Bynum’s Battle is Over–Weeks and Bynum Divorce Final

by MullOverThis

If you live long enough, you will experience the best of times and the worst of times, all at the same time.  This holds true, for example, when a doting father watches his only daughter get married.  The ultra dad may be exuberant while witnessing his daughter take on the life of a wife, all while grieving because his baby girl is now looking to another  as her strong man, protector, provider and leader.  Divorce often has this ambivalent effect on couples that don’t make it.  While each partner may be looking forward to a permanent dissolution of the marriage, it is often a painstaking reminder of the end of life as usual.  Psychologically, it can be as traumatic as experiencing a death, or loss of a loved one.  So, this divorce cannot be an easy time for Bynum or Weeks.

The couple received a final divorce decree on June 20, 2008 at the Atlanta area Gwinnett County Superior Court.  Bynum and Weeks were a high-profile ministry couple who had an unprecedented media exposed take-by-take coverage of the demise of their marriage.  Their union had challenges like most.  The straw that broke the camel’s back was the August 21, 2007 parking lot incident where Bynum alleged that her then husband, Weeks, assaulted her by beating and repeatedly kicking her.  Weeks plead guilty to aggravated assault, after initially stating that he never put his hands on  Bynum.  He later changed his story and said he pushed Bynum away because she was attempting to assault him.  Bynum was the one with the documented bruises and the testimony of two black male hotel employees who had no prior relationship to Bynum other than seeing her frequent the hotel.  Even with Weeks’ alleged spousal abuse to his first wife, alleged physical altercations with a male and female church employee, a switch in stories before the world, and conviction, he still claims to be the victim. 

Had Michael Jackson, OJ Simpson, Marion Barry, Mike Tyson and most recently R. Kelly not been hailed as heros by a litany of supporters amidst alleged crimes against women and children, I might be alarmed.  This is the world we live in.  Where a prominent Baptist preacher petitioned for Mike Tyson, who has recently been linked to a murder plot in Bedford-Stuyvestant area of Brooklyn, New York, to have his prison sentence for raping Desiree Washington stayed.  Where were the church leaders petitioning for Bishop Weeks or other pastors with violent tendencies to have a stay from mounting a pulpit to lead people?  They couldn’t see past Bynum’s fiery personality, or whatever else became the focus.  I’m sure Desiree Washington understands.  Her commitment to dancing to win the competition for which she spent 6 months preparing, over 24 hour delay in reporting the crime, and willingness to visit the famous boxer’s hotel room–after having asked to re-schedule the date, after asking her roommate to go with her to Tyson’s hotel room (who declined)–made her a scorned girl who didn’t want to be treated like a one night stand.  Poor Mike, Poor OJ, Poor R.Kelly, Poor Weeks.  How dare anyone interrupt their lives and make them accountable for alleged criminal activity?

It will be a better day when the focus of crimes committed against women are on the actual criminal activity and not on all of the issues with which the women who were murdered, raped, beaten, and assaulted walk into the criminal activity . 

Should Bynum have stayed will always be a question.  I happen to think that Bynum is a woman responsible for her own life before the Lord and that calling is greater than her calling to influence what a world looking at this fiasco will think about Christians who divorce.  One thing is certain:  her decision to leave is between her and the Lord who knows whether she would have ended up in a coffin from the maniacal behavior of a man who a bellman had to pull off of his wife while stating, “I’m going to kill you”.  The same people with signs praying for their celebrity and religious icons to get off (who they tend to empathize with), would be the same dramazoids waiting to view her body and crying empty tears.  Bynum made the choice to live and I don’t believe God intended for her to part by death at her husband’s hands.

8 Responses to “Bynum’s Battle is Over–Weeks and Bynum Divorce Final”

  1. “It will be a better day when the focus of crimes committed against women are on the actual criminal activity and not on all of the issues with which the women who were murdered, raped, beaten, and assaulted walk into the criminal activity”


  2. I am so happy that Prophetess Bynum is free of that mean spirited Bishop Weeks. I truely believe Juanita was very serious about her marriage to Weeks. He was the one who really did not want to be married anymore. So he turned the boot on Bynum for his own personal gains. People thank why do you believe he wrote a book so fast about their marriage. Juanita did not know but the book was being written why they were married. Bishop Weeks has been fighting with himself for a long time. The man is and always have been under cover, and in the closet. Juanita Bynum was a bit to much woman for the Bishop, and she is for real in Christ. He did not really think Juanita was a praying woman for real. Weeks thought Bynum was a joke, and he thought that she would be a push over. Someone easy to take control of. I really thank Star Jones husband AL and Bishop Weeks would make a very good couple. They are both liars about their sexual gay preference.

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  4. A man under!

  5. So, Bishop Weekes is the ONLY guilty party, eh? Ms Bynum did absolutely nothing wrong? The man just woke up one day and he began to kick and to shove the woman. Sounds bizzare to me.
    Not to justify what the man did, but it must be noted that men don’t just beat women up for no reason.

    • John, you should know that I am bold, forthright and quite comfortable with being direct. Your comment reflects a problematic MENTALITY. Yes, the man just woke up one day and began to kick and shove the woman. There is no evidence-and REAL PROFESSIONALS and EYE WITNESSES ought to have more weight than mere speculation-that Bynum did anything to warrant a physical fight. I am provoked by people with derelict mentalities. That does not give me the right to flip out and raise any type of disagreement to a physical level, on anybody. The problem is the man has a problem, and too many people want to fish around the root issue and find out what would cause him to do what he allegedly did (and plead guilty). He suffers from what too many other people do: denial, transference and deflection of responsibility for one’s thoughts, actions and loss of self-control. For someone who does not know God, that’s sad. For a Bishop, that stinks. When pissing your husband off is a crime, Bynum just may be chargeable along with all the rest of wives across the world. Final Statement: Men don’t have any reason to beat up women.


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