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July 2, 2008

Don’t Sleep On Diabetes

by MullOverThis

Although I believe in divine healing, healing comes in different manifestations.  We ought to pray and to believe God for our bodies to be in perfect health and wholeness.  It is also vital to use common sense and take care of our bodies.  Once we are diagnosed with a sickness–which may be genetic, have developed spontaneously, or brought on through lack of care or ignorance–how we respond to it is up to us.  Surgical, medical, homeopathic and faith healing are all viable pursuits to deal with challenges to our health.  Whatever we do, we are to live by faith. 

I’ve had surgery and prayed over the anesthesiologist, surgeons, surgical nurse and everyone else before I allowed them to knock me out.  I had NEVER had a surgical procedure before, and was not aware of any aversions/allergic reactions to anything at all.  The anesthesia almost killed me.  I could not breathe, and my lungs were severely compromised after the surgery.  I could not breathe normally on my own until 7 days after the procedure.  I understood the power of prayer once I was trying to recover.  So, in all health matters, prayer is a strong recommendation.

Prevention is the best strategy to insure wellness, total health and complete prosperity.  One must “know” in order to prevent sickness and diseases, much of which can be avoided.  Knowledge is power.  Applied knowledge is wisdom.  In the African-American community diabetes is rampant, and is the fifth leading cause of death in the United States. 

So, here are some links to power below so you and I can operate in wisdom and preserve life:


For statistics on African Americans & Diabetes:

Links to diabetes websites:


July 2, 2008


by MullOverThis

The hike in gas prices has caused lifestyle changes for many who cannot afford to pay $4 and up per gallon.  Just for general principle sake, many are not driving as much because somehow in our minds, we just should not have to pay so much money for gas.  Not one day has gone by–not one–where I haven’t heard someone complain about the rising cost of gasoline, passed right onto the consumers.  So, check out the link below for some tips on how to be cost-effective with these ridiculous prices. 

Then take a few deep breaths and hope that they don’t go up to $7 per gallon, as some analysts project.  Let the thought of an organized boycott run across your mind.  I hope to see one where Americans refuse to purchasing gas for an entire weekend and walk, ride or use public transportation.  Just like the good old civil rights days, we can gain some extra cardiovascular exercise through a long brisk walk.  When the oil companies scream, “ouch, our revenue has been affected” and there are billions of dollars in lost work productivity for those unable to get to work, the government will intervene. 

As usual, mulloverthis.

For tips on how to save gas, click below: