by MullOverThis

Creflo Dollar refuses to cow-tow to ole massa and hand over the requested documents to Senator Grassley and the Senate Finance Committee. 

Yet, ole Anthony is available to answer what would Jesus do and say concerning the televangelists that he has spent decades surveilling. 

But while he has been on the prowl, who has been watching him?  Please click the links below to see some questionable concerns about the Trinity Foundation.  Since Senator Grassley is concerned about not-for-profits and charitable donations, he would do well to pay his friend Ole Anthony a visit–and this time with a letter analagous to the ones sent to the Grassley Six.



  1. For additional information on the Trinity Foundation and its leader, Ole Anthony, check out my website, and my book, I Can’t Hear God Anymore: Life in a Dallas Cult. The title says it all.

    Wendy J. Duncan

  2. It’s pretty sad that it has come to all of this. And I can’t believe Paula and Randy White divorced. So sad.

  3. Wendy J, thank you for stopping by. You have an open invitation to contribute to this blog.

  4. If this is an issue between God and his church as the man quoted at the end of the CNN report, then why are they discussing it on the news!? That is the first thing. Secondly, Jesus did wear expensive clothes.. he was not shabby. He had friends of influence and he had a treasurer. Now, when Jesus was crucified — didn’t people cast lots for his clothes?? I dont think it was just because Jesus was so holy. Christians can be wealthy and live an extravagant life. Now when it comes to these televangelists, there must be balance so that there are operating their ministries in order and in accordance to their charters and the governing federal regulations. There should not be vigilante committees that can do a hearing and make a query. I agree with Creflo in a way that there should be adherence to procedural process. People and this “Christian reporter” need to check the spirit of a thing before rushing to full judgment on a matter. As for this Trinity Foundation representative — what makes him the spokesperson for Christiandom and Order in the Kingdom of God? What qualifies him and why not have a balanced report? People need to read Galatians 6 before trying to pronounce a prophetic-type word of judgment on the airways. There is a time and place for that sort of thing. Also, I disagreed about the comment about what Jesus would say to his church today. The problem is that people think the church is what you see on TV or on the DVDs. The church is a living organisim universal and with a singular Commission but having many methods of getting the work accomplished. People need to check the motives behind many of these things. CNN needs to make sure they keep up the integrity of reporting by providing a balanced view with wholistic perspectives. What the sense in reporting without have a counter-perspective from an equally-regarded watchdog group or church authority with another perspective?

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