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October 27, 2011

Amy Whinehouse Final Autopsy

by MullOverThis

The cause of Amy Whinehouse’s death is extreme alcohol consumption.  Although others speculated the British signing sensation may have passed due to unsupervised withdrawal from alcohol, the final autopsy reveals the cause of death.

This is disheartening and sad.  Not because she was famous or a talented artist, but because she was a lost soul who battled with so much that her avoidance led her to a lifestyle that put her into an early grave.


October 19, 2011

Animal Cruelty Vs. Public Safety

by MullOverThis

Homeowners cannot kill squirrels, raccoons, opossums, wild cats and all kinds of wildlife that vilify our homes, where I live.  We have to hire a wild life service or set humane traps and check them every 24 hours to ensure that if one of these creatures gets caught, they are not cruelly killed.

Yet  according to a Huffington Post report,  Ohio police respond to a bunch of roaming “exotic” animals that escaped an animal farm by shooting them.   Were any efforts made to get experts, animal associations, or wildlife advocates on the scene to try to capture these animals and place them in zoos or other suitable habitats?  I realize a roaming bear or lion is quite dangerous and life-threatening to human beings.  However, shouldn’t these animals have been given the opportunity to be captured before using the kill ’em approach?

Public safety versus animal cruelty is a tough call.  I’m just saying, SMH.


October 12, 2011

Another Mass Murder

by MullOverThis

Today, eight human beings were murdered and at least one other was critically injured at the hands of a Caucasian male mass murderer at Seal Beach, California.



Obviously, this guy should not have gotten custody of his children.

How many other people paid the price because a man lost a custody battle?

And to think, some people seem to think that Black people should model themselves after White people to move up a few notches in family values.