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April 14, 2014

More Sippy Sippy of the Woe Is Me Black Man Juice

by MullOverThis

Now, I at least try to be impartial and read some of these news stories with a modicum of objectivity.

Is this dude bananas?  (Question to be answered at the end of this post.)

American Idol discriminated against him on the basis of the fact that he is a black man, allegedly, as this clown joins a lawsuit.  Are we to believe that American Idol contestants have all sorts of questionable charges in their backgrounds and when it comes to Black folk, they start to enforce sound business acumen?  Does anyone else think that the show’s staff would be riddled with idiocy if they did not eliminate someone who had the potential to win along with the potential to have a bunch of legal interventions attributable to having 11 outstanding arrest warrants?

Let’s do the math to help paint the picture:

1. A warrant.

2. Another warrant.

3.  Another warrant on top of that.

4.  More than the warrants before.

5. Yup, there goes another warrant.

6. Warrant again.

7. They just keep coming…arrest warrant.

8. State of New Jersey busy with warrants for man who wants career to be spring boarded from American Idol, BAM another warrant.

9. Warrants galore.

10. Excessive warrants.

11.  Unbelievable amount of arrest warrants.

Some people live an entire lifetime without an arrest warrant. This dude wants to claim discrimination because he is a black man? Please send Jermaine Jones home with a lifetime supply of the Woe Is Me Black Man Juice in a sippy cup and a  bill for attorney fees for this here foolishness. Unless Mr. Jones’ representation can prove that American Idol routinely overlooks a bunch of arrest warrant-having contestants, this man needs a good sit down.

Personal message to Jermaine Jones: No, son. You were cut because you don’t have enough sense to live without multiple arrest warrants. Nobody cares about your career or singing ability when you become such a potential risk for any entity that may invest in your music career. The American Idol Show has a legal team. They are not stupid or bananas.

On the other hand, as promised, here’s the verdict as to whether Jermaine Jones is bananas or not:



January 12, 2013

Mary Mary

by MullOverThis

So Mary Mary has their own reality show.

Arguably, Christians should not have “Christian” themed reality shows.  They may do more harm than good.

MullOverThis has a firm opinion about Mary Mary’s show:  they need to be real careful about towing the line.

A loud bossy woman who ain’t gonna be told what to do by no one, “but Jesus the Christ,” is not cute.  No man should have a pregnant wife who climbs on chairs while pregnant because she is obsessed with trying to compensate for her heavy workload by giving a perfect birthday party, can’t be told to stay her butt home when she is carrying his child, and the world shouldn’t think this is cute and in order.

I love Mary Mary’s music.  But, I am one who really isn’t interested in seeing too much more of an out of control “control freak” who is going to say what she wants, when she wants, and no one is going to tell her what she can say, televised while singing about Jesus.

Oh, although they clearly sing about Jesus, these two feel the need to make sure everything is perfect with big opportunities like singing for the Bishop T.D. Jakes and Oprah Winfrey.  Really? Really??  Really???  Really (100 question marks.)

Since when is it so important to a “career” that these folks smile, wink, and offer a standing ovation to know that one has been effective in MINISTRY?  Oh yeah.  That may not be the objective.  I can’t make conclusions for Mary Mary.  However, their geekedness with the who’s who is frightening. God puts up, and God determines when the career is halted.

I will be praying for these two.

Mary Mary.  I hope these two learn to truly emulate the Mary’s of the Bible and focus on Christ.


January 12, 2013


by MullOverThis

Now, I realize this is a sensitive topic.

There is a show to which I have become quite addicted:  Hoarders.

For a few episodes, I could not get the connection.

“My husband left me in 1969 that’s why in 2013 I can’t see the toilet bowl, got to climb up over mounds of food in the living room, rats and raccoons live comfortably in the house, and I keep buying more stuff to store in the–oh yeah, there’s no room to store anything.”

“When my son stopped speaking to me, I lost all confidence so that’s why food is rotting in the refrigerator with expiration dates from six years ago and there’s no electricity in the home.”

There seems to be some uncontrollable anxiety that causes people to feel better with everything all over a house in complete disarray than to live in a relatively dirty environment.  Forget clean.  Just relative dirt would be imaginable.  The issues with hoarders are deep-seated.

I admire people who work with hoarders and the hoarders who go through the difficult process of learning how to cope with their anxiety and face their fears, rejection and disappointment.  What was first amusing and disgusting, isn’t really funny at all.  So, MullOverThis has learned something from observing how pain can translate into sub-human living conditions.

October 29, 2012

Non-Meritorious FB Posts

by MullOverThis

Being that Facebookers (FB’s) post just about anything, MullOverThis is going to take the liberty to be the judge and jury on some nonsensical patterns:

1.  Posts about your child’s every accomplishment-If your child won the Nobel Peace Prize or found the only missing car key, most people might comprehend the worthiness of knowing such information, or feeling the need to share such accomplishments.  A snapshot of bug-a-boo’s one red, one gold, and two hunter green stars for tracing words two inches off of the dotted lines is not FBable.  It just may get the teacher in trouble if administration finds out because remember, the tracing was OFF of the lines and that is not an accomplishment that deserves the two hunter green stars.

2.  The latest photograph of yourself taken with your mobile phone camera-you know, the one with the extended arm away from self pose-particularly in a messy background, is not the best photo option.  Wait for a friend, or nag a compliant stranger, to take a snapshot in a picturesque place in front of a pond, or at horse manure farm.  We can’t smell the horse manure but we sure can see the garbage in backgrounds that invoke the same repulsive regurgitation in the desperate hand-held flicks.

3.  Posting your whereabouts such as, “Glad I made it in safe. No one at home yet. Time for a nice shower in the master garden tub,” makes it real easy for sickos to pounce, effectively.  We don’t need to know your whereabouts and timeline all over the world.  Remember, trusted Nana may not be the only one reading your whereabouts. And, when your whereabouts conflict with the stories you tell (the lies), FB–not you but let’s blame FB–may get you in trouble. If you’re at the amusement park on the sick day you took during an important company audit, or on the boogy-down dance floor with a hot red-head when your love thinks you’re working late, FB just might get you cut back.  So, think about sharing your every moment of excitement.  There is no APP for lie-proofing posts, yet.

4.  What’s on your mind?  FB really doesn’t want to know the answer to THAT question.  After all, it may be that your toe fungus is spreading, you feel like vomiting from the putrid smell of your husband’s foul defecation odor seeping from the 2 1/2 inch gap from underneath the closed bathroom door, you wish you could steal instead of having to go to work, you really have a crush on your co-worker and your wife is six months pregnant, or you don’t know who your baby’s daddy is and just called Maury for help.  The real FB question is, “What is on your mind that you should have enough sense to filter before you share with your network of friends and their friends?”  It is just that, that question is too long.  So thank God for MullOverThis and get the lesson.  We don’t want to really know everything that is on your mind absent sound judgment and discretion.

5.  Posters who are on FB at 2 AM, 4:38 AM, 8 AM, 2:27 PM, 4:14 Pm, 6:21 PM, 7:19 PM, and every 1/2 hour until midnight tell on themselves.  Not only do you have no life, an addictive personality, and probably supplant normal relationships to bolster your FB ones, you probably do not have any tangible career or other important things in life to take part.  Please change that by cheating on FB and having an affair with life.


July 26, 2011


by MullOverThis

K, blogosphere, I was thinking about how much television programming has changed since “The Real World”.  If I could re-write television history, I’d cancel most of the reality shows and produce some more quality comedy shows like the following:

Mulloverthis’  top 10 funniest television programs:

1.  Everybody Loves Raymond

Favorite character:  Tie between Marie and Frank

2.  Seinfeld

Favorite character:  Seinfeld

3.  Good Times

Favorite character:  Willona

4.  I Love Lucy

Favorite character:  Lucy

5.  All In The Family

Favorite character:  Archie

6.  Meet The Paynes

Favorite character:  Curtis

7.  Everybody Hates Chris

Favorite character:  Rochelle

8.  The Honeymooners

Favorite character:  Ralph

9.  The Cosby Show

Favorite character:  Tie between Theo and Vanessa

10.  The Jeffersons

Favorite character:  Tie between George and Florence

I wish there was room for a couple more because “Cheers” and “The Office”  would definitely be added.


July 24, 2011


by MullOverThis

In a nutshell, MJ died and his exclusive on call live-in physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, aka shoot-him up drug dealer, was charged with involuntary manslaughter. 

Bartenders who serve known alcoholics open their establishments up to liability for any consequent damage alcoholics may cause as a result of their impairment. 

According to Winehouse’s mom, Janis,  who saw her the day before Winehouse succumbed, she  believed that death was inevitable.  According to various news reports, Winehouse purchased heroine, cocaine,  ketamine and the speculative killer, “a bad ecstasy pill” the night before her death, in the midst of a “weeks-long” drinking binge. 

Should people who service known drug abusers be charged with criminal charges upon the untimely deaths-or timely considering their lifestyles-of known abusers when the cause of death is largely attributable to drug use?  Does the fact that some abuse is solely from the use of illicit drugs merit a different rational for dealer culpability?  Should medical doctors who service ill-advised  affluent patients with prescription drugs without a proper medical screening (over the phone) be held liable for lethal drug combination deaths?  Should drug dealers be liable for birth defects/abnormalities in newborn infants born to drug-addicted mothers?

Although many of these tragedies would not take place if  dealers and low-grade legal physicians were not accessible and failed to supply the abusers, we ought to be careful about increasingly transferring guilt and corresponding liability to the middle people.  Grown people who willfully begin a life of drug addiction, manipulate professionals to get their fix, or find themselves addicted to some substance that impairs their physiological abilities and live a life that affects themselves and may cause utter destruction to innocent bystanders, need to be held responsible for their own demise, and any additional damages.  We may mourn and seek to blame others who had a part in the tragedy because the end of death is to difficult to bear in the face of the vulnerability through which we often “see” addicts. What we have to face it the hardest fact:  people will find whatever they want to get whatever they want and their addictions may lead to DEATH.  While the ultimate eradiction of drug addiction should include controlling the availability of good drugs and annihilation of illegal drugs, no one is responsible for anyone else’s life and decisions.


*Mulloverthis notes that in a few circumstances, drug addiction may be “forced” upon addicts, and in these circumstances criminal charges are clearly merited.

July 23, 2011


by MullOverThis

Amy Whinehouse passed away today, July 23, 2011.

Although Whinehouse enjoyed record-breaking music success as the first British artist to win 5 Grammy Awards in 2008  while winning Best New Artist, Song of the Year and Album of the Year, and tied the record of the female with the most Grammy wins at one time, her artistic accomplishments could not overshadow her addiction and battles with alcoholism, heroin and also mental illness.  Presumably, she died of a drug overdose, although official police reports have noted her cause of death as “unexplained”.

Amy Whinehouse joins the annuls of incredibly talented musicians, writers and performers who succumbed because of drug addiction.  MJ’s passing and now Whinehouse compels us to remember that drugs do not respect fame, notoriety, wealth, or recognition.  When prescription drugs or illicit drugs are abused, any human being is prone to suffering a tragic end, which like Whinehouse, may be the ultimate: death.

Don’t do drugs.


March 2, 2011

The Hollywood Whiteout for 2011 Academy Awards

by MullOverThis

Yada, yada, yada.

Whoopi Goldberg’s fluster on THE VIEW a few weeks ago drew attention to the New York Times article referring to the already existing buzz about the Oscars and the “whiteout”.  Although the NYT writers didn’t “omit” Whoopi from Black Oscar winner history, they did omit her from the article. 

Yet, the question of racism and Hollywood’s inability to see Oscar-worthy performances amongst Black actors is looming.  And, this is a question that should be answered.

What were the Oscar-worthy performances from Black Actors in 2010?  Where is the list of historic films or performances from Black actors that bespeak of memorable art that have been whited-out?

Are the members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences supposed to nominate on the basis of racial equity, diversity in performances or on the basis of outstanding performances or achievements within their categories?

While the NYT article weaves the success of Obama’s candidacy and election in part to the influence of notable Hollywood performances by Black actors and all of this grandiose indelible history used as flim flam, the bottom line is:

Which specific Black actors or films have been snubbed because white racist eyes in Hollywood couldn’t see past Black skin to appreciate Black cinema or Blacks acting in any motion picture in 2010?

No doubt there is racism in Hollywood and all over this wonderful USA.  The struggle of Black actors to get the kinds of roles that can capture their ability and bring Black actors into the same range of acknowledgment as others is well-noted.  Strategies and tactics to eradicate these injustices are already happening to see progressive change-to a degree.  While the Will Smith’s, Halle Berry’s and Denzel Washington’s are few and far between, other Black actors are creating room for themselves and co-branding to keep afloat in the grind.

Meanwhile, what Black films, performances, or technical work that is of the industry’s best were snubbed or erased by Hollywood White racist power in 2010?

I’m just saying.  Mulloverthis.

March 2, 2011

Beyonce, Usher and Mariah Urged to Return Loot from Gaddafi

by MullOverThis

This call to action is replete with a pungent aroma of the nonsensical from ridiculoids with nothing better to do.

So now, articles are surfing around that Mariah Carey, Beyonce and Usher performed for the multi-billion dollar Gaddafi family at some point and received handsome checks to do so.  Since Nelly Furtado announced that she would donate her Gaddafi earnings to charity as a result of his recent execrable acts in Libya, reputedly music industry insiders are calling for these music icons to do the same: return their loot.

Looky here:

1. Gaddafi wasn’t a patron saint when Furtado or the rest of these artists traveled across the seas and performed for the family, in the first place. Hello, Muammar is one of longest ruling national leaders in history.  His regard as a terrorist might have a little something to do with this undeserving achievement.  Let’s face the fact that honor wasn’t the code of conduct for the initial wire transfers and Gaddafi’s flagrant demonstration that he will still drop a life in a second doesn’t change that.

2.  Dirty money doesn’t become dirty by post-dated acts, if it was “clean” enough to accept in the first place.

3.  Dirty money transferred while intrinsically dirty, becomes clean when transferred to honorable integral people.  Good Godly folks pray over their money/wealth/worldly acquisitions and sanctify it for good Kingdom use. Drug dealer gives money to mama and mama puts it in the offering plate and the food pantry feeds the homeless: Good ole sanctified money.

4.  The concept of music industry celebrities gaining wealth from unjust gain, a source that publicly oppresses people,  a world-wide bad guy, or from the wicked, need not begin without preparedness for a vitriolic discussion about the culture, climate, and the real in’s and out’s of the music industry.  There would be a whole lot of Kleenex and money shuffling to and fro.

5.  If these stars want to continue in their philanthropic efforts, they should do so of their own volition like Nelly Furtado.