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April 30, 2014


by MullOverThis

Some things warrant uniqueness. Things of this nature need not ever be viewed in the mishmash of other human experiences that are utterly insane.

It is time to create the new terminology for such things. How about the word, “demenfoolery”? A good combination of what can only been viewed as demented foolery seems to suffice for this here thingamajig.


This mother, Sharon Spink, poses with a picturesque smile while breastfeeding her 5 year-old daughter who is big enough to no longer be cradled in her much bountiful arms and on her lap.  In other words, this generously sized woman has a child whose legs are too long to fit on her body but still allows this child to breast feed.

Let’s get some good use of the new word. Demenfoolery could not have had a greater début.

This child undoubtedly can talk, has teeth that can cut through a prime cut of filet mignon, can walk, can run, can poop on the big people’s toilet all by herself for probably at least 2 years now–if she was substantially LATE in toilet training–yet, has a reserved space on big momma’s breasts because she has to decide when it is time for her to stop breast-feeding.

Since when does a child have the mental acuity and capacity to know how to develop oneself?  With all the advanced medical and child development knowledge we have in today’s information age, mothers still think 5 year-old children need breast milk. Most pediatricians advise that children DO NOT need breast milk after about age 2. Heightened immunity because of 27 years of breast-feeding a child who can stand up and snatch a breast out and help oneself has not been proven anywhere.

The notion that a child needs to bond by breast-feeding at this over-the-hill age in infant development  is also demenfoolery. Bond by taking a walk in the park. Bond by doing a MJ dance track on a Wii system. Bond by watching a season of the Boondocks. Even the influence of raunchy superior whit in that cartoon series isn’t as harmful as sitting a child who is no longer an infant or toddler on a lap to help a mom with issues let go and rear a child. Bond by doing age appropriate activities.

Many will read this in an uproar because they breastfeed 12 year-olds and this is customary in many cultures. Many cultures which practice this, do so because they cannot afford milk and use this as an elongated form of nourishment for children who might otherwise be hungry. In many of these same cultures, children work at these tender ages and do not come home from a day’s work and start to yapping with a mouth full of teeth.

Please, demenfoolery mothers and demenfoolery fathers who allow their children to be breast-fed at these late stages of development, don’t get mad when your children are 72 and still want you to pay a car note and have a mental breakdown when you don’t text them back 2 seconds after they’ve tried to call you.



January 22, 2013


by MullOverThis

Here are some “niceities” that just might make 2013 and beyond a good time in your life:

1.  Speak to people who you work with every day.  If you slip and fall in the parking lot, that won’t be the best time to “all of a sudden” decide to introduce yourself to workplace colleagues.

2. Help someone who is in need.  For real.

3.  Respect others.  If you address the homeless vagrant with the same respect as Michelle Obama, you’re more likely than not going to get the best effort from the homeless man.

4.  Don’t burn bridges, especially if you can’t swim.  Why drown when you can have a safe way to get across the river?

5.  Be kind to yourself.  Affirm what is good and make a decision to change  the part of you that needs improvement.

6.  Smile.  Smile some more.

7.  Discover the good in others.

8.  Value patience.

9.  Eat better.

10.  Visit some place  you’ve never been before.  Even if  you take the city bus for two extra stops one day, make sure you see more of the world.


January 12, 2013


by MullOverThis

Now, I realize this is a sensitive topic.

There is a show to which I have become quite addicted:  Hoarders.

For a few episodes, I could not get the connection.

“My husband left me in 1969 that’s why in 2013 I can’t see the toilet bowl, got to climb up over mounds of food in the living room, rats and raccoons live comfortably in the house, and I keep buying more stuff to store in the–oh yeah, there’s no room to store anything.”

“When my son stopped speaking to me, I lost all confidence so that’s why food is rotting in the refrigerator with expiration dates from six years ago and there’s no electricity in the home.”

There seems to be some uncontrollable anxiety that causes people to feel better with everything all over a house in complete disarray than to live in a relatively dirty environment.  Forget clean.  Just relative dirt would be imaginable.  The issues with hoarders are deep-seated.

I admire people who work with hoarders and the hoarders who go through the difficult process of learning how to cope with their anxiety and face their fears, rejection and disappointment.  What was first amusing and disgusting, isn’t really funny at all.  So, MullOverThis has learned something from observing how pain can translate into sub-human living conditions.

July 24, 2011


by MullOverThis

In a nutshell, MJ died and his exclusive on call live-in physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, aka shoot-him up drug dealer, was charged with involuntary manslaughter. 

Bartenders who serve known alcoholics open their establishments up to liability for any consequent damage alcoholics may cause as a result of their impairment. 

According to Winehouse’s mom, Janis,  who saw her the day before Winehouse succumbed, she  believed that death was inevitable.  According to various news reports, Winehouse purchased heroine, cocaine,  ketamine and the speculative killer, “a bad ecstasy pill” the night before her death, in the midst of a “weeks-long” drinking binge. 

Should people who service known drug abusers be charged with criminal charges upon the untimely deaths-or timely considering their lifestyles-of known abusers when the cause of death is largely attributable to drug use?  Does the fact that some abuse is solely from the use of illicit drugs merit a different rational for dealer culpability?  Should medical doctors who service ill-advised  affluent patients with prescription drugs without a proper medical screening (over the phone) be held liable for lethal drug combination deaths?  Should drug dealers be liable for birth defects/abnormalities in newborn infants born to drug-addicted mothers?

Although many of these tragedies would not take place if  dealers and low-grade legal physicians were not accessible and failed to supply the abusers, we ought to be careful about increasingly transferring guilt and corresponding liability to the middle people.  Grown people who willfully begin a life of drug addiction, manipulate professionals to get their fix, or find themselves addicted to some substance that impairs their physiological abilities and live a life that affects themselves and may cause utter destruction to innocent bystanders, need to be held responsible for their own demise, and any additional damages.  We may mourn and seek to blame others who had a part in the tragedy because the end of death is to difficult to bear in the face of the vulnerability through which we often “see” addicts. What we have to face it the hardest fact:  people will find whatever they want to get whatever they want and their addictions may lead to DEATH.  While the ultimate eradiction of drug addiction should include controlling the availability of good drugs and annihilation of illegal drugs, no one is responsible for anyone else’s life and decisions.


*Mulloverthis notes that in a few circumstances, drug addiction may be “forced” upon addicts, and in these circumstances criminal charges are clearly merited.

July 23, 2011


by MullOverThis

Amy Whinehouse passed away today, July 23, 2011.

Although Whinehouse enjoyed record-breaking music success as the first British artist to win 5 Grammy Awards in 2008  while winning Best New Artist, Song of the Year and Album of the Year, and tied the record of the female with the most Grammy wins at one time, her artistic accomplishments could not overshadow her addiction and battles with alcoholism, heroin and also mental illness.  Presumably, she died of a drug overdose, although official police reports have noted her cause of death as “unexplained”.

Amy Whinehouse joins the annuls of incredibly talented musicians, writers and performers who succumbed because of drug addiction.  MJ’s passing and now Whinehouse compels us to remember that drugs do not respect fame, notoriety, wealth, or recognition.  When prescription drugs or illicit drugs are abused, any human being is prone to suffering a tragic end, which like Whinehouse, may be the ultimate: death.

Don’t do drugs.


July 22, 2011


by MullOverThis

Recently, I watched a stand-up comedian joke about the television reality show, “SuperNanny.” The joke depicted a stereotypical response to the need for a Super Nanny in a Black family.   The show would take a few minutes because Black folks don’t have time for the how-to-relate-to-the-brat nonsense.  We tend to-and this is a figure of speech for all the alarming literalists who skipped the use of rhetoric in their communication development-“knock our kids out”, plain and simple.  We are not going have a specialist come into our homes, observe the problems,  and tell us how to get down to our children at eye level to get them to listen.  Bada boom, bada bing.  Mission accomplished.

Well, when I saw the A&E reality show, “Hoarders”, the aforementioned joke came to mind.  I thought solely from the perspective of the hoarder’s family members; Who the heck has time to dilly dally with these messy folk and tip toe around their near insanity to get them to donate, recycle or throw away cherished junk when these situations involve gross health violations?  When people live in mounds of things compacted from wall to wall for years, there are definitely other visitors without keys roaming around from all sorts of germs to rodents.  Many of the hoarders do not have working toilets, workable kitchens, or one clean spot within their homes.  As I began to watch more and more of the episodes, one resounding theme became clear:  each hoarder suffered from some form of anxiety, the majority of which evolved from a traumatizing life experience.  So, most of these hoarders are mentally ill.  Then, I realized that they must be handled with care because they are routinely living alone, or with a family member suffering from the effects of the hoarder’s mental illness, while undiagnosed and unmedicated.  Many of them defecate and urinate in the midst of their utter mess, or have to go outside in the middle of the night to find a bathroom.  Just about every episode, someone complained of the pungent odors within the hoarder homes.

Then I reflected upon another group of people who have legitimized gross living:  Freegans.   Although their entire life-choice to opt out of conventional societal living by squelching consumerism (hence greedy corporate gain) may be considered heroic or even admirable, the fact still remains that they strongly advocate and practice dumpster diving.  Hello.  When is the last time you saw a dumpster hauled for cleaning?  Who sanitizes dumpsters?  Who frequents dumpsters?  Rats, possums, raccoons, and the minimalist freegans.

So, depending upon the conscious cause, while many are fighting for the impoverished all over the world to have sustainable primary food sources outside of garbage, others are directing cohorts to the garbage heap-full of all sorts of waste- to salvage wasted foods.

It seems as if the hoarders and freegans may register on very different sides of the respectability meter, while they both have some questionable core issues of chosen filthiness.

July 8, 2011

Bewildering Donna Simpson Wants To Gain Weight

by MullOverThis

Donna Simpson is on record as the heaviest woman to give birth.

Reputedly, Simpson wants to gain 300 pounds to break another Guinness World Record as the world’s most obese woman.  Wow.  What an aspiration.  She now makes somewhere around $100,000 yearly from her website, which makes her superlative gluttony lucrative. Clearly, this is a job for Fame Whores Anonymous.

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Here’s my question:  Does Donna “think” at all?  That is a logical point of inquiry because if Ms. Simpson at least thinks, then maybe her brain will travel and arrive at the destination that she is in poor health and could drop dead at any minute.  Upon arrival at this inevitable conclusion, maybe-and only maybe-Ms. Simpson will realize that $100,000 a year isn’t a lot of money when you’re dead, or alive.  Furthermore, another Guinness title won’t raise her 4-year-old daughter, either.

This here thingy is bewildering.  For real.  Maybe she should revise her ambitions for her next Guinness World Record title to woman with  longest human fungal big toe-nail and put up a lucrative website with tours to pictures of a gargantuan blue-black toenail.  Meanwhile, she should attempt to lose weight and curtail her diabetes so she can live and be a mother to her child.


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December 17, 2010


by MullOverThis

I commuted to NYC two weekends ago and am about to go in for a show this evening.  Guess what is lurching in my mind?  How to make sure I never see the disbursement of what had to be a RAT convention on Broadway at 2AM, ever again.

I didn’t do the subway to rail thing because a friend told me the wee hours of the morning is when I will find the creatures running all over the mass transit trails.  So I drove.  The mistake:  stopping at an eatery with a friend on a garbage night. 

On the way out of the restaurant going to the car (which we parked right in front of the restaurant), the rat delegates for what had to be a convention, were running wild all over the place.  I stood in my tracks and SCREAMED!!!!!  Yes, I did.  They did not stop running.  The big fat nasty vermin just kept running until most of them went into the sewer.  I felt crippled and didn’t know if I should run back inside, or try to make it to the car.  Needless to say, the friend and a few of the attendants at the eatery ushered me to the car. 

So, news reports aren’t necessary to convince Mulloverthis that NYC has a horrific RAT problem, to the degree that I don’t even want to venture there to call it an evening.


August 3, 2009


by MullOverThis

How does a human being contract a strain of the HIV/AIDS found in gorillas?

How does this occur?

This sounds like a job for PETA.


July 16, 2009

Sixty-nine Year Old Dies and Leaves Orphaned Twins

by MullOverThis

There are a number of isolated cases of older women having babies as “seasoned” senior citizens.

So, now one dies and leaves her twins without a mother or father, having conceived them through donated eggs, a sperm donor and the trusty In Vitro fertilization process. Reputedly, after giving birth, the woman developed cancer.

In a nutshell, a mother dies of cancer. Yet, with the kind of journalism we see today, the dialogue leading to the bottom line misses the quintessence of the matter:   Her age had nothing to do with it.|main|dl1|link3|