Chill Berry in Harlem, New York

by MullOverThis

I have the grandest feeling that another sister is doing her thang and it will be monumental before she’s all done.  I remember when Carol’s Daughter was in its’ original place in Brooklyn and my sister-in-law used to stop by and pick up this superfantabulous body stuff before folks could pick up the stuff in reputable malls across this country.

Then, I remember when Make My Cake went from apartment sales  to a few stores in NYC.  Mulloverthis drives to get some of their red velvet, lemon, strawberry or any of her cakes.  Aliyyah, one of the proprietors, happened to grow up with one of my BFF’s and partied hard back in the day with my brother, at their mutual alma mater.

Now, it looks like the rustles of another NYC African-American female will ring loud as her frozen yogurt shop soon becomes a signature spot.  Chill Berry on Lenox (I think it’s between W130th and  W131st) in Harlem has some yogurt that is tooooo gooood for you to read about.  Just a stone’s throw from Sylvia’s, this small start-up spot has that finger licking good kind of dessert.  I personally loved the red velvet and cake batter flavors. But, what I loved more than that was the exuberance the young staff has in trying to pump this new business with grass-roots marketing and good old-fashioned neighborhood friendliness.

I know this new venture will last a while and might be the next best thing in Harlem because I saw three NYC squad cars pull up for officers to be refreshed with Chill Berry yogurt.  We all know cops know where to get good ice cream and nowadays, frozen yogurt.

The more and more I visit NYC and see what the new and revitalized Harlem has to offer, I think about what this black urban mecca used to be in the days of its’ glory and what it still is to its’ increasingly diverse residents.

When Chill Berry hits and pops up all over the place, remember the dream wouldn’t happen if another sister didn’t believe and try.  So, visit Chill Berry and enjoy what this store has to offer and meanwhile, pursue your own dreams and make life happen.


2 Comments to “Chill Berry in Harlem, New York”

  1. Next trip home Cake Batter awaits me!

  2. Girl, the stuff is delicious!

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