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May 24, 2011

Harold Camping: A Different Kind of Doomsday

by MullOverThis

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Doomsday is here. There have been earthquakes and all kinds of quandary going on. Where, you say? In the hearts of the faithful followers of Harold Camping, and probably in the hearts of many other believers, who now have probable cause to question many things they’ve believed.

When I first learned about the end of the world coming based on Camping’s May 21, 5:59 PM prediction, what immediately came to mind was to pray for the people who emptied their bank accounts and quit their jobs because of it. His followers took to the streets to convince people to subvert the explicit message in the Bible-that no man knows the hour or the time that Jesus will return and that when he comes he will come like a thief in the night-with the implicit message coded in mathematical secrets carefully hidden in the scriptures that supposedly gives us the actual date. The last time I checked, the only thief who announces himself is one who has enough hubris to think he won’t get caught. And where there’s pride, there’s deception. And no offense to Brother Camping. I am sure he was sincere, but the consequences may be too great to bear.

The dilemma in all of this is where does a person go from here? What happens when everything you believed comes crashing to the ground? What happens when you sacrificed your life for something that has become a punchline? If such a massive prediction was wrong, then what else is wrong in the state of Denmark? And this leads me to my next thought, whatever you believe, make sure it is what YOU believe, not someone else’s conviction. One thing we love to do in this country is elevate people and make them infallible. We regard titles over integrity, gifts over character, large congregations of onlookers over small congregations of sincere people, and that leads us into a downward spiral of deception. Why? We may find that we are not gazing upon what is real, but rather fallacies designed to keep us in a state of ineffectiveness and spiritual lethargy. We are so busy looking at the sparkle that we don’t realize we are being blinded by the shine.

The bottom line is if you choose to follow this faith called Christianity, follow IT, not people. We often follow people because we never go back and check to make sure what we are learning really lines up with the Bible, as well as buy into cult of personality. I’m sure when we all examine some catchphrases we use, some doctrines we adhere to, so-called deep happenings, and things we send people to hell for, we may find that they do not hold water. Why? Because someone we highly respect told it to us and we felt too small to fact check. This is not the days of the Orthodox church of old where only one person could read the Bible while the rest were left to have it interpreted for them. And this is not pre-emancipation days where we get in trouble if Massa’ catches us readin’. And I certainly am not encouraging anyone to usurp authority and run rogue. But what I am saying is that we need to learn how to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling and not leave our lives in the hands of someone who cannot answer for us when the end finally does come. The purpose of sound leadership is to mature us in the faith so that we don’t have to wake him or her up in the middle of the night to pray for our bum pinky toe.

Sorry for the sass, grit, and mother wit, but I’m mad. I’m mad because there are people right now who probably want to commit suicide because they cannot bear the embarrassment, the weight of the disillusionment, and the fact that they will not be clocking in to work tomorrow because they quit their dream job over some arithmetic. The father who emptied his bank account may now have to explain to his children that they will no longer pray before they eat because there is no food and no God (so he thinks). Worse yet, what about the ones who think maybe they have been left behind? Yikes! It kills me to know that there is something inside of us that could allow other people to be responsible for what we believe to the point of putting us out of God’s house and into the nut house and the po’ house. Something doesn’t add up.

Work out your own salvation and leave the calculatin’ to God. Peace……………

Submitted by guest blogger-Nik

June 25, 2009


by MullOverThis

Some people are well-known enough to have world recognition by a letter, nickname, or merely initials. MJ, Michael Jackson, the King of Pop is said to have succumbed earlier this afternoon in L.A.

Reports say that MJ was rehearsing in L.A. for a comeback tour in London.

As when death hits any family, there is a great loss and deep feelings of grief. Let us remember the Jackson family in our prayers and well wishes. For those of us who are still alive and able to read this, where will you spend eternity?

July 28, 2008


by MullOverThis

DEMOCRACY NOW recently interviewed Dr. John and Mrs. Linda Johnson regarding the suspect death of their daughter,  Lavina Johnson, while serving in Iraq in the United States armed forces.

There is something you can do.  Please contact your congresspersons and let them know that you are concerned about what happened to Lavina Johnson, and the safety of other women in Iraq.  The solution is not for women to stay home, but for criminals to be held accountable.  Women are allegedly being assaulted, harassed, raped and murdered.  Proper adjudication of such activity should not be dismissed because to do so would ruffle the feathers of our valiant soldiers, or men who are earning big bucks through private government contracts.  Urge your congresspersons to support any congressional hearings investigating crimes against women working for private contractors  (such as Haliburton), and in the United States military.

Based upon Mrs. Johnson’s choice verbiage in referencing the “lying demons” who are allegedly covering up Lavina’s assault, rape and murder, she knows exactly what is at work here.  We don’t fight flesh, we fight against the  works of Satan.  So, for those of you understand this, let us pray that the Johnson’s receive justice and that the will of God be done for all other families who have been lied to regarding their loved ones.  Pray for the protection of women who are not just fighting for our country, but are fighting for their own safety.  Pray that all of the hidden things (to bring this end) be revealed to the right people, at the right time. 

Check out these links below for more reports on alleged crimes against American and foreign women by US soldiers or private contractors:


May 3, 2008


by MullOverThis


Here is a response I posted to a blog posted by politicaldookie referencing Obama’s missed opportunity to bring “black liberation theology” to national prominance to heal the racial divide in America by distancing himself from Jeremiah Wright:

““Black liberation theology”?
Where was Jesus on this “theology”? Christ is not divided. The Word of God needs to be the primary focus in equipping ALL PEOPLE to live peaceably with one another and be effective witnesses in the earth. That is how theology should be linked to bridging racial, classist, ethnic, cultural and any other types of divides. This is a bunch of hogwash, putting it mildly, to justify nonsense. Black people are not liberated when empowered to swing back in offenses.   We are liberated in not doing wrong to recompense wrongs done to us. We are liberated when we live like Christians that fear God, so fear one another. Obama can’t be used to bridge what he does not comprehend himself. And his own words, or willingness to adopt those of speechwriters, speak volumes about his own level of understanding of the Word of God.  Abortion and homosexuality are not “workable” in God’s sight. Social ills and sin must be stood against by any Christian. Obama is not there yet.”

We will be waiting to see what this manifesto decrees.  Prayerfully, the leaders will address the arrogance of humanity to reduce God and the Gospel of the Kingdom to justify or cater to our own life experiences based upon denominational, political, racial, economic, gender, sexual and ethnic statifications. 

FYI, this moderator acknowledges and appreciates the contributions of African American leaders, like Apostle Frederick K.C. Price, who has addressed racism within the church and in America with wisdom and Godly counsel.  He simply preaches the Word of God and takes appropriate actions within his authority in the earth.  We are not blind to concrete issues that everyday Christians face, we just handle them according to the Word of God.  This is what ultimately authors unity, reconciliation, faith, love and at the very least, empowers Black and ALL PEOPLE to live as God intended.

May 1, 2008

Juanita Bynum on Divorce Court

by MullOverThis

In case you were wondering what her appearance was all about, check out the clips.

I have never seen divorce court spend so much air-time highlighting any special guests and their own lifestyles or issues.  So, this appearance is probably aimed at increasing the show’s ratings.

Whether or not Bynum’s appearance served ministerial purpose is really a question that only those who she spent time with can answer.  Nonetheless, I’m sure this won’t stop the philosophizers from philosphizing and waking up again tomorrow, having not demonstrated notable service outside of their own needs or interests to anyone else who has been substantially impacted by their lives.  Meanwhile, again Bynum has used her personal life experience to provide insight for someone else.

After being stomped by an unrepentant husband who still denies any real wrongdoing, it is easy for Bynum to identify with and tell another woman to love oneself enough to stop the domestic abuse before it cannot be curtailed.


April 7, 2008

MLK Jr. & Other Civil Rights Giants

by MullOverThis

Fairly recently, I had a discussion with a family member who was highly offended that I did not esteem Martin Luther King, Jr. above other civil rights workers, civil rights attorneys, and politicians who worked in tandem with the movement to fight for equality for all people in the United States.  The distinguishing factor between Martin Luther King Jr. and others was that he paid for my liberty today, in part,  with his own life.  I could not possibly be civilized and not recognize the bravery of Martin Luther King, Jr. who was aware of impending threats on his life, had actually suffered brutality, and still made a conscious decision to be the spokesperson and key leader to a non-violent liberation movement.  Coretta Scott King and his children were the ones who paid an ultimate price as well.   I had to make the critical point to my relative, which was quite difficult to swallow, that Martin Luther King was not the only person who was aware that committed action in the civil rights movement could cost anyone his own life, and still worked to fight segregation, discrimination, racism, and to create opportunities for economic equality among all people.  Martin Luther King, Jr. was a martyr for freedom.  He, however, was not the only one.  Look at the brief stories of 40 other people who died prematurely, because of the wicked violence from a white supremacist South and corrupt United States government during the Civil Rights era.  EACH PERSON WHO DIED, like Martin Luther King, Jr., helped to pave the way to the greater (but not yet finished) race relations and protections we now enjoy under the law in the United States.  All of these individuals had families who had to redefine life without them.  This tribute is the Martin Luther King Jr., AND ALL OF THOSE WHO LOST THEIR LIVES IN THE STRUGGLE FOR CIVIL RIGHTS, as adapted from the Southern Poverty Law Center website:


May 7, 1955 Belzoni, Mississippi. 


REV. GEORGE LEE, one of the first black people registered to vote in Humphreys County, used his pulpit and his printing press to urge others to vote. White officials offered Lee protection on the condition he end his voter registration efforts, but Lee refused and was murdered.


August 13, 1955 Brookhaven, Mississippi.


LAMAR SMITH was shot dead on the courthouse lawn by a white man in broad daylight while dozens of people watched. The killer was never indicted because no one would admit they saw a white man shoot a black man. Smith had organized blacks to vote in a recent election.


August 28, 1955 Money, Mississippi. 


EMMETT LOUIS TILL, a 14-year-old boy on vacation from Chicago, reportedly flirted with a white woman in a store. Three nights later, two men took Till from his bed, beat him, shot him, and dumped his body in the Tallahatchie River. An all-white jury found the men innocent of murder.


October 22, 1955 Mayflower, Texas. 


JOHN EARL REESE, 16, was dancing in a café when white men fired shots into the windows. Reese was killed and two others were wounded. The shootings were part of an attempt by whites to terrorize blacks into giving up plans for a new school.


January 23, 1957 Montgomery, Alabama. 


WILLIE EDWARDS JR., a truck driver, was on his way to work when he was stopped by four Klansmen. The men thought Edwards was another man who they believed was dating a white woman. They force Edwards at gunpoint to jump off a bridge into the Alabama River. Edwards’ body was found three months later.


April 25, 1959 Poplarville, Mississippi.

























MACK CHARLES PARKER, 23, was accused of raping a white woman. Three days before his case was set for trial, a masked mob took him from his jail cell, beat him, shot him, and threw him in the Pearl River.

September 25, 1961 Liberty, Mississippi.


HERBERT LEE, who worked with civil rights leader Bob Moses to help register black voters, was killed by a state legislator who claimed self-defense and was never arrested. Louis Allen, a black man who witnessed the murder, was later also killed.

April 9, 1962 Taylorsville, Mississippi.


 CPL. ROMAN DUCKSWORTH JR., a military police officer stationed in Maryland, was on leave to visit his sick wife when he was ordered off a bus by a police officer and shot dead. The police officer may have mistaken Ducksworth for a “freedom rider” who was testing bus desegregation laws.

September 30, 1962 Oxford, Mississippi.


PAUL GUIHARD, a reporter for a French news service, was killed by gunfire from a white mob during protests over the admission of James Meredith to the University of Mississippi.

April 23, 1963 Attalla, Alabama.


WILLIAM LEWIS MOORE, a postman from Baltimore, was shot and killed during a one-man march against segregation. Moore had planned to deliver a letter to the governor of Mississippi urging an end to intolerance. 

 June 12, 1963 Jackson, Mississippi.
MEDGAR EVERS, who directed naacp operations led a campaign for integration in Jackson when he was shot and killed by a sniper at his home.
September 15, 1963 Birmingham, Alabama.

ADDIE MAE COLLINS, DENISE McNAIR, CAROLE ROBERTSON and CYNTHIA WESLEY were getting ready for church services when a bomb exploded at the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church, killing all four ofthe school-age girls. The church had been a center for civil rights meetings and marches.
September 15, 1963 Birmingham, Alabama. 

VIRGIL LAMAR WARE, 13, was riding on the handlebars of his brother’s bicycle when he was fatally shot by white teenagers. The white youths had come from a segregationist rally held in the aftermath of theSixteenth Street Baptist Church bombing.

January 31, 1964 Liberty, Mississippi.


LOUIS ALLEN, who witnessed the murder of civil rights worker Herbert Lee, endured years of threats, jailings and harassment. He was making final arrangements to move North on the day he was killed.


April 7, 1964 Cleveland, Ohio.


REV. BRUCE KLUNDER was among civil rights activists who protested the building of a segregated school by placing their bodies in the way of construction equipment. Klunder was crushed to death when a bulldozer backed over him.


May 2, 1964 Meadville, Mississippi.


HENRY HEZEKIAH DEE and CHARLES EDDIE MOORE were killed by Klansmen who believed the two were part of a plot to arm blacks in the area. (There was no such plot.) Their bodies were found during a massive search for the missing civil rights workers Chaney, Goodman and Schwerner.


 June 21, 1964 Philadelphia, Mississippi.


JAMES EARL CHANEY, ANDREW GOODMAN, and MICHAEL HENRY SCHWERNER, young civil rights workers, were arrested by a deputy sheriff and then released into the hands of Klansmen who had plotted their murders. They were shot, and their bodies were buried in an earthen dam.


 July 11, 1964 Colbert, Georgia.


LT. COL. LEMUEL PENN, a Washington, D.C., educator, was driving home from U.S. Army Reserves training when he was shot and killed by Klansmen in a passing car.


February 26, 1965 Marion, Alabama


JIMMIE LEE JACKSON was beaten and shot by state troopers as he tried to protect his grandfather and mother from a trooper attack on civil rights marchers. His death led to the Selma-Montgomery march and the eventual passage of the Voting Rights Act.

March 11, 1965 Selma, Alabama

REV. JAMES REEB, a Unitarian minister from Boston, was among many white clergymen who joined the Selma marchers after the attack by state troopers at the Edmund Pettus Bridge. Reeb was beaten to death by white men while he walked down a Selma street.

March 25, 1965 Selma Highway, Alabama

VIOLA GREGG LIUZZO, a housewife and mother from Detroit, drove alone to Alabama to help with the Selma march after seeing televised reports of the attack at the Edmund Pettus Bridge. She was driving marchers back to Selma from Montgomery when she was shot and killed by a Klansmen in a passing car.

June 2, 1965 Bogalusa, Louisiana

ONEAL MOORE was one of two black deputies hired by white officials in an attempt to appease civil rights demands. Moore and his partner, Creed Rogers, were on patrol when they were blasted with gunfire from a passing car. Moore was killed and Rogers was wounded.

July 18, 1965 Anniston, Alabama

WILLIE BREWSTER was on his way home from work when he was shot and killed by white men. The men belonged to the National States Rights Party, a violent neo-Nazi group whose members had been involved in church bombings and murders of blacks.

August 20, 1965 Hayneville, Alabama

JONATHAN MYRICK DANIELS, an Episcopal Seminary student in Boston, had come to Alabama to help with black voter registration in Lowndes County. He was arrested at a demonstration, jailed in Hayneville and then suddenly released. Moments after his release, he was shot to death by a deputy sheriff.

January 3, 1966 Tuskegee, Alabama

SAMUEL LEAMON YOUNGE JR., a student civil rights activist, was fatally shot by a white gas station owner following an argument over segregated restrooms.

January 10, 1966 Hattiesburg, Mississippi

VERNON FERDINAND DAHMER, a wealthy businessman, offered to pay poll taxes for those who couldn’t afford the fee required to vote. The night after a radio station broadcasted Dahmer’s offer, his home was firebombed. Dahmer died later from severe burns.

July 10, 1966 Natchez, Mississippi

BEN CHESTER WHITE, who had worked most of his life as a caretaker on a plantation, had no involvement in civil rights work. He was murdered by Klansmen who thought they could divert attention from a civil rights march by killing a black person.

July 30, 1966 Bogalusa, Louisiana

CLARENCE TRIGGS was a bricklayer who had attended civil rights meetings sponsored by the Congress of Racial Equality. He was found dead on a roadside, shot through the head.

February 27, 1967 Natchez, Mississippi

































































































February 27, 1967 Natchez, Mississippi






























WHARLEST JACKSON, the treasurer of his local naacp chapter, was one of many blacks who received threatening Klan notices at his job. After Jackson was promoted to a position previously reserved for whites, a bomb was planted in his car. It exploded minutes after he left work one day, killing him instantly.

May 12, 1967 Jackson, Mississippi

BENJAMIN BROWN, a former civil rights organizer, was watching a student protest from the sidelines when he was hit by stray gunshots from police who fired into the crowd.


February 8, 1968 Orangeburg, South Carolina

SAMUEL EPHESIANS HAMMOND JR., DELANO HERMAN MIDDLETON and HENRY EZEKIALSMITH were shot and killed by police who fired on student demonstrators at the South Carolina State College campus.

April 4, 1968 Memphis, Tennessee

DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING JR., a Baptist minister, was a major architect of the civil rights movement. He led and inspired major non-violent desegregation campaigns, including those in Montgomery and Birmingham. He won the Nobel Peace Prize. He was assassinated as he prepared to lead a demonstration in Memphis.


Shelton Chappell was only four months old on March 23, 1964, when his mother, Johnnie Mae, was murdered as she walked along a roadside in Jacksonville, Fla. Her killers were white men looking for a black person to shoot following a day of racial unrest. More than 30 years later, with the help of a local detective, Shelton’s tireless work brought his mother the recognition she deserved.

To all those who lived through the Civil Rights era, like my colleague’s grandfather who suffered a blow to his head from participating in a sit-in at a Harlem lunch counter and remained in dependent care until his death earlier this year, this moderator applauds your courage and is completely grateful that you assumed the same risk as Martin Luther King, Jr. in just living through such an age.   To those who were fortunate enough to have survived the bullets, water hoses, nooses, beatings, fires, dogs, the KKK, burning crosses, cocktail bombs, and J. Edgar Hoover’s corrupt policies–credence and kudos.

























March 27, 2008


by MullOverThis

If you don’t know by now, this is not the politically correct blog. 

Thomas Beatie, allegedly a  transgender he-she, is a legal man after having had a sex change (kept her reproductive organs).   Mr./Mrs. is now married to a woman and pregnant.  Another human being who felt trapped as a woman, had to convert her being to be identified as a man.  This feeling is completely distinct from a woman just staying female and living as a lesbian with another woman.  Transgenders have to have the proper sexual identity, which is completely different from the sexual acts or preferences.  So now the former female who now lives as a man has a swelling belly and is reportedly a man having a baby. 

Newsworthiness:  a woman thinks that adding and taking away organs and flooding her body with hormones can change her sex.  The rest of the world needs to maintain enough sense to know that male human beings-men-cannot have babies.  So while this he-she is giving birth from a female womb that she was born with, whether her thought processes allow her to acknowledge the fact that she is still a woman or not, when they cut open the womb and deliver the baby, I hope the proof cries real loud. 

Meanwhile, I’ll be praying that those who choose to believe the Word of God do not fall prey to this  and other influences where everyone loves the “anything goes” lifestyles.  We live in a world where as long as no one is hurting anyone, everyone can live any way they choose to live, even when it defies how God made them.  Those who believe and are awaiting the return of the Lord Jesus Christ must be watchful, because there are not too many more lines that can be crossed or blurred with legitimizing all of the demonic strongholds that mankind has embraced with a picture and a smile.   Jesus loves all of His creation.  Everything God created He loves.  Christians draw by love, but we also have a responsibility to lead others to knowing the fulness of Christ.  That includes what Christ hates and does not accept according to the Word of God.  Sin will cause God to separate Himself from what He loves.

Transgenders are a protected class according to the law.  But when it is all said and done, there is a higher law.  Mulloverthis.

March 12, 2008

EURWEB: “Man-UP” and Offer An Apology to Dr. Juanita Bynum

by MullOverThis

EURweb covered the Juanita Bynum and Bishop Thomas Weeks marital dispute stemming from the August 21, 2007 parking lot assault. This media outlet, along with a plethora of others, interviewed Bishop Thomas Weeks and gave slanted coverage. This is not problematic at all as people tend to believe what they believe and present coverage based upon their own perspectives. Where EURweb went too far and denigrated itself to a trashy online publication is when it crossed the lines of any type of journalistic integrity in making the statement, “We find out that in this couple’s feud, Weeks is a total victim who thinks he is being used for Bynum’s personal gain.” (EURweb, WEEKS SPEAKS AGAIN (Part 2): Bishop Thomas Weeks comes out swinging January 2, 2008). If this “WE FIND OUT THAT IN THIS COUPLE’S FEUD WEEKS IS A TOTAL VICTIM…” was a mere misprint, Lee Bailey needs to merely apologize. However, in reading the EURweb’s editorial in totality and context, it will be quite difficult for them to squirm out of the fact this coverage was tabloidville at best.

Looking at the tone of Eurweb’s “exclusive” two-part interview with Bishop Weeks, seems like Mr. Lee Bailey thought he was doing a service to the public by sitting down with a black man who had allegations of assaulting his wife, while ignoring the public records of statements from two eye-witnesses (who were also black men), one of whom pulled Bishop Weeks from kicking his wife while on the ground.

In part one of the interview, here was some of the statements Bailey made regarding the incident: “Now, armed with a PR firm, Weeks is on an interview spree to disinfect what’s left of his reputation–appearing to follow his wife’s trail of tears already having been on the Tom Joyner show where 2 months ago she’d been candid about the alleged abuse. [Please note that Juanita Bynum was very adamant about discussing domestic violence when Tom Joyner tried to pin her to discussing her marriage with Bishop Weeks.]…Perhaps by telling his version of the story his members and others will see him in a more positive light… After the embarrassing allegations he has withstood, it seems that he could use a fresh start…In this continuing coverage of Bynum-Weeks, EUR’s Lee Bailey is one of the first to speak to the tarnished clergyman in a straight up, man-to-man conversation about the allegations he is facing…”

This morning, EURweb’s investigative mode was inoperative and reported the final plead agreement. Since Lee Bailey is into fresh starts for the tarnished who have to disinfect what’s left of a reputation, he might begin with a mere one-liner that addresses the fact that his coverage and gratuitous findings fostered the decrepid concept that a black woman set her husband up when in fact, she was violently abused. Until EURweb can take account for promoting an abusers agenda with their own findings, their worth will certainly only be as good as issuing the press releases and the paid advertisments they publish.

For EURweb interview click on links below:
Part 1:
Part 2:

UPDATE: EURweb was sure to publish Bishop Week’s explanation of taking the plea agreement. Then, they made a few editorializations with supporting quotations, in line with the Bishop’s explanation of the plea agreement. EURweb CONVENIENTLY omitted Bishop’s Weeks public admission that he pushed AND KICKED his wife. What some men will do in order to make a mockery of domestic violence against women is unbelievable.

December 31, 2007


by MullOverThis


Dear Jon,

Greetings and God bless you and the entire Southland Christian Church.  As a sister in the Lord, I commend you and thank God for your call to pray for Britney Spears.  I became awakened to this cry for support to pray for Britney from an open letter to you from MoKelly and felt compelled to express another view. In light of all that has happened publicly in the church in 2007, this is refreshing. Do not give up in your prayers.


In approximately 2004, I received a personal phone call from the sponsor of an annual service for Whitney Houston to attend a Night of Healing in Manhattan where her mother, Sissy Houston, and a host of other friends and the community focused on praying for Whitney. The objective was to pray for her to come back to her roots and be delivered from drugs and  vices that often plague successful entertainers and to let her know that the church was praying.  Although I was not able to attend that particular service, my local church had been praying for Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey (depression), DMX, and so many other celebrities who had faced the same challenges that many of us do, just in their own “world”.  

I cannot imagine that the media magnet who claims to mentor  interns would not have been aware to review, or sought out to attend because of his so-called “stature”.  Regardless of his personal presence or not, I failed to find any publicized railings by MoKelly against these sponsors for praying for Whitney and not praying for every troubled starlet,  celebrity, or famous athlete while that call  focused on Whitney and others battling drug addiction.  If I am wrong, I invite him to produce record of the same. You see, solipsistic folks tend to have blurred judgment and weighted scales depending upon what matters to them.  No one blasted the African American community for not praying for the Osbournes, Paris Hilton, Little Richard or Colin Ferrell when we prayed for our neighbors who are from our block, so how dare we suggest that you can’t pray for someone you have a burden for from your neck of the woods.     


The fact remains that Britney Spears is a troubled young woman who has been devasted by things in her childhood, too much success too fast, a broken marriage, losing custody of her children, and only she and God knows what else.  Her heart and her emotions do not register according to her net worth or celebrity. She is still a young woman who has followed a longstanding Hollywood lifestyle of partying, sex, and drugs.  She and her two beautiful young sons are paying for it.  We can talk about it, judge her, or do what Christians are put here in the earth to do—witness to her and pray.  Each one can reach one.  While you may not have covered the list of people MoKelly threw at you, what is important is that you follow God. If MoKelly had God’s agenda in mind, and would stop thinking that real Christians sit around in board rooms contemplating how to make a name for themselves through other people, he would have thrown a host of “distastefuls” like all the serial killers in jail, the missing Bin Laden and KKK kingpins somewhere on his prayer request list to be  politically and ethnically inclusive, according to his justice and equity pen.  All souls belong to God, not just the ones on the prayer list MoKelly prescribes. He is free to give up some of his bloggossipping time in the guise of journalism and pray for OJ, Vick and the Olsen twins himself for that matter. We all need prayer.

We are in an age where the loudest voices are from people who are more enthralled with their accomplishments which can usually be captured in less than 200 characters including  spaces and punctuation marks, and spend too much of their day attempting to vilify folks whose accomplishments, missions and community presence cannot be captured in a book. God knows what their voices sound like in the heavens, and so do people with discernment in the earth.  My opinion: ignore them and pray that their hearts be changed. Nehemiah did not come down from off of the wall to assuage the cries of a critic with a loud bark and no teeth.  If God is using you to train church people to be different and not buy the gossip rags or subscribe to the blogarbage and act powerless, so be it. Hooray! 

Whether Britney ever sees a letter or knows of your efforts personally does not stop the effectual fervent prayers of the righteous from going forth on her behalf and availing much.  When someone is in the headlines at least 5 days a week, it is fitting for a senior minister to guide the people on how to filter and process what they see and hear, and what God would require true children of God to do. Our job is challenging enough, so I encourage you to continue to minister to the needs of the people God has put in your charge and to speak life and hope to those who will hear and receive it. The truth is that Jesus did not minister to every single sick, poor and desolate person in the earth during his 3 and ½ years of ministry.  He died to pay the price for the sin of the entire world and through this, we have access to a victorious eternal life.  Jesus ministered to, and trained His portion, and equipped His disciples to minister to as many as they were called and sent. When He ascended back to the heavens, He left us with power through the Holy Spirit and a mission to seek and save the lost. Paul went to the Gentiles, and Peter to the Jews (although not exclusively). 

If the African American community can pray for those we feel led to, no other implications should be made when you do the same.  You are not under any obligation to pray for every headline celebrity that is in trouble, or the first or the last ones.  Can you imagine some pious person challenging Jesus to raise every dead person who died before Lazarus and after Lazarus to prove His equitable love for all dead men? “Stop trying to make a name for yourself, Jesus, just healing the woman at the well, who was not the first and won’t be the last troubled soul who needs living water, self-aggrandizer. You know she will go and tell all of her community about you Jesus. Why just focus on her?”  This dangerous mode of thinking wreaks of PRIDE and Phariseeism.  If you are called to pray for Britney, pray for Britney.  Isn’t her momma part of the same community, one among you? Intercession does not respect worldly stratifications or classifications. Sorry folks–the Kingdom of God does not march to the beat of the world or MoKelly’s drum.  Britney and many Hollywood stars need to experience the life that only comes from knowing Jesus Christ through an intimate relationship. God is not just concerned about the orphans in the middle of a desert, He is just as concerned about the rich on a high hill. The lost is lost, and God is NOT partial.

Thank you my brother, and be encouraged. 

For more info click the links below:,,627919,00.html,,2-1225-2108_2210642,00.html