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May 25, 2011

Is Dove’s Ad Racist?

by MullOverThis


This advertisement has stirred up quite a bit of controversy for Dove and the advertising agency that obviously doesn’t have enough Black or non-White executives to get an effective reading on the “racism” meter. Ridiculoids extraordinaire ought get some There Has To Be Racism de-programming.

Mulloverthis takes issue with the misreading and marking of this advertisement as racism on a few grounds:

1.  The presence of Black executives, or Latinas and the like, does not necessarily mean that the subtle and/or overt messages from advertisements will be non-racist, or are more likely to be non-racist when critical eyes will find racism in a banana peel.

2.  Had the voluptuous Black model been last and the Caucausion model been first (from left to right), then the critique from those who nourish themselves with Over-Black or Leftist Justice Juice would find the imagery relayed the “Black don’t crack” stereotype and complain about the that, when clearly, the before and after images of skin shows with Dove, skin-be it Black, Caucausion and the like-doesn’t crack or in more acceptable wording, “is smooth”.

3.  Alas, we get a full-figured Black woman with a full head of non-straight hair as a depiction of beauty, and bird-brains still cry wrong representation.

4.  The juxtaposition of the three models does not mean that they read in comparison to one another to assess the effectiveness of Dove upon the skin type based upon ethnicity or race;  The pre-programmed paranoid racist mind is trained to see that as opposed to seeing what Dove soap will do for three beautiful women (probably representative of any woman), varying in complexion, build, ethnicity and skin-type.

This type of hoopla is well within the trenches of ridiculousness.

Are advertisement executives supposed to create work product to cater to those who are so inundated with self-hatred that they would believe they would be more beautiful as they tranformed from a bigger Black woman into a smaller Caucasian woman with straight hair? Is this what the ad relays or what people who need self-esteem read?


May 24, 2011

Harold Camping: A Different Kind of Doomsday

by MullOverThis

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Doomsday is here. There have been earthquakes and all kinds of quandary going on. Where, you say? In the hearts of the faithful followers of Harold Camping, and probably in the hearts of many other believers, who now have probable cause to question many things they’ve believed.

When I first learned about the end of the world coming based on Camping’s May 21, 5:59 PM prediction, what immediately came to mind was to pray for the people who emptied their bank accounts and quit their jobs because of it. His followers took to the streets to convince people to subvert the explicit message in the Bible-that no man knows the hour or the time that Jesus will return and that when he comes he will come like a thief in the night-with the implicit message coded in mathematical secrets carefully hidden in the scriptures that supposedly gives us the actual date. The last time I checked, the only thief who announces himself is one who has enough hubris to think he won’t get caught. And where there’s pride, there’s deception. And no offense to Brother Camping. I am sure he was sincere, but the consequences may be too great to bear.

The dilemma in all of this is where does a person go from here? What happens when everything you believed comes crashing to the ground? What happens when you sacrificed your life for something that has become a punchline? If such a massive prediction was wrong, then what else is wrong in the state of Denmark? And this leads me to my next thought, whatever you believe, make sure it is what YOU believe, not someone else’s conviction. One thing we love to do in this country is elevate people and make them infallible. We regard titles over integrity, gifts over character, large congregations of onlookers over small congregations of sincere people, and that leads us into a downward spiral of deception. Why? We may find that we are not gazing upon what is real, but rather fallacies designed to keep us in a state of ineffectiveness and spiritual lethargy. We are so busy looking at the sparkle that we don’t realize we are being blinded by the shine.

The bottom line is if you choose to follow this faith called Christianity, follow IT, not people. We often follow people because we never go back and check to make sure what we are learning really lines up with the Bible, as well as buy into cult of personality. I’m sure when we all examine some catchphrases we use, some doctrines we adhere to, so-called deep happenings, and things we send people to hell for, we may find that they do not hold water. Why? Because someone we highly respect told it to us and we felt too small to fact check. This is not the days of the Orthodox church of old where only one person could read the Bible while the rest were left to have it interpreted for them. And this is not pre-emancipation days where we get in trouble if Massa’ catches us readin’. And I certainly am not encouraging anyone to usurp authority and run rogue. But what I am saying is that we need to learn how to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling and not leave our lives in the hands of someone who cannot answer for us when the end finally does come. The purpose of sound leadership is to mature us in the faith so that we don’t have to wake him or her up in the middle of the night to pray for our bum pinky toe.

Sorry for the sass, grit, and mother wit, but I’m mad. I’m mad because there are people right now who probably want to commit suicide because they cannot bear the embarrassment, the weight of the disillusionment, and the fact that they will not be clocking in to work tomorrow because they quit their dream job over some arithmetic. The father who emptied his bank account may now have to explain to his children that they will no longer pray before they eat because there is no food and no God (so he thinks). Worse yet, what about the ones who think maybe they have been left behind? Yikes! It kills me to know that there is something inside of us that could allow other people to be responsible for what we believe to the point of putting us out of God’s house and into the nut house and the po’ house. Something doesn’t add up.

Work out your own salvation and leave the calculatin’ to God. Peace……………

Submitted by guest blogger-Nik

May 20, 2011

Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Pimpstress & The Other Child

by MullOverThis


First of all, we can’t call the other child a “love” child because this child may not be one conceived in love.  Arnold may not have cared about his paramour.  Clearly, she was a fling, but we don’t know that she or his son had a significant place in his heart and life.

What is clear is that the former California governor’s cheating has exposed his wife and entire family to all the rigormoroll in which the pesky press and onlookers love to exacerbate: these types of Osama-is -old-news-and-we-need-something-else-to-obsess-over situations.

Mulloverthis notes a few things since Arnold is the current goose gone wild:

1.  At least the man provided for his child and baby mama.

2.  Refer to number one, above, when feasting on a picture of Arnold’s no-conscience pimpstress.  She obviously took the concept of on the job training out of context, and to another level.

3.  This thingy quells all fairytales that busted women can’t  get a rich, handsome, famous actor and politician for a man, since this homeslice pulled Arnold.  Addendum: … at least when his Democratic royalty wife isn’t around.  Otherwise, back to sweeping the floors and pretend that child isn’t his.

Mulloverthis:  NO ONE involved in this love triangle won.  Shriver should be disappointed because her husband never realized who she really is, or appreciated her value  or his own worth, to risk their lives by Arnold  bumping a housekeeper, unprotected.  Arnold is another man who let his silly lust and male bravado potentially ruin his family and political life.  The mistress is a silly woman who pimped herself as the less than woman that she really is.

My hope is that the resultant child will override the monstrous heap of mess his selfish parents created when they created him and develop a great relationship with his father and other siblings.   The young boy didn’t ask for any of this, and he shouldn’t have to endure any scrutiny for his existence, either.


May 20, 2011

Chill Berry in Harlem, New York

by MullOverThis

I have the grandest feeling that another sister is doing her thang and it will be monumental before she’s all done.  I remember when Carol’s Daughter was in its’ original place in Brooklyn and my sister-in-law used to stop by and pick up this superfantabulous body stuff before folks could pick up the stuff in reputable malls across this country.

Then, I remember when Make My Cake went from apartment sales  to a few stores in NYC.  Mulloverthis drives to get some of their red velvet, lemon, strawberry or any of her cakes.  Aliyyah, one of the proprietors, happened to grow up with one of my BFF’s and partied hard back in the day with my brother, at their mutual alma mater.

Now, it looks like the rustles of another NYC African-American female will ring loud as her frozen yogurt shop soon becomes a signature spot.  Chill Berry on Lenox (I think it’s between W130th and  W131st) in Harlem has some yogurt that is tooooo gooood for you to read about.  Just a stone’s throw from Sylvia’s, this small start-up spot has that finger licking good kind of dessert.  I personally loved the red velvet and cake batter flavors. But, what I loved more than that was the exuberance the young staff has in trying to pump this new business with grass-roots marketing and good old-fashioned neighborhood friendliness.

I know this new venture will last a while and might be the next best thing in Harlem because I saw three NYC squad cars pull up for officers to be refreshed with Chill Berry yogurt.  We all know cops know where to get good ice cream and nowadays, frozen yogurt.

The more and more I visit NYC and see what the new and revitalized Harlem has to offer, I think about what this black urban mecca used to be in the days of its’ glory and what it still is to its’ increasingly diverse residents.

When Chill Berry hits and pops up all over the place, remember the dream wouldn’t happen if another sister didn’t believe and try.  So, visit Chill Berry and enjoy what this store has to offer and meanwhile, pursue your own dreams and make life happen.

May 4, 2011


by MullOverThis


Obama was the master-mind who authored the strategy to find and assassinate Bin Laden?  Forget the requests of the birthers.  I’d love to see Obama’s notes on this one.

I thought Kook Aid was “played out”, but people are still drinking the juice.

Or, did Obama just grant approval to the intelligence officials and military experts who have worked through various administrations to assassinate the selected face of terrorism to distract the masses from the real wicked folks-who were born and raised right here in America-who gave OSAMA fuel for his insane tank?

I won’t even delve into the question of is Osama really dead, because it really doesn’t matter. 

Two thousand bullets or bludgeoning strikes against Osama won’t kill what drove Bin Laden.  Sorry to break the real news:  Osama and his hatred for America and his distorted quest to fight holy wars for his god won’t be stopped with his so-called end. 

The real adversary and enemy of our souls is still working to cause nations to fight against nations.  So, America hasn’t won a thing.  Prayer is still necessary, and wisdom for those who make decisions for our nation will make the difference.