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May 4, 2011


by MullOverThis


Obama was the master-mind who authored the strategy to find and assassinate Bin Laden?  Forget the requests of the birthers.  I’d love to see Obama’s notes on this one.

I thought Kook Aid was “played out”, but people are still drinking the juice.

Or, did Obama just grant approval to the intelligence officials and military experts who have worked through various administrations to assassinate the selected face of terrorism to distract the masses from the real wicked folks-who were born and raised right here in America-who gave OSAMA fuel for his insane tank?

I won’t even delve into the question of is Osama really dead, because it really doesn’t matter. 

Two thousand bullets or bludgeoning strikes against Osama won’t kill what drove Bin Laden.  Sorry to break the real news:  Osama and his hatred for America and his distorted quest to fight holy wars for his god won’t be stopped with his so-called end. 

The real adversary and enemy of our souls is still working to cause nations to fight against nations.  So, America hasn’t won a thing.  Prayer is still necessary, and wisdom for those who make decisions for our nation will make the difference.


July 24, 2008


by MullOverThis

First, we haven’t had the privilege of seeing Obama’s toes or scuffed heels with all of his photo opps, so we can immediately presume that Barry Blitt’s artwork is figurative, at best.  Second, Michelle has had her bad hair days, but we haven’t seen the retro bouffant hair-fro on her yet.  She’s managed to appear like the American classic woman, refined in non-flamboyant designer wear.  Third, Osama Bin Laden isn’t a friend of Obama.  Osama is a close-knit relative of our incumbent President and the former President Bush’s wonderful friends.  That is why allegedly, all of the Bin Ladens present in America during the 9/11 terrorist attack were given clearance and wisked away to safety before our incumbent President took action to protect Americans.  (See Michael Moore’s  Fahrenheit 911 documentary).  Fourth, Obama’s vertical face is not that much longer than Michele’s.  The Mrs. has  quite a long face and the marked difference hints of great distortion in their real likenesses.   Fifth, the Obama’s wouldn’t be burning an American flag.  According to Obama’s critics, he wouldn’t even have one around to be burned.  Sixth, if this were to be taken literally, the machine gun would be on Obama’s back filled with pellets to traumatize anyone who dared to talk about his wife who dares to put herself under public scrutiny by being an active voice on his campaign trail, and would most probably be an active Washington First Lady.   Seventh, Michele’s black power militia attire almost worked. But, upon careful inspection of the pattern on her pants they were made for bird watching, not terrorism or war.  The pants are a dead giveaway.  This depiction must be satire.  

Furthermore, this cover and story must have been directed to its own constituency of  Fru fru wanna bees, the self-proclaimed savvy eclectics, legitimate upper crust New Yorkers, and left over New York Times or Wall Street Journal readers.  This type of cover and its consequent dialogues would go well with fresh fruit and brie, or a toasty frappachino at a side-walk cafe or palacial upper East side apartment-house. With the cover’s anticipated controversy, it was also sure to (and certainly did) break traditional New Yorker ranks and get the magazine a reluctant spill-over affinity from anyone afflicted with Obamamania.

The fears that some may have of Obama because of his Muslim background may have been ignited and fueled by this cover.    The imagery inference that Obama has terrorists associations with Bin Laden could be seen as inflammatory and ignores the blatant connection our current lovely leaders have with their dynasty associates–the Bin Ladens.  So, for all those who fear Obama’s covert activity with terrorists, they would be better suited to evaluate the present administration and its relationship to the family of the so-called initiators of terrorist activity against the United States.   

Any critique of Obama and his real allegiance to America will be deemed racist simply because Obama is an African American.  This cover is a question of patriotism.  Yet, it also reinforces the reality that if we have an African American president, the racism sign needs to be posted on the front door of the white house and will be tagged whenever it needs to shut down any unflattering inquiries into Obama, his actions, allegiances and practices.

Finally, the last step for those who don’t want any spoofing of presumed Democratic Nominee for the President of the United States of America Barack Obama, don’t read the cover or its articles at all.