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June 22, 2013


by MullOverThis

What is the big deal?

Most nigaros probably think she’s a fat white slob. Most of us who have had the awesome awful experience of dining at her extremely common country restaurant in Savannah, Georgia readily admit that everybody in our families can cook much better than her. Her desserts were absolutely over-sweet and nasty with a too raw texture.  Aside from the wonderful time with friends, Paula Deen’s restaurant is not a culinary delight.

Of course, co-confederate Southern belle’s and gents are in an uproar over the Food Network’s decision to let one of its prized chefs go for getting caught.

Do people really think that Paula and most of ‘dem wonderful folks who just uphold the way things used to be in the good old nigaro, nigaro, figaro South hold Black folks as equals?  By jolly golly, Paula Deen didn’t mean a bit of harm because Figaro, nigaro, Figaros are the ones who she employs and takes good care of, just like Massa did with all ‘dem N-word’s he gave a roof over their heads, food they plucked and prepared, and occasional forced loving when the South was at its slavery best. Paula Deen probably really does have a great heart, spirit and soul.  It’s just a typical white racist one which copes with the ways things are now with free N-words everywhere.

So, although I don’t advocate pristine confederate slobs calling Black folk niggers, Paula Deen isn’t really that important. Nigaros just need to eat our own, much tastier food.