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August 31, 2011

What Does Keith Koffler Eat For Breakfast?

by MullOverThis

This is a good question.  Being that breakfast, arguably, is the most important meal of the day and the saying goes, “You are what you eat,”  I’d like to know what Koffler ingests each morning.  This man surely has some balls.  He probably has a private chef that prepares him iced coffee, an oat bran/fruit medley parfait infused with whitey privilege hormones, a slice of  whole multi-grain toast, and a slab of beef served rare.

Anyone outside of the fashion industry who takes time to sarcastically report that Michelle Obama sported a $1,000 handbag and wants to claim he is a veteran White House reporter has done one of two things:

1.  Re-defined what we the people should expect from a White House reporter.  We expect the reporting of significant facts or even the spin and skewed slant a veteran reported should provide on newsworthy stories.  Being that gutter-ball reporting is now commonplace, the White House Dossier has complied with such standards and made non-issues an issue.  Example:  Previous First Ladies wore St. John’s knits like we change undergarments;  because Michelle Obama is more fashionable than any First Lady we’ve seen in quite some time, along the likes of Jackie O., her consumption choices are questioned, handbag and all.  It’s hard to just view the First Lady and smile when her expensive handbag is affixed to black arms/hands. 

2.   Revealed he is inflicted with Whitey Syndrome.  Whitey syndrome is a complex condition,  only when viewed from the vantage point of whitey-possessed people.  Whiteys believe they are rational, level-headed, all-inclusive or reasonably exclusive, good-ole patriotic Americans who are at least 1/99999999 bars shy of registering as racists on the objective racist meter.  They do a good job of being undetected while white folks are in power, are the figureheads, and wear the expensive gear.  They love Black people-they adore Black folks and always have a best friend who is Black-so long as Black people do not prove to be superior and receive corresponding recognition, advancement and success that far outshines them.  They remain undetectable in manifesting symptoms until they must confront their greatest fear:  Today, Black people are just as brilliant and accomplished as white folks, even in the context of institutional racism and other adverse historic factors, and don’t need Whitey Syndrome infected people to do a darn thing to get where we want to go.  So long as Black folks don’t get ahead, or stay a split-hair behind whitey, Whitey Syndrome characters remain aloof.  Everything is fine, so long as Whitey does not have to look at President Obama and call him, “Massa.”

Mulloverthis suggests that the WHD get some Whitey Syndrome treated bi-focals, in the form of a right-winged African-American conservative reporter, to pre-screen his so-called White House concerns.  Whitey is incapable of being unbiased, particularly if his diet includes elements induced with whitey hormones.  Mr. Koffler needs to change his diet to include anything that kills white privilege so that we don’t have to anticipate any more bogus articles where he is least qualified to report on what Black caucus members say, the relationship African-American leadership has with President Obama, and presume as Whitey will, that of course President Obama will get most of the Black vote in 2012. What Koffler should spend time dissecting is this “all-in-the-family” branding as used in a Politico post he referenced:

Prominent black leaders — fearing Obama is not only taking them for granted but avoiding them in public — have turned up the heat on the nation’s first African-American president, transforming all-in-the-family concerns into open criticism of the president . . .

(An aside:  Did Koffler assume that Presidents Bush and Clinton would be elected because most white people would vote for them?)

Nuff said on this one.


August 19, 2011

Blogosphere Ridiculoid: The White House Dossier

by MullOverThis

K, folks.  This here is another dingy.

White House reporter, Keith Koffler, felt some newsworthy compulsion to report on Michelle Obama’s early arrival to the Presidential family’s Martha Vineyard vacation spot, costing taxpayers thousands of extra dollars.  Although I am not a fan of our incumbent President in any manner, whatsoever, other than he is handsome, this type of scrutiny upon the first family is absolutely ridiculous.

Michelle Obama is silent on her vacations, mostly, because she should be.  Hello ridiculoids!  She is the First Lady and we all know that she has to be more careful than any of her predecessors.  Black folks are not stupid.  Although we are making progress, this is still America.  Where is the Vice President’s publicized vacation schedule?  Hmmmhhh.  What is the distinguishing factor in expectation and treatment, here?  Might it be the desperation because of the state of our economy?  Keep searching folks.

Michelle Obama is not an elected politician;  The fact that her husband is, does not trump her decision to take her beautiful daughters and get out of dodge as soon as possible to ensure that everything is appropriate for her man, who happens to be our President.  The first family is not obligated to make their personal consumption choices based upon the state of the economy.  Before those two moved into the White House-and this may be real difficult for “concerned citizens” to accept-they were not broke and busted.  K?  Being the wife of the President of the United States should not be a step-down because ridiculoids have nothing genuine to report.  If Michelle wants to wolf down caviar, her decision to ingest it should not include what other Americans cannot afford to eat.  Her life is her life and she is here to live and enjoy it.

The reason why taxpayers have to pay extra loot in these circumstances is because it is customary.  Mrs. Obama-praise the Lord-travels with security and in Presidential style, as she should.

Now, while Mr. W.H. Dossier is counting how many days Mrs. Obama has been on vacation so far, when she doesn’t have an official political job or obligation to anyone other than her man and children (which should be her focus), I suggest that he re-direct his time to re-structuring his own commuting, vacation, and transportation choices.  Mr. W.H. Dossier would be a tad bit commendable if he commuted on the basis of what other Americans can afford, chose personal vehicle and address choices based upon how it looks for his constituents to see him live in such a trying economy and eat lunch based upon what extra costs his cost-conscious blog incurs when he is away from his desk too long, or has to tip a delivery person.

Mrs. Obama is part of the Washington elite, not a slave to all of sudden, cost-conscious, whining constituents.  Accept it, and look at the cost-effectiveness of the Pentagon and our National Security.  That’s where we can recoup billions.


August 18, 2011

100% Fail-proof Cure-all for Arguments

by MullOverThis

The very next time you have any reason to argue with your husband, wife, mother, father, teacher, boss, cousin, crossing guard, grocer, child, friend, enemy, spiritual leader,  Judge Judy or your favorite political pundit, do yourself a favor and observe the main character in this video.  Upon completion of watching this video, adhere to the following directives.

Insert the person with whom you are about to have a potential heated discussion or argument into these formulas:

If video subject’s insanity > potential arguee’s sanity, leave the arguee alone.  You have no problems.  Take a cool or warm drink and go to bed.  Tomorrow, things will look much better.

If video subject’s insanity≤ potential arguee’s sanity, leave potential arguee alone.  You are dealing with a bonafide nutjob and you won’t be able to win your argument, or persuade arguee to a point of reason or compromise.  Your safety is more important than the argument.  Take a cool or warm drink, and go to bed.  In the morning, you’ll be glad you woke up another day.

You have just discovered a 100% fail-proof way to rationally avoid all arguments for the rest of your life.


August 16, 2011

On Zachery Tims

by MullOverThis

Pastor Zachery Tims is deceased and news reports have mentioned the presence of a white powder on his person, which is being tested.  So, the implication is that drugs may have been involved.  Additionally, news reports have succinctly described Tims as, “…pastor of New Destiny Christian Center in Apopka, Florida who divorced his wife over an affair with a hooker…”

I definitely have a firm resolve concerning Pastor Tims and the type of preacher he represents:  the man who loves God and does all that he can for people to improve their lives.  “The man” is where the murky area lies.  Regardless of one’s religious convictions or beliefs, at some point, we have to decide what is good.  I do not have the power to, or would even be willing to toss Tims or anyone like him to the dogs;  some people  do have a conscience but don’t realize how their decisions will affect them until it is too late.  God’s grace is sufficent to cover any one of us, even at the last minute.


Is it possible to be a “good man” when you are unfaithful and dishonor your wife even in public?

Is it possible to be a “good man” when your decisions make your children fatherless?

Is it possible to be a “good man” because you have done so many great things for every one but the ones whose lives rely upon your “goodness” the most?

Does  a “good man” direct donation money to support a drug addiction?

Does a “good man” pay for hotels and  flings to accompany him with church money?

Can a man be a “great man(d) of God” if he’s not even a “good man”?

Does the crackhead who steals from his family but helps an old lady across the street become a poor soul who is a good person?

Are we allowed to really draw the line between good people and not so good people anymore?


Nice people do not necessarily translate into good people.

Good people often have to do things that are not nice.

What a man does, speaks much louder to what is really in his heart, than mere words.

The sum total of one’s acts does not outweigh or define the essence of a man’s character.

Good will and good intentions can kill in the absence of good character.

God certainly uses people who have not always been good.  But, I haven’t seen one instance where God used people who did not turn away from their non-goodness to become more like God.  The admirable thing about Zachery is that even in all of his struggles, he had enough faith to try and help others.  Ultimately, there is no point in representing a Christ who cannot give us the power to live a good life, especially when we plaster our faces on signs as leaders qualified to show you the way.  ZTims is not isolated in this troubled preacher identity.  We do not need ANOTHER man, who cannot live a good life, to feel more for people than to seek care for his own life.  The Kingdom of God is not a crutch for preachers’ issues and does not belong to preachers.   Preachers, SIT DOWN.  TAKE A SEAT.  You are not that important to the world.  No, you are not.  God can use anyone else to do what you do.  Go somewhere and sit down until you can be restored.  No one can blame “the church” for a man’s destructive choices.  Ask every drug addict who now lives in victory.  We are not going to gloss over mess and memorialize it as something good to make people feel good.  We have too much in Christ to continue in sin, and think church leaders should live just like men who do not KNOW God.

If there need not be any moral distinction and culpability for the kinds of ills that one man’s life exudes to become a plague in other people’s lives, and lead without adherence to the standard of what is good and right, then we owe Bin Laden an apology.


August 6, 2011

Chestnut Hill College Professor Commits Suicide

by MullOverThis

Chestnut Hill College adjunct professor Rudolf Alexandrov committed suicide on August 3, 2011.  Reputedly, according to the 71-year-old professor jumped approximately 30 feet to his death on campus inside of St. Joseph’s Hall.  The tragic death was observed by some of his colleagues.

Although there have been mixed reports surrounding the details of Alexandrov’s suicide, Chestnut College has issued a statement  clarifying the events of August 3.

My prayers are for the entire university administration, faculty, staff, students and Professor Alexandrov’s wife, family and friends.  Sometimes life becomes overwhelming and it is always a tragedy when one finds death as the only resolve.


August 3, 2011

Roll Call: Some Advice For Parents

by MullOverThis
Yesterday, I listened to a radio program with a child psychologist as a guest.  I’m not even sure of the program name, host or guest psychologist identifications, but did pay attention to the discussion. I have some girlfriends who have been inflicted with New Mama disease and a recurring double ear infection.  Since I had unofficially diagnosed them beforehand, I thought sharing the following would be beneficial.
Here are the bare-boned discussion points:
1.  Women (mothers) tend to presume the greatest role in early parenting, so nurturing children  almost becomes the mother’s identity.  This is a no-no.  Women often feel as if fathers (men) aren’t as concerned.  But because fathers don’t spend the majority of their day parenting, they don’t transition into another identity, stereotypically.  Mothers or caretakers should be careful of this, because:
a.  While children are growing, a mother’s or primary caretaker’s true identity may be lost.  And when the children are grown, mothers  tend to  expect children to compensate them for their lost identities by expecting too much of their children, when mothers should never have allowed their children to become their identity.
b.  While children are still young, this cross identity becomes problematic within all types of friendships/relationships.  For example, a new mom out to lunch with girlfriends deems the conversation not centered around child-rearing, care,
or children  as “boring”.  New mom finds it difficult to relate to anything outside of her new-found identity.
c.  Over-saturation of this leads to adopting the language and mind of the child.  For example, the new mom at the dinner table with other adults gears the communicable language towards a child, “Excuse me, Mommy will be right back, I’ve got to go potty.”
2.  All of this kind of stuff leads to raising self-centered, self-entitlement children.  Children are born into a family, and the family doesn’t revolve around-although it must adjust to the needs and presence of-a child.
3.  When a parent feels as if a child should be  occupied every single minute s/he is awake, the parent raises self-engrossed individuals who usually are high-stressors when they get older.  When this type of child is age 5/6, the child will be bored every five minutes, because s/he never learned how to sit, be content, and be preoccupied without being entertained.  If a child does not learn how to be content when nothing is moving or surrounding him/her, that child develops an, “I’m bored, me, me, me,” mentality and always has to have something, or else he has issues.
4.  When a child is reared with too many things, when that individual grows up and is unable to maintain the lifestyle, or the parent/s can’t maintain the lifestyle while the child grows up, that child won’t know how to function because s/he will likely be self-entitled to things.  Children should never think they will always have what they want.
5.  The home is not a hotel.  At a hotel, a maid is on duty.  At home, children should be taught the value of having a home and participate in the upkeep of the home to learn responsibility.  A child shouldn’t feel the pressure of maintaining a home because children are supposed to be secure.  Yet, a proper balance requires children to know that the entire run of the house is not theirs, either.  Children must learn to pick things up, stop touching, etc.
6.  Children are not cute when they behave badly.  They must be taught what is good and what is bad, and their feelings don’t matter when they  do bad things.  Otherwise, you create individuals who will grow up to override what is wrong and value their own feelings.  Children should be corrected and know the clear differences between right and wrong.
7.  Parents should not try to make children overachievers.  Parents often project their own standards and desires  onto  children.  A parent may want to find a pre-school program with competitive math programs.  The psychologist said these types of parents are lunatics. Children need time to just be children and be in social environments which teach them how to function well with other children.  They should not be introduced to competition and pressure at such a young age.
8.  Finally, mothers and fathers shouldn’t feel bad about their parenting skills.  They should learn about how to raise good people with as much effort as parents try to learn what is necessary to be competitive in the marketplace to keep their jobs.  Parenting requires continual learning.
All parents may not agree with these particular ideals when parenting.  Yet, the advisory exists to at the very least, challenge parents to consciously define their own values, standards and review how well their child/children actually responds to such standards.
August 3, 2011

The Help

by MullOverThis

I attended a pre-screening of DreamWorks Pictures August 10th film release  “The Help”.  This movie was hilarious!

Some notable thoughts:

1.  One of the film co-stars, Octavia Spencer, plays the character “Minny” and her performance reminds me of the “Dream Girls” Jennifer Hudson/Beyonce acting upstage.  Minny makes this movie all by herself, if that were possible.  Although Octavia isn’t the top billed actress, she does an outstanding job of bringing a Black woman’s “tude” to light.

2.  The Help’s  subject matter is the kind of stuff that could make Black folks mad once again.  However the writing, storyline and acting does a great job of making what could otherwise be weighty,  lighthearted, and does so without sacrificing the import of what Black women endured while working in a racist rural South.

3.  The Help is a bit long but doesn’t have one dull moment.  This is a clean movie that the entire family should see and prepare to have engaging conversation about racism, sexism and our nation’s history.

4.  Amidst the context of southern gentility riddled with racism and sexism, the feminine frailties prove strong enough to muddle through life as is, with alliances, allegiances and synergy where the story of The Help is ultimately told.  Cat fights are kitten fights in this film where all symbolic fingernails are in tact by the final scene and curtsey.

I hope The Help does well at the box office.  For more information, here’s the website: