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June 16, 2011

Weiner Resigns

by MullOverThis


Because of all the hoopla the party now faces, due to Weiner’s sexting misappropriations?  Or, his resignation may be a final breath to the nonsense-turned-fiasco because instead of addressing the mess with a modicum of integrity, the otherwise likeable New York congressman allegedly lied about the incident/s.

Like many of his predecessors-politicians with extramarital or freaky-deak shenanigans gone public-Weiner had to accept responsibility and step aside.  For what, I’m not certain because in the total scheme of things, this kind of stuff seems to be a marital more than a governmental problem.  Yet, the public and party insiders who care about the pressures from constituents seems to expect politicians to take the self-inflicted irreparable damage end and resign.  Expectedly, Weiner, in a brief statement, took the prescribed course and unloaded the continued ammunition the Republicans would have against the Democrats.

What is particularly admirable is that whether or not Weiner is genuine in his apology for the lack of discretion evidenced by the juvenile sexting and online parading or not, he had the wherewithal to know that some acknowledgment and an apology to those who relied upon his leadership was necessary.

The great grand pompous Bishop Eddie Long, who has some rocks that he hasn’t yet slung in his slingshot like David used in annihilating David’s seemingly giant enemy, ought to take some lessons from Weiner.  After lying and running his mouth to the press, Weiner made a public apology to his wife, his family and those who stood with him in his career as a public servant.   While the standard of integrity and accountability in the church should be so much greater, the Bishop Eddie Long who had a sexting component to his scandal and alleged sexual escapades with young boys/men has yet to make any public statement demonstrating any amount of humility or admission that at the very least, Bishops don’t take pictures of their buffed bodies and send them to their parishioners (especially when the men who are supposed to be chaste are married and have children).

The handsome sum in the millions (alleged) for settling the lawsuits-again, millions-is a huge rock in a Bishop Long’s slingshot.  However, Bishop Long’s slingshot seemed to have a boomerang effect.  I commend all of the people with common sense who are leaving New Birth and refuse to sit under a leader who would settle in the millions rather than let the truth be made known. Remember, for those who receive restoration for being overtaken in a fault, there must first be acknowledgment of wrong and repentance.  True repentance means the behavior must change because it is WRONG.  Arrogance and regrets for being busted won’t do.

Nuff said.


July 28, 2008


by MullOverThis

DEMOCRACY NOW recently interviewed Dr. John and Mrs. Linda Johnson regarding the suspect death of their daughter,  Lavina Johnson, while serving in Iraq in the United States armed forces.

There is something you can do.  Please contact your congresspersons and let them know that you are concerned about what happened to Lavina Johnson, and the safety of other women in Iraq.  The solution is not for women to stay home, but for criminals to be held accountable.  Women are allegedly being assaulted, harassed, raped and murdered.  Proper adjudication of such activity should not be dismissed because to do so would ruffle the feathers of our valiant soldiers, or men who are earning big bucks through private government contracts.  Urge your congresspersons to support any congressional hearings investigating crimes against women working for private contractors  (such as Haliburton), and in the United States military.

Based upon Mrs. Johnson’s choice verbiage in referencing the “lying demons” who are allegedly covering up Lavina’s assault, rape and murder, she knows exactly what is at work here.  We don’t fight flesh, we fight against the  works of Satan.  So, for those of you understand this, let us pray that the Johnson’s receive justice and that the will of God be done for all other families who have been lied to regarding their loved ones.  Pray for the protection of women who are not just fighting for our country, but are fighting for their own safety.  Pray that all of the hidden things (to bring this end) be revealed to the right people, at the right time. 

Check out these links below for more reports on alleged crimes against American and foreign women by US soldiers or private contractors:


March 20, 2008


by MullOverThis

In 1991, now Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was the first staunchly conservative Republican African-American Supreme Court appointee. Aforetime, African-American people had enjoyed at least one honorable brother on the bench in the person of Justice Thurgood Marshall. Marshall was instrumental in forging the reversal of Jim Crow laws and securing civil rights for African-Americans in this country. Racism was still bleeding. During Thomas’ confirmation hearings, he firmly withstood racist questioning which presupposed that Thomas was not as intellectual as his Caucasion counterparts. He berated the confirmation committee by calling the process a “…circus…”, “…sick…”, and “…a high tech lynching”. Any African-American who has been in upper echelon academia, business or intellectual settings can probably agree with how Thomas must have felt. Regardless of independent achievements, folks oftentimes think that some other factors must be at play to explain the brillance of an accomplished African American.

So, when the charges of sexual harrassment were levied against Thomas, this too came into the backdrop of lynching another “uppity” negro. Anita Hill’s credibility, professional experience, record of the incidents, and testimony was heard, but did not trump Thomas’ repeated denial of all allegations. Although I was much younger back then, I remember thinking why would this woman tarnish her reputation to lie against this man? What amount of money, if she were bribed, could be worth the stigma? She is a well-established professional woman with much to lose. Thomas denied the allegations. Hill becomes questionably known as a liar who Democrats conjured to thwart Thomas’ appointment. Sexism was bleeding too.

Although most sexual harrassment and assaults against women are not baseless, the minute incidence that is proven to be false becomes the concentration. Experts play on this common belief which serves to discourage women from opening their mouths, cause “no one will believe me anyway”. Hill’s detailed allegations caused an upsurgence of support from women’s rights organizations and brought the treatment of sexual harrassment in the workplace to the limelight.

Thomas was appointed, and has been relatively quiet during most questioning sessions before the Supreme Court. While his silence may be construed as that of an inferior mind, Thomas has bluntly stated that he need not compete with the other super-verbose justices who routinely excavate all the necessary information for issuing a judgment anyway. He does not engage in needless calisthenics to prove his competency. Supreme Court decisions written by Thomas prove that not only has he been competent, but also has been stellar at succintly writing decisions.

Yet, almost 17 years later, Thomas’ career thus far is not only clouded as being one who waited for Scalia to know how to think, but also wonders whether he has every really been truthful. In Thomas’ 2007 book “My Grandfather’s Son”, he dubbs Anita Hill as “most traitorous adversary”. Hill, currently a law professor, maintains her testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee during Thomas’ appointment hearings were true. Hill penned, “Speaking Truth to Power” (Doubleday, 1997) which gives more information about her experiences with working for Justice Clarence Thomas. Hill has proven to be a gem in academia.   Her testimony caused the barometer examining sexual discrimination in the workplace to prescribe greater scrutiny and procedural safeguards today.