You are invited to mull, or think deeply and expansively, over any of the topics posted.   Please feel  to comment without any expletives.  Don’t be offended if I must edit foul language. 

As for me, I am a thirty something year old African American female living in the Northeast US.  My blog voice is that of an uncompromising Christian who has enough LOVE to provoke thinking outside of the box on anything that affects the body, soul, mind and the spirit. Don’t be moved by the in-your-face writing style from time to time. It is simply meant to challenge anyone who is concerned enough to care. 

Hope you will visit often.

9 Comments to “About”

  1. Thank you for your non-compromising stance. It is refreshing.

    God bless,

  2. Thanks for the Perfect Moment. Eternal Life. Bet that does put things in perspective. hey… we’ll link back to you, but if you also wanna give us a first name and location… we’d love that..

    tnx… R&S, Perfect Moment Project

  3. Hello Mulloverthis. It just dawned on me that I hadn’t heard from you over in Alexandria for quite a long while. Hope all is well. I look forward to following this blog instead. I have a new website dedicated to the joy of small spaces.

    See you around!

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