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April 14, 2014

by MullOverThis

A Utah mom accused of killing 6 newborns (her biological children) is facing criminal charges for their deaths.  MullOverThis is befuddled once again. And, it is a rare scenario that leaves me with a lack of words.

Okay. I’ve recovered enough to share this:

1. Who could have possibly lived in that house and not smelled six carcasses stored in boxes amassed in the past decade?  Only nasty people can live in a home and not ever notice their garage smells like a gutter.

2.  This woman was repeatedly pregnant. So, ex-hubby knocked up this murderer while they were together-several times-and never noticed a pregnancy?  Am I to believe he impregnated someone numerous times and nothing registered in his brain or ding ding that his wife-at-the-time was preggo?

3.  Preggo was pregnant several times and *shrugs*…where are the babies? Pregnancy, no baby, no problem.

I am saddened to know that children were devalued enough to be snuffed from life by their mother, rolled up and then stored in plastic bags and boxes.  Imagine what kind of organizing guru this nutjob could have been had she harvested her knowledge to literally mask pregnancies and store dead fetuses without a putrid odor, unbeknownst to people who have working brains.



December 29, 2011

Shame on Paula White & Her Croonies

by MullOverThis

Check this out:  Paula White and her former husband, Randy, divorced.  Randy pastored their mega church.  After the mega was going minor, clearly Paula came back and assumed the role as Senior Pastor.  She is the one with the world-wide ministry and “name”.

Zachary and Riva Tims divorce.  They were at some point in time, allegedly a son and daughter of Paula White when they were still married and co-pastored the NDCC.  Upon the divorce, Riva Tims was not permitted to come to the NDCC.  Go figure, because she helped to plant and water that ministry.  Nonetheless, the drug-addicted world-galavanting pastor passed away, with the public awaiting a toxicology report.  For what? To see if “Zach” laid down as opposed to “Pastor Zachery”, according to the illustrious split-personalities Bishop TD Jakes introduced at Tims’ funeral to try to Biblically justify the NDCC pastor’s heinous lifestyle?  Normally viral cheating husbands who spend boat-loads of money on trips with women and drugs aren’t our ideal men.  Only when one hosts TBN, has a bunch of high-profile ministry friends and a big church does this “type” become a poor hero.

Anyway, NDCC church board members don’t even meet with the other church founder, Pastor Riva Tims, in appointing a successor.  They continue in the spirit of their former pastor who banned his ex-wife from her pastoral role at NDCC.

Clear-cut message folks:  Riva was banned from NDCC because of personal issues.  Do I need to type the obvious conclusion, here?  They put her out of the way, and now who is out of the way?  NDCC needs a new leader and Paula White comes to save the day.  What makes Paula White think someone who had that church in her vision, labored and spent years of her life to build for the Lord shouldn’t even be afforded a meeting?  The same Paula White that went back to Without Walls and salvaged her works that she put her life into?  Oh, yeah.  I’m sure it’s the same Paula White.

Although church leadership and successorship isn’t based upon natural lineage because Christ’s lineage as the High Priest to the Body of Christ after the order of Melchizedic undoes this concept (there is no traceable biological lineage), clearly, when God has called, equipped, prepared, ordained and released one to serve as a leader in planting and shepherding, His will isn’t a board room decision.

Paula White needs to go somewhere and have a seat.  I suggest it not be NDCC.  For months, the church parishioners have stated they want their “Mother” back.  Paula needs to step out of the way and the Board of Directors at NDCC need to let Riva Tims be restored to a ministry that she has had the LIFE to lead.  This matter shouldn’t have ever arrived at the point where Riva has to sue to be reinstated as NDCC leader.


November 2, 2011

The Kim Kardashian Marriage Fiasco: What Most People are Missing

by MullOverThis

First, MullOverThis believes that when people marry, they should stay married, except there be some just cause for divorce or separation that justifies dishonoring the marriage covenant.  But everybody does not believe this.  Some people marry left and right, as often as a clean person changes undergarments.

What most people are missing is this:  Kim Kardashian is NO DIFFERENT than many of today’s women who get married.  While just about everyone is citing the number of days she managed to stay married, we need to look at the number of days most people who get annulments, stay married.  We can also examine the number of marriages that fail in less than 2-3 years from couples who cannot AFFORD to hire the best divorce attorneys and call in a moving team to take me to the east coast home, the mid-western retreat or the west coast home on the bay.  Kim is in the same position of women who say, “I do,” knowing that they “don’t” long before they arrive at the altar.

One of my friends had last-minute jitters right before her wedding.  She isn’t the number one celebrity featured on magazine covers in 2010, the queen of  reality television, and an appearance or photo shoot personality who commands millions of dollars each year.  This friend makes good mullah;   I invested almost $4,000 to participate in her wedding festivities, having split most of the bridal party costs with 5 other women.  The friend  spent ONLY $7,000.00 on her dress.  Her wedding festivities only cost around $85,000.00, and we won’t even address the comparable size and cost of her platinum wedding ring, all  kept to a reasonable amount because she and the hubby bought a nice home.  They wanted to be “prudent”.  Look at one hand and add a couple of fingers.  This same amount of years later, although they are committed to working things out,  they often have near-Kramer vs. Kramer moments.

When I told the friend not to marry her husband because she really didn’t love him the way a wife needs to love a man for the rest of their lives, she told me it was okay.  Of course, she thought of all the work that had gone into the wedding, the public embarrassment, and all the things that really don’t matter when you find out you are living with someone that you may love, but are probably incompatible.  Too may women succumb to the pressure of age, the desire for babies, and to be socially acceptable in kidding themselves as they hyphenate their last names and sign on the dotted line.

I have another friend whose wedding day festivities were approximately $1.4 million dollars.  Her wedding ring cost over $100,00.00.  She is divorced today.  Wealthy people are not excluded from the same mistakes everyday people make.  They just tend to make them on a much larger scale and when they are famous, the entire world knows about it.

Yeah, Kim Kardashian is a brat and because of producers and cameras we can gaugue  all of her personal flaws.  The fixation the public has with her has made just about every private moment of her life profitable, to the point where this one is worth more tweets and headlines than addressing our nation’s economy.


P.S. A man, namely, Mr. Humphries, rushed to the altar, too.  That’s another post.

October 27, 2011

Amy Whinehouse Final Autopsy

by MullOverThis

The cause of Amy Whinehouse’s death is extreme alcohol consumption.  Although others speculated the British signing sensation may have passed due to unsupervised withdrawal from alcohol, the final autopsy reveals the cause of death.

This is disheartening and sad.  Not because she was famous or a talented artist, but because she was a lost soul who battled with so much that her avoidance led her to a lifestyle that put her into an early grave.


August 3, 2011

Roll Call: Some Advice For Parents

by MullOverThis
Yesterday, I listened to a radio program with a child psychologist as a guest.  I’m not even sure of the program name, host or guest psychologist identifications, but did pay attention to the discussion. I have some girlfriends who have been inflicted with New Mama disease and a recurring double ear infection.  Since I had unofficially diagnosed them beforehand, I thought sharing the following would be beneficial.
Here are the bare-boned discussion points:
1.  Women (mothers) tend to presume the greatest role in early parenting, so nurturing children  almost becomes the mother’s identity.  This is a no-no.  Women often feel as if fathers (men) aren’t as concerned.  But because fathers don’t spend the majority of their day parenting, they don’t transition into another identity, stereotypically.  Mothers or caretakers should be careful of this, because:
a.  While children are growing, a mother’s or primary caretaker’s true identity may be lost.  And when the children are grown, mothers  tend to  expect children to compensate them for their lost identities by expecting too much of their children, when mothers should never have allowed their children to become their identity.
b.  While children are still young, this cross identity becomes problematic within all types of friendships/relationships.  For example, a new mom out to lunch with girlfriends deems the conversation not centered around child-rearing, care,
or children  as “boring”.  New mom finds it difficult to relate to anything outside of her new-found identity.
c.  Over-saturation of this leads to adopting the language and mind of the child.  For example, the new mom at the dinner table with other adults gears the communicable language towards a child, “Excuse me, Mommy will be right back, I’ve got to go potty.”
2.  All of this kind of stuff leads to raising self-centered, self-entitlement children.  Children are born into a family, and the family doesn’t revolve around-although it must adjust to the needs and presence of-a child.
3.  When a parent feels as if a child should be  occupied every single minute s/he is awake, the parent raises self-engrossed individuals who usually are high-stressors when they get older.  When this type of child is age 5/6, the child will be bored every five minutes, because s/he never learned how to sit, be content, and be preoccupied without being entertained.  If a child does not learn how to be content when nothing is moving or surrounding him/her, that child develops an, “I’m bored, me, me, me,” mentality and always has to have something, or else he has issues.
4.  When a child is reared with too many things, when that individual grows up and is unable to maintain the lifestyle, or the parent/s can’t maintain the lifestyle while the child grows up, that child won’t know how to function because s/he will likely be self-entitled to things.  Children should never think they will always have what they want.
5.  The home is not a hotel.  At a hotel, a maid is on duty.  At home, children should be taught the value of having a home and participate in the upkeep of the home to learn responsibility.  A child shouldn’t feel the pressure of maintaining a home because children are supposed to be secure.  Yet, a proper balance requires children to know that the entire run of the house is not theirs, either.  Children must learn to pick things up, stop touching, etc.
6.  Children are not cute when they behave badly.  They must be taught what is good and what is bad, and their feelings don’t matter when they  do bad things.  Otherwise, you create individuals who will grow up to override what is wrong and value their own feelings.  Children should be corrected and know the clear differences between right and wrong.
7.  Parents should not try to make children overachievers.  Parents often project their own standards and desires  onto  children.  A parent may want to find a pre-school program with competitive math programs.  The psychologist said these types of parents are lunatics. Children need time to just be children and be in social environments which teach them how to function well with other children.  They should not be introduced to competition and pressure at such a young age.
8.  Finally, mothers and fathers shouldn’t feel bad about their parenting skills.  They should learn about how to raise good people with as much effort as parents try to learn what is necessary to be competitive in the marketplace to keep their jobs.  Parenting requires continual learning.
All parents may not agree with these particular ideals when parenting.  Yet, the advisory exists to at the very least, challenge parents to consciously define their own values, standards and review how well their child/children actually responds to such standards.
July 22, 2011


by MullOverThis

It looks like Casey Anthony doesn’t have the freedom to return home and live as a free US resident because of death threats and all of that other kind of stuff.

For real, though.  Who is that concerned about Caylee that s/he would risk her/his freedom to teach Casey Anthony a lesson?  Listen up, folks.  Casey Anthony may not be in jail, but she will never be free to get away with murder again, IF she is truly responsible for murdering her own child.  She is in the same category that OJ was in:  Narcissist get yourself in trouble again and no one will believe you.

Caylee is gone and she is not suffering.  She died a gruesome death, but she is not hurting. This may seem harsh, but it is true.   For all of those who are concerned about the voiceless children who are killed by their mamas, stop by the nearest abortion clinic or look in your own closet and backyard and help the voiceless infants whose existence and right to living-like Caylee- is conditional upon their mamas desires, whims, definitions or choices.  Caylee has no voice and neither do the millions of infants butchered in the US each year because our culture has legitimized infanticide.


May 24, 2011

Harold Camping: A Different Kind of Doomsday

by MullOverThis

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Doomsday is here. There have been earthquakes and all kinds of quandary going on. Where, you say? In the hearts of the faithful followers of Harold Camping, and probably in the hearts of many other believers, who now have probable cause to question many things they’ve believed.

When I first learned about the end of the world coming based on Camping’s May 21, 5:59 PM prediction, what immediately came to mind was to pray for the people who emptied their bank accounts and quit their jobs because of it. His followers took to the streets to convince people to subvert the explicit message in the Bible-that no man knows the hour or the time that Jesus will return and that when he comes he will come like a thief in the night-with the implicit message coded in mathematical secrets carefully hidden in the scriptures that supposedly gives us the actual date. The last time I checked, the only thief who announces himself is one who has enough hubris to think he won’t get caught. And where there’s pride, there’s deception. And no offense to Brother Camping. I am sure he was sincere, but the consequences may be too great to bear.

The dilemma in all of this is where does a person go from here? What happens when everything you believed comes crashing to the ground? What happens when you sacrificed your life for something that has become a punchline? If such a massive prediction was wrong, then what else is wrong in the state of Denmark? And this leads me to my next thought, whatever you believe, make sure it is what YOU believe, not someone else’s conviction. One thing we love to do in this country is elevate people and make them infallible. We regard titles over integrity, gifts over character, large congregations of onlookers over small congregations of sincere people, and that leads us into a downward spiral of deception. Why? We may find that we are not gazing upon what is real, but rather fallacies designed to keep us in a state of ineffectiveness and spiritual lethargy. We are so busy looking at the sparkle that we don’t realize we are being blinded by the shine.

The bottom line is if you choose to follow this faith called Christianity, follow IT, not people. We often follow people because we never go back and check to make sure what we are learning really lines up with the Bible, as well as buy into cult of personality. I’m sure when we all examine some catchphrases we use, some doctrines we adhere to, so-called deep happenings, and things we send people to hell for, we may find that they do not hold water. Why? Because someone we highly respect told it to us and we felt too small to fact check. This is not the days of the Orthodox church of old where only one person could read the Bible while the rest were left to have it interpreted for them. And this is not pre-emancipation days where we get in trouble if Massa’ catches us readin’. And I certainly am not encouraging anyone to usurp authority and run rogue. But what I am saying is that we need to learn how to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling and not leave our lives in the hands of someone who cannot answer for us when the end finally does come. The purpose of sound leadership is to mature us in the faith so that we don’t have to wake him or her up in the middle of the night to pray for our bum pinky toe.

Sorry for the sass, grit, and mother wit, but I’m mad. I’m mad because there are people right now who probably want to commit suicide because they cannot bear the embarrassment, the weight of the disillusionment, and the fact that they will not be clocking in to work tomorrow because they quit their dream job over some arithmetic. The father who emptied his bank account may now have to explain to his children that they will no longer pray before they eat because there is no food and no God (so he thinks). Worse yet, what about the ones who think maybe they have been left behind? Yikes! It kills me to know that there is something inside of us that could allow other people to be responsible for what we believe to the point of putting us out of God’s house and into the nut house and the po’ house. Something doesn’t add up.

Work out your own salvation and leave the calculatin’ to God. Peace……………

Submitted by guest blogger-Nik

May 20, 2011

Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Pimpstress & The Other Child

by MullOverThis


First of all, we can’t call the other child a “love” child because this child may not be one conceived in love.  Arnold may not have cared about his paramour.  Clearly, she was a fling, but we don’t know that she or his son had a significant place in his heart and life.

What is clear is that the former California governor’s cheating has exposed his wife and entire family to all the rigormoroll in which the pesky press and onlookers love to exacerbate: these types of Osama-is -old-news-and-we-need-something-else-to-obsess-over situations.

Mulloverthis notes a few things since Arnold is the current goose gone wild:

1.  At least the man provided for his child and baby mama.

2.  Refer to number one, above, when feasting on a picture of Arnold’s no-conscience pimpstress.  She obviously took the concept of on the job training out of context, and to another level.

3.  This thingy quells all fairytales that busted women can’t  get a rich, handsome, famous actor and politician for a man, since this homeslice pulled Arnold.  Addendum: … at least when his Democratic royalty wife isn’t around.  Otherwise, back to sweeping the floors and pretend that child isn’t his.

Mulloverthis:  NO ONE involved in this love triangle won.  Shriver should be disappointed because her husband never realized who she really is, or appreciated her value  or his own worth, to risk their lives by Arnold  bumping a housekeeper, unprotected.  Arnold is another man who let his silly lust and male bravado potentially ruin his family and political life.  The mistress is a silly woman who pimped herself as the less than woman that she really is.

My hope is that the resultant child will override the monstrous heap of mess his selfish parents created when they created him and develop a great relationship with his father and other siblings.   The young boy didn’t ask for any of this, and he shouldn’t have to endure any scrutiny for his existence, either.


March 2, 2011

Houston Day Care Blaze Kills Four Children

by MullOverThis

Children were dropped off and left in the care and supervision of a day care provider.

Fire breaks out.

Adults?  Adults present?  Where were the adults? Supervision with no adults?

CHILDREN DIE.  Ok.  Let’s say that again:  Children die. 

Is the death of these children because a responsible adult had a stroke?  Heart attack? Seizure?  Nervous breakdown? 

Law enforcement has to figure out if there was alternate supervision in place and/or determine what time the day care provider returned from a possible shopping trip.

While the fact-finding is taking place, who really needs to know that much more? The children were left unattended and somewhere along the line, lack of appropriate supervision took place.While we may never know if the presence of an alert responsible adult would have prevented the fire or defrayed the consequent damage and loss of life, we do know that when an adult isn’t there, babies burn.  Sounds harsh? Well harsh is living the reality of a tragedy that should not have occurred.  This reality is pretty much predetermined when there is lack of adequate supervision.  Just about anything can happen.

Somebody needs to roast for this kind of triflinicity.  Somebody needs to go to jail and burn there for enough time to think about what complete irresponsibility breeds:  a literal nightmare for these families.

December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

by MullOverThis

Merry Christmas!  I hope this time of celebration for the birth and life of Jesus Christ helps you to cherish what is important, and focus on those things, always.

We often focus on what we need, what we’re trying to attain, and what  is missing.  For many, it is difficult to go through the holidays without a missing loved one.  For many who have lost their homes, gotten a divorce or suffered some sort of loss this year, the holidays are a bit harder.  Even in these situations, we still have to endure the holidays.  So, let’s focus on all of the good things that we do have.

For me, I have learned to live without my grandmother and some good friends who have passed away.  Although I think of them often, the holidays seem to trigger their absence so much more.  Yet, I think, “Thank God I’m here.”  I would have loved to be able to see another smile, hear another laugh, or even taste another dish from my grandmother.  Now, I can smile as I look at her pictures and know that she is at rest.

So enjoy your life, relationships and love as much as you can. Cherish what you do have and make decisions and life-choices that reflect your values and character.  You will find that not only is LIFE GOOD, but also that it is still great and worth living.