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July 27, 2015

On Bill Cosby

by MullOverThis

Poor Bill Cosby.  Tisk, tisk.

The efforts people will make to “take down” a Black man.

Too bad his trifling, pioneer date rape self (allegedly) didn’t think about these times when he used quaaludes to drug women so that he could have sex. Imagine what efforts these women would not have been able to make had he not done what he did.

Oops. I forgot what people actually do themselves cannot be dealth with when looking at the attacks against them, when “them” are Black males.


June 17, 2015

Father’s Day Is Not Mother’s Day?

by MullOverThis

Had I not seen this heart-wrenching ad from Johnson’s, I would not have even known.  Go figure.

Who would think that on a day designated for FATHERS and the appreciation of them, we should sit around honoring MOTHERS when we already have a day to celebrate moms?  That would be completely insane because it is logical and makes good common sense. But, since what is intriguing and debatable is what most people stuck in the dark ages would call foolery, nonsense and pure stupidity, by today’s standards, this ad makes good marketing.

On Father’s Day, let’s pay tribute to the Mothers who aren’t and can never be Fathers, unless Caitlyn Jenner and her crew are the honorees.

On Father’s Day, let’s act like Mother’s Day isn’t the time to honor Mothers and focus on Mothers to completely emasculate men a little bit more.

Let’s celebrate the moms who do it all by themselves, oftentimes because they have chosen to eliminate the fathers of their children from the family. You know, the ones who move out of state because of a job opportunity, or to start a new life–as if dads aren’t essential and can be part of the “old”. The single mothers who aren’t going to be told what to do with “MY” kids by “ANY MAN” should definitely have extra Johnson’s products to wipe away their tears on such a day. The single mothers who really never raise children by themselves, but discount, ignore and don’t appreciate anything fathers do for their children and obstruct good relationships between fathers and children should be upheld, right? The single mothers who refuse to co-parent and continually express their disdain for any input from fathers as “control” want their props on this day and now, Johnson’s helps to foster this “rightness” with an ad paying homage to moms, on Father’s Day.

What a blip.

Undoubtedly, there are single mothers who have become single because of the loss of husbands or fathers who have passed away or are legitimately unavailable. Others have become single moms because they picked fathers from a portfolio; There are single moms who have been abandoned and regardless of what they do, fathers will not acknowledge or raise their children; There are single mothers who praise the fathers who are great dads and appreciate the men who stand by their children. There are wonderful single mothers–these are the ones who “tend” to be sane and sound enough to know that Father’s Day is for Fathers and they are NOT men, will never be men, don’t want to be men, don’t want recognition as such, and are happy to be the best MOTHERS to their children.

It’s a shame or nowadays, an act of bravery to stand up and declare how wonderful a woman has been in being a mother & father in her child’s life on Father’s Day because she has been a mother and father. I’m fine with this craziness because scalloped potates is now vegetable lasagne.

When Mothers can simply accept the fact that they are not the best fathers, cannot fulfill the role of fathers, and are great moms–if they are–we’ll be back to a better place in the family.

As a woman, this move towards acknowledging moms on Father’s Day needs to stop. Focus on celebrating FATHERS. If you cannot look around and find an uncle, co-worker, barber, son, cousin, butcher or tennis coach to celebrate as a father, then try sketching a porcupine for the day.


June 12, 2015

Hello World!

by MullOverThis

It’s been a moment since I’ve been on this blog.  Great to be back. MullOverThis hasn’t lost the sharp-shooting, sarcastic, hilarious ability to stir up a good conversation about just about anything.  There have been so many great events that have occurred since I’ve posted, but the good thing about whenever the time comes, there is so much from which to choose.

April 30, 2014


by MullOverThis

No one can blame another for when someone flips out and does the unexpected.

The thing is, we need to pay attention to the tell tale signs that we live with, daily. Am I to believe this young man just woke up, decided to walk into his job dressed like Rambo and act like he was in a real movie scene, fired shots that injured 6 people and took his own life?

“Honey, have you heard from Sammy? He’s a little late coming home from work today.”

“No, actually, I haven’t. Dear, are you watching the news?  Put on CNN. Oh my! It looks like someone shot up the gas station.   Oh my! They say the gunman looks like Sammy!  Oh my, could Sammy be that far gone?”

Yes, Sammy can. There is no way someone is that far gone and NO ONE noticed a thing. Let’s stop ignoring what we will one day not be able to live with because when these tragedies occur, those who are “shocked” by their loved one’s human depravity also suffer losses. It is better for Sammy to be under the treatment of a mental facility than to go to a premature grave while attempting to take others with him.


April 14, 2014

Hilary Clinton Victim to Another Flying Shoe

by MullOverThis

Did this nincompoop actually throw a shoe at Hilary Clinton? You see what happens when lunatics grow up in a world where they are not taught to respect significant world changers?

Random thoughts:

1.  And to think, there would be a “whole lotta” men who would be roped in by that long blond hair. Look, nutjobs come with all shades of hair color.

2.  Hilary did not “dodge” the shoe. Clearly, she reacted to the footwear flying past her head.  Looky right ova here. Once she took that “swerve”, I can see that agility that probably has former President Bill Clinton hooked.

3.  I wonder what kind of shoe this woman forfeited. She must have really disliked the Mrs. Hilary Rodham Clinton to sacrifice a shoe.

4.  This is one instance in which I would have loved to see Hilary whack somebody. I would have looked the other way and reacted similarly to the way Mrs. Clinton did, AFTER I saw her “handle up” on the shoe-thrower as she did when the shoe flew past her skull.

5.  When the loose cannon sits in jail and hopefully gets a good dose of prison, she might want to think about what matters in the total scheme of life and get one.




April 14, 2014

Mickey Rooney Passes Away and Family Matters

by MullOverThis

And the reason these people even went to court in the first place is…?

Because the family always matters in ways they should NOT. The man did what he wanted and that should be the end of it. Whoever he left in charge, so be it.

Thank God someone took care of him and he lived a long life.



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June 22, 2013


by MullOverThis

What is the big deal?

Most nigaros probably think she’s a fat white slob. Most of us who have had the awesome awful experience of dining at her extremely common country restaurant in Savannah, Georgia readily admit that everybody in our families can cook much better than her. Her desserts were absolutely over-sweet and nasty with a too raw texture.  Aside from the wonderful time with friends, Paula Deen’s restaurant is not a culinary delight.

Of course, co-confederate Southern belle’s and gents are in an uproar over the Food Network’s decision to let one of its prized chefs go for getting caught.

Do people really think that Paula and most of ‘dem wonderful folks who just uphold the way things used to be in the good old nigaro, nigaro, figaro South hold Black folks as equals?  By jolly golly, Paula Deen didn’t mean a bit of harm because Figaro, nigaro, Figaros are the ones who she employs and takes good care of, just like Massa did with all ‘dem N-word’s he gave a roof over their heads, food they plucked and prepared, and occasional forced loving when the South was at its slavery best. Paula Deen probably really does have a great heart, spirit and soul.  It’s just a typical white racist one which copes with the ways things are now with free N-words everywhere.

So, although I don’t advocate pristine confederate slobs calling Black folk niggers, Paula Deen isn’t really that important. Nigaros just need to eat our own, much tastier food.


May 11, 2013

On Charles Ramsey, the Amanda Berry Hero

by MullOverThis


Three women were held hostage for approximately, nearly, roughly a decade. Charles Ramsey is the primary person with enough courage to respond to Amanda Berry’s screams. His swift action serves as intervention to end the horrific experience for three women and a surviving child.

Now, hoity toity ignoramuses with some measure of respectability because they “got demselves some learning” dare to comment on Charles Ramsey’s teeth or lack thereof, matted hair and ghettoism.


How does it become a media ploy against black folks and stereotyping a Black man when a news reporter interviews a completely relevant witness who happens to be straight up ghetto? Should a media person have the wherewithal to think, “Hey, this dude is a hot mess ghetto negro and maybe we should find a suited Harvardite to represent the Black race to speak on behalf of his heroism.”

You cannot please banana peel everything-is-slippery-and-an-offense-to-Black-folk Negroes. A blogger even surmised whether Mr. Ramsey would have done the same thing for a black woman. These Negroids think so hard that their logic breaks the common sense meter and registers in Duhville.  Does anyone think that a man-who didn’t know women lived in the house with the man with whom he ate barbecue-knew that the cries were from a pretty white woman?  Did he see a pretty white woman before he left his home?  Or, did he decide to be a hero when he saw Amanda Berry?  Some folks just need medication.

Charles Ramsey has ears. He heard a woman screaming. Charles Ramsey has a heart. He felt an impulse to aid one who appeared to be in emergent need. Charles Ramsey has guts. Unlike many educated Negroes who rationalize why they cannot get involved, Charles dared to help a woman. Charles Ramsey has strong legs. He used them to get “hisself” over to the house where he heard the screams and kicked the door down.

So all pristine negroid clowns who are embarrassed by Charles Ramsey, HE DOES NOT REPRESENT YOU. He represents a wider class of people who are selfless enough to do the right thing and this class of people is universal.


March 25, 2013

Duhville Has Residents

by MullOverThis

First of all, Duhville does exist.

And, there are some inhabitants who have made a conscious decision to dwell there.

So a young lady–again, other than this has all of her marbles–went to visit her eye doctor. Her doctor told her she is “near-sighted” and explained that this means she cannot see things that are near but sees things far away.  Since I had not taken my MYOB pills for the day, of course I had to get involved.

I told the young lady that if she is truly “near-sighted”, obviously she can see things that are near. Near-sighted…duh… good vision for things that are near.  I tried to explain to her the language is akin to being “top-heavy”, for example.  If you are top-heavy, chances are the bosom is full, voluptuous, or darn-it, heavy!  That does not necessarily mean that your bottom is lean.  One may be top-heavy and bottom-heavy, too.

Nonetheless, the newest Duhville resident insists that she cannot see things near to her because her doctor said the meanings of far and nearsighted are completely opposite.  She was alarmed when the doctor told her this (I think she was drunk or half-asleep) but after all, a “doctor” should know better than non-Duhville residents.

A litany of google sites, online dictionaries and good ole common sense didn’t trump the eye doctor’s word.  

I’m not certain that the eye doctor literally relayed this misinformation or if the new Duhville resident misinterpreted the doctor’s diagnosis.  Wherever the breakdown occurred, a person who leaps over the obvious to trust another “expert” is sure to put up a brass house number on a prime street location in Duhville.

Help us.



January 22, 2013


by MullOverThis

Here are some “niceities” that just might make 2013 and beyond a good time in your life:

1.  Speak to people who you work with every day.  If you slip and fall in the parking lot, that won’t be the best time to “all of a sudden” decide to introduce yourself to workplace colleagues.

2. Help someone who is in need.  For real.

3.  Respect others.  If you address the homeless vagrant with the same respect as Michelle Obama, you’re more likely than not going to get the best effort from the homeless man.

4.  Don’t burn bridges, especially if you can’t swim.  Why drown when you can have a safe way to get across the river?

5.  Be kind to yourself.  Affirm what is good and make a decision to change  the part of you that needs improvement.

6.  Smile.  Smile some more.

7.  Discover the good in others.

8.  Value patience.

9.  Eat better.

10.  Visit some place  you’ve never been before.  Even if  you take the city bus for two extra stops one day, make sure you see more of the world.