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March 2, 2011

The Hollywood Whiteout for 2011 Academy Awards

by MullOverThis

Yada, yada, yada.

Whoopi Goldberg’s fluster on THE VIEW a few weeks ago drew attention to the New York Times article referring to the already existing buzz about the Oscars and the “whiteout”.  Although the NYT writers didn’t “omit” Whoopi from Black Oscar winner history, they did omit her from the article. 

Yet, the question of racism and Hollywood’s inability to see Oscar-worthy performances amongst Black actors is looming.  And, this is a question that should be answered.

What were the Oscar-worthy performances from Black Actors in 2010?  Where is the list of historic films or performances from Black actors that bespeak of memorable art that have been whited-out?

Are the members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences supposed to nominate on the basis of racial equity, diversity in performances or on the basis of outstanding performances or achievements within their categories?

While the NYT article weaves the success of Obama’s candidacy and election in part to the influence of notable Hollywood performances by Black actors and all of this grandiose indelible history used as flim flam, the bottom line is:

Which specific Black actors or films have been snubbed because white racist eyes in Hollywood couldn’t see past Black skin to appreciate Black cinema or Blacks acting in any motion picture in 2010?

No doubt there is racism in Hollywood and all over this wonderful USA.  The struggle of Black actors to get the kinds of roles that can capture their ability and bring Black actors into the same range of acknowledgment as others is well-noted.  Strategies and tactics to eradicate these injustices are already happening to see progressive change-to a degree.  While the Will Smith’s, Halle Berry’s and Denzel Washington’s are few and far between, other Black actors are creating room for themselves and co-branding to keep afloat in the grind.

Meanwhile, what Black films, performances, or technical work that is of the industry’s best were snubbed or erased by Hollywood White racist power in 2010?

I’m just saying.  Mulloverthis.