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January 28, 2008


by MullOverThis


Apparently, I’m not smarter than a third grader.  This past weekend, I was invited to a dinner party hosted by a friend and her beau.  I had the privilege of meeting some great down-to-earth Christians.  The food was surprisingly great (I went to college with this friend and her cooking skills were challenged back then) and we committed one etiquette no-no.  Yes, someone else bravely raised the issue of politics and we spent a few moments discussing the incumbent President and who is best suited to lead this nation.  The opining stopped shy of a caterwaul.  The only unanimous conclusion was not to vote for Obama simply because he is Black. 

Then we played a DVD version of ARE YOU SMARTER THAN A FIFTH GRADER.  Although one player present was able to spout out “Istanbul” as the only city that occupies two continents, and “the Blue Whale” as the biggest animal who also makes the loudest sound, most of us were wanting with answers to our questions.  An accountant, a couple of attorneys, an IT professional, and a consultant, were all scrambling for answers. My favorite question and answer for the evening was this:  If a farm has one farmer, one pig and one bird on it, how many legs are on the farm? An intelligible man queried with the answer, 8 (one farmer has two legs, one pig has four legs, and one bird has two legs=2+4+2=8) because the question was culturally biased.  In his culture, which happens to be akin to mine, pigs have feet, not legs. Pigs feet, or souse. 

Regardless of culture, what are feet connected to?  Legs.

Suffice it to say, the evening was delightful.  Who couldn’t use some great laughter which is good for the soul. According to my scorecard, I could also afford to brush up on elementary music, arts and more.  No wonder my niece’s book-bag looks and feels like she totes a boulder to school each day.  I’m glad I got through fifth grade a couple of decades ago.


January 25, 2008

NEWSFLASH: SLEEP, Yes SLEEP, Is Racial in 2008 Presidential Election

by MullOverThis

President Bill Clinton and I both committed the same atrocity recently.  We were both in church and fell asleep.  President Clinton was seated behind the orator, Martin Luther King III.  I was seated inconspicuously in the pews. I wonder if Bill or my nap was longer.   I felt my head jerking back and forth at least three or four times.  Thank God the preaching Bishop was African American and knows that I respect him.  Otherwise, he might have allowed the precious goldmine of good thoughts to go right out of the window of his mind, along with folks who are determined to put the race card on the table where it does not exist.  I hope the Bishop did not espouse the notion that my sleep was a result of anything other than tiredness and exhaustion. 

When Bill Clinton fell asleep, the normal factors that lead to sleep may have been at play, but were also prompted by how Bill really feels about Black people, according to sentiments expressed online.  Bill’s nap during a momentous memorial speech shows how he really felt about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the whole nine yards, cause if he really cared, he would have prepared by sleeping well the night before.  Note for Bill:   In the future, rest well when attending African American functions.  Naps are inappropriate and a huge statement on how you feel about African Americans–at least the ones who converse with and are influenced by “the Man”. 

Now, the nap was disrespectful and ill-mannered.  It is rude to sit in church and go to sleep especially when you have clear visibility behind the speaker.  So on that note, I owe the Bishop an apology.  And Clinton owes the Reagan’s an apology too, for allegedly falling asleep at President Reagan’s funeral.  Conveniently, Bill and Ronald are like-Caucasioned, so there is no room for intimating racial animosity there.  President Clinton might offer one to MLK III, who might not have even been offended.  I am sure he is used to droplets of spontaneous sleep within the audience after years of public speaking. 

Now, I am not oblivious to racial bias or animus everyday in America.  As an African American woman who does recognize racism and its effects not only in the African American community, I am also careful not to impute foolishness either.  This is the greatest time in our nation’s history where the top two Democratic hopefuls are “never befores”.  We have never had a female president.  We have never had an African American president.  Obama’s presence in this race challenges us to decide whether the African American communal convictions are for equality for all men.  Is equality finally found in “we support our own”, only who is “genuinely” our own, or we support based upon what we have fought for–to be evaluated upon our merit and content of our character.  In discerning uncharted territory, we cannot be so deluded that sleep becomes racial.   

January 23, 2008

Obama’s Litmus Test of A Black Man-How Well Does He Dance?

by MullOverThis

Buck Obama! The caricature of the black-face coon hammering away at an over-sized watermelon wedge came to mind when during the South Carolina debate Senator Barack Obama answered the question, “Do you think Bill Clinton was our first Black President?” Our Black Democratic Nominee hopeful answered in part, “…I would have to investigate his dancing abilities.” Hee hee.  Ha Ha.  Chuckle Chuckle.  Buck. Buck.  Where are all of our socially conscious African American commentators when we need them.  The emphatic pens mysteriously run out of ink when it is time to objectively analyze the use of the race card during this campaign because  Obama will not fare well.  

Although the coon characterization is an admitted stretch here, Senator Obama’s remarks were all too reminiscent of the entertainment value the minstrel coon provided the  massa Caucasian audience by showing the mature black man who certainly isn’t on the equal footing as his contemporary white male counterpart. I’m free, I’m a grown man, but I sure can’t handle any real responsibility because of the pigmentation in my skin, so I’mma dance, dance, dance. How we’ll know if we had a Black president in President Bill Clinton is to judge his “dancing ability”, according to a Black man.  I have a sure feeling that if this commentary came from Hilary Clinton, or any of the other candidates for that matter, there would have been a flurry of headlines with race card references.  Hypocrisy on the African American side of the fence isn’t cute or acceptable by those of us who want equality, NOT merely our turn.   While black men are fighting every day to fight the stereotypes of all black men being criminals, drug addicts, singers, entertainers, multiple babies’ daddies, or experts dribbling the ball, this dancing  joke is what our dimwit Obama felt was appropriate.  A response reflecting the reality of the everyday lives of the educators, doctors, lawyers, investment bankers, journalists, college professors, coaches, scientists, engineers, insurance agents, bankers, entrepreneurs, construction workers, nurses, film makers, pilots, salesmen, architects, horticulturalists, designers, political analysts, CEOs and so much more was not too much to anticipate from Obama, or a real brother who has a pulse on the heartbeat of his brothers throughout this nation.  Yes, we have many great African American dancers, and we should not be ashamed of that.  While we are often relished to just being fun-loving negroes who can’t move beyond entertainment and athletics to be successful, the let’s test Bill’s dancing abilities to see if he is really a brother wasn’t the best approach.  

Suggestion:  Maybe Obama’s consultants should apprise the progressive brother about what images he should NOT make light of, particularly when his camp is being so sensitive about the use of the race card as it is.  The last thing we need is the African American candidate confirming the 2008 coon typology.  The litmus test of a Black man when the entire world is listening should not be how well he can dance, pun intended or not.

January 22, 2008

CREFLO GIVES IT UP-Sells Controversial Rolls Royce

by MullOverThis

Creflo Dollar sold one of his Rolls Royce’s valued at $280,000  gifted to him by the World Changer’s church, according to a blog.  He gave the proceeds to the children’s ministry.   

WISE MOVE.  Not because Creflo should cater to the pressures from criticism, but simply because goodwill dictates that he forego an open display of material possessions.   Christians are admonished to give up what may be perfectly permissable when our entitlements severely hinder the weak.    The Kingdom of God really requires Creflo to give up the “meat” or the Rolls, so that the brethren who have stumbled won’t be discouraged by all of the goods he has amassed through gifts or otherwise.  Paul became as much like those who he wanted to “reach” as he possibly could, without sinning, in order to “win” them for the Kingdom of God.  For the sake of peace, Creflo is not sinning in giving up one of his Rolls Royce automobiles, the possession of which is sinful in the minds of some Christians.   The gospel of the Kingdom is what is quintessential and should be the primary focus.

This unsolicited time Creflo and the Grassley 6 have in the “does God want us to be rich” limelight is also an opportunity  to disclose some unknown philanthropic pursuits.  Creflo is careful to note that he has purchased over 100 cars for other people.  It will be interesting to see how wealthy ministers will curtail their public images as a result of the Senate inquiry. Ultimately, the world is an open classroom for these chosen teachers–the Grassley 6– to impart truth about Godly prosperity, the bedrock of which is Jesus Christ and His sacrifice on the cross.  Material wealth and prosperity is simply an excresence that comes from our inheritance as sons and daughters in the Kingdom of God.

Please read the following scriptures for understanding: 1 Corinthians 9:19-25; Romans 14:15-20; 1 Corinthians 8:1-13.

For more info click below:

January 11, 2008

MORE ON THE GRASSLEY 6: BITTER, But Over Prosperity Teachings?

by MullOverThis

Someone sent me the following article a few weeks ago.

Before we delve into the crux of the article, three true stories come to mind.  First, I remember years ago when the HSN first came on television and it was so unconventional to have round-the-clock shopping, and without leaving home. From the convenience of a family room, I clicked the remote control for a console 25 inch television and ordered my first gold link bracelet for $108 dollars.  It was  8 inches in length and 14kt Italian gold.  When I received the bracelet delivered to my front door, I was so excited.  I opened the packaging and thought it was a prank. The bracelet was so tiny, I was livid.  The bracelet was precisely what the network advertised, I just didn’t pay attention to the weight and the width of the bracelet.  There really was no bargain at all and I learned a crucial lesson:  pay attention to detail and some consumptions are best made in person where I can inspect the product.

Second, last year an on-line news journal headlined a NJ family who lost their home because the bank foreclosed on the property. After dancing through an illustrious tale of re-finance after re-finance and the increasing inability to pay the note and living off of the equity in the home, the family had to deal with the embarrassing reality of losing their suburban life.  The slant on the article was to capture a look at the ills of the sub-prime mortgage industry.  So an unethical broker who kept urging them to re-finance became the scapegoat.  The homeowners talked about the pressure they were under to keep re-financing.  The truth is they had thousands of dollars in consumer debt, did renovations and improvements that they could not afford, and paid maintenance bills with proceeds from re-financing, while having more children.  They made horrible choices living beyond their means, and wanted to blame the broker and the bank for making them sign hundreds of signatures, over and over again.  This is a prime example of bad habits and the blame game.

Third, there was a single mother in her late twenties who owned her own business and missed a couple of months in her apartment rent payments.  One day she went to church and the pastor made the statement, “you ought to live where you pay rent” (this was in reference to young men should pay their bills and be stable in their decisions, then God will allow them to be stewards over more, and become homeowners).  A number of months later, I drove this young lady and her child home, and she asked me to drop her at her place of business.  I told her I would wait to take her home, because it was extremely late and in a questionable neighborhood.  She explained that she moved into her place of business with her child, because God spoke to her through the same statement the pastor made months before, which she took completely out of context.  Since she did not make her apartment rent payments and kept the business lease payments up to date, God, in her mind, was speaking to her situation.  She made a major life decision and credited the pastor for giving her those asinine directives.  This woman who was responsible for the life of another human being, heard what she wanted to hear.

So when I read this article, I realized that there has to be some sob stories to make these televangelists be the super rich preying on the innocent poor as they’ve been dubbed.  Again, it is difficult to forgo common sense to end up putting these televangelists on the dartboard and piercing their images with each dart that hits the bulls-eye. 

Now, Ms. Bitter over Prosperity Preachings is an accountant who gave a substantial amount of money to the three televangelist ministries, and ended up borrowing money for food from her friends and using payday loans to survive when the blessings she was looking for did not come.  Accountant and payday loans do not work in the same equation unless there is a ‘”not equal to” sign involved.  Although we don’t have the full story, there has to be some fiscal insanity irrespective of any wooing these televangelists could have done to get this poor woman’s money.  As a member of the finance community, she would have been better off going to file an emergency claim with a social service agency, an  independent Charity, or knocking on a church door for some help.

According to the AP, Ms. Fleenor, the “victim” said, “I wanted to believe God wanted to do something great with me like he was doing with them…I’m angry and bitter about it. Right now, I don’t watch anyone on TV hardly.”  What was Ms. Fleenor’s perception of what God was doing with the televangelists?  They wrote checks to God and woke up a few weeks, months, even three years later and “blew up”?  That she would give to God and take the time, dedication, and diligence to build the families, churches, communities and works as the have? None of those ministries she contributed to, or any who are under the microscopic eye of Senator Grassley and his committee, are people who got Rolls Royces, private jets, mansions, face-lifts, image consultants, or millions of viewers overnight.  All of these ministries were built over at least fifteen plus years of  faithfulness to ministry.  What was God doing in them? He was and is prospering them for obeying the principles of the Word of God that do not gravitate towards a personality.  They work according to our faith, but faith without works is dead.  In other words, we must put our faith in action.  That does not simply mean to write a check because I want God to give me X or make me like Y. God is not a genie or Santa Claus. We all have our own paths in life.

Just to begin to tackle some of the principles in giving and receiving, the Kingdom of God pretty much works like the laws of agriculture.  In order to get a harvest, a farmer must have seeds and plant them.  This takes work to prepare the ground so that it is good and involves pruning, watering and oversight. When a harvest comes, a farmer does not give all of his harvest away. If he does, he will not eat, or cry after getting payday loans.  He must preserve some for his own table, and plant seed into his own ground again  so that he will produce a harvest in due season.  Next, a farmer may desire a harvest in crops that he does not plant.  He may sow, or exchange goods into another farmer’s land, and WHEN there is a harvest in another farmer’s crops, expect a return–not when they get tired of waiting.  One of the number one mistakes entrepreneurs make is they give up right before the new business turns a profit. One reaps what one sows.  This principle cannot be limited to giving, but certainly applies here. 

The article further purports, “The message flickered into Cindy Fleenor’s living room each night: Be faithful in how you live and how you give, the television preachers said, and God will shower you with material riches.”  That’s funny, because I have never gotten this message in isolation flickering into my television night after night. And I don’t suffer from the requisite delusions or paranoia to believe that “the man” or the televangelist division of the  FBI superimposes my television programming with Creflo, Copeland, Meyer, White, and Long teaching, or Ms. Fleenor’s with “give me money and you’ll get or become whatever is running through your mind when you think it should get to your front door”.  Nor do I believe they strategize to be aired in poverty-stricken markets so they can get money.  This thinking presumes that poor people are idiots, and fails to take into account that poor people are the ones WITHOUT MONEY to make greedy fat cats richer.  Everybody needs the truth of the Gospel of the Kingdom and how to live as God intended his children to until Jesus comes again.

Now, we have no way of knowing what this message Ms. Fleenor received meant to her. But principles of multiplication and productivity (what people are calling prosperity gospel) are based upon what our priorities are (seek ye first the Kingdom of God), our faith,  our faithfulness as good stewards over finances (in paying bills, paying them on time, owing no man [not having debt], no usury, no unjust weights and balances, no unjust motives or practices), and, our stewardship over all things pertaining to life and ministry (our families, properties, businesses, education, works for the Kingdom of God). 

At least five of these ministries under fire teach extensively about the Kingdom of God and giving. They would all be well-advised to start using more of this teaching when making on-air requests for partners and offerings to defray duplicitous branding, because there are the “Ms. Fleenors” out there watching.  This situation is also a textbook case for the need for all believers to have a local church home. No one should be sitting at home waiting for some overnight fix to issues we’ve worked lifetimes getting ourselves into–in many circumstances–through writing a check.  If we do donate, it should be to perpetuate the works the ministries are doing all over the world while we WAIT PATIENTLY on God to bless us for meeting the needs of the Kingdom of God, LIVING AS FAITHFUL STEWARDS. 

Now it would not make sense to watch a weight loss program, buy the product, eat the food according to plan, work out, and then get mad at the weight loss company because your waist is expanding instead of shrinking.  If you know you have a fibroid tumor but didn’t know the diet food is what makes fibroids grow, your weight loss program is not going to give you the visual benefits you might expect until you get rid of the fibroid tumor that went from a small pea to a watermelon on the diet.  The weight loss program might not make disclaimers for such interferences because to some degree, folks expect folks to know their own situations and make decisions accordingly, and cannot account for such peculiar circumstances.  So, Ms. Fleenor may be bitter, but there would have to be a whole lot more information to pin the tail on the prosperity donkeys or guinea pigs. 

Moderator’s note:  I hope that Ms. Fleenor has a loving church family, or finds one.  Good pastors and elders help to prevent these types of experiences, because they are able to provide sound teaching and counsel believers according to the Word of God and their personal situations.

January 10, 2008


by MullOverThis


I am trying so hard, but obviously not doing a good job at it, to be objective in my public opinions regarding the  Presidential ’08 candidates.   But when there are so many headlines associating Senator Hilary Clinton’s tears with femininity, emotionalism and weakness, with pinches of  buffoonish reasoning that such a display of tears makes her ineligible for such a tough job, I’ve got to ask for help on this one (rhetorical question folks). 

Women who have successfully surpassed the glass ceiling and sit amongst the ranks of men in traditionally male professions or jobs are all to familiar with having to refrain from, or manage their image from doing the exact things men do, which read as weakness and incompetency for women, but a badge of honor for men.  A woman shoots down an disloyal staffer, she is too harsh and possibly insecure.  A man does it, it is a wise preemptive move.  This is the same inconsistency we are dealing with here folks.  Want to see a real display of emotionalism in politics by a man strong enough to lead this nation, click below:

Now that is what I call a tear jerk-er.  And this was former President George Bush Sr. crying to the point of needing consolation while reflecting upon his son, Jeb Bush’s, election defeat.   His pain and display of emotionalism was for his son.  So the nation witnessed a father’s moment on the congressional floor.  What John Edwards would have to say about this after he takes his foot out of his mouth, I’d like to know.  Let Hilary have a mother’s moment at a wedding party and the tickers will spin that. By now Hilary must know, cause girlfriend has been in the game long enough, her quest to be Mrs. President is still a man’s world. No trendsetting trailblazing woman will ever fare well with the quacks that heckle “iron my shirt” or the men behind the podiums at the Presidential debates who really think the same thing.  Archie Bunker, the funny, neigborhood ignoramus, has a way of rearing his head, even in ’08 Presidential candidates.

President Ronald Reagan got shot and one of the most reputable news anchormen had a complete brouhaha breakdown LIVE, and this was not emotionalism.  This was just atypical of a real patriotic American. The same Hilary that was weak for staying with her husband and fighting for her marriage is the same Hilary that was strong for staying with her husband and fighting for her marriage.  In other words, everyone will have an opinion ranging from the archaic-barbaric to  traditional family values to everything goes. 

 200801071643099900131.gifOur current President boo-hoos. “I’ve got God’s shoulder to cry on. And I cry a lot,” Bush says in Dead Certain: The Presidency of George W. Bush, “I do a lot of crying in this job. I’ll bet I’ve shed more tears than you can count, as president. I’ll shed some tomorrow.”  Look at the proof in the pudding as a solitary tear lingers down he left eye of President Bush while honoring a marine at a Congressional Medal of Honor presentation.  So to all of Hilary’s opponents who took her crying episode as a moment to make a political dig, YOU might have dug a hole for yourself by demonstrating that you are not be qualified to fill the shoes that so many of your predecessors have filled, with boatloads of tears.  Cry on, Hilary, you are in good company. Cry us a river!

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January 7, 2008

This Is A Job For A Super Do-Gooder…Oprah, Dr. Phil, Ellen, Ty Pennington, Jakes, any Volunteers?

by MullOverThis

One change that prisoners are able to keep up with is television.  Television programming indicates that reality and talk shows are the order of the day.  We have so many that are based upon doing good that I would like to suppose an opportunity for two hometowns in America:  Rally around the do-gooder that will take the helm and let the Chambers of Commerce, talk show hosts, local churches (synagogues or worship centers), charities, department stores and corporations know that Martin Tankleff and Charles Allen Chapman are back in town.  These two men spent 17 and 27 years, respectively, in jail for crimes they did not commit.  Instead of having to live with the “I wonder if he really did it” aura that will plague the decadent, these two men ought to receive a red carpet welcome back into their communities with car keys, educational costs, counseling, health care and renovated homes in tow.  No one or nothing can recompense these gentlemen for years of dreams, desires, and opportunities gone awry  at the hands of a judicial system that is supposed to protect them and does just that for most.   We ought to show them the same love that we often show families with multiple births, whose homes  burn down, or fall upon hard times.  Their faith in our country and the general goodwill of its people can be super-sized– along with all the other men and women who have been wrongfully convicted–with a genuine homecoming reception.  Here’s a caveat for you.  The same faulty gaps in the walls of our justice system that protect us today could be a foray that destroys everything we have worked to build as part of the American dream at the end of today.

A nightmare would best describe what Martin Tankleff experienced.  In 1988 at the tender age of 17, Martin found his parents,  Seymour and Arlene Tankleff, brutally slain in their Long Island, New York home.  Two years later, Tankleff received a 50 years to life sentence for murdering his parents based upon a confession that he was tricked into giving, and recanted almost immediately.  The questionable interrogation tactics got the lead detectives a closed file and inflicted tragedy upon tragedy.  Tankleff never stopped his relentless pursuit to be freed.  According to a NY Times report, “Mr. Tankleff’s lawyers were quick to give their client credit for forging his own path toward freedom, describing him as a tenacious correspondent who wrote thousands of letters to lawyers, judges and investigators and appealed widely for help from friends and acquaintances.” A number of legal professionals responded to Tankleff’s case, some of who volunteered for over ten years to see Tankleff experience this time in his life.    Seventeen years later, he has been released as per an  appellate court decision ordering a new trial based upon “new” evidence.   The Suffolk County District Attorney’s office has announced they will not pursue new murder charges against Tankleff.  One of the first things Martin Tankleff did was visit the grave-site of his parents on New Years Day. 

Charles Allen Chapman has a different but equally daunting story.   In 1981, a Dallas County, Texas Court sent Mr. Chapman up the river for 99 years for  aggravated rape.  Mr. Chapman, a 20 year old  African American man parolee for burglary at the time, was convicted largely because the victim identified him as the perpetrator from a line-up.  Mr. Chapman and the victim were neighbors on the same block for almost 14 years and he had an alibi at work during the time of the attack.  But the outcome for him was not surprising at all: Raped White woman points finger at Black man, whatever it takes, that Black man goes to jail.  Chapman has always maintained his innocence, and bidded for DNA testing of the semen samples over the years.  His first two test results were “inconclusive”.  With DNA testing technological advances, the third and most recent special test proved that Chapman could not have raped his neighbor who identified him 27 years ago.  By the way, Mr. Chapman had been up for parole a few times and refused to admit that he was a rapist and denied parole each time. He happens to be a Texan, from the good ole state that has released the most wrongfully convicted offenders with the advent of DNA testing. Mr. Chapman credits his faith with sustaining him through his 27 year trial.

These are just two men who have another chance and shouldn’t have lost the first one.  Let the acme of their stories be that they made the best of life because although they were imprisoned, they were never in prison where it mattered–in their minds.  We can help these men by supporting them and seriously listening to the pleas of many others like them who are still incarcerated.  The Innocence Project is a great organization that works to wake these victims up and pronounce to them that the nightmare is over. Let’s welcome them back and support the Innocence Project and other efforts to hear the cries of the wrongfully imprisoned.

For more info and to make donations to the Innocence Project:

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January 5, 2008

JOYCE MEYER SAYS “This is what I’m supposed to do”

by MullOverThis

Well, as many of you may know by now, I LLLLOOOOOVVVVEEEEE the church.  Having never sat through an entire episode of the Joyce Meyer Enjoying Everyday Life program, this morning I watched the entire 10 AM EST broadcast on the WORD Network. 

The Bible teacher talked about confidence, denouncing self-centeredness and egocentrism in the “how I feel” factor.  Joyce exhorted us to live based upon what we know.    She used examples of how she learned to acknowledge her feelings, but does not allow them to govern her confidence or what she does.  Joyce stated she does ministry because, “this is what I’m supposed to do”.  We should be like Peter and be bold enough to be the only one to get out of the boat despite our previous mistakes, and be like Paul, do what we are supposed to do and overcome our past.

Meanwhile, she was dressed to the tee and told a little story about how years ago her ministry received negative press questioning her motives and saying “mean” things about her.  She said she was so hurt and embarrassed, she didn’t even want to be seen while getting coffee in the coffee shop.  Since that negative media attention she declared her ministry, staff, viewership, partnerships, and world-wide missions have grown.  “New opportunities” presented themselves, and she was on Good Morning America and Larry King Live.  Joyce explained that people who read about her decided to tune in to her show and see what she was all about.  God vindicated her.   Joyce emphatically relayed a message to Senator Grassley and all who question how donations are spent on her  website:

Joyce is waiting as long as God allows, one, two or maybe ten years for God to vindicate Dave, her children and the entire ministry.   She will not interfere with God’s business and she does NOT have to do it herself.  I have a toasty feeling that Joyce won’t be waiting too long and will  prosper while she waits.

Well, it seems like God is getting ready to increase her ministry again this time because in all the years of Joyce Meyer programming, today I thought, “let me see what she has to say” and guess what, you’ve just heard about it too! Lesson:  Public scrutiny is free and still PUBLICITY.


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January 4, 2008

Mark DeMoss & Steve Strang Weigh In On Faith’s Influence in Presidential Election

by MullOverThis

Mark DeMoss, former right hand man to Jerry Falwell and President of his own public relations group, and Steve Strang, Publisher of Charisma magazine, both proffer compelling arguments on the role Presidential candidates’  faith should play in the election.  Their views are not entirely conflicting but DeMoss is clearly not as convinced that a candidate’s personal faith should be weighty in selecting the next Commander in Chief as Strang or I am.  

Considering the President of the United States is probably one of the most powerful positions one can hold in this life, and the “powers that be” affect the quality and kind of life we will live in this country, I fail to see how the candidates faith is not a major factor.   Competence is a given, but can be misjudged as we have seen some of the greatest people on paper fail when entering top level governmental positions.  Conversely, we have seen the “how sweet” ambitions of one of our favorite celebrities, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, grip the reigns of leadership of one of the largest and most challenging states in the US, California.  Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Mr. affluent businessman with no real political experience, has left no room for question that one can take his first baby steps into government and understand it as NYC’s set man. 

For the record, I don’t prefer any of the candidates DeMoss or Strang referenced.  Sometimes people who don’t use their faith as a flag are the ones who will continue to pray and really seek God for the wisdom and guidance to lead them, their family, their community and this nation.  With that in mind, I’m looking for a precedence to be set in this next election and we shall see how s/he fares.




January 3, 2008


by MullOverThis

…So the Philadelphia branch will have to pair fair market rent and lose the privilege of city subsidies OR BE EVICTED because it will not accept “avowed homosexuals” or openly gay scouts or troop leaders.  The National Boy Scouts of America maintains that openly gay men are not suitable role models to represent traditional family values.   Boy Scouts pledge in part “…to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight”.  Apparently heterophobic people, largely homosexuals, feel that their sexual orientation does not violate this pledge.  The Boys Scouts of America maintains that homosexuality does.  In 2000, the US Supreme Court did not find their policy unconstitutional.  The First Amendment afforded this private organization the right to exclude gays, much to the dismay of heterophobes.

Although the Philly chapter says they adopted a non-discrimination policy in 2005 akin to one the New York chapter has, they still have not been able to simultaneously please the mother National Boy Scouts of America who made them revoke one in 2003, and the local city laws which do not permit discrimination against homosexuals.  By the way, the current  City Solicitor,  Romulo  Diaz, Jr.  allegedly is reputed to be gay (we can’t make conclusions), but of course his pursuits against the local branch is not biased. He is just “doing his job”. The prior City Solicitor worked in conjunction with the Philly chapter to author the 2005 anti-discrimination policy.  Allegedly, there have been no reports of discrimination since then, no incidents, yet the language is not clear enough for Mr. Diaz.

The Philadelphia chapter had been enjoying a $1 rent for the scouts office building but since they are violating the City’s anti-discrimination policy by banning openly gay participation, the current City Solicitor who claims he has made continual efforts to bring the troop into compliance, is holding them to a $200,000 tab.  Now isn’t homosexuality supposed to be a person’s sexual orientation?  A homosexual  can be a troop leader or boy scout if he really just wants to be a Boy Scout.  The Boy Scouts is not the place to affirm the moral acceptance of this lifestyle.   To the  extreme,  Boy Scouts do not pledge to be heterosexuals.  Are there no traditions or even new alliances where heterosexuals are free to just be people and do not have to be stampeded by heterophobic people who fear the lifestyles of people who agree to obey natural laws? 

 What are these boy scouts to do? Pay up. As many corporations, religious organizations and public interest groups that have withdrawn their support because of the anti-gay discrimination policy, there are so many groups that don’t want to see flagrant homosexuality as an ideal presented to boys as a model of family values.  Surely, there must be homosexuals within the ranks of the Boy Scouts. They just comply with the don’t ask, don’t tell culture. 

Local chapters need to get subsidies from elsewhere and keep these issues in mind when voting instead of trying to comply with growing pressures for private organizations to dilute their core values and treat homosexuals as a protected class.  Remember, 2008 is an election year and candidates who support gay marriages, unions and have opened up to the heterophobic agenda need to hear from you at the voting machines as you overlook them on the ballots. 

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