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May 15, 2008

Call for DNC to Deal Fairly

by MullOverThis

Lou Dobbs posed the question to his guests on today’s show, “WOULD EVERYONE HERE AGREE THAT THIS IS A BROKERED NOMINATION?”  The press and political pundits have already dropped out of the race before all the votes have been counted.  TIME Magazine’s cover story  is “And the winner is…” with a picture of Barack Obama.  The so-called experts have moved on to the question of will Obama beat McCain.  Yet, the reality is that neither Obama or Clinton have enough delegates to secure the nomination.  So, if Hilary is squeezed out of the race for the cause of “unity” within party ranks, the Democratic party can concentrate on ending the White House Republican regime.  Ignore the polls showing that the majority of democrats want the race between Hilary and Obama to continue.  

I have a solution.  Since there is this urgency for synergy within party ranks to prepare for  McCain, let the movers and shakers call for Obama to drop out.  His lead over Hilary in the popular vote is like splitting hairs.  Super-delegates will pay attention to the popular vote.  John Edwards endorsed Barack Obama, which is not surprising at all.  Although Edwards made a number of gratuitous comments regarding Hilary, he stated he believed the “man” for the job was Barack Obama. Consequently, the super-delegates committed to Edwards may transfer to Senator Barack Obama.   The good old boys are squeezing hard. It is hard to believe that if Hilary were a white male with the same stats and prospects in the remaining primaries, there would be so much pandering and overt requests to just give up.

Clinton believes she may still win the nomination.  Clinton’s call for Michigan and Florida’s delegates to not only be seated, but their votes counted (representing over 2.3 million popular votes) during the DNC convention is controversial.   Obama was not on those tickets, so he will not get any delegates if these votes are counted.  This, according to some commentators, will not be fair to Senator Obama.  The rights of United States citizens to have their votes counted should not be balanced against what is fair to the leading candidate.  This Obamamania is starting to make some otherwise reasonable individuals delusional.  Since when are voting rights contingent upon how it will affect a candidate’s standing?  Well, the pressure is on to make one contender the winner.   The mele is politics-as-usual, whether Obama wants to admit it or not.

Those who still have to vote, do not fall prey to the influence of those who have already decided there is a Democratic nominee.  Know that your vote is supposed to count.  Media bias may dissuade some people some of the time, but it won’t fool all of the people all of the time.  The press will continue to distort commentaries to feed a spin–as in alleging that Hilary relied on working class people, white people, to get the win in West Virginia to substantiate the Clintons and their race card tactics–while the only people who will really pay the piper are the Americans who drink the kool-aid and fall for the hype.   


January 25, 2008

NEWSFLASH: SLEEP, Yes SLEEP, Is Racial in 2008 Presidential Election

by MullOverThis

President Bill Clinton and I both committed the same atrocity recently.  We were both in church and fell asleep.  President Clinton was seated behind the orator, Martin Luther King III.  I was seated inconspicuously in the pews. I wonder if Bill or my nap was longer.   I felt my head jerking back and forth at least three or four times.  Thank God the preaching Bishop was African American and knows that I respect him.  Otherwise, he might have allowed the precious goldmine of good thoughts to go right out of the window of his mind, along with folks who are determined to put the race card on the table where it does not exist.  I hope the Bishop did not espouse the notion that my sleep was a result of anything other than tiredness and exhaustion. 

When Bill Clinton fell asleep, the normal factors that lead to sleep may have been at play, but were also prompted by how Bill really feels about Black people, according to sentiments expressed online.  Bill’s nap during a momentous memorial speech shows how he really felt about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the whole nine yards, cause if he really cared, he would have prepared by sleeping well the night before.  Note for Bill:   In the future, rest well when attending African American functions.  Naps are inappropriate and a huge statement on how you feel about African Americans–at least the ones who converse with and are influenced by “the Man”. 

Now, the nap was disrespectful and ill-mannered.  It is rude to sit in church and go to sleep especially when you have clear visibility behind the speaker.  So on that note, I owe the Bishop an apology.  And Clinton owes the Reagan’s an apology too, for allegedly falling asleep at President Reagan’s funeral.  Conveniently, Bill and Ronald are like-Caucasioned, so there is no room for intimating racial animosity there.  President Clinton might offer one to MLK III, who might not have even been offended.  I am sure he is used to droplets of spontaneous sleep within the audience after years of public speaking. 

Now, I am not oblivious to racial bias or animus everyday in America.  As an African American woman who does recognize racism and its effects not only in the African American community, I am also careful not to impute foolishness either.  This is the greatest time in our nation’s history where the top two Democratic hopefuls are “never befores”.  We have never had a female president.  We have never had an African American president.  Obama’s presence in this race challenges us to decide whether the African American communal convictions are for equality for all men.  Is equality finally found in “we support our own”, only who is “genuinely” our own, or we support based upon what we have fought for–to be evaluated upon our merit and content of our character.  In discerning uncharted territory, we cannot be so deluded that sleep becomes racial.   

January 23, 2008

Obama’s Litmus Test of A Black Man-How Well Does He Dance?

by MullOverThis

Buck Obama! The caricature of the black-face coon hammering away at an over-sized watermelon wedge came to mind when during the South Carolina debate Senator Barack Obama answered the question, “Do you think Bill Clinton was our first Black President?” Our Black Democratic Nominee hopeful answered in part, “…I would have to investigate his dancing abilities.” Hee hee.  Ha Ha.  Chuckle Chuckle.  Buck. Buck.  Where are all of our socially conscious African American commentators when we need them.  The emphatic pens mysteriously run out of ink when it is time to objectively analyze the use of the race card during this campaign because  Obama will not fare well.  

Although the coon characterization is an admitted stretch here, Senator Obama’s remarks were all too reminiscent of the entertainment value the minstrel coon provided the  massa Caucasian audience by showing the mature black man who certainly isn’t on the equal footing as his contemporary white male counterpart. I’m free, I’m a grown man, but I sure can’t handle any real responsibility because of the pigmentation in my skin, so I’mma dance, dance, dance. How we’ll know if we had a Black president in President Bill Clinton is to judge his “dancing ability”, according to a Black man.  I have a sure feeling that if this commentary came from Hilary Clinton, or any of the other candidates for that matter, there would have been a flurry of headlines with race card references.  Hypocrisy on the African American side of the fence isn’t cute or acceptable by those of us who want equality, NOT merely our turn.   While black men are fighting every day to fight the stereotypes of all black men being criminals, drug addicts, singers, entertainers, multiple babies’ daddies, or experts dribbling the ball, this dancing  joke is what our dimwit Obama felt was appropriate.  A response reflecting the reality of the everyday lives of the educators, doctors, lawyers, investment bankers, journalists, college professors, coaches, scientists, engineers, insurance agents, bankers, entrepreneurs, construction workers, nurses, film makers, pilots, salesmen, architects, horticulturalists, designers, political analysts, CEOs and so much more was not too much to anticipate from Obama, or a real brother who has a pulse on the heartbeat of his brothers throughout this nation.  Yes, we have many great African American dancers, and we should not be ashamed of that.  While we are often relished to just being fun-loving negroes who can’t move beyond entertainment and athletics to be successful, the let’s test Bill’s dancing abilities to see if he is really a brother wasn’t the best approach.  

Suggestion:  Maybe Obama’s consultants should apprise the progressive brother about what images he should NOT make light of, particularly when his camp is being so sensitive about the use of the race card as it is.  The last thing we need is the African American candidate confirming the 2008 coon typology.  The litmus test of a Black man when the entire world is listening should not be how well he can dance, pun intended or not.

January 10, 2008


by MullOverThis


I am trying so hard, but obviously not doing a good job at it, to be objective in my public opinions regarding the  Presidential ’08 candidates.   But when there are so many headlines associating Senator Hilary Clinton’s tears with femininity, emotionalism and weakness, with pinches of  buffoonish reasoning that such a display of tears makes her ineligible for such a tough job, I’ve got to ask for help on this one (rhetorical question folks). 

Women who have successfully surpassed the glass ceiling and sit amongst the ranks of men in traditionally male professions or jobs are all to familiar with having to refrain from, or manage their image from doing the exact things men do, which read as weakness and incompetency for women, but a badge of honor for men.  A woman shoots down an disloyal staffer, she is too harsh and possibly insecure.  A man does it, it is a wise preemptive move.  This is the same inconsistency we are dealing with here folks.  Want to see a real display of emotionalism in politics by a man strong enough to lead this nation, click below:

Now that is what I call a tear jerk-er.  And this was former President George Bush Sr. crying to the point of needing consolation while reflecting upon his son, Jeb Bush’s, election defeat.   His pain and display of emotionalism was for his son.  So the nation witnessed a father’s moment on the congressional floor.  What John Edwards would have to say about this after he takes his foot out of his mouth, I’d like to know.  Let Hilary have a mother’s moment at a wedding party and the tickers will spin that. By now Hilary must know, cause girlfriend has been in the game long enough, her quest to be Mrs. President is still a man’s world. No trendsetting trailblazing woman will ever fare well with the quacks that heckle “iron my shirt” or the men behind the podiums at the Presidential debates who really think the same thing.  Archie Bunker, the funny, neigborhood ignoramus, has a way of rearing his head, even in ’08 Presidential candidates.

President Ronald Reagan got shot and one of the most reputable news anchormen had a complete brouhaha breakdown LIVE, and this was not emotionalism.  This was just atypical of a real patriotic American. The same Hilary that was weak for staying with her husband and fighting for her marriage is the same Hilary that was strong for staying with her husband and fighting for her marriage.  In other words, everyone will have an opinion ranging from the archaic-barbaric to  traditional family values to everything goes. 

 200801071643099900131.gifOur current President boo-hoos. “I’ve got God’s shoulder to cry on. And I cry a lot,” Bush says in Dead Certain: The Presidency of George W. Bush, “I do a lot of crying in this job. I’ll bet I’ve shed more tears than you can count, as president. I’ll shed some tomorrow.”  Look at the proof in the pudding as a solitary tear lingers down he left eye of President Bush while honoring a marine at a Congressional Medal of Honor presentation.  So to all of Hilary’s opponents who took her crying episode as a moment to make a political dig, YOU might have dug a hole for yourself by demonstrating that you are not be qualified to fill the shoes that so many of your predecessors have filled, with boatloads of tears.  Cry on, Hilary, you are in good company. Cry us a river!

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