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September 11, 2008


by MullOverThis

For an analysis of Philip Berg’s claims against Obama, please check out the website below:

Philip Berg is the attorney who filed suit against Barack Hussein Obama, the DNC, and Federal Election Commission challenging the authenticity of Democratic Presidential Nominee Barack Hussein Obama’s requisite citizenship status for the US President.  The Herald Times reported, “In the past decade, Berg challenged the results of the 2000 presidential election, sued the Bush administration in 2004 for alleged complicity in the Sept. 11 attacks and filed a suit recently claiming that Sen. Barack Obama is not really a U.S. citizen.” 

Interesting.  Although many Americans were outraged by what many considered to be Al Gore’s ambush and  loss of a stolen presidency through fraudulent voting processes, we eventually settled for the Supreme Court decision and went with the flow.  We accepted the US Presidency of George Bush.  As our awareness of the alleged US involvement in the 9/11 attacks increased, many asked why weren’t there any challenges to this cover-up.  Some even demanded our incumbent President be impeached.  Berg was involved in filing suits to get answers and accountability.  Now that he dare to question Obama, critics have the nerve to say his actions should be dismissed and overlooked.  Obamamania should automatically prevail. Where is the allegiance to principle?  Do we dismiss it because we like this guy and it is too late? Where was this same remedy when the Gore/Bush countdown was a reality.  The Supreme Court settled it. 

On a day like today, when the calendar marks 9/11, for anyone who was cognizant during the terrorist attacks in 2001, we see how vulnerable we really are, in an instance of moment, when we are not prepared or aware.  Today, we know that intelligence reports were overlooked, discounted or simply tabled.  Today, we know that principle was compromised in many respects, not just because of mistakes or lapses in judgment.  To those who we look to uphold principles, we needed answers. 

Some things will never be fully disclosed in complete truth.  That is why we have the ability to seek justice.  Although Berg may not prevail in his case against Obama, he has the right to demand accountability when there are serious questions.  Principle and adherence to it, is what we need and expect.  Our expectation should not change when we might not like the outcome.  This is not an attack against a man because he is Black.  This is an attack against a man because this may be a literal loophole in his eligibility to satisfy the requirements to serve as POTUS.  Principle and adherence to the governing law should prevail, not our own political affinities or preferences.  The satisfaction of all constitutional requirements are not  just for pro-Hilary bloggers, but anyone who wants to know if a presidential candidate fits the bill according to the US Constitution.

See the Herald Times article on this lawsuit:

Mulloverthis:  If I am against drunk driving and outraged by it when no one in my backyard is harmed, I should still maintain the same principle, when I am committed to being morally consistent, it my own son is a habitual drunk driver and murders someone.  My views about the ills of drunk drivers don’t change because my son is on the dartboard.  I may have compassion and help him as much as possible and can even hope for leniency.  However, if it doesn’t happen, then when I’m upset, my feelings shouldn’t be directed towards anyone who asserted their rights to receive justice. 

September 11, 2008

The Lipstick, Pig, Pit Bull and the Maverick Pen

by MullOverThis

The campaigns from both sides of this election are reaping what they have sown, and are operating with minute integrity.  Can Obama’s reference to Sarah Palin regarding putting lipstick on a pig be moderately deemed sexist and worthy of wasted time?   After all, Palin smugly declared there isn’t much difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull.  Well, let’s not try and be objective at all in sifting through the rubbish to find reason.  Let’s look at the subjectivity of this comment, and use McCain’s own words, referencing Hilary Clinton’s previous health care plan and reform efforts as a guide.

Now, that settles it.  With such an obvious standard, Repubs can’t possible think that their candidate should be able to make such a derogatory reference to Senator Hilary Rodham Clinton’s work, and a few months later cry sexism when Obama makes light of this same reference inferencing McCain/Palin’s creative categorization of their policies and prior performance records. These comments were not directed to the person of  Governor Sarah Palin as the inflammatory Republicans, who must fatten themselves on freshly squeezed hypocrisy juice in the mornings, have suggested.  Where was Swift when McCain slammed Hilary’s plan with the same crafty commentary? 

Swift needs to go sit down, or confess that she put her foot in her mouth.  Since she is about fairness,  Swift should fairly rebuke her own GOP Presidential candidate for using the exact same terminology that is now so sexist.   I’m not quite sure if Palin is the least bit offended, because after all, Governor Palin is the self-proclaimed pit bull. The difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull is–Lipstick.  Lipstick +pit bull =hockey mom.  And she is the hockey mom.  Are we to believe that the Repub convention backdrop is what made this funny? Acceptable? Laughable? Laudable? At least Palin’s bark is the speechwriter’s bite, evidenced by  her gutsy record in maverick moves like her flip-flop stance in stopping the Bridge to Nowhere, after she allegedly supported it, and hired lobbyists to secure funding for it. 

So, if there must be apologies and sincere repentance, John McCain, the new-found maverick, needs to be first in line for starting the fight. (As an aside, I love it when people re-invent themselves.  It must be nice living in that type of world, where you go to bed Clark Kent and wake up Superman, because you need to get ahead in the polls, when there are no comic strips around.)   Then Governor Sarah Palin should be next for coming on the playground and denigrating herself to  a pit bull with lipstick.   Surely, the pig in lipstick isn’t markedly different than the pit bull in lipstick, or the moose that she shoots.  Maybe the problem is the lipstick.  Or, maybe the so-called misogyny comes into play because the pit bull doesn’t eat slop like the pig who is–and this is a gutbuster– really uglier than the pit bull.   Let’s get the looks thing straight because that is of utmost importance in this election.  The rock star quality is what folks are looking for.  I wonder how relevant and useful rockstar-ness will be, should we be faced with another terrorist attack.  Along with our safety plans, let’s make sure we have the IPODs charged up so we can be inspired with looks and charisma over competency to make effective decisions, and establish realistic policies. (Sarcasm, folks.)

Then Obama, in order of offense, needs to go last. He could use some female sensitivity training and “sweety” de-programming.  Then Palin, McCain, Obama and Biden should all exchange hugs, cry a little bit, use facial tissues (the kind with the lotion in each one) and kiss and act like  we have: a mortgage industry that needs to be reformed, a plummeting housing market due to record foreclosures of family homes, an economy under duress, to balance the budget,  a need for  new gas and natural energy resources, global warming concerns, a war to end, a brewing conflict between Russia and Georgia that does not need to become ANOTHER war for the United States, to address the increased HIV/AIDS infection and death rates within the US (particularly among African American women and men), to address the world AIDS crisis, a need for accessibility and coverage for health insurance for all Americans, to eradicate abortion, to address teenage pregnancy (sorry, it’s still not cute or an untouchable because Bristol Palin is effected) and the alarming increase of STD’s among the youth, to continue to make educational reforms including affordable college tuitions and alternate schooling within localized communities, to re-visit international trade agreements, and the list goes on and on.  Let’s keep those tissues out.  We all have much work to do in the turnaround that must come in the next election.

It’s time for the whimps to stop reading the teleprompters and sticking to the scripts because they really don’t want to reveal  how ill prepared they might actually be to become  POTUS.  Since both parties are now the agents of real change, at least as far as their publicity is concerned, they need to for the gusto.  Show us what you are made of.  Tackle the real issues.  And Governor Sarah, that doesn’t mean bark with some red lipstick on, hockey mom, or re-load your firearm in record time.  It means all the mavericks, pit bulls, and lipsticks, need to know and come up with concrete plans to make sure that this downhill roller coaster ride our country has been on for the last eight years will be over.  McCain/Palin or Obama/Biden,  it is time to get on a new ride, soaring to lead Americans to  a more proficient landscape with opportunities for better lives.


MULLOVERTHIS. The Maverick Pen is retired for now.

September 2, 2008


by MullOverThis

Senator John McCain, the Republican nominee for President of the United States of America, selected Sarah Palin, current governor of Alaska, as his running mate.  Sarah Palin is the woman that Senator McCain expects the American public to support as Vice President of the United States.  McCain must have missed the Vice Presidency job description briefing.  This individual will be the acting President if he became incapacitated, and the President if he dies in office.  The only critical questions are who are McCain’s advisers, what part of his foot did McCain use to make this decision, and who is going to play “mother” to Sarah Palin’s five children while she may be the Vice President of the United States for up to eight years. 

Governor Palin has been hammered throughout the media and across dining room tables all over this nation as the most fool-hearty Vice Presidential pick since Dan Quayle.  The thought of Sarah running this country–if McCain succumbed during his Presidential term–is equally humorous and frightening at the same time:  Not because she has no national experience or foreign policy experience.  Governor Palin is a Christian and vocal anti-abortioncide politician.   She was a small town mayor and is currently in her first term as an executive leader as the Alaskan Governor, and is only running for Vice President.  The Democratic Nominee for President, Senator Barack Obama, has only one completed US senatorial term under his belt, and no executive or foreign policy experience.  Yet eighteen million people and counting have fallen prey to his charisma, wisdom in hiring and following the counsel of advisers, consultants, and marketing/media experts, and personal leadership style.  So the alarm for “what in the world is happening to our country” had already sounded when we put our incumbent President in office.  Then we had the nerve to put him in office again.  We are to believe that the best of the hopefuls include Obama (the most competent thing we’ve seen in political pull-ups who at least has a real adult politician on his ticket, Senator Joseph Biden) who is running against someone who we hope doesn’t take an earthly exit while in office (McCain, coupled with someone who just came out of the birth canal, yippee Governor Palin).  Has John McCain ever heard of the expression “the pot calling the kettle black”?  Obviously Obama’s relative inexperience cannot be a further concern for the GOP when their VP pick is a glorified soccer mom who just woke up as a politician, and desperately needs a 2008 savvy hairdresser and stylist.

With McCain’s selection of Governor Palin, I have a serious noteworthy proposal.  He can continue to solicit the support of pro-Hilary Obama defectors by appointing my mom as the Secretary of State.  I promise McCain, fingers crossed and hope to die live, that he will not find any scandalous incriminating evidence in my mother’s closet.  Nope.  Nada.  Zilch.  She is good to go and excellent at diplomacy.  If Palin can manage her 9,000, and be suitable for Vice President, then certainly my mom is qualified with over 30 years in the medical field to be the Secretary of State.  By the way, she has not interviewed with MTV political commentators like Governor Palin, but she has watched enough CNN, MSNBC and FOX News and argued with the political pundits (unbeknownst to them) in her own family room.  And, trust me, she takes them down every time.  My mom would at least have enough sense to hire the right personnel, and take their advice.  McCain could speak to my mother–maybe even twice or three times which is considerably more than he bothered to spend with Governor Palin–to be oversecure that she is the right woman for the job.  And, the whip cream on top asssurance McCain would have is true feminists wouldn’t have to be alarmed about her defying the advances of women who have proven that they can do it all–work and be real mothers at the same time.  All of my mom’s children are grown adults. Sarah Palin is the one with five children, four of whom are under age 18. This nation should not have to look at Governor and hopefully never Vice President Sarah and wonder does she know where her children are today.  Oh yeah, their father, the hired nannies and secret service agents will have to nurture her young.

With all of the criticisms of Governor Palin as the GOP Vice Presidential pick, the absent critique,  which is of utmost concern to this blogger is, is this true feminism?  A mother of five (with four young children) so engaged in her career that she didn’t have enough sense to say “no” when she got the invitation to run all over the country campaigning and could possibly have to put her children on hold for the next four to eight years, is supposed to be the picture of family values.  REAL mothers don’t write paychecks to pay other people to be the principle caretakers of their children.  Governor Palin just allegedly had a son with Down’s Syndrome.  The first few years of a Down’s child’s life are the most critical for development and will largely predict his ability to grow to be personally independent.  So, to the wiseguys who thought Hilary supporters would be drawn to the GOP ticket because Governor Palin is a female missed it.  Hillary mothered Chelsea Clinton.  Well-rounded women who are not selfish hedonists take care of the basics first.  Young human beings who did not ask to be conceived and born have a right to have a mother who is perfectly capable of being a mother to them, do what she signed on to do when she gave birth to each of them.  Governor Palin needs to go somewhere and sit down instead of contributing to the reason why so many of our children continually become inept adults.

This appointment to the GOP ticket shows that McCain is in this to win at the cost of our nation’s future if something happens to him.  If his judgment led him to pick Palin, then my judgment leads me to pick anyone but him.  Hilary. Palin. They can’t even be typed in the same sentence, more or less compared.  Obama/Biden may win by default.  Regardless of how much pro-Hilary voters may not have wanted to choose Obama, no one in their right mind can put someone in office who just may leave us with Palin as the President of the United States of America.  President Palin.  Someone, please get me an icepack. Now, I must retire and account for each precious moment.   I’m expecting a phone call from McCain’s camp any moment now for some sort of cabinet position to appeal to his young African-American female constituency.  My blog and political opinions should suffice as enough political experience.

July 24, 2008

Jesse and Obama: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

by MullOverThis

Democratic intra-party sparring continues as Jesse Jackson painstakingly made a co-guest commentator aware of his disgust for what he perceived as Obama “talking down to Black people”.  Jackson specifically referenced one of the Bush administration’s babies, the faith-based initiatives, betwixt and between the initial whispered tirade and denoted that he wanted to  “cut his [Obama’s]  balls off”. 

Here’s my take on Obama and faith based initiatives as posted on another blog:      “Obama’s decision to support faith-based initiatives is more so a strategic move to garner more of the conservative Christian support, and to fortify allegiances from African American clergy,  than it is to continue the programs and policies.   Obama is working to narrow the existent gaps  between himself, staunch conservative Christians and lingering African American Hilary loyalists.  Jesse Jackson’s commentary, albeit tasteless and possibly divisive, is reflective of how many African Americans feel about Obama but just are not willing to pronounce because after all, Obama just may be the first African American President of the United States.  Jesse and our local grass roots civil rights activists don’t need to look for another day job because their agenda is pretty much mutually exclusive to that of Obama.”   Expanding Bush’s faith-based initiatives as part of Obama’s hopeful Presidential administration would be part of the bi-partisan change that makes Obama the deal breaker for those who are disgusted with traditional political party lines.

As for Jackson’s insipid comments, I don’t think anyone would query with the fact that they were terribly unseemly in timing and substantive content.  That was bar room, sports locker, street level, gangsta-style hood talk.  We weren’t ready for that raw lingo on CNN or Fox News from a reverend.  Jackson simply “played” himself.  He failed to camouflauge his newsroom ready decorum until the cameras were completely turned off.  He might have even made the co-guest commentator uncomfortable having to sift through such refuse between takes. 

Jesse apparently has issues with how Obama addresses Black people and whatever his gripe is with Obama, I don’t think it should be taken as a general dislike for, or disapproval of, Barack Obama for President.  No politician, especially one of Jesse’s caliber and historical presence as a Civil Rights leader, is going to see eye to eye with everything Obama says, particularly when it boils down to the African American community.  Jackson and Obama are two different Black men who have incredibly different paths in life, political careers and national agendas.  Many civil rights leaders fare with Jesse in Obama’s approach to dealing with issues that affect our community.  Hence we can now appreciate the last minute trump  into Obama’s bandwagon and failure to endorse him as their candidate of choice–but support the campaign– until Hilary bowed out of the race. 

So, this Jesse Jackson faux pas was just that: a faux pas or boo boo.  This is not an egregious breach between two Black men.  Obama is going to have to work with the good old boys, blue bloods and old school civil rights activists to make it to the White House.   The race card sword is double-edged and since Obama’s campaign uses it, it just may swipe a good cut against themselves.  Obama can’t berate fathers in the black community on Father’s Day and not expect distance and an aftermath from leaders who have worked to publicly advance the imagery of African American men.  Clearly, Obama and his nifty advisors would not find it fitting to go to a mother’s day event and talk about individual responsibility and the social ills of manipulating women who cause men to walk away from full responsibility as fathers rather than endure eternal fighting. Nor would he focus on the increasing number of absentee and deadbeat moms.  There is a time and a place for everything, and with such a strong absence of vigorous speeches bolstering the African American community, Obama needs to lighten up on the rare insular communique he makes when addressing any African American demographic.

July 1, 2008

Obama & Clinton Meet to Unify the Democratic Party

by MullOverThis

I don’t think these two have the power to unify the Democratic Party.  They do, however, have the ability to put differences aside and make the best of the mayhem.  Obama and Clinton have negotiations underway with the genius of a familiar attorney to both of them–their book deal patron,  Robert B. Barnett.

Reputedly at issue are some housecleaning concerns such as Hilary’s campaign debt, her role in the upcoming national convention and on the campaign road, and the use of Clinton’s former staff in Obama’s campaign.  My advice to Senator Obama and his assortment of advisors is well represented in a mulloverthis comment posted on the Root:

“…To all Obamaites who think that he can win without the support of Clintonites, think again.  Obama BARELY won the popular vote.  According to presidential history, he did not prevail in enough key states to beat McCain in the delegate counts either.  Hilary moreso prevailed in the “major” states.  Unity–or at least settling for best of the least– is a prerequiste for Obama to be our next president.  So, Obama and his deluded champions need to calm down and figure out how to secure Hilary supporter votes and those of non-war non-Bush republicans.  That is the only way Obama has a chance.  Remember, he hardly beat Hilary, who could follow the leads of the other democratic presidential campaign drop-outs:  Hold a press conference, endorse Barack, and go on vacation. ” 

In other words, Obama needs to try his best to supplement Hilary Clinton’s expenses for the national convention and make Clintonites feel well-adjusted in transitioning to his camp, at least to the millions that will take the leap. Let this quest for unity be a litmus test for Obama’s ability to unify America. 

Obama, we are watching. You ought to be able to converge with one commander-in-chiefing woman.

May 1, 2008

What Will Happen With McCain, Hilary, Obama and Wright

by MullOverThis

Reputedly, McCain’s campaign has counted Hilary Clinton out.  What a demonstration of pompousity to its height.  Or, maybe this is just the type of touting we can expect from two men who appear to be quite frustrated with having to take Hilary as a serious contender in the first place.  The Pennsylvania win and current edge Clinton has against McCain in some of the latest polls is not enough for McCain to consider.  But the latest AP poll showing Hilary has a nine point lead over McCain as the most likely President should not fall on deaf McCain ears.  Seems like the old boys network is tightening its ranks to squeeze Hilary out of the race, as momentum builds for her candidacy.  So the defection of a former DNC chairman super-delegate to endorse Obama is not a surprise.  The subtle impression these moves would try to give the public is that Hilary can’t beat McCain so why even pay attention.  But the reality is, she can beat McCain, and probably would fare better against him than Obama.  So to those who don’t have earplugs in while crossing a busy street against a red stoplight and the warning hand sign, don’t fall for the hype.  The boys feel the pulse of too much happening for Hilary that just may put her in the White House.

One thing we do know, either Hilary or Barack will have to bow out within the next few weeks.  The DNC Chairman has put up the flag and one of the hopefuls must quit to foster unity within party ranks to beat McCain.  I really don’t think this will be quite difficult, because once press coverage narrows to the Democratic candidate versus McCain, McCain own words will push voters to make sure we don’t have a borderline Alzheimers patient in office.  Even his honorable military service can’t justify the concept of 100 more years in Iraq.  Forget McCain’s temperament.  Something must be wrong upstairs to think that Americans will tolerate another term in Iraq, more or less another century, if necessary.  Hopefully, Americans will put someone in office who will have the wherewithal and  ability to get us out much sooner.

Hilary just needs to keep campaigning and focus on her agenda.  She does not need to capitalize on any Obama or McCain mishaps or blunders.  These gentlemen are about to box it out with one another.  Obama needs to focus on his campaign and issues that will repair the breach his comments have made against the working class.  There is no advantage, whatsoever, to dwell in  Pastor Wrightville and attempt to disassociate or denounce any of Wright’s statements or actions.  Obama, in my opinion, slaughters his own credibility by acting as if his former Pastor’s commentary and mentality is a news flash to him.  Again, no real-life church member sits and is an active part of a church for 20 years and does not know the heart and sentiments of the pastor. 

If any one thing can be credited with reversing Obamamania,  Pastor Wright holds the winning ticket.  Pastor Wright feels the need to be as arrogant as he possibly can in providing pedantic context to his messages which he claims was discolored by biased repeated airings of sound bytes and edited clips.  This mission of Pastor Wright’s, of course, since he can’t even make himself appear to be humble, cannot wait until the criticism dies down so that Obama can begin to recover from public scrutiny for sitting under a man who can justify cussing from the pulpit.  And, Wright’s weak-kneed current attempts to cloak his inappropriate editorializations in the guise of the prophetic tradition of the black church is aggregious. 

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Although I may be young, I have been in the black church for almost 40 years.  This pulpiteering may have existed at Obama’s church, amongst others, but is by no means a tradition of the black church.  Here we have another decrepid use of the race card.  Most importantly, authentic prophets don’t take the time to keep explaining why they had to obey God and speak what they were ordered to speak, when it is real prophecy, particularly to an audience that has absolutely no ability to comprehend such an explanation.  So Wright needs to SIT DOWN and enjoy his retirement because this explanation is not cutting the mustard.

If Obama is to recover, he simply needs to keep campaigning and ignore Wright.



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March 27, 2008


by MullOverThis

For those of you who said you don’t want another Bush in office, I guess that disqualifies Obama according to a genealogy report.  Obama appears to be related to both Presidents Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, President Ford, and General Robert E. Lee. McCain appears to be a part of the Bush family tree as well.

So if you are slightly disconcerted by the Bush dynasty’s reputed use of the US Presidency to secure its infinite wealth and power to the demise of hundreds of American lives (check out Michael Moore’s documentary Farenheit 9/11), you will be challenged to vote according to your convictions.  The report says that Obama is a tenth cousin, once removed, from his relatives, the Bushes.   I’d love to see a family portrait with Michele Obama, the budding Senator Obama, and both Bush Presidents. 

Bilary just may take this!

February 3, 2008

Three Kennedy’s Endorse Clinton

by MullOverThis

Regardless of where we go from here, either the first African American man or the first female will be Democratic nominee for President of the United States.  This is a great day in America when two generations ago, this was utterly impossible.  Certainly womens’ and civil rights movements have served to change the climate in America for the better, although we still have work to do in reaching the ideal where racism and sexism is non-existent.

While Obama is surging ahead to tighten the gap between Hilary and himself as the agent of change, some important news was lost in the flurry.  Three of Senator Robert Kennedy’s children–Robert, Kathleen and Kerry–support Hilary Clinton.   I’m not convinced that the Kennedys are the barometer for what is good or right in politics, but these Kennedy’s statements in preference for Hilary is what is telling.  After all of the motivation in the world, the pivotal question that needs to be answered is who is going to get the job done.   Obama says change is key.

What kind of change can we look forward to with Obama?  The kind of change that comes from retaining good counselors and speech writers.  Charismatic change.  Americans do not need to go to bed at night feeling good and inspired to get involved without any REAL change.  With Obama’s history as a public servant in Illinois and as a US Senator, what has Mr. Barack done that is substantially different than any other senator?  What exactly are Obama’s accomplishments that indicate he is not another spoke in the wheels of the political machine?   Please someone help me see the great change that has come as a result of Barack’s leadership.  Charisma and the ability to reach the masses is unique and critical.  But I don’t believe for one second it translates to effective leadership and transformation when it comes to the White House.  Action does.

This is the point that Senator Clinton made in reference to Obama’s MLK and JFK reach to believe beyond the norm.  Senator Clinton remarked that it took a president to get things done and a barage of criticism for racial bias ensued.  If Hilary Clinton were a smurf (merely a character) anything she says about Obama would be spinned and this is what is nasty and divisive.

The truth is there was no insensitivity towards MLK Jr. because MLK Jr. was not the Civil Rights Movement.  MLK Jr. joined a movement that already had national prominence before he arrived.  The work of Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, circuit court justices, civil rights attorneys and civil rights groups helped to provide a sweet context for MLK’s voice.  His voice was a voice of inspiration, unification and non-violent social change.  Surely his leadership and motivational style affected change.  However, it was one that sensibly epitomized the convictions of millions of Americans.  That is why MLK was supported.  All of the sit-ins, boycotts and freedom rides  provoked attention and compelled action because of the economic weight Black folks and our arms in the struggle brought to the forefront.  These actions would have been mere exercise if the President, and so many other politicians and legislators, did not enact and enforce laws and regulations to guarantee our security and entrance into a new era.  THAT IS WHAT TRUE UNITY IS ALL ABOUT. RECOGNIZING THE CONTRIBUTIONS OF MLK JR. in a proper  perspective.  It took LBJ and the gamut of federal leadership to sign, authorize and approve laws and to use their authority to abate the wickedness of Jim Crow eighty years later.  The great national climate did not shift because JFK offered a butterfly soliloquy and locked arms with MLK.  White supremacists did not put down their hoses, stop burning crosses, cease race riots and using nooses, destroying Black owned property and businesses, raping Black women, murdering and lynching black folks and liberal Whites because they were motivated by some speeches.  They got arrested, tried, pushed back by federal troops, US Marshals, the National Guard and the whole nine yards.   Protection and the enforcement of laws came because politicians were part of the formula. Just as the stroke of legislative pens formally established color lines with the Black Codes and Jim Crow laws, it took the stroke of pens to erase them.  The climate is still shifting today because racism in America still exists.

What concerns me is this so-called movement for change, on a platform of nothing distinguishing Obama from his colleagues or predecessors.  This rhetoric is a smokescreen that is questionable in that we really need to examine what lies behind it.  This campaign strategy is brilliant because Americans may become more patriotic but when it comes down to it, some will fan the war that Obama and Hilary are against.  Patriotism is subjective and this reality is what will always present a divide.  Americans may unite in our love for this country, but what we love and do not love about America will never be agreeable to all.  The President’s job is not to over-import the role of national unity which oftentimes conflicts with what decisions are right for America.  This concept is a fairy tale.

January 25, 2008

NEWSFLASH: SLEEP, Yes SLEEP, Is Racial in 2008 Presidential Election

by MullOverThis

President Bill Clinton and I both committed the same atrocity recently.  We were both in church and fell asleep.  President Clinton was seated behind the orator, Martin Luther King III.  I was seated inconspicuously in the pews. I wonder if Bill or my nap was longer.   I felt my head jerking back and forth at least three or four times.  Thank God the preaching Bishop was African American and knows that I respect him.  Otherwise, he might have allowed the precious goldmine of good thoughts to go right out of the window of his mind, along with folks who are determined to put the race card on the table where it does not exist.  I hope the Bishop did not espouse the notion that my sleep was a result of anything other than tiredness and exhaustion. 

When Bill Clinton fell asleep, the normal factors that lead to sleep may have been at play, but were also prompted by how Bill really feels about Black people, according to sentiments expressed online.  Bill’s nap during a momentous memorial speech shows how he really felt about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the whole nine yards, cause if he really cared, he would have prepared by sleeping well the night before.  Note for Bill:   In the future, rest well when attending African American functions.  Naps are inappropriate and a huge statement on how you feel about African Americans–at least the ones who converse with and are influenced by “the Man”. 

Now, the nap was disrespectful and ill-mannered.  It is rude to sit in church and go to sleep especially when you have clear visibility behind the speaker.  So on that note, I owe the Bishop an apology.  And Clinton owes the Reagan’s an apology too, for allegedly falling asleep at President Reagan’s funeral.  Conveniently, Bill and Ronald are like-Caucasioned, so there is no room for intimating racial animosity there.  President Clinton might offer one to MLK III, who might not have even been offended.  I am sure he is used to droplets of spontaneous sleep within the audience after years of public speaking. 

Now, I am not oblivious to racial bias or animus everyday in America.  As an African American woman who does recognize racism and its effects not only in the African American community, I am also careful not to impute foolishness either.  This is the greatest time in our nation’s history where the top two Democratic hopefuls are “never befores”.  We have never had a female president.  We have never had an African American president.  Obama’s presence in this race challenges us to decide whether the African American communal convictions are for equality for all men.  Is equality finally found in “we support our own”, only who is “genuinely” our own, or we support based upon what we have fought for–to be evaluated upon our merit and content of our character.  In discerning uncharted territory, we cannot be so deluded that sleep becomes racial.   

January 23, 2008

Obama’s Litmus Test of A Black Man-How Well Does He Dance?

by MullOverThis

Buck Obama! The caricature of the black-face coon hammering away at an over-sized watermelon wedge came to mind when during the South Carolina debate Senator Barack Obama answered the question, “Do you think Bill Clinton was our first Black President?” Our Black Democratic Nominee hopeful answered in part, “…I would have to investigate his dancing abilities.” Hee hee.  Ha Ha.  Chuckle Chuckle.  Buck. Buck.  Where are all of our socially conscious African American commentators when we need them.  The emphatic pens mysteriously run out of ink when it is time to objectively analyze the use of the race card during this campaign because  Obama will not fare well.  

Although the coon characterization is an admitted stretch here, Senator Obama’s remarks were all too reminiscent of the entertainment value the minstrel coon provided the  massa Caucasian audience by showing the mature black man who certainly isn’t on the equal footing as his contemporary white male counterpart. I’m free, I’m a grown man, but I sure can’t handle any real responsibility because of the pigmentation in my skin, so I’mma dance, dance, dance. How we’ll know if we had a Black president in President Bill Clinton is to judge his “dancing ability”, according to a Black man.  I have a sure feeling that if this commentary came from Hilary Clinton, or any of the other candidates for that matter, there would have been a flurry of headlines with race card references.  Hypocrisy on the African American side of the fence isn’t cute or acceptable by those of us who want equality, NOT merely our turn.   While black men are fighting every day to fight the stereotypes of all black men being criminals, drug addicts, singers, entertainers, multiple babies’ daddies, or experts dribbling the ball, this dancing  joke is what our dimwit Obama felt was appropriate.  A response reflecting the reality of the everyday lives of the educators, doctors, lawyers, investment bankers, journalists, college professors, coaches, scientists, engineers, insurance agents, bankers, entrepreneurs, construction workers, nurses, film makers, pilots, salesmen, architects, horticulturalists, designers, political analysts, CEOs and so much more was not too much to anticipate from Obama, or a real brother who has a pulse on the heartbeat of his brothers throughout this nation.  Yes, we have many great African American dancers, and we should not be ashamed of that.  While we are often relished to just being fun-loving negroes who can’t move beyond entertainment and athletics to be successful, the let’s test Bill’s dancing abilities to see if he is really a brother wasn’t the best approach.  

Suggestion:  Maybe Obama’s consultants should apprise the progressive brother about what images he should NOT make light of, particularly when his camp is being so sensitive about the use of the race card as it is.  The last thing we need is the African American candidate confirming the 2008 coon typology.  The litmus test of a Black man when the entire world is listening should not be how well he can dance, pun intended or not.