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January 22, 2013


by MullOverThis

Here are some “niceities” that just might make 2013 and beyond a good time in your life:

1.  Speak to people who you work with every day.  If you slip and fall in the parking lot, that won’t be the best time to “all of a sudden” decide to introduce yourself to workplace colleagues.

2. Help someone who is in need.  For real.

3.  Respect others.  If you address the homeless vagrant with the same respect as Michelle Obama, you’re more likely than not going to get the best effort from the homeless man.

4.  Don’t burn bridges, especially if you can’t swim.  Why drown when you can have a safe way to get across the river?

5.  Be kind to yourself.  Affirm what is good and make a decision to change  the part of you that needs improvement.

6.  Smile.  Smile some more.

7.  Discover the good in others.

8.  Value patience.

9.  Eat better.

10.  Visit some place  you’ve never been before.  Even if  you take the city bus for two extra stops one day, make sure you see more of the world.


January 17, 2013

Bubble Bath, A Smile and A Grandbaby

by MullOverThis

More ridiculousness.

At what point in time do Black chhhhuch folk stop defending ridiculoids?

What grown behind man let’s his granddaughter get in a tub with him because she wants to?

If grandbaby wants to smoke crack, does granddaddy comply?

Does Bishop Grandaddy Larry Trotter think his grown behind self should be in a bathtub with a female child?  Lawd ha maucy.  Really?  Really?  A grown behind man who is supposed to know Jesus, in a bathtub with a young female child and is supposed to be sane.

The Michael Jackson mentality with over-friendliness, over-love and over-affection for children to the point where men feel the need to be nearly naked and “loving,” is infectious. Bishop Larry Trotter caught this bug and he needs to be delivered.

Ain’t no way I would sit under a clown this silly.  Judgment?  It must have run down the drain with the bubble bath…


January 14, 2013

Gayitism at the 2013 Golden Globes

by MullOverThis

Can somebody “splain to me” why Jodi Foster (one of the most talented actresses of all time) thinks the Golden Globe Awards was the appropriate setting to make her sexuality and privacy concerns an issue while being honored for her body of work as an actress?

Gay folks would be up in arms if any heterosexual took that same forum to announce her heterosexuality and reinforce their privileges and rights to a traditional family.  Do heteros get up an an annual office event and since they have a captive audience, declare and crack jokes about their heterosexuality?

More gayitizing with a grin.  Sheer ridiculousness.Image


January 12, 2013

Mary Mary

by MullOverThis

So Mary Mary has their own reality show.

Arguably, Christians should not have “Christian” themed reality shows.  They may do more harm than good.

MullOverThis has a firm opinion about Mary Mary’s show:  they need to be real careful about towing the line.

A loud bossy woman who ain’t gonna be told what to do by no one, “but Jesus the Christ,” is not cute.  No man should have a pregnant wife who climbs on chairs while pregnant because she is obsessed with trying to compensate for her heavy workload by giving a perfect birthday party, can’t be told to stay her butt home when she is carrying his child, and the world shouldn’t think this is cute and in order.

I love Mary Mary’s music.  But, I am one who really isn’t interested in seeing too much more of an out of control “control freak” who is going to say what she wants, when she wants, and no one is going to tell her what she can say, televised while singing about Jesus.

Oh, although they clearly sing about Jesus, these two feel the need to make sure everything is perfect with big opportunities like singing for the Bishop T.D. Jakes and Oprah Winfrey.  Really? Really??  Really???  Really (100 question marks.)

Since when is it so important to a “career” that these folks smile, wink, and offer a standing ovation to know that one has been effective in MINISTRY?  Oh yeah.  That may not be the objective.  I can’t make conclusions for Mary Mary.  However, their geekedness with the who’s who is frightening. God puts up, and God determines when the career is halted.

I will be praying for these two.

Mary Mary.  I hope these two learn to truly emulate the Mary’s of the Bible and focus on Christ.


January 12, 2013


by MullOverThis

Now, I realize this is a sensitive topic.

There is a show to which I have become quite addicted:  Hoarders.

For a few episodes, I could not get the connection.

“My husband left me in 1969 that’s why in 2013 I can’t see the toilet bowl, got to climb up over mounds of food in the living room, rats and raccoons live comfortably in the house, and I keep buying more stuff to store in the–oh yeah, there’s no room to store anything.”

“When my son stopped speaking to me, I lost all confidence so that’s why food is rotting in the refrigerator with expiration dates from six years ago and there’s no electricity in the home.”

There seems to be some uncontrollable anxiety that causes people to feel better with everything all over a house in complete disarray than to live in a relatively dirty environment.  Forget clean.  Just relative dirt would be imaginable.  The issues with hoarders are deep-seated.

I admire people who work with hoarders and the hoarders who go through the difficult process of learning how to cope with their anxiety and face their fears, rejection and disappointment.  What was first amusing and disgusting, isn’t really funny at all.  So, MullOverThis has learned something from observing how pain can translate into sub-human living conditions.