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July 27, 2009

Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Revisited

by MullOverThis

For all the racial profiling assessors regarding the Louis Henry Gates, Jr. arrest, looks like the record of the 911 call and the released notes from the arresting and other officers clearly demonstrates that some people need to leave “THE MAN” alone.

Knowledge is power. Nonetheless, people who live to be right in their own eyes will still try to extract some adverse racial motivations from actions and dialogue in the highly over-publicizied incident when there was none. At least on the part of Crowley, the arresting officer, towards Gates.

Now, Mr. Gates is reputedly calling for the nation to move on. This magnanimous stance is quite convenient as it comes after the transcripts and notes show Gates escalated and really charged the entire incident and called a cop with a good record a “racist” simply because the cop did his job and had a spat with Gates, a Black man.

Obama needs to think again when attempting to defend any of his homeboys. Correction: “esteemed colleagues”.


July 23, 2009

The Man and the Arrest of Henry Louis Gates

by MullOverThis

Again, “The Man” is at play and causing a ruckus with the arrest and four-hour detainment of Yale Graduate and Harvard Professor, Henry Louis Gates. By now, you would think that Black folks and “conscious” folks of other races would abandon the notion of “The Man”, who gets too much credit in situations where common sense is overridden and self-responsibility is despised. It is much easier to cry racism and point to a plethora of social behavioral theories than to accept the bare-boned truth. Sometimes Black people do stupid stuff and racial bias has absolutely nothing to do with the situation.

First, a call is made to the police because Mr. Gates allegedly appeared to be breaking into his home. Apparently, the door was jammed. Questions flare about why the police was even called. Of course anyone in a residential neighborhood who witnesses someone trying to force a door ajar should call the police. People break into homes in broad daylight. Doctors murder their own wives in broad daylight. Mr. Henry Louis Gates lives in the real world where men just like him-not just stereotypical younger Black male thugs-commit heinous crimes. Accomplished, affluent, successful people often find themselves in prison garb for quite some time because they have committed crimes.

Mr. Gates was allegedly into his home by the time the police confrontation began. Allegedly, the cops knew exactly who he was when they arrested him. There is a huge gap-between when Mr. Gates supplied proof of identity and was arrested-that Mulloverthis is not willing to suppose is filled with improper behavior by law enforcement simply because Mr. Gates is a Black man. Mr. Gates was allegedly “shocked” that after he proved who he was, the incident continued.

Having had to prove TWICE that I lived in my own house because the burglar alarm went off in the middle of the night, I disengaged it, and answered the calls from the alarm company with the appropriate code, I know how aggravating it is to look at law enforcement (two white officers) who challenged me because of what could have actually been “suspect”. However, having an appreciation for law enforcement-the same fellas that might have been answering the same call if I actually had a gun pointed to my head by an intruder-governed my disposition in getting my license, a piece of mail with my name and address on it, and answering numerous questions. There was no unseemly conduct or display of irritation to the point where after having established my identity, I could have been arrested for disorderly conduct. By the way, being one who is more than averse on my legal rights and most knowingly and audibly equipped to express them, I could have stopped the officers much sooner than they chose to stop in both encounters inside the home where I LIVE. However, I did not. I worked with the program. Mulloverthis smiled and thanked the officers both times, although I could have been indignant.

Law enforcement cannot cease to stop a swerving car because Jesse Jackson may be in it, or fail to make initial inquiries because Black people are involved. Nor, should law enforcement have to be disrespected, interrogated, or challenged because they have to do their job. Those cops did not know who Henry Louis Gates was when they received the call to his property, and even if they did, so what. Yaleducativism, Harvardism, and African-American intelligencia does not absolve anyone-including Mr. Gates-from knowing that law enforcement must be respected, even if they want to be tough guys/gals. The cops were within reason to confirm Gates’ identity and then ensure that there was nothing “fishy” going on, despite the fact they were dealing with the “Henry Louis Gates”.

If the depth and breadth of Mr. Gates’ interaction with the Cambridge police consisted of him providing identification and fully cooperating with the officers, then the officers do need to offer an apology. If not, Mr. Gates and his supporters need to sit down somewhere and eat some chocolate.

Meanwhile, Mulloverthis chooses to commend the people who help to keep our neighborhoods safe and when everyday “good” people do bad things, sometimes have to put their lives in danger to muddle through the particulars. Thumbs up to law enforcement.

July 16, 2009

Bill O’Reilly on MJ

by MullOverThis

Right on Bill. 


You hit the nail on the head and smashed it, with a few exceptions.

Although Sharpton has been a long-time friend of the Jackson family, he is “milking” the moment.   

MJ was just an entertainer to many.  Not all Black folks are drinking the kool aid on this one and certainly many of us have not “heroized”, or deified Michael Jackson.  Personally, MJ’s life was tragic and he did not live a life that anyone should want to emulate.  Human compassion causes the good in us to want to see the good in others.  So, even in death, as with most human beings, we don’t focus on all of the gutter talking points on a person’s life.  But the reality is, Michael Jackson did not provide an ideal life for celebrity children as they were reputedly never around any other children (while MJ has been quoted numerous  times as saying children were the only reason worth living) and significantly deprived them of normal socialization skills.  MJ’s conscious construction of his children through ensuring their sperm donors were White and carving their nifty womb-for-hire mothers out of their lives wreak of self-hatred.  Self-loathing Blacks could not have had a better spokesperson, being that MJ planned to and did legally procreate non-Black children, and actually “de-Blacked” himself as much as he could.  Forget the debt factor in relation to the philanthropic giving.  His spending on medication–allegedly because of  drug dependency–in what really needs to be examined.  Additionally, no well-adjusted stable grown man walks around in underwear entertaining and befriending young boys whether there was literal pedophilic contact or not.  People have the audacity to laud MJ for being a great father while living a life allegedly riddled with drug addiction.  I will have to agree with you, that only in this country can someone be so visibly inept and then celebrated because he was a paramount entertainer.  FYI Bill:  Many African Americans raise their children NOT to be like Michael Jackson.  Who wants to live and probably not be genuinely fulfilled?

Lastly Bill, you have conveniently overlooked a number of other endearing commentaries from White people during MJ’s celebration of life that was more than delusional.  Brooke Shields immediately comes to mind.   Please be equitable and just in your disdain for the post-mortem crowning of MJ by his fans, which may be quite difficult for you as is often the case for White folk who try to analyze Black folk.  By the way, some of MJ’s largest and most lucrative concerts were played before audiences of people that looked like MJ’s kids, MJ after enough plastic surgery to re-compose himself, and your own (Bill O’Reilly’s) family–White people.  So, the absurd international influence MJ has had has never been a Black thing, and cannot ever credibly be characterized as such.

Note:  Clearly, MJ’s fan base is not solely comprised of African-Americans and White people.  MJ’s influence crossed all so-called barriers and stratifications.  This post is specifically designed to respond to the criticism of Bill O’Reilly and his take on the media and public’s reaction to MJ’s death.


July 16, 2009

Sixty-nine Year Old Dies and Leaves Orphaned Twins

by MullOverThis

There are a number of isolated cases of older women having babies as “seasoned” senior citizens.

So, now one dies and leaves her twins without a mother or father, having conceived them through donated eggs, a sperm donor and the trusty In Vitro fertilization process. Reputedly, after giving birth, the woman developed cancer.

In a nutshell, a mother dies of cancer. Yet, with the kind of journalism we see today, the dialogue leading to the bottom line misses the quintessence of the matter:   Her age had nothing to do with it.|main|dl1|link3|