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May 25, 2011

Is Dove’s Ad Racist?

by MullOverThis


This advertisement has stirred up quite a bit of controversy for Dove and the advertising agency that obviously doesn’t have enough Black or non-White executives to get an effective reading on the “racism” meter. Ridiculoids extraordinaire ought get some There Has To Be Racism de-programming.

Mulloverthis takes issue with the misreading and marking of this advertisement as racism on a few grounds:

1.  The presence of Black executives, or Latinas and the like, does not necessarily mean that the subtle and/or overt messages from advertisements will be non-racist, or are more likely to be non-racist when critical eyes will find racism in a banana peel.

2.  Had the voluptuous Black model been last and the Caucausion model been first (from left to right), then the critique from those who nourish themselves with Over-Black or Leftist Justice Juice would find the imagery relayed the “Black don’t crack” stereotype and complain about the that, when clearly, the before and after images of skin shows with Dove, skin-be it Black, Caucausion and the like-doesn’t crack or in more acceptable wording, “is smooth”.

3.  Alas, we get a full-figured Black woman with a full head of non-straight hair as a depiction of beauty, and bird-brains still cry wrong representation.

4.  The juxtaposition of the three models does not mean that they read in comparison to one another to assess the effectiveness of Dove upon the skin type based upon ethnicity or race;  The pre-programmed paranoid racist mind is trained to see that as opposed to seeing what Dove soap will do for three beautiful women (probably representative of any woman), varying in complexion, build, ethnicity and skin-type.

This type of hoopla is well within the trenches of ridiculousness.

Are advertisement executives supposed to create work product to cater to those who are so inundated with self-hatred that they would believe they would be more beautiful as they tranformed from a bigger Black woman into a smaller Caucasian woman with straight hair? Is this what the ad relays or what people who need self-esteem read?


September 11, 2008

The Lipstick, Pig, Pit Bull and the Maverick Pen

by MullOverThis

The campaigns from both sides of this election are reaping what they have sown, and are operating with minute integrity.  Can Obama’s reference to Sarah Palin regarding putting lipstick on a pig be moderately deemed sexist and worthy of wasted time?   After all, Palin smugly declared there isn’t much difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull.  Well, let’s not try and be objective at all in sifting through the rubbish to find reason.  Let’s look at the subjectivity of this comment, and use McCain’s own words, referencing Hilary Clinton’s previous health care plan and reform efforts as a guide.

Now, that settles it.  With such an obvious standard, Repubs can’t possible think that their candidate should be able to make such a derogatory reference to Senator Hilary Rodham Clinton’s work, and a few months later cry sexism when Obama makes light of this same reference inferencing McCain/Palin’s creative categorization of their policies and prior performance records. These comments were not directed to the person of  Governor Sarah Palin as the inflammatory Republicans, who must fatten themselves on freshly squeezed hypocrisy juice in the mornings, have suggested.  Where was Swift when McCain slammed Hilary’s plan with the same crafty commentary? 

Swift needs to go sit down, or confess that she put her foot in her mouth.  Since she is about fairness,  Swift should fairly rebuke her own GOP Presidential candidate for using the exact same terminology that is now so sexist.   I’m not quite sure if Palin is the least bit offended, because after all, Governor Palin is the self-proclaimed pit bull. The difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull is–Lipstick.  Lipstick +pit bull =hockey mom.  And she is the hockey mom.  Are we to believe that the Repub convention backdrop is what made this funny? Acceptable? Laughable? Laudable? At least Palin’s bark is the speechwriter’s bite, evidenced by  her gutsy record in maverick moves like her flip-flop stance in stopping the Bridge to Nowhere, after she allegedly supported it, and hired lobbyists to secure funding for it. 

So, if there must be apologies and sincere repentance, John McCain, the new-found maverick, needs to be first in line for starting the fight. (As an aside, I love it when people re-invent themselves.  It must be nice living in that type of world, where you go to bed Clark Kent and wake up Superman, because you need to get ahead in the polls, when there are no comic strips around.)   Then Governor Sarah Palin should be next for coming on the playground and denigrating herself to  a pit bull with lipstick.   Surely, the pig in lipstick isn’t markedly different than the pit bull in lipstick, or the moose that she shoots.  Maybe the problem is the lipstick.  Or, maybe the so-called misogyny comes into play because the pit bull doesn’t eat slop like the pig who is–and this is a gutbuster– really uglier than the pit bull.   Let’s get the looks thing straight because that is of utmost importance in this election.  The rock star quality is what folks are looking for.  I wonder how relevant and useful rockstar-ness will be, should we be faced with another terrorist attack.  Along with our safety plans, let’s make sure we have the IPODs charged up so we can be inspired with looks and charisma over competency to make effective decisions, and establish realistic policies. (Sarcasm, folks.)

Then Obama, in order of offense, needs to go last. He could use some female sensitivity training and “sweety” de-programming.  Then Palin, McCain, Obama and Biden should all exchange hugs, cry a little bit, use facial tissues (the kind with the lotion in each one) and kiss and act like  we have: a mortgage industry that needs to be reformed, a plummeting housing market due to record foreclosures of family homes, an economy under duress, to balance the budget,  a need for  new gas and natural energy resources, global warming concerns, a war to end, a brewing conflict between Russia and Georgia that does not need to become ANOTHER war for the United States, to address the increased HIV/AIDS infection and death rates within the US (particularly among African American women and men), to address the world AIDS crisis, a need for accessibility and coverage for health insurance for all Americans, to eradicate abortion, to address teenage pregnancy (sorry, it’s still not cute or an untouchable because Bristol Palin is effected) and the alarming increase of STD’s among the youth, to continue to make educational reforms including affordable college tuitions and alternate schooling within localized communities, to re-visit international trade agreements, and the list goes on and on.  Let’s keep those tissues out.  We all have much work to do in the turnaround that must come in the next election.

It’s time for the whimps to stop reading the teleprompters and sticking to the scripts because they really don’t want to reveal  how ill prepared they might actually be to become  POTUS.  Since both parties are now the agents of real change, at least as far as their publicity is concerned, they need to for the gusto.  Show us what you are made of.  Tackle the real issues.  And Governor Sarah, that doesn’t mean bark with some red lipstick on, hockey mom, or re-load your firearm in record time.  It means all the mavericks, pit bulls, and lipsticks, need to know and come up with concrete plans to make sure that this downhill roller coaster ride our country has been on for the last eight years will be over.  McCain/Palin or Obama/Biden,  it is time to get on a new ride, soaring to lead Americans to  a more proficient landscape with opportunities for better lives.


MULLOVERTHIS. The Maverick Pen is retired for now.

September 8, 2008


by MullOverThis

This is an incredible blog about community organizers.


September 6, 2008


by MullOverThis

IF I WERE A BETTING WOMAN, I’d bet a snicker bar that Obama wished he put Hilary Clinton on the ticket as his VEEP choice.  The Palin Appeal and sudden celebrity wouldn’t have half its luster if Hilary were headed to the White House.

Maybe the beauty queen should stop acting like a beauty queen/model in taking such impactful political gigs, as in posing for Vogue’s Cover.  These types of publicity and marketing ploys weaken Palin’s  girl power co-horts’ quest to see her  valued for her “accomplishments” and  viewed through non-sexist categorizations.   Palin should spend the time necessary to equip herself to be a competent VEEP.  She could afford for a college student who just passed a class on US foreign policy to teach her some basic essentials.  We know she just brushed up on what a Vice President of the United States does. Some C+ student with rock star quality can handle the job with some great gumption.  For the sake of the people, Palin can’t afford one more glam lipstick job.  All this hypocrisy is too much for one election season.  When Obama poses like Phillip Michael Thomas, a yonger Billy Dee Williams, or Denzel Washington, instead of capturing the great look and image of a US Senator, then Palin and her feminizers can continue with the potato bucket full of hog feed.  Palin can’t “turn up the volume” on covers capitalizing her looks–which Obama reasonably could because he has the rock star appeal as well–but want to just be another politician who happens to be a woman and wants to be treated equitably.  Palin can’t pimp and play the beauty queen card if she doesn’t want to be handled as such.

If Palin must do more photo shoots, hopefully Trig will at least be the focus so he can cause the scales in Palin’s mind to be more weighted for him.  It must be a challenging thing for a special needs child to have to compete with his mama’s entrance to the world stage.

September 5, 2008


by MullOverThis

This author claims to have known Governor Sarah Palin since 1972.  He too, identifies and speaks quite well for himself:


And, the co-horts claimed she has made accomplishments in education and the school systems.  Again, what are Sarah Palin’s accomplishments? 

Where are the letters from Alaskans who can chronicle Sarah Palin’s accomplishments?

September 5, 2008


by MullOverThis

Click here  to see how some social workers feel about Palin’s comment against Obama’s community organizer experience:

September 4, 2008


by MullOverThis

Ann Coulter penned an article, “THE BEST MAN TURNED OUT TO BE A WOMAN”.


I’m not surprised that ANN and other inner-cusp Repubs will justify this appointment at any cost.  The flags of sexism will continue to be posted wherever there is a legitimate challenge to Palin’s ability to be a decent mother to her THREE CONSIDERABLY UNDERAGE CHILDREN while she is supposed to be the Vice President of the United States.  Motherhood and family values are of utmost importance to the GOP platform. Palin’s appointment proves that for this possible administration, this is theory at best.  Let’s all work and fight for ideals and principles but not live them.

McCain’s need for a gun-toting, pro-life, tax-cutting young female GOP running mate outweighs any other concerns.  For instance, McCain’s age and medical history was not a priority in appointing a POTUS-ready running mate.  Did GOP nominee McCain get the memo that if he wins the election, he would be the oldest US President to enter office?  McCain should have made the readiness of his VP to lead this nation of utmost importance in his selection.  Whether or not McCain outlives Bristol is not the issue.  McCain is supposed to be planning for the good of our nation–“Country First”– right GOP? The average family has enough sense to have insurance policies in the event of death.  Palin, with two  more months of shaking hands, cramming and trying to learn the ropes, come November is supposed to be mature and ready, God-forbid, to be America’s payout. 

Otherwise, the idea of the small town girl who is not afraid to go against the grain and status quo to effectuate good is admirable.  Palin’s firm anti-abortion, pro-Christian beliefs are welcome.  Her youthfulness adds bliss to the equation.  If McCain wins takes us through the next four years, Palin will be ready to run for President AFTER her on-the-job training.  However, Republicans have been terribly hypocritical in this appointment with Palin’s substantial inexperience (a campaign theme against Nobama), and attempting to posit a mother of FIVE WITH FOUR UNDERAGE CHILDREN traipsing across this country and eventually the world, as the picture of family values in America.  No abortions, Dems.  That’s what matters.  Commitment to EFFECTIVE parenting, or at least having the appearance of the same, is not part of this platform.

Whew, I am ready for a Children First candidate.



July 24, 2008


by MullOverThis

First, we haven’t had the privilege of seeing Obama’s toes or scuffed heels with all of his photo opps, so we can immediately presume that Barry Blitt’s artwork is figurative, at best.  Second, Michelle has had her bad hair days, but we haven’t seen the retro bouffant hair-fro on her yet.  She’s managed to appear like the American classic woman, refined in non-flamboyant designer wear.  Third, Osama Bin Laden isn’t a friend of Obama.  Osama is a close-knit relative of our incumbent President and the former President Bush’s wonderful friends.  That is why allegedly, all of the Bin Ladens present in America during the 9/11 terrorist attack were given clearance and wisked away to safety before our incumbent President took action to protect Americans.  (See Michael Moore’s  Fahrenheit 911 documentary).  Fourth, Obama’s vertical face is not that much longer than Michele’s.  The Mrs. has  quite a long face and the marked difference hints of great distortion in their real likenesses.   Fifth, the Obama’s wouldn’t be burning an American flag.  According to Obama’s critics, he wouldn’t even have one around to be burned.  Sixth, if this were to be taken literally, the machine gun would be on Obama’s back filled with pellets to traumatize anyone who dared to talk about his wife who dares to put herself under public scrutiny by being an active voice on his campaign trail, and would most probably be an active Washington First Lady.   Seventh, Michele’s black power militia attire almost worked. But, upon careful inspection of the pattern on her pants they were made for bird watching, not terrorism or war.  The pants are a dead giveaway.  This depiction must be satire.  

Furthermore, this cover and story must have been directed to its own constituency of  Fru fru wanna bees, the self-proclaimed savvy eclectics, legitimate upper crust New Yorkers, and left over New York Times or Wall Street Journal readers.  This type of cover and its consequent dialogues would go well with fresh fruit and brie, or a toasty frappachino at a side-walk cafe or palacial upper East side apartment-house. With the cover’s anticipated controversy, it was also sure to (and certainly did) break traditional New Yorker ranks and get the magazine a reluctant spill-over affinity from anyone afflicted with Obamamania.

The fears that some may have of Obama because of his Muslim background may have been ignited and fueled by this cover.    The imagery inference that Obama has terrorists associations with Bin Laden could be seen as inflammatory and ignores the blatant connection our current lovely leaders have with their dynasty associates–the Bin Ladens.  So, for all those who fear Obama’s covert activity with terrorists, they would be better suited to evaluate the present administration and its relationship to the family of the so-called initiators of terrorist activity against the United States.   

Any critique of Obama and his real allegiance to America will be deemed racist simply because Obama is an African American.  This cover is a question of patriotism.  Yet, it also reinforces the reality that if we have an African American president, the racism sign needs to be posted on the front door of the white house and will be tagged whenever it needs to shut down any unflattering inquiries into Obama, his actions, allegiances and practices.

Finally, the last step for those who don’t want any spoofing of presumed Democratic Nominee for the President of the United States of America Barack Obama, don’t read the cover or its articles at all.

June 4, 2008

Hilary Clinton’s Got Some Nerve

by MullOverThis

The absolute unmitigated colossal gaul or, “audacity of hope”  of Senator Hilary Rodham Clinton to continue her campaign as she congratulates Obama as the Democratic Nominee.  How dare this woman, who was squeezed out of the race by the influence of the media imposing pressure on fluctuating delegates and super-delegates, continue to get up and address the almost 18 million United States citizens that support her candidacy.  Ignore the fact that in terms of the popular vote, Senator Obama did not prevail against Senator Clinton when these demands for unity and the good of the party were at stake. 

Eighteen million votes usually speak volumes: even when the last tidbits were being cast for Senator Clinton last night to get her 55% of the South Dakota votes to win that primary.  However, the morning has arrived and Senator Clinton is allegedly vying for a VP nod on the Democratic ticket.  We shall see who Senator Obama chooses as his running mate.  Nonetheless, Hilary fought a good fight and apparently, she hasn’t relinquished her gloves.

March 20, 2008


by MullOverThis

In 1991, now Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was the first staunchly conservative Republican African-American Supreme Court appointee. Aforetime, African-American people had enjoyed at least one honorable brother on the bench in the person of Justice Thurgood Marshall. Marshall was instrumental in forging the reversal of Jim Crow laws and securing civil rights for African-Americans in this country. Racism was still bleeding. During Thomas’ confirmation hearings, he firmly withstood racist questioning which presupposed that Thomas was not as intellectual as his Caucasion counterparts. He berated the confirmation committee by calling the process a “…circus…”, “…sick…”, and “…a high tech lynching”. Any African-American who has been in upper echelon academia, business or intellectual settings can probably agree with how Thomas must have felt. Regardless of independent achievements, folks oftentimes think that some other factors must be at play to explain the brillance of an accomplished African American.

So, when the charges of sexual harrassment were levied against Thomas, this too came into the backdrop of lynching another “uppity” negro. Anita Hill’s credibility, professional experience, record of the incidents, and testimony was heard, but did not trump Thomas’ repeated denial of all allegations. Although I was much younger back then, I remember thinking why would this woman tarnish her reputation to lie against this man? What amount of money, if she were bribed, could be worth the stigma? She is a well-established professional woman with much to lose. Thomas denied the allegations. Hill becomes questionably known as a liar who Democrats conjured to thwart Thomas’ appointment. Sexism was bleeding too.

Although most sexual harrassment and assaults against women are not baseless, the minute incidence that is proven to be false becomes the concentration. Experts play on this common belief which serves to discourage women from opening their mouths, cause “no one will believe me anyway”. Hill’s detailed allegations caused an upsurgence of support from women’s rights organizations and brought the treatment of sexual harrassment in the workplace to the limelight.

Thomas was appointed, and has been relatively quiet during most questioning sessions before the Supreme Court. While his silence may be construed as that of an inferior mind, Thomas has bluntly stated that he need not compete with the other super-verbose justices who routinely excavate all the necessary information for issuing a judgment anyway. He does not engage in needless calisthenics to prove his competency. Supreme Court decisions written by Thomas prove that not only has he been competent, but also has been stellar at succintly writing decisions.

Yet, almost 17 years later, Thomas’ career thus far is not only clouded as being one who waited for Scalia to know how to think, but also wonders whether he has every really been truthful. In Thomas’ 2007 book “My Grandfather’s Son”, he dubbs Anita Hill as “most traitorous adversary”. Hill, currently a law professor, maintains her testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee during Thomas’ appointment hearings were true. Hill penned, “Speaking Truth to Power” (Doubleday, 1997) which gives more information about her experiences with working for Justice Clarence Thomas. Hill has proven to be a gem in academia.   Her testimony caused the barometer examining sexual discrimination in the workplace to prescribe greater scrutiny and procedural safeguards today.