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July 30, 2008


by MullOverThis

Creflo Dollar refuses to cow-tow to ole massa and hand over the requested documents to Senator Grassley and the Senate Finance Committee. 

Yet, ole Anthony is available to answer what would Jesus do and say concerning the televangelists that he has spent decades surveilling. 

But while he has been on the prowl, who has been watching him?  Please click the links below to see some questionable concerns about the Trinity Foundation.  Since Senator Grassley is concerned about not-for-profits and charitable donations, he would do well to pay his friend Ole Anthony a visit–and this time with a letter analagous to the ones sent to the Grassley Six.

July 29, 2008

Ode to CNN-Tell Me Something I Didn’t Know

by MullOverThis

CNN, you blew it. That is the nicest way I can encapsulate my sentiments against that farce of a special, “Black in America.” I was so disappointed in Part 1 that I could not muster up the strength to see Part 2, which by peer review, was worse than the first. Let me qualify my rant by saying I am far from the disgruntled Black American who is antagonistic against white media and looking for an opportunity to whine. What I am weary of is what my brilliant colleague referred to as potrayals of “black victimization”. In short, I was hoping CNN would take the needle off that victim record and show a side of Black America that whites have collectively yet to see or acknowledge.
When I saw the previews and internet video clips of the “special” (and I mean special here in a very tongue in cheek, short bus kind of way), I immediately thought finally, an accurate portrayal of blacks that Tyler Perry didn’t  write, would make its way into America’s living rooms. I had my fingers crossed that CNN would use the program as a means to display to white America that we are not all on welfare, having babies out of wedlock, getting shot over a game of skully, and basically broke, busted, and disgusted. I wanted to see blacks who achieved their goals of academic success, home ownership, united families, and upward mobility obtained without shaking, jumping, rapping, or disrobing. I wanted the motive for this greatness to be shown in light of rather than in spite of. Let me unpack this further. Which sounds better? Black success in light of an innate desire to realize our potential as productive citizens of these United States of America, a realization of our identity as a strong culture with much to offer the world, and a people who have every reason to love themselves OR black success in spite of the lengthy history of disenfranchisement at the hands of whites that led to impoverished neighborhoods, inequities in education, inner-city violence, and broken families? The former is an actualization of the philosophy of W.E.B DuBois who believed in order for a man (or in this case, a people) to take his place in the world–he must be himself.  Blacks have something to teach the world. DuBois believed in black potential, and it was not something to be conjured and nurtured only under harsh circumstances. It was something that blacks as human beings should have the proclivity to do. The latter is a further entrenchment of the idea that blacks are the perpetual victims of the residue left behind by white America’s domestic form of imperialism upon its own dark citizens, and therefore no matter what we overcome, our success is never independent of the variable of victimization.

So yes, I believe CNN only further embedded the stereotypes that have been floating around about blacks since European travelers and historians during antiquity and the medeival period chronicled the lives of Africans by telling wild tales of oversexed dark people who hop on one foot, dwell in caves, and communicated in screeches. This type of misinformation leads to a mythology that rationalizes and philosophicizes the supposed inferiority of a people. As far as I am concerned, the use of the word black in “Black in America” is not a reference to the people but rather the growing vacuum about what else it means to be black. Better luck next time.




Moderator’s Note:  This post is from a guest contributor, NIK. 

July 28, 2008


by MullOverThis

DEMOCRACY NOW recently interviewed Dr. John and Mrs. Linda Johnson regarding the suspect death of their daughter,  Lavina Johnson, while serving in Iraq in the United States armed forces.

There is something you can do.  Please contact your congresspersons and let them know that you are concerned about what happened to Lavina Johnson, and the safety of other women in Iraq.  The solution is not for women to stay home, but for criminals to be held accountable.  Women are allegedly being assaulted, harassed, raped and murdered.  Proper adjudication of such activity should not be dismissed because to do so would ruffle the feathers of our valiant soldiers, or men who are earning big bucks through private government contracts.  Urge your congresspersons to support any congressional hearings investigating crimes against women working for private contractors  (such as Haliburton), and in the United States military.

Based upon Mrs. Johnson’s choice verbiage in referencing the “lying demons” who are allegedly covering up Lavina’s assault, rape and murder, she knows exactly what is at work here.  We don’t fight flesh, we fight against the  works of Satan.  So, for those of you understand this, let us pray that the Johnson’s receive justice and that the will of God be done for all other families who have been lied to regarding their loved ones.  Pray for the protection of women who are not just fighting for our country, but are fighting for their own safety.  Pray that all of the hidden things (to bring this end) be revealed to the right people, at the right time. 

Check out these links below for more reports on alleged crimes against American and foreign women by US soldiers or private contractors:


July 24, 2008


by MullOverThis

Jesse Jackson’s recent ramblings about Barack Obama presents a melange of considerations for the African American community regarding leadership, loyalties, priorities, policies and unwritten codes of conduct.  Here’s some thoughts I posted on another blog reflecting the same:

“To call Jackson a hater is shallow and simplistic. Jackson has a great company of other civil rights and local Black community leaders who did not immediately rally behind Obama because Obama is not a black community leader.   [These loyalists] had political alliances with national leaders who took care of their local agendas. So because Obama now most probably will be a Black man leading this country, everyone else [including the old regime] must fall in line. This does not nullify the need for Black community leaders, because Obama’s history is a good indicator that he will not focus on African American concerns, but concerns for all. So Jesse, who has championed the causes for Black people for decades, can have his opinion and say what he wants.  He just needs to act like a reverend and have some decorum in his conversation.
Obama’s individual responsibility approach is not new, but is [certainly] needed.  Bill Cosby and other conservative leaders have been shaking their fingers at the Black Community for years urging African Americans to clean up our own lives.  But,  DON’T BE FOOLED.  Although this type of leadership is necessary, Bill, Obama, and Armstrong Williams are not coming to your rescue if your son is murdered at the hands of police brutality, or if your black daughter is missing and there is no national news media coverage.  Jesse, Al Sharpton, and endless other leaders are the ones who have stuck in the trenches and still will when the very necessary Obama is taking care of other business.  So the Black Community ought not rush to dethrone [our leaders] because we will be in for rude awakening if we think Obama changes [this] dynamic.”

A good place to begin in this dialogue is to define and identify our leadership.  I’ll start off by saying that a leader in the black community is one who the community recognizes has the ability to inform, mobilize and steer the community when there is a crisis, urgency, or injustice that should be of concern to African Americans; one who has the ability to incite collective action amongst African Americans;  and otherwise, one whose life and work advances the lives of African American people.  When collective action is needed, community leaders get the phone calls.   

This is just be a place to begin.  Mulloverthis and contribute.

July 24, 2008

100 Years to Life for Rape

by MullOverThis

An African American man was sentenced to 100 years to life for two hours of criminal conduct. These are the types of sentences that are completely insane based upon equitable lines, but sure do make me sleep better at night.

Mr. Christopher Pearce, 29, of Roosevelt, Long Island, took an expensive trip to the bank when he broke into his victim’s home and forced her to go to two different ATM locations and withdraw $600 in cash, then forced her to another location and raped her, then forced her to drive back to her home.   Mr. Pearce put robbery, burglary, kidnapping, criminal sexual act, and rape charges in his criminal shopping cart.  He checked out in Nassau County, Long Island and he must pay the piper with a life sentence.

I will not be protesting this decision, just praying that Mr. Pearce will be productive and find meaning to life behind prison walls and gets the help he needs.,0,5677516.story,0,7938319.story


July 24, 2008


by MullOverThis

First, we haven’t had the privilege of seeing Obama’s toes or scuffed heels with all of his photo opps, so we can immediately presume that Barry Blitt’s artwork is figurative, at best.  Second, Michelle has had her bad hair days, but we haven’t seen the retro bouffant hair-fro on her yet.  She’s managed to appear like the American classic woman, refined in non-flamboyant designer wear.  Third, Osama Bin Laden isn’t a friend of Obama.  Osama is a close-knit relative of our incumbent President and the former President Bush’s wonderful friends.  That is why allegedly, all of the Bin Ladens present in America during the 9/11 terrorist attack were given clearance and wisked away to safety before our incumbent President took action to protect Americans.  (See Michael Moore’s  Fahrenheit 911 documentary).  Fourth, Obama’s vertical face is not that much longer than Michele’s.  The Mrs. has  quite a long face and the marked difference hints of great distortion in their real likenesses.   Fifth, the Obama’s wouldn’t be burning an American flag.  According to Obama’s critics, he wouldn’t even have one around to be burned.  Sixth, if this were to be taken literally, the machine gun would be on Obama’s back filled with pellets to traumatize anyone who dared to talk about his wife who dares to put herself under public scrutiny by being an active voice on his campaign trail, and would most probably be an active Washington First Lady.   Seventh, Michele’s black power militia attire almost worked. But, upon careful inspection of the pattern on her pants they were made for bird watching, not terrorism or war.  The pants are a dead giveaway.  This depiction must be satire.  

Furthermore, this cover and story must have been directed to its own constituency of  Fru fru wanna bees, the self-proclaimed savvy eclectics, legitimate upper crust New Yorkers, and left over New York Times or Wall Street Journal readers.  This type of cover and its consequent dialogues would go well with fresh fruit and brie, or a toasty frappachino at a side-walk cafe or palacial upper East side apartment-house. With the cover’s anticipated controversy, it was also sure to (and certainly did) break traditional New Yorker ranks and get the magazine a reluctant spill-over affinity from anyone afflicted with Obamamania.

The fears that some may have of Obama because of his Muslim background may have been ignited and fueled by this cover.    The imagery inference that Obama has terrorists associations with Bin Laden could be seen as inflammatory and ignores the blatant connection our current lovely leaders have with their dynasty associates–the Bin Ladens.  So, for all those who fear Obama’s covert activity with terrorists, they would be better suited to evaluate the present administration and its relationship to the family of the so-called initiators of terrorist activity against the United States.   

Any critique of Obama and his real allegiance to America will be deemed racist simply because Obama is an African American.  This cover is a question of patriotism.  Yet, it also reinforces the reality that if we have an African American president, the racism sign needs to be posted on the front door of the white house and will be tagged whenever it needs to shut down any unflattering inquiries into Obama, his actions, allegiances and practices.

Finally, the last step for those who don’t want any spoofing of presumed Democratic Nominee for the President of the United States of America Barack Obama, don’t read the cover or its articles at all.

July 24, 2008

Jesse and Obama: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

by MullOverThis

Democratic intra-party sparring continues as Jesse Jackson painstakingly made a co-guest commentator aware of his disgust for what he perceived as Obama “talking down to Black people”.  Jackson specifically referenced one of the Bush administration’s babies, the faith-based initiatives, betwixt and between the initial whispered tirade and denoted that he wanted to  “cut his [Obama’s]  balls off”. 

Here’s my take on Obama and faith based initiatives as posted on another blog:      “Obama’s decision to support faith-based initiatives is more so a strategic move to garner more of the conservative Christian support, and to fortify allegiances from African American clergy,  than it is to continue the programs and policies.   Obama is working to narrow the existent gaps  between himself, staunch conservative Christians and lingering African American Hilary loyalists.  Jesse Jackson’s commentary, albeit tasteless and possibly divisive, is reflective of how many African Americans feel about Obama but just are not willing to pronounce because after all, Obama just may be the first African American President of the United States.  Jesse and our local grass roots civil rights activists don’t need to look for another day job because their agenda is pretty much mutually exclusive to that of Obama.”   Expanding Bush’s faith-based initiatives as part of Obama’s hopeful Presidential administration would be part of the bi-partisan change that makes Obama the deal breaker for those who are disgusted with traditional political party lines.

As for Jackson’s insipid comments, I don’t think anyone would query with the fact that they were terribly unseemly in timing and substantive content.  That was bar room, sports locker, street level, gangsta-style hood talk.  We weren’t ready for that raw lingo on CNN or Fox News from a reverend.  Jackson simply “played” himself.  He failed to camouflauge his newsroom ready decorum until the cameras were completely turned off.  He might have even made the co-guest commentator uncomfortable having to sift through such refuse between takes. 

Jesse apparently has issues with how Obama addresses Black people and whatever his gripe is with Obama, I don’t think it should be taken as a general dislike for, or disapproval of, Barack Obama for President.  No politician, especially one of Jesse’s caliber and historical presence as a Civil Rights leader, is going to see eye to eye with everything Obama says, particularly when it boils down to the African American community.  Jackson and Obama are two different Black men who have incredibly different paths in life, political careers and national agendas.  Many civil rights leaders fare with Jesse in Obama’s approach to dealing with issues that affect our community.  Hence we can now appreciate the last minute trump  into Obama’s bandwagon and failure to endorse him as their candidate of choice–but support the campaign– until Hilary bowed out of the race. 

So, this Jesse Jackson faux pas was just that: a faux pas or boo boo.  This is not an egregious breach between two Black men.  Obama is going to have to work with the good old boys, blue bloods and old school civil rights activists to make it to the White House.   The race card sword is double-edged and since Obama’s campaign uses it, it just may swipe a good cut against themselves.  Obama can’t berate fathers in the black community on Father’s Day and not expect distance and an aftermath from leaders who have worked to publicly advance the imagery of African American men.  Clearly, Obama and his nifty advisors would not find it fitting to go to a mother’s day event and talk about individual responsibility and the social ills of manipulating women who cause men to walk away from full responsibility as fathers rather than endure eternal fighting. Nor would he focus on the increasing number of absentee and deadbeat moms.  There is a time and a place for everything, and with such a strong absence of vigorous speeches bolstering the African American community, Obama needs to lighten up on the rare insular communique he makes when addressing any African American demographic.

July 2, 2008

Don’t Sleep On Diabetes

by MullOverThis

Although I believe in divine healing, healing comes in different manifestations.  We ought to pray and to believe God for our bodies to be in perfect health and wholeness.  It is also vital to use common sense and take care of our bodies.  Once we are diagnosed with a sickness–which may be genetic, have developed spontaneously, or brought on through lack of care or ignorance–how we respond to it is up to us.  Surgical, medical, homeopathic and faith healing are all viable pursuits to deal with challenges to our health.  Whatever we do, we are to live by faith. 

I’ve had surgery and prayed over the anesthesiologist, surgeons, surgical nurse and everyone else before I allowed them to knock me out.  I had NEVER had a surgical procedure before, and was not aware of any aversions/allergic reactions to anything at all.  The anesthesia almost killed me.  I could not breathe, and my lungs were severely compromised after the surgery.  I could not breathe normally on my own until 7 days after the procedure.  I understood the power of prayer once I was trying to recover.  So, in all health matters, prayer is a strong recommendation.

Prevention is the best strategy to insure wellness, total health and complete prosperity.  One must “know” in order to prevent sickness and diseases, much of which can be avoided.  Knowledge is power.  Applied knowledge is wisdom.  In the African-American community diabetes is rampant, and is the fifth leading cause of death in the United States. 

So, here are some links to power below so you and I can operate in wisdom and preserve life:


For statistics on African Americans & Diabetes:

Links to diabetes websites:


July 2, 2008


by MullOverThis

The hike in gas prices has caused lifestyle changes for many who cannot afford to pay $4 and up per gallon.  Just for general principle sake, many are not driving as much because somehow in our minds, we just should not have to pay so much money for gas.  Not one day has gone by–not one–where I haven’t heard someone complain about the rising cost of gasoline, passed right onto the consumers.  So, check out the link below for some tips on how to be cost-effective with these ridiculous prices. 

Then take a few deep breaths and hope that they don’t go up to $7 per gallon, as some analysts project.  Let the thought of an organized boycott run across your mind.  I hope to see one where Americans refuse to purchasing gas for an entire weekend and walk, ride or use public transportation.  Just like the good old civil rights days, we can gain some extra cardiovascular exercise through a long brisk walk.  When the oil companies scream, “ouch, our revenue has been affected” and there are billions of dollars in lost work productivity for those unable to get to work, the government will intervene. 

As usual, mulloverthis.

For tips on how to save gas, click below:


July 1, 2008

Bynum’s Battle is Over–Weeks and Bynum Divorce Final

by MullOverThis

If you live long enough, you will experience the best of times and the worst of times, all at the same time.  This holds true, for example, when a doting father watches his only daughter get married.  The ultra dad may be exuberant while witnessing his daughter take on the life of a wife, all while grieving because his baby girl is now looking to another  as her strong man, protector, provider and leader.  Divorce often has this ambivalent effect on couples that don’t make it.  While each partner may be looking forward to a permanent dissolution of the marriage, it is often a painstaking reminder of the end of life as usual.  Psychologically, it can be as traumatic as experiencing a death, or loss of a loved one.  So, this divorce cannot be an easy time for Bynum or Weeks.

The couple received a final divorce decree on June 20, 2008 at the Atlanta area Gwinnett County Superior Court.  Bynum and Weeks were a high-profile ministry couple who had an unprecedented media exposed take-by-take coverage of the demise of their marriage.  Their union had challenges like most.  The straw that broke the camel’s back was the August 21, 2007 parking lot incident where Bynum alleged that her then husband, Weeks, assaulted her by beating and repeatedly kicking her.  Weeks plead guilty to aggravated assault, after initially stating that he never put his hands on  Bynum.  He later changed his story and said he pushed Bynum away because she was attempting to assault him.  Bynum was the one with the documented bruises and the testimony of two black male hotel employees who had no prior relationship to Bynum other than seeing her frequent the hotel.  Even with Weeks’ alleged spousal abuse to his first wife, alleged physical altercations with a male and female church employee, a switch in stories before the world, and conviction, he still claims to be the victim. 

Had Michael Jackson, OJ Simpson, Marion Barry, Mike Tyson and most recently R. Kelly not been hailed as heros by a litany of supporters amidst alleged crimes against women and children, I might be alarmed.  This is the world we live in.  Where a prominent Baptist preacher petitioned for Mike Tyson, who has recently been linked to a murder plot in Bedford-Stuyvestant area of Brooklyn, New York, to have his prison sentence for raping Desiree Washington stayed.  Where were the church leaders petitioning for Bishop Weeks or other pastors with violent tendencies to have a stay from mounting a pulpit to lead people?  They couldn’t see past Bynum’s fiery personality, or whatever else became the focus.  I’m sure Desiree Washington understands.  Her commitment to dancing to win the competition for which she spent 6 months preparing, over 24 hour delay in reporting the crime, and willingness to visit the famous boxer’s hotel room–after having asked to re-schedule the date, after asking her roommate to go with her to Tyson’s hotel room (who declined)–made her a scorned girl who didn’t want to be treated like a one night stand.  Poor Mike, Poor OJ, Poor R.Kelly, Poor Weeks.  How dare anyone interrupt their lives and make them accountable for alleged criminal activity?

It will be a better day when the focus of crimes committed against women are on the actual criminal activity and not on all of the issues with which the women who were murdered, raped, beaten, and assaulted walk into the criminal activity . 

Should Bynum have stayed will always be a question.  I happen to think that Bynum is a woman responsible for her own life before the Lord and that calling is greater than her calling to influence what a world looking at this fiasco will think about Christians who divorce.  One thing is certain:  her decision to leave is between her and the Lord who knows whether she would have ended up in a coffin from the maniacal behavior of a man who a bellman had to pull off of his wife while stating, “I’m going to kill you”.  The same people with signs praying for their celebrity and religious icons to get off (who they tend to empathize with), would be the same dramazoids waiting to view her body and crying empty tears.  Bynum made the choice to live and I don’t believe God intended for her to part by death at her husband’s hands.