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June 29, 2008

Nader Accuses Obama of “Talking White”

by MullOverThis

Here we go again.   Every now and again, I cannot contain my ability to allow Whiteys to brief themselves and simply mind my business. 

Although they may be polar opposites, Pat Buchanan’s fellow Blackman Detective Ralph Nader, accused Democratic Presidential Nominee, Senator Bararck Obama of “talking white”.  It is important to comprehend the context of this remark to fully appreciate what Nader is communicating.

Apparently, Nader is miffed by Obama’s political agenda because it does not include–or at least has not widely pushed–the issues that plague the abject poor.  Although I wholeheartedly and cannot emphasize enough how much I agree, I cannot side with Detective Nader this time.  Predatory lending, payday loans and the like should be addressed by the Obama campaign along with a number of other issues that plague, transcend and certainly is not limited to  the Black community.  However, Obama is not the candidate of the Black Community and never has been.  This is what distinguishes him from the Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons of the political world.  This is what may even get Obama into the White House.  He is not alienating white people because he is not a crusader for Black people.  White people don’t have to feel threatened by Obama.  Obama is not “talking White”.  He is talking what he so-called believes in.  If what he believes in is “white”, then remember, Nader said it first.   We just may have to accept that White talk is non-Black community, non-poor or working class talk, according to white political detectives.  By the way, who gave Nader his detective badge and authority? Whoever credentialed him in this regard is a target for citizens arrest.

Obama is the people’s candidate.  Folks, Obama wants to see everybody happy and fusion in the melting pot of America.  Can’t we all just get along?  In Obama’s world one day we will all–the teenage mothers who kill unborn babies without parental consent, along with the conservative Christian right, human beings with male genitalia and female breast implants who are a man on Monday and a woman on Thursday, Black militant leaders (at least until they become too vocal and threaten his popularity), with young KKK prospects, skinheads, aryans, Farrahkhanites, and Oprah along with her occult spiritual advisors, the Bible toting believers and all, rich and poor, gun control advocates and right to bear arm purists–live and be free, free at last, from and bounds of human decency and morality all with an occasional Obamian attempt to abuse the Bible to justify this unity. 

Let’s be excited about our Country and the opportunity for Obama, a Black man, to finally be President.  But let’s not forget to be excited about the ideals of faith in the God of the Bible as a Christian nation.  And let’s certainly not forget that Obama is a man who happens to be Black and is free to be who he is.  He should not be held to represent a community that he does not, simply because he is Black.  White talk is not serious Presidential talk.  Obama is talking competent candidate talk.  Obama is simply being a man who reflects his earnest convictions, much of which I adamantly disagree with. 

So Nader has done as Whitey always does.  “Missed it” because he is clueless.  Once White men learn that they are not Black, and can never speak for a Black man or the Black community, they will stop trying to tell Black people how Black they are, and are not and what their speech is, and is not.  The Naders of this world will realize that–after they just may have to be treated for shock–the Black community is not homogeneous, and every successful Black person does and may not relate to what a white man thinks should be important to our community.

I’m sure Nader has good common sense but this was just a glitch in his pompous brain.  An inverse analysis would suggest that golfing, badminton, the prime rate, Haliburton, and private banking is appropriate talk for white politicians.  Or better yet, Nader “talks Black” by his own standards. 

Moderator’s Note:  I do not believe that Nader is a racist, or a white man oblivious to what concerns many in the Black community.  He is simply engaging in Whitey behavior by suggesting that Obama’s decided calling card during his campaign should emphasize the poor.  

June 4, 2008

Hilary Clinton’s Got Some Nerve

by MullOverThis

The absolute unmitigated colossal gaul or, “audacity of hope”  of Senator Hilary Rodham Clinton to continue her campaign as she congratulates Obama as the Democratic Nominee.  How dare this woman, who was squeezed out of the race by the influence of the media imposing pressure on fluctuating delegates and super-delegates, continue to get up and address the almost 18 million United States citizens that support her candidacy.  Ignore the fact that in terms of the popular vote, Senator Obama did not prevail against Senator Clinton when these demands for unity and the good of the party were at stake. 

Eighteen million votes usually speak volumes: even when the last tidbits were being cast for Senator Clinton last night to get her 55% of the South Dakota votes to win that primary.  However, the morning has arrived and Senator Clinton is allegedly vying for a VP nod on the Democratic ticket.  We shall see who Senator Obama chooses as his running mate.  Nonetheless, Hilary fought a good fight and apparently, she hasn’t relinquished her gloves.

June 4, 2008

Father Pfleger Fired!

by MullOverThis

Father Michael Pleger, a Caucasian Catholic Priest on the South Side of Chicago, Illinois, was asked to step down for his remarks against Senator Hilary Rodham Clinton during a sermon as guest preacher at Senator Obama’s former home church, the Trinity United Church of Christ of Chicago, Illinois. 


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Again, Obama was not at the church during this sermon, as he was conveniently absent from all the prior controversial sermons that are presently problematic for the Presidential hopeful.  This tirade, however, given in big fat excuse tradition of Black liberation theology, was the straw that broke the camel’s back for the Obamas.   Barack, Michele and their two children have severed their ties, albeit regrettably, with their home church for almost 21 years.  To think, this church just started all of this political aggrandizing, with live cuss words in tow,  and using the pulpit to mobilize its congregants when Barack began his campaign (sarcasm here, folks). Barack went to church and left his ears at home for almost 21 years.

During this public discourse, Father Pfleger, a “friend” of the ministry,  Barack Obama, and would you be surprised if we mentioned Farrakhan, had the audacity to pre-suppose that Hilary Clinton is a White Supremacist whose tears were resultant from a sense of entitlement to the election because Bill was her husband, she is White,  and a black man, Barack, came out of no where to steal her thunder.  Barack’s friends better learn their lessons.   Friends and long-term alliances are expendable when it comes to his campaign. 

The White Catholic Priest, who is so in tune with the thoughts of privileged White women, is now asked to temporarily step down.  The question is, was it because he needs to go back and as a priest be touched with the feelings and infirmities of women who live every day with men, who feel that they are entitled to the Presidency, superior corporate positions, and even positions within the church? Could it be that men wanted to shut this woman up, while she was still winning primaries and neck and neck with the Black man with the popular vote because men, and even catty queen bee women, are not ready to see a woman President?  Most likely, Father Pfleger missed his ABC’s of the priesthood and got caught up in a moment in a church where these types of moments are defended and highly applauded.  It is because the pulpit of any REAL church is supposed to be for the gospel, and the truth of the Word of God must be applied to all. It is not a place to vilify a white woman who ran for President and intimate her intentions and frustration with Barack were bred from White Supremacy, any more than Barack’s frustrations with Hilary were from misogynistic entitlements and having to deal with a fiery woman who capably stands toe to toe with a man.

Moderators Note:  This blog does not address Father Pfleger’s contribution to the Black Community or his commitment to equality in America.  Unlike Dr. Boyce and others, this moderator will not cloak nonsense with looking at all the good a  person has done to bypass aggregious offenses, just as we do not survey a person’s life work when they offend the black community and our community cries out for action and justice. There will be no hypocrisy here.  The man clowned on the pulpit, now he will take a reprieve or join the staff at Trinity. Thank God the Catholic Church took action against this impropriety, and prayerfully, they will begin to have such gumption when it comes to their priests who use their office to fulfill life-long missions to molest and rape boys and young girls.