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December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

by MullOverThis

Merry Christmas!  I hope this time of celebration for the birth and life of Jesus Christ helps you to cherish what is important, and focus on those things, always.

We often focus on what we need, what we’re trying to attain, and what  is missing.  For many, it is difficult to go through the holidays without a missing loved one.  For many who have lost their homes, gotten a divorce or suffered some sort of loss this year, the holidays are a bit harder.  Even in these situations, we still have to endure the holidays.  So, let’s focus on all of the good things that we do have.

For me, I have learned to live without my grandmother and some good friends who have passed away.  Although I think of them often, the holidays seem to trigger their absence so much more.  Yet, I think, “Thank God I’m here.”  I would have loved to be able to see another smile, hear another laugh, or even taste another dish from my grandmother.  Now, I can smile as I look at her pictures and know that she is at rest.

So enjoy your life, relationships and love as much as you can. Cherish what you do have and make decisions and life-choices that reflect your values and character.  You will find that not only is LIFE GOOD, but also that it is still great and worth living.


December 17, 2010


by MullOverThis


People who have “earned” doctorate degrees often shun those who have received honorary doctorates.  And, I’m told that no one with an honorary doctorate should hold themselves out to be a “doctor”, if the honorary degree is the sole basis of credentialing such a title or qualification for professional service.

We’ve had examples of this is the relatively recent past, where the public finds out that the famous “Dr.” So-and-So isn’t really a doctor at all. 

Now, we can flip the page and find a new point of contention with people who hold themselves out to be “doctors”.  With all of the online courses and corner-store type online institutions offering degrees, there are people who PAY others to take courses for them: log into chat discussions, write papers, etc.  This trend isn’t limited to doctoral studies, but is quite prevalent in undergraduate studies, as well. 

The ease and increased availability for the average person to acquire an education through online studies is a wide-open area for abuse.  How do legitimate institutions with online course offerings police this kind of abuse, when the true student may never be known outside of the guise of the hired pupil service?


December 17, 2010


by MullOverThis

I commuted to NYC two weekends ago and am about to go in for a show this evening.  Guess what is lurching in my mind?  How to make sure I never see the disbursement of what had to be a RAT convention on Broadway at 2AM, ever again.

I didn’t do the subway to rail thing because a friend told me the wee hours of the morning is when I will find the creatures running all over the mass transit trails.  So I drove.  The mistake:  stopping at an eatery with a friend on a garbage night. 

On the way out of the restaurant going to the car (which we parked right in front of the restaurant), the rat delegates for what had to be a convention, were running wild all over the place.  I stood in my tracks and SCREAMED!!!!!  Yes, I did.  They did not stop running.  The big fat nasty vermin just kept running until most of them went into the sewer.  I felt crippled and didn’t know if I should run back inside, or try to make it to the car.  Needless to say, the friend and a few of the attendants at the eatery ushered me to the car. 

So, news reports aren’t necessary to convince Mulloverthis that NYC has a horrific RAT problem, to the degree that I don’t even want to venture there to call it an evening.


December 14, 2010


by MullOverThis

Since “re-gifting” is a term made popular from the Seinfeld series, I presume the gifting concept is okee-dokee.

Here are some gifting ideas that should cost $20 USD or less for the perfect giftee:

1.  A cozy pair of fuzzy slippers or foot-warming socks.  This says, “I thought about you and wanted you to be cozy and comfy without having to break the bank.”

2.  A gift bag full of giftee’s  favorite snacks.  This says, “You’re so special to me that I even pay attention to your snacking choices and won’t break the bank to demonstrate how much I want you to be pleased.”

3.  An I-Tunes download or the like for a musical giftee.  This says, “I know you’re a muzikee and when your head is bobbing to the new song, you’ll think of how much I appreciate you without breaking the bank.”

4.  A DVD movie or matinée tix for the cinema junkie giftee.  This says, “Hey, as if you don’t spend too much time watching films,  but I wanted to add to your habit because that’s what you like anyway, without me breaking the bank.”

5.  A mani/pedi gift certificate/card for just about any giftee.  This says, “Hey, I’m not saying you need it, but this kind of stuff is unisex now, so if you feel like beginning the pampering process, here’s a good place to begin without me breaking the bank.”

6.  Candles, candles, candles for non-children and non-challenged giftees.  This says, “I just wanted to give you a little something that would hopefully make you feel better because pleasant scents tend to do that, without me breaking the bank.”

December 4, 2010

President Obama’s Ears Are Open

by MullOverThis

Suppose President Obama is directed to this post.  I’m curious and would like to know what you think.

What would you want to tell our President regarding:

1.  What he should do with his time remaining in office for this term.

2.  What he needs to do in the next election in order to remain in the Presidential office.

3.  Review of his performance thus far, specifically compared to his campaign promises and what he inherited from the prior administration.

4.  What you hope to see during the next campaign and administration, regardless of who is in office.

5.  Fill in the blank:____________________________________________! (Without it being a federal offense, LOL.)


December 4, 2010


by MullOverThis

Yup.  December is Mulloverthis Weblog’s birthday month!

We first posted three years ago, with the hope that Mulloverthis and occasional contributors, would join the blogosphere and shed light on the happenings-whatever that may be-from everyday Christian African-American professionals.  All I can say is that it has been a great run so far, and I hope for exceeding abundantly.

Guess what?  We’ve gotten a few surprises, the latest being one of our articles is published in an Oxford University Press textbook as an application of applied psychology (ethics).  Over the past couple of years, Mulloverthis has also been invited to appear-and enjoyed doing so more than a few times-on a popular SIRIUS radio talk show, as a commentator.  My rants on Sarah Palin started it off, so I’ve gotta love her!  Otherwise, it’s just been great getting to connect with a community of bloggers, subscribers and readers, many of whom are dissenters, that appreciate this blog nonetheless. 

So, won’t you sing with me:

Happy Birthday, Mull-over-this.

Happy Birthday, Mull-over-this.

Happy Birthday, dear Mull-over-this.

Happy Birthday to you!

(Echo):  And many more……

December 2, 2010

Higher Education: The Choice for the African American Collegiate

by MullOverThis

A couple of weekends ago, I attended a birthday bash for a real-life Wonderwoman friend of mine.  Really.  Homegirl is a consummate professional, linked in, linked up, linked out and the entire nine yards plus some.  The power broker is a member of a reputable sorority, so the set was flanked with her sorors:  a number of fine engaging women.

Well, of course, after the introductions were kaput, small talk ensued.  The topic that became the mainstay was what type of college experience we wanted our own children to have as African-Americans in America.  More specifically, does the African-American fare better at the HBCU or a reputable well-ranked large university?  After about one hour of dialogue concerning the same, much of which was jarring to some hearers who were offended that Black people can be well-informed and still make sound choices to go to “white” schools, we all agreed that it would be best for our own children to make their own decisions, if our children can withstand our legacy dominance and influence.

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