by MullOverThis


People who have “earned” doctorate degrees often shun those who have received honorary doctorates.  And, I’m told that no one with an honorary doctorate should hold themselves out to be a “doctor”, if the honorary degree is the sole basis of credentialing such a title or qualification for professional service.

We’ve had examples of this is the relatively recent past, where the public finds out that the famous “Dr.” So-and-So isn’t really a doctor at all. 

Now, we can flip the page and find a new point of contention with people who hold themselves out to be “doctors”.  With all of the online courses and corner-store type online institutions offering degrees, there are people who PAY others to take courses for them: log into chat discussions, write papers, etc.  This trend isn’t limited to doctoral studies, but is quite prevalent in undergraduate studies, as well. 

The ease and increased availability for the average person to acquire an education through online studies is a wide-open area for abuse.  How do legitimate institutions with online course offerings police this kind of abuse, when the true student may never be known outside of the guise of the hired pupil service?




  1. As an instructor who teaches both online and in the classroom, I have to say that I absolutely cannot stand online courses. Many people honestly do their work, but I’ve had a student flat out tell me her boyfriend took her math course and she took his English course. While earning an online degree is convenient for most people, I think it takes away from the reason why people go to college in the first place, which is to gain competency in their field of interest. Online degrees appear to be more of an EZ Pass than a real degree.

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