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May 25, 2011

Is Dove’s Ad Racist?

by MullOverThis


This advertisement has stirred up quite a bit of controversy for Dove and the advertising agency that obviously doesn’t have enough Black or non-White executives to get an effective reading on the “racism” meter. Ridiculoids extraordinaire ought get some There Has To Be Racism de-programming.

Mulloverthis takes issue with the misreading and marking of this advertisement as racism on a few grounds:

1.  The presence of Black executives, or Latinas and the like, does not necessarily mean that the subtle and/or overt messages from advertisements will be non-racist, or are more likely to be non-racist when critical eyes will find racism in a banana peel.

2.  Had the voluptuous Black model been last and the Caucausion model been first (from left to right), then the critique from those who nourish themselves with Over-Black or Leftist Justice Juice would find the imagery relayed the “Black don’t crack” stereotype and complain about the that, when clearly, the before and after images of skin shows with Dove, skin-be it Black, Caucausion and the like-doesn’t crack or in more acceptable wording, “is smooth”.

3.  Alas, we get a full-figured Black woman with a full head of non-straight hair as a depiction of beauty, and bird-brains still cry wrong representation.

4.  The juxtaposition of the three models does not mean that they read in comparison to one another to assess the effectiveness of Dove upon the skin type based upon ethnicity or race;  The pre-programmed paranoid racist mind is trained to see that as opposed to seeing what Dove soap will do for three beautiful women (probably representative of any woman), varying in complexion, build, ethnicity and skin-type.

This type of hoopla is well within the trenches of ridiculousness.

Are advertisement executives supposed to create work product to cater to those who are so inundated with self-hatred that they would believe they would be more beautiful as they tranformed from a bigger Black woman into a smaller Caucasian woman with straight hair? Is this what the ad relays or what people who need self-esteem read?