by MullOverThis

Yup.  December is Mulloverthis Weblog’s birthday month!

We first posted three years ago, with the hope that Mulloverthis and occasional contributors, would join the blogosphere and shed light on the happenings-whatever that may be-from everyday Christian African-American professionals.  All I can say is that it has been a great run so far, and I hope for exceeding abundantly.

Guess what?  We’ve gotten a few surprises, the latest being one of our articles is published in an Oxford University Press textbook as an application of applied psychology (ethics).  Over the past couple of years, Mulloverthis has also been invited to appear-and enjoyed doing so more than a few times-on a popular SIRIUS radio talk show, as a commentator.  My rants on Sarah Palin started it off, so I’ve gotta love her!  Otherwise, it’s just been great getting to connect with a community of bloggers, subscribers and readers, many of whom are dissenters, that appreciate this blog nonetheless. 

So, won’t you sing with me:

Happy Birthday, Mull-over-this.

Happy Birthday, Mull-over-this.

Happy Birthday, dear Mull-over-this.

Happy Birthday to you!

(Echo):  And many more……


5 Comments to “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!”

  1. Happy Birthday, Mulloverthis, and if thismulledover wine should prove not your beverage of choice on a cold seasonal night, then a toast to you with one that is.

  2. Congrats and many more!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday! Love this blog. Keep up the good work.

  4. Congratulations Mulloverthis! Thank you for connecting us with your dynamic, diverse point of view while also enabling our commentary and participation. Keep blogging!

  5. Happy Birthday. This is one of th efavorites because I know it is going to be funny and on point.

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