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July 8, 2011

Bewildering Donna Simpson Wants To Gain Weight

by MullOverThis

Donna Simpson is on record as the heaviest woman to give birth.

Reputedly, Simpson wants to gain 300 pounds to break another Guinness World Record as the world’s most obese woman.  Wow.  What an aspiration.  She now makes somewhere around $100,000 yearly from her website, which makes her superlative gluttony lucrative. Clearly, this is a job for Fame Whores Anonymous.

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Here’s my question:  Does Donna “think” at all?  That is a logical point of inquiry because if Ms. Simpson at least thinks, then maybe her brain will travel and arrive at the destination that she is in poor health and could drop dead at any minute.  Upon arrival at this inevitable conclusion, maybe-and only maybe-Ms. Simpson will realize that $100,000 a year isn’t a lot of money when you’re dead, or alive.  Furthermore, another Guinness title won’t raise her 4-year-old daughter, either.

This here thingy is bewildering.  For real.  Maybe she should revise her ambitions for her next Guinness World Record title to woman with  longest human fungal big toe-nail and put up a lucrative website with tours to pictures of a gargantuan blue-black toenail.  Meanwhile, she should attempt to lose weight and curtail her diabetes so she can live and be a mother to her child.


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July 2, 2008

Don’t Sleep On Diabetes

by MullOverThis

Although I believe in divine healing, healing comes in different manifestations.  We ought to pray and to believe God for our bodies to be in perfect health and wholeness.  It is also vital to use common sense and take care of our bodies.  Once we are diagnosed with a sickness–which may be genetic, have developed spontaneously, or brought on through lack of care or ignorance–how we respond to it is up to us.  Surgical, medical, homeopathic and faith healing are all viable pursuits to deal with challenges to our health.  Whatever we do, we are to live by faith. 

I’ve had surgery and prayed over the anesthesiologist, surgeons, surgical nurse and everyone else before I allowed them to knock me out.  I had NEVER had a surgical procedure before, and was not aware of any aversions/allergic reactions to anything at all.  The anesthesia almost killed me.  I could not breathe, and my lungs were severely compromised after the surgery.  I could not breathe normally on my own until 7 days after the procedure.  I understood the power of prayer once I was trying to recover.  So, in all health matters, prayer is a strong recommendation.

Prevention is the best strategy to insure wellness, total health and complete prosperity.  One must “know” in order to prevent sickness and diseases, much of which can be avoided.  Knowledge is power.  Applied knowledge is wisdom.  In the African-American community diabetes is rampant, and is the fifth leading cause of death in the United States. 

So, here are some links to power below so you and I can operate in wisdom and preserve life:


For statistics on African Americans & Diabetes:

Links to diabetes websites:


December 20, 2007

The Untouchables-Part 1 Nope, Not A Two-piece But A Bucket, Please

by MullOverThis

Can we talk? One of the greatest displays of what can be safely dubbed a Jerry Springer experience in an actual church setting was when I witnessed a diatribe against “nasty” church folks who were “hoes” and “not saved”.  There were not enough triages or gurneys to aid the sliced, diced and sauteed during these services because this deliverance speaker just threw blades that hit and killed whomever.   The speaker’s apparent mission, based upon the sole concentration in repeated sessions of explicitly addressing sins of perversion, deviant sexual and gender lifestyles, adultery, fornication, masturbation, pornography, bestiality, seductiveness, homosexuality and my all-time favorite, “lesbos”, was to bring those in bondage to these sins and strongholds into a place of liberty and freedom where they could experience true holiness.  If one could receive this type of ministry, there was only one major problem.  The speaker had to be tipping the scale at about 450-500 pounds.  

Herein lies the problem: A health teacher should be the last person on the staff to have halitosis, a pungent odor and dirty clothes on at 7A.M. in the morning,  unless she is really just there for the paycheck.  Likewise, one cannot be so in tune with God to the point where one sees the fornicator as nasty and has to be wheeled into the building to cast out devils because one is too heavy to walk from the airplane, where one paid for two seats, to the luggage carousel.  Lack of temperance and self-control through over-eating, and defiling the body through gluttony to a point of obesity is not pleasing to God. It is sinful to give heed to temptation to the lusts of the flesh and have sex outside of the marital covenant, just as it is to over-indulge in riotous eating while simultaneously defiling the temple of God, to appease our own lust and fleshly desires.   We are to eat and enjoy nourishing and enriching our bodies, but we cannot lick our fingers to the grave.  Gluttony  breeds laziness, slothfulness, procrastination, disobedience, sickness and eventual poverty.  We know that snorting coke, shooting up crack, or injecting heroin defiles and dishonors our body as the temple of God.  So then, over-eating and its resultant effects that in many cases mirror what drug addiction does to our bodies–due to our own choices–is not acceptable.

Gluttony and its consequential partner, obesity,  is an area that must be addressed in our ministry outreaches, educational programs, and through sound teaching from informed pulpits.  Since Christians are motivated in life by what we know pleases God as we grow closer to the Lord and love one another, the growing trends of obesity in the United States should be recognized and curtailed by inspiration through nutritional knowledge, athletic activities and teams, health screenings and practical pursuits tailor-made to the ministry’s vision, mission and needs.  Oh, and of course, if necessary, cast this devil out too.

Please be careful to note that all obesity does not stem from gluttony, or because of a lifestyle of sin.  Some obese people have glandular or other medical issues that impose massive weight gain.  However, over-indulgence and irresponsible eating can lead to medical problems such as hypertension (high blood pressure), high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, gallbladder disease, some types of cancer, depression and ultimately death.

Gluttony is an area that plagues our churches as so many of our “preachas” that sing-preach with cascading key changes from a skilled organist (and I love this type of presentation), are suffering heart attacks and premature deaths due to compromised health.  God gets greater glory when we are able to live to complete our God-given passions and works for the Kingdom of God.  Because so many of our cultures thrive and take pride in  our own  food–its preparation, its taste, family secret recipes, gatherings–the harmful effects of it are sometimes not as significant when compared to the love and warmth that is often associated with food. A good neighbor brings over a cake or a pie to the newest kid on the block as a welcoming sign, not liquid plumber.  

We cannot continue to ignore or underplay sin within the land that is visibly evident from the pulpit to the backdoor because we honor Bishop Bubba and his anointing. First and primarily, because it grieves God, and also because it is a springboard to diseases that don’t have to be cast out, but can simply be changed through moderation in the content, amount and timing of what we eat and exercise.  Although some things are sensitive, they are not untouchable because of our errant inclination to be more concerned with pleasing people than pleasing God.  Obesity is difficult to deal with especially when we know “its over”, at least stereotypically, when the fat lady takes the mike to sing.  Although many may have been born into families with tendencies towards obesity or even if it became a problem as a result of trauma, or burning in the kitchen, today can be the first day to change one’s life through self-examination and a healthy lifestyle change.  So that I won’t be guilty of being a hypocrite for getting the splinter out of your eye with a beam in mine, it’s time to press the enter button….

See Deut 21:20,21; Prov 23:20,21; Prov 28:7; 1 Cor 3:16-17; 3 John 2; 1 Pet 2:24.

 For a Bible teaching on gluttony, obesity and the purpose of eating click here:

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