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August 20, 2008


by MullOverThis

Obama definitely has audacity. 

Senator Barack Obama and Senator John McCain joined host, Pastor Rick Warren, at the Saddleback church for an interview aired on CNN.  Both presumptive Presidential nominees answered the same questions at separate times, one-on-one with Rick Warren, in front of  thousands.   During his interview, Obama sat in a church and justified why he is in support of gay marriage, homosexual rights, and abortion–while declaring that he is a Christian and Jesus Christ saved him by grace.  Watching the Christian rationalize baby killings because to determine when life begins is above Obama’s “pay grade” (his own words) is enough audacity.  But, there is more. 

Obama unleashed more of his glaring introspective thoughts when asked which United States Supreme Court justices would he not have appointed.  Obama didn’t hesitate or stutter.  Clarence Thomas. Here is the reasoning Obama stated, “”I don’t think that he was a strong enough jurist or legal thinker at the time for that elevation, setting aside the fact that I profoundly disagree with his interpretations of a lot of the Constitution.”  This, off course, is coming from a former editor of the Harvard Law Review and a corporate attorney.  Obama has wet his feet in the practical legal and political world compared to the Senators who were on the confirmation committee and thinks he is qualified to judge the competence of Justice Clarence Thomas’ jurisprudence.  Interesting.  Especially from a man who wants to be President of the United States, with only one full-term as a US Senator under his belt, and eight years as an Illinois Senator.  Compared to his colleagues and competition, Obama needs to sit down and say “sike” (slang for I was only playing) by his own standards. 

Here are some facts:  At the time of Justice Clarence Thomas’ Supreme Court appointment, he had already been confirmed by the US Senate (many of whom have law degrees and legal backgrounds) for appointment to the US Court of Appeals for the  D.C. Circuit, one of the most honorable court appointments in the land.  Thomas wasn’t appointed to the Supreme Court from being a traffic court judge, or a scripted court television judge.  Prior to the Circuit Court appointment, Thomas-a Yale law graduate- also worked in an attorney general’s office, was an Assistant Secretary of Education, and was the  CHAIRMAN of the  Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for almost eight years.  Justice Clarence Thomas already had experience as a jurist on one of the most esteemed courts of the land when he was appointed, yet ankle-deep Obama cited Thomas wasn’t strong enough. 

So then, we are to believe that Obama is strong enough to be PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, while Thomas wasn’t a strong enough jurist or legal thinker to be onemember of the highest court in the judicial branch of our government.    Obama better be careful before his house negro mentality yields trouble for him during the rest of his campaign, and if elected President, when he gets into office.  He has obviously been in the house so long that his vision is tainted.  Obama’s candidacy alone suggests that he sees himself as capable and his experience on the Presidential track is not even comparable to that of Thomas’ on the judicial track at the time of Thomas’ appointment to the US Supreme Court.  Obama’s grossly skewed assessment of Thomas is not only condescending, but completely inappropriate in light of the increasing hostile climate (based upon beliefs that Black people are unqualified and given free-bees) pro-White extremists have towards Black Americans because of our insurgence in politics, education, business, ownership, religion and otherwise.  Hopefully Obama’s deep musings will reveal his own audacity to try to discredit the qualifications of the only Black justice on the Supreme Court.


With the God of the Heavens as my judge, after writing the above post, I searched for other opinions on this topic, and found the following link:



August 19, 2008


by MullOverThis

This one, my friends, is solely from my personal experiences or observations.  Enjoy!

I have a friend who recently went to lease an apartment in a brand new development.  She has worked full-time and gone to school (as a single mother) since I have known her.  Upon reviewing her credit history, the real estate agent told her she was ineligible.  My friend learned that for the past couple of years, some woman on the other side of the country stole her identity, purchased two properties in her name, and was severely delinquent in payments. 

Another friend of mine began to co-sign as a borrower for a re-finance for a family member to help save a family home from foreclosure.  Upon further consideration, she decided to cancel the deal within the allotted three business days.  The loan officer ignored receipt of the cancellation notice to “push the deal through” so he would make his commission.  My girlfriend learned of the cancellation when a foreclosure notice was stamped on the front of the property that she currently owns and lives in.  She had to hire an attorney and go to court to sue the foreclosing bank.  The judge informed her that it may take a couple of years–even with court documents–to get this foreclosure off of her record.

I have a very common name.  There are people with my first and surname in every city.  A major reputable credit card company once harassed me–called my home for about 6 months straight at 8:28 am every single morning–for payment on an account I never had.  I spoke with the customer service representatives repeatedly and explained I had the same name, but never had an account with this company.  Because there are so many crooks, the collection agents did not believe me, promised to keep calling until I paid the bill, and were downright nasty. 

Some helpful advice if you ever get caught up with any similar situations:

If you are dealing with identity theft, get an attorney.  File police reports and cooperate fully with authorities, even if you discover someone you know is the culprit.  It may take years for a full investigation to reveal that you did not open accounts, make purchases, or conduct business in a fraudulent manner.  This may affect your ability to conduct business based upon your own personal credit for some time.  But, a dispute on record makes a huge difference and lends credibility towards your story which better be the truth. 

Keep records of all transactions you make with your credit accounts or any dealings pertaining to major consumer purchases/your credit.  Unfortunately, crooks are working from sun up, til sun down thinking of new ways to become better crooks.  When dealing with anyone from a particular financial institution, always know who you are speaking with and their proper employee identification  (if other than a name), the date, time and notes pertaining to your call/their call.  When my girlfriend sent in her cancellation notice, she did it with documentable proof by the post office, as well as had a fax confirmation.  Had she not had any credible records, the loan officer would still be ignoring cancellation notices.  He was IMMEDIATELY terminated by the re-finance company. My girlfriend’s family member is facing criminal charges because she permitted the loan to be processed knowing that my girlfriend canceled the re-finance.

If you have customer service challenges with any service providers, stop and ask for their identification.  Note their names, date, time and content of discussion.  Let them know you are keeping a record.  Clearly state, again, your customer service concerns and ask them for a direct response.  Repeat their response and ask them, “is this your official response?”  Then ask for a customer service supervisor.  When connected to the supervisor, ask for a direct line to reach him so that you may call back (customer service agents will connect a call to their buddy in the next cubicle if they know they messed up or want to block you from getting help).  Ask the supervisor for identification information, and let them know up front, you will be either commending him, or seeking further assistance from the corporate office, but you wanted to “go through” proper channels and provide him with an opportunity to rectify the situation first.  If you have a fake supervisor, chances are the call will be lost, or put on hold until you hang up because you are tired of holding.  When you are confident you have a real supervisor on the line, apprise him of your concerns.  Before you get specific, let the supervisor know exactly who you have spoken to, at what time, from what office, and the exact conversation.  This will be a good indication to the supervisor that if you have to go beyond him, you will have the exact records to report him as well.  Never be nasty, just be direct and authoritative.  If you do not get the resolve that you need, call the corporate office.  Get online information and ask for the customer relations or an executive vice president.  If writing, carbon copy everybody in the corporation from the President to the receptionist.  The corporate office should be your last step.  Rare circumstances will cause you to have to get additional advocacy in resolving your complaint.  If you must, contact your state attorney general with a complaint and ask them to make inquiries for you.  Contacting your local congresspersons, filing reports with the BBB and online consumer protection groups are also options.  Set up a free website or blog dedicated to complaints with the company.  In every step of the process, let the supervisor know what you are doing.  Leave a friendly message such as, “I just wanted to let you know, officially, that I have published your name and response online at (state the webpage/address) referencing the complaint I have with (state the company name and your contact information again).”  These tactics may take some work, but if you are not being handled justly, the time you may have to invest may just be worth the outcome.

Nagging bill collectors may call you because someone may have lived at your address before, someone may have the same name as you, or someone may have given your number fraudulently on an application.  Even if you owe a debt, know your rights.  There are still limits to what collection agencies can do to collect debts (which if you owe, you should pay or attempt to settle).  If you are an account holder with a collection agent, you must ask them to stop calling in writing.  If you do not have an account, state your position clearly and authoritatively when they call and ask to be removed from their call list.  Remember, people shirk and jerk bill collectors all day long so many of them won’t believe you.  Make it clear that you are not one of those people and will be removed, with or without their assistance, but would like them to respectfully put notes on the record that you do not want any further phone calls.  If the company ignores you, or keeps an automated system calling you every day, find out their customer service information. Contact someone, and if necessary, put a request in writing.  If you do not have an account with the harassing company, ask for a supervisor immediately.  State that you do not have an account, and do not give them any of your personal information.  Contact the corporate offices if necessary, and as a last resort, call your attorney general.  I have had my name removed from call lists within minutes by simply doing a reverse phone number search online, finding out the company name (one harrasser would not even let me know what company they kept calling from).  I also had incident involving an attorney from a mid-western state that handled collections for a creditor.  I called the attorney’s office and spoke with a managing partner.  I told them I would–and was perfectly capable of–taking it further, and had an illustrious plan to put them on blast for their illegal collection practices.  I received a sweet apology, was removed from the list, and called back the main harasser.  He was flabbergasted to hear my voice calling him back because he always called from a blocked number.  I informed him that I was removed, referenced his boss, and told him to have a great day. 

Although most of these people are hard-working people just doing their jobs, some of them enjoy the anonymity and take things over-board.  I have never had to go beyond my attorney general, and only had to file a complaint with the office once.  They were timely and you would have thought I was Queen Elizabeth by the time the company I had difficulty with got an inquiry and statement requesting the company’s explanation from the attorney general’s office. A corporate officer called me directly and asked me to never call my attorney general referencing the company again. I was given personal contact information for a corporate officer of a major fortune 100 US corporation.  The point: Don’t be intimidated when you know you are not being heard, just put a stop to it! Harassing the harassers usually works.

Moderator’s Note:  I almost forgot a real good one.  If by chance you have a cell phone with a recording function or a digital recorder, and you get routine calls from an out-of-control service contract/collection representative, be nice as your favorite pie and tape the conversation.  Once you know you have the caller’s inappropriate personality while conducting business recorded, ask her to hold on for one second.  Rewind and play the recording.  Ask her, “how do you think this is going to sound on CNN (or pick your network of choice)?  I think you’d better hand my account over to your manager from now on.”

August 9, 2008

Petition to Whitey: Need Another Spokesperson other than Buchanan

by MullOverThis

A Direct Response to Pat Buchanan’s Whitey Need Not Apply:

Pat Buchanan, a nominal  “Whitey”,  can be short-sighted to the point of apathy. Although I believe Obama’s success in the Presidential campaign is largely the result of brilliant consulting and marketing, to suggest that Black people support Obama simply because he is Black, and this causal reasoning/relationship is WRONG, clearly demonstrates the sick thinking that lies within “Whitey”.  

Pat and his inane cohorts utter hypocrisy as model representatives of a people and individuals who will not trust a Black man (who is no less qualified than his contemporaries) simply because he IS BLACK.  Many of this population just cannot trust Obama because they don’t know Obama and his name (Hussein) and life comes from an ethnic/racial background to which Whitey is unfamiliar.  It’s amazing how Whitey can trust one another (even when they are unfamiliar with one another) simply because their choice politician supposedly stands for what they believe. Whitey trusts one another because of similarities and commonialities and EXPECT Blacks to trust them.  But when it comes to Blacks and our allegiances to another Black politician, Whitey becomes brain dead and needs some grandiose justification as to why Blacks choose to trust each other; Hence, Whitey struggles to understand the popularity among Blacks for Senator Obama.  White people have a stalwart indisputable record of voting for, and supporting one another.   To isolate all of the contributory reasons why would be impossible.  One cannot re-write the reality of the past, where the very racial prejudice which Whitey is complaining about today, was the impetus for much of who they supported and put in office to push their racist self-entitlement agendas.  Concerning matters of equity, Whitey should centrifuge all prior US Presidential elections and verify the real reasons why Whitey has put all of the prior US Presidents in office, and did not radically elect one Black man or one woman aforetime.

Must Blacks placate the present groanings that come from a people, who have historically and presently continue to give jobs, hook-ups, and educational opportunities to their white friends, relatives, or persons who they can “relate to”, who are often UNQUALIFIED (not merely not-as-qualified fledglings when compared to competent educated Black folks) in their life-long affirmative action programs called “nepotism” or “legacies”? To gripe about affirmative action policies and its inequity and prejudice against white people and males is an insult.   Lord, have mercy.  And to think, Whitey can actually look at his own face in the mirror, primp and continue to be Whitey and indulge in the height of Caucasoidness.  Whitey thinks that Joe is better suited for the promotion b/c he plays golf and attempts to connect with the team over drinks after work where Cinque (what kind of a name is that) feels his time is better spent with his two sons or at a family re-union.  If only Cinque were more of a team player.  If only Tom Joyner, Steve Harvey and BET would distinguish themselves as non-partial, non-biased media entities that did not blatantly support the Black candidate.  How will they know?  Let the mainstream media outlets whose reach is exponentially greater than a popular African-American morning show program, with FOX NEWS unquestionably at the pinnacle of biased coverage against Obama, lead the way.  I hope Buchanan has started his own letter to address prejudice in media coverage and race in this campaign inspiring Whitey to clean his/her act up.

We know that Whitey prepares and catapults their very own children, and are purposed in and of themselves, to progress based upon the same core values and foundation of what their progenitors taught and HAVE PASSED ONTO them. Legacies are virtuous when embellished with Caucausoidness.  These same Whitey should comprehend that Blacks have the same aspirations for a better life and employ progressive actions to be all who we are to be; only with the knowledge and realism that much of what our family lines have worked with historically, as a foundation for what we presently possess and how we think and relate to Whitey, is STILL transitional because Whitey has been–and still is all too often–a thief, robber and a liar. The same thief who ran free Black people off of their own property with death threats is the same thief who thinks that a young Black Man’s creative expression lacks character and reason, because the standard by which he judges is one he has inherited down the Whitey line, particularly when such a subjective valuation is criteria for placement. Oh, the hypocrisy of Whitey to be frustrated as he must now endure watching boys who cannot define a dissonant chord or what it is to embellish a melody, but are musical geniuses that master the very art they do not technically “understand”.  Whitey is suffering because he is accused of being Whitey, and sarcastically denotes himself as such, because he feels he has overcome his Whiteyness because he has a few Black or Hispanic friends.  Let this same  Whitey be tested and have to decide who to believe: the Central Park Jogger, or those ghetto rough-necks.  Thank God for advances in DNA testing which is freeing men from behind prison bars and the interdependence of the Whitey mentality that put them there in the first place.    

Human power coupled with biased subjectiveness is not bound within racial/ethnic/class classifications.   But, unfavorable bias based on race has all too often been the disgusting stalwart principle of how White people view Black folks. If Whitey is on an affirmative action mission, let Whitey begin with their unofficial preferences and decision-making based on race, class, skirt length, and the applicant’s willingness to be more like Whitey. 

Obama is not the first African American man who has ever dreamed, attempted to become, or could  ever be president. Too many Whiteys were in power with backwoods thinking for a Black man to lead America in past times.   White people, in general, are getting up to speed with the here and now and Whitey doesn’t like this type of progress.  Black people and White people alike, are ready to take a chance on a man whose life experience, and very composition is wider and more tolerable than the Pat Buchanans of this world.  Black people are supporting Obama because he is Black.  But too responsibly complete this idea would mean that the traditional inflammatory ways of Whitey would not bear its intended fruit.  So, I’ll finish the declaration.  Black people are supporting Obama because he is Black and SAYS he is for a people–not just Black people–who want to be treated, valued, and judged for who they are.   Black people want to trust Obama because he is a man who knows what it is to be Black in America.  Black people are just like White people in this regard, Whitey: they trust the one who they think may be just like them.  Black people support Obama because they are willing to alienate the traditional politicians whose built-in prejudices are so engrained within that their reasoning is flawed against the appeal of  the hopeful candidate who may be just that–only a hopeful.


Moderators Note:  For those who do not follow this blog, it is imperative that you understand that I do not believe all White people are racist, prejudiced, or biased based upon race.  I also do not believe that racial animus can only be directed by White people against Black people, or is exclusive to White people.  However, I do believe that there are still too many people who have the opportunity to influence the thoughts (which if given enough life, will breed action) of others are racist and contribute to the social ills and disease in race relations.  I am not of the school of thought where it is best to sweep things under the rug, at least the elephant is no longer in the room.   The use of the word “Whitey” seems to be part of Pat Buchanan’s vernacular as he continues to eloquently misguide others into believing that White people are treated unfairly with certain policies and political trends that benefit Blacks.