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March 2, 2011

The Hollywood Whiteout for 2011 Academy Awards

by MullOverThis

Yada, yada, yada.

Whoopi Goldberg’s fluster on THE VIEW a few weeks ago drew attention to the New York Times article referring to the already existing buzz about the Oscars and the “whiteout”.  Although the NYT writers didn’t “omit” Whoopi from Black Oscar winner history, they did omit her from the article. 

Yet, the question of racism and Hollywood’s inability to see Oscar-worthy performances amongst Black actors is looming.  And, this is a question that should be answered.

What were the Oscar-worthy performances from Black Actors in 2010?  Where is the list of historic films or performances from Black actors that bespeak of memorable art that have been whited-out?

Are the members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences supposed to nominate on the basis of racial equity, diversity in performances or on the basis of outstanding performances or achievements within their categories?

While the NYT article weaves the success of Obama’s candidacy and election in part to the influence of notable Hollywood performances by Black actors and all of this grandiose indelible history used as flim flam, the bottom line is:

Which specific Black actors or films have been snubbed because white racist eyes in Hollywood couldn’t see past Black skin to appreciate Black cinema or Blacks acting in any motion picture in 2010?

No doubt there is racism in Hollywood and all over this wonderful USA.  The struggle of Black actors to get the kinds of roles that can capture their ability and bring Black actors into the same range of acknowledgment as others is well-noted.  Strategies and tactics to eradicate these injustices are already happening to see progressive change-to a degree.  While the Will Smith’s, Halle Berry’s and Denzel Washington’s are few and far between, other Black actors are creating room for themselves and co-branding to keep afloat in the grind.

Meanwhile, what Black films, performances, or technical work that is of the industry’s best were snubbed or erased by Hollywood White racist power in 2010?

I’m just saying.  Mulloverthis.

March 2, 2011

Beyonce, Usher and Mariah Urged to Return Loot from Gaddafi

by MullOverThis

This call to action is replete with a pungent aroma of the nonsensical from ridiculoids with nothing better to do.

So now, articles are surfing around that Mariah Carey, Beyonce and Usher performed for the multi-billion dollar Gaddafi family at some point and received handsome checks to do so.  Since Nelly Furtado announced that she would donate her Gaddafi earnings to charity as a result of his recent execrable acts in Libya, reputedly music industry insiders are calling for these music icons to do the same: return their loot.

Looky here:

1. Gaddafi wasn’t a patron saint when Furtado or the rest of these artists traveled across the seas and performed for the family, in the first place. Hello, Muammar is one of longest ruling national leaders in history.  His regard as a terrorist might have a little something to do with this undeserving achievement.  Let’s face the fact that honor wasn’t the code of conduct for the initial wire transfers and Gaddafi’s flagrant demonstration that he will still drop a life in a second doesn’t change that.

2.  Dirty money doesn’t become dirty by post-dated acts, if it was “clean” enough to accept in the first place.

3.  Dirty money transferred while intrinsically dirty, becomes clean when transferred to honorable integral people.  Good Godly folks pray over their money/wealth/worldly acquisitions and sanctify it for good Kingdom use. Drug dealer gives money to mama and mama puts it in the offering plate and the food pantry feeds the homeless: Good ole sanctified money.

4.  The concept of music industry celebrities gaining wealth from unjust gain, a source that publicly oppresses people,  a world-wide bad guy, or from the wicked, need not begin without preparedness for a vitriolic discussion about the culture, climate, and the real in’s and out’s of the music industry.  There would be a whole lot of Kleenex and money shuffling to and fro.

5.  If these stars want to continue in their philanthropic efforts, they should do so of their own volition like Nelly Furtado.


March 2, 2011

Houston Day Care Blaze Kills Four Children

by MullOverThis

Children were dropped off and left in the care and supervision of a day care provider.

Fire breaks out.

Adults?  Adults present?  Where were the adults? Supervision with no adults?

CHILDREN DIE.  Ok.  Let’s say that again:  Children die. 

Is the death of these children because a responsible adult had a stroke?  Heart attack? Seizure?  Nervous breakdown? 

Law enforcement has to figure out if there was alternate supervision in place and/or determine what time the day care provider returned from a possible shopping trip.

While the fact-finding is taking place, who really needs to know that much more? The children were left unattended and somewhere along the line, lack of appropriate supervision took place.While we may never know if the presence of an alert responsible adult would have prevented the fire or defrayed the consequent damage and loss of life, we do know that when an adult isn’t there, babies burn.  Sounds harsh? Well harsh is living the reality of a tragedy that should not have occurred.  This reality is pretty much predetermined when there is lack of adequate supervision.  Just about anything can happen.

Somebody needs to roast for this kind of triflinicity.  Somebody needs to go to jail and burn there for enough time to think about what complete irresponsibility breeds:  a literal nightmare for these families.