on  Bynum.  He later changed his story and said he pushed Bynum away because she was attempting to assault him.  Bynum was the one with the documented bruises and the testimony of two black male hotel employees who had no prior relationship to Bynum other than seeing her frequent the hotel.  Even with Weeks’ alleged spousal abuse to his first wife, alleged physical altercations with a male and female church employee, a switch in stories before the world, and conviction, he still claims to be the victim. 

Had Michael Jackson, OJ Simpson, Marion Barry, Mike Tyson and most recently R. Kelly not been hailed as heros by a litany of supporters amidst alleged crimes against women and children, I might be alarmed.  This is the world we live in.  Where a prominent Baptist preacher petitioned for Mike Tyson, who has recently been linked to a murder plot in Bedford-Stuyvestant area of Brooklyn, New York, to have his prison sentence for raping Desiree Washington stayed.  Where were the church leaders petitioning for Bishop Weeks or other pastors with violent tendencies to have a stay from mounting a pulpit to lead people?  They couldn’t see past Bynum’s fiery personality, or whatever else became the focus.  I’m sure Desiree Washington understands.  Her commitment to dancing to win the competition for which she spent 6 months preparing, over 24 hour delay in reporting the crime, and willingness to visit the famous boxer’s hotel room–after having asked to re-schedule the date, after asking her roommate to go with her to Tyson’s hotel room (who declined)–made her a scorned girl who didn’t want to be treated like a one night stand.  Poor Mike, Poor OJ, Poor R.Kelly, Poor Weeks.  How dare anyone interrupt their lives and make them accountable for alleged criminal activity?

It will be a better day when the focus of crimes committed against women are on the actual criminal activity and not on all of the issues with which the women who were murdered, raped, beaten, and assaulted walk into the criminal activity . 

Should Bynum have stayed will always be a question.  I happen to think that Bynum is a woman responsible for her own life before the Lord and that calling is greater than her calling to influence what a world looking at this fiasco will think about Christians who divorce.  One thing is certain:  her decision to leave is between her and the Lord who knows whether she would have ended up in a coffin from the maniacal behavior of a man who a bellman had to pull off of his wife while stating, “I’m going to kill you”.  The same people with signs praying for their celebrity and religious icons to get off (who they tend to empathize with), would be the same dramazoids waiting to view her body and crying empty tears.  Bynum made the choice to live and I don’t believe God intended for her to part by death at her husband’s hands.

May 1, 2008

Juanita Bynum on Divorce Court

by MullOverThis

In case you were wondering what her appearance was all about, check out the clips.

I have never seen divorce court spend so much air-time highlighting any special guests and their own lifestyles or issues.  So, this appearance is probably aimed at increasing the show’s ratings.

Whether or not Bynum’s appearance served ministerial purpose is really a question that only those who she spent time with can answer.  Nonetheless, I’m sure this won’t stop the philosophizers from philosphizing and waking up again tomorrow, having not demonstrated notable service outside of their own needs or interests to anyone else who has been substantially impacted by their lives.  Meanwhile, again Bynum has used her personal life experience to provide insight for someone else.

After being stomped by an unrepentant husband who still denies any real wrongdoing, it is easy for Bynum to identify with and tell another woman to love oneself enough to stop the domestic abuse before it cannot be curtailed.


March 12, 2008

EURWEB: “Man-UP” and Offer An Apology to Dr. Juanita Bynum

by MullOverThis

EURweb covered the Juanita Bynum and Bishop Thomas Weeks marital dispute stemming from the August 21, 2007 parking lot assault. This media outlet, along with a plethora of others, interviewed Bishop Thomas Weeks and gave slanted coverage. This is not problematic at all as people tend to believe what they believe and present coverage based upon their own perspectives. Where EURweb went too far and denigrated itself to a trashy online publication is when it crossed the lines of any type of journalistic integrity in making the statement, “We find out that in this couple’s feud, Weeks is a total victim who thinks he is being used for Bynum’s personal gain.” (EURweb, WEEKS SPEAKS AGAIN (Part 2): Bishop Thomas Weeks comes out swinging January 2, 2008). If this “WE FIND OUT THAT IN THIS COUPLE’S FEUD WEEKS IS A TOTAL VICTIM…” was a mere misprint, Lee Bailey needs to merely apologize. However, in reading the EURweb’s editorial in totality and context, it will be quite difficult for them to squirm out of the fact this coverage was tabloidville at best.

Looking at the tone of Eurweb’s “exclusive” two-part interview with Bishop Weeks, seems like Mr. Lee Bailey thought he was doing a service to the public by sitting down with a black man who had allegations of assaulting his wife, while ignoring the public records of statements from two eye-witnesses (who were also black men), one of whom pulled Bishop Weeks from kicking his wife while on the ground.

In part one of the interview, here was some of the statements Bailey made regarding the incident: “Now, armed with a PR firm, Weeks is on an interview spree to disinfect what’s left of his reputation–appearing to follow his wife’s trail of tears already having been on the Tom Joyner show where 2 months ago she’d been candid about the alleged abuse. [Please note that Juanita Bynum was very adamant about discussing domestic violence when Tom Joyner tried to pin her to discussing her marriage with Bishop Weeks.]…Perhaps by telling his version of the story his members and others will see him in a more positive light… After the embarrassing allegations he has withstood, it seems that he could use a fresh start…In this continuing coverage of Bynum-Weeks, EUR’s Lee Bailey is one of the first to speak to the tarnished clergyman in a straight up, man-to-man conversation about the allegations he is facing…”

This morning, EURweb’s investigative mode was inoperative and reported the final plead agreement. Since Lee Bailey is into fresh starts for the tarnished who have to disinfect what’s left of a reputation, he might begin with a mere one-liner that addresses the fact that his coverage and gratuitous findings fostered the decrepid concept that a black woman set her husband up when in fact, she was violently abused. Until EURweb can take account for promoting an abusers agenda with their own findings, their worth will certainly only be as good as issuing the press releases and the paid advertisments they publish.

For EURweb interview click on links below:
Part 1:
Part 2:

UPDATE: EURweb was sure to publish Bishop Week’s explanation of taking the plea agreement. Then, they made a few editorializations with supporting quotations, in line with the Bishop’s explanation of the plea agreement. EURweb CONVENIENTLY omitted Bishop’s Weeks public admission that he pushed AND KICKED his wife. What some men will do in order to make a mockery of domestic violence against women is unbelievable.

March 12, 2008

BREAKING NEWS! Juanita Bynum-Weeks and Bishop Thomas Weeks’ Criminal Case Resolved

by MullOverThis

Alas!  Bishop Thomas Weeks III, the Senior Pastor of  Global Destiny plead guilty to the felony charge of aggravated assault against his wife, internationally known speaker, author and singer, Juanita Bynum.  With this plea, the Bishop took full accountability as he acknowledged grabbing, throwing down and kicking Juanita Bynum on August 21, 2007 in an Atlanta hotel parking lot.  He apologized to his wife and received  3 years probation, 200 hours of non-church related community service and mandatory anger management counseling.

Dr. Juanita Bynum did as many women  (and sometimes men) must who have suffered at the hands of their violent attackers in domestic situations–accepted Bishop Weeks’ apology.   Juanita Bynum said she forgave Bishop Thomas Weeks.  Despite withstanding a prolific media campaign of television, on-line and radio interviews and press releases with a pristine clean-cut imagery of the Bishop who intimated Dr. Bynum set him up and proffered himself as the one who had been habitually abused by his wife, Dr. Bynum was vindicated, as much as could be possible, with today’s admission and apology.  Unfortunately, Juanita experienced what many accusers suffer: a complete tirade against one’s character to deflect focusing on the relevant facts and real culpability.  Had Nicole Brown Simpson survived, she might have been able to fill in all of the blanks that occurred in her condo on that fateful night.  Just like OJ’s book deal on how I would have done it, if I would have done it was squashed, we hope that Bishop Weeks will pull his book off of the market since it is evident that he has not yet fully learned his lessons.  Moreso, he does not need to profit one more cent on the back of his wife. 

The presiding judge apparantly scolded both Bynum and Weeks regarding their behavior during this divorce before the public.  This blogger veers from those remarks and emphatically states that in completely reviewing every moment of public footage Juanita Bynum made in press conferences, television appearances and print media, she continually re-stated her agenda to deal with the subject incident and all immediate and ancillary information relating to the same.  When prodded to delve into other marital issues, Juanita maintained her commitment to talk about domestic violence and her new-found introduction into the world no one in their right or left mind ever wants to enter as a first-partaker.  Since when does a woman get scolded for being a public figure who stated the conditions of the assault and everyone else turned her statements and actions upside down to fit another account of the story.  The content and tone of Juanita’s press interviews was completely different than that of the Bishop.  And in case anyone may be a bit confused by the judge’s remarks, Juanita Bynum and Thomas Weeks was before the court as two individuals, a husband and a wife, not world leaders.  When Juanita was being attacked, she did not represent all of those people who would be influenced by her behavior in public during a tumultuous divorce.  She represented who got kicked, Juanita Bynum.  There is only one saviour of the world, Jesus Christ and He already died for our sins.  I am by no means suggesting that Dr. Bynum should not be mindful of her life choices and how she may influence the world.  But, I am by every means suggesting that she must be acknowledged as an individual for who she is in her very own persona, essence and countenance at some points in her life and this was one of them.  Kudos to Juanita Bynum for taking the lid off of the pressure cooker full of clergy gone wild who justify their behavior and vilify anyone who wants to hold them accountable.  Too many men, saved or not, clergy or not, beat their wives, de-humanize them, de-value them and eat away at their self-worth and want an offering and servitude in the process.  Domestic violence is real and must be dealt with in the church of all institutions, if we say we have the answer to a dying world.

As for the Bishop, I pray that one day soon he will enjoy full restoration.  This will only transpire if he continues down the path of repairing the breach, first and foremost to his wife, the very one he has been called and ordained to protect and cover. And what must the rest of us do?  Thank God that it was not us, and just as God forgives and restores us through His Grace, that we don’t hold a man for the rest of his life to what God has cast into the sea of forgetfulness, once he has sincerely repented to the one he offended and to God. 


For more info, click on link below:

December 18, 2007


by MullOverThis

Dr. Juanita BynumAfter perusing so many of the online articles and blogs regarding the allegations that Bishop Thomas Weeks III beat up his televangelist wife, Juanita Bynum, while threatening to kill her, I decided to post a comment to address a recurring incredulous line of thought.  Too many people seem to think that their favorite domestic violence victim who was on Oprah, who was on their hometown newspaper front page, who is their own mama who was pistol whipped, or who are themselves, are the “real” domestic violence victims.  Is there some competition or qualifying factor for domestic abuse survivors to  be “real”?  So the adaptation of the commentary follows, if nothing else, to show how ridiculous this whole concept that outrages too many people–Juanita Bynum as the face of domestic violence–really is. 

“This discussion is like a candy store for psychologists, psychoanalysts, and psychiatrists. Who has earned the trophy for ‘face of domestic violence’ and can rightfully be the ‘voice of domestic violence’? Talk about promoting misery and self-gain, folks. So now we need a run-off for who can speak and further the cause.  Well let’s go get Ms. Bynum who was put in the trunk and the car dumped in the body of water. Oops, she won’t be able to make the MOST ABUSED DOMESTIC VIOLENCE PAGEANT because she is DEAD. Google search this pastor’s wife who died in the black church at the hands of her husband, Melvin Bynum. What are credible categories for determining who is worthy to speak for domestic abuse? Goriest burn victims? Woman who outlived the most stab wounds? Woman who believed her husband would change but he gave her brain damage? Woman who raised the most kids in this mess? Woman with the most convincing cries? Woman who didn’t have enough money to leave but stayed blinged out? Woman who really didn’t deserve it because she never talked back, ever? Woman who hid the black eyes and bruises the best? Woman with the most hospital visits? Woman with the most non-effective restraining orders?  Woman with the most 911 calls?  Woman who bled the most? Woman whose husband stomped her, kicked her, and told her he was going to kill her? And the category garnering the most points and empathy: Poorest domestic violence victim, so her pain is really “real” because she has absolutely nothing. The Domestic Violence Hall of Fame inductees will be the ones who have grown up in it, married and repeated the pattern, and still live in it today. The ones who haven’t broken the cycle should be commemorated as they have been through the most to  warrant this position.  Please let your domestic violence agencies put out a campaign with your face, or your favorite candidate’s face on it because you are more deserving and will gain some attention and dollars to really address the issue. What have you done before this “blew up” in the press like this to speak for women like you? For women in the church? For women who are married to clergymen gone wild? When has there been a public debate about it in the black church in your lifetime? And you want to denigrate another sister who already has millions of people who support her for bringing attention to the issue. By all means then, go ahead. I’ll support your campaign but make sure you all have your medications first, because the emphasis should be about domestic violence and not opportunism, cattiness and craziness from all the outspoken non-spokepersons for ‘who is’ and ‘who is not’ what in domestic violence.”

The reality is there is no coveted exclusivity or ownership rights granted to “who can speak for domestic violence”.  Anyone who has passion, opportunity, strength and experience should be busy making something happen for all of the women, children and even men who face this demon in their families. Everyone with enough conviction to jockey for why Juanita should not be representative should re-direct their energies and  join organizations and voices that existed before Thomas allegedly met Juanita in the parking lot.  Better yet, the concerned are free to start their own crusades, forces of concrete influence, intervention and rehabilitation to stop domestic abuse.   Meanwhile prayer and faith in God is probably the most sure-fire essential for change.  Posted on December 17, 2007 at 11:38 pm