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June 21, 2011

An Open Letter to Creflo Dollar

by MullOverThis

Thank you, Creflo, for revealing your feelings and suggested guidance for New Birth members who left Bishop Eddie Long and New Birth.  In doing so, you have also revealed a tremendous problem with the “Doc” syndrome and the boys club amongst pastors/preachers.   Please know that the problem has been forewarned to the Body of Christ in the Word of God, so many of us are not alarmed. Some of us are merely disappointed but will continue to be loyal to God, not the loyal to manipulative “game” Docs engage in, as demonstrated in your plea for New Birth members to forgive your friend.

First of all, Mr. Dollar, church loyalty from parishioners should never be based upon who is your friend, or not your friend.  THE BIG ESSENCE OF CREFLO DOLLAR and who you decide is friend-worthy does not credential or validate whether or not sound people with sound minds should pledge their allegiance to a pompous man who has not demonstrated a modicum of humility to the people of whom you expect loyalty. Pay attention Grand Super Doc, Creflo.  Your friend may still be going to heaven and is human just like the rest of us.  But, before he gets to heaven, he’s got some explaining to do to the Body of Christ.  When your super-buffed and wilfully dressed to show it friend cut the fool enough for him to squirmishly admit he wasn’t perfect, he admitted that there is some stuff going on.  We’d rather not have to know it, but since it amounted to lawsuits, Super Grand Doc, and he is supposed to be a Bishop, you know how this is supposed to work.   

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June 16, 2011

Weiner Resigns

by MullOverThis


Because of all the hoopla the party now faces, due to Weiner’s sexting misappropriations?  Or, his resignation may be a final breath to the nonsense-turned-fiasco because instead of addressing the mess with a modicum of integrity, the otherwise likeable New York congressman allegedly lied about the incident/s.

Like many of his predecessors-politicians with extramarital or freaky-deak shenanigans gone public-Weiner had to accept responsibility and step aside.  For what, I’m not certain because in the total scheme of things, this kind of stuff seems to be a marital more than a governmental problem.  Yet, the public and party insiders who care about the pressures from constituents seems to expect politicians to take the self-inflicted irreparable damage end and resign.  Expectedly, Weiner, in a brief statement, took the prescribed course and unloaded the continued ammunition the Republicans would have against the Democrats.

What is particularly admirable is that whether or not Weiner is genuine in his apology for the lack of discretion evidenced by the juvenile sexting and online parading or not, he had the wherewithal to know that some acknowledgment and an apology to those who relied upon his leadership was necessary.

The great grand pompous Bishop Eddie Long, who has some rocks that he hasn’t yet slung in his slingshot like David used in annihilating David’s seemingly giant enemy, ought to take some lessons from Weiner.  After lying and running his mouth to the press, Weiner made a public apology to his wife, his family and those who stood with him in his career as a public servant.   While the standard of integrity and accountability in the church should be so much greater, the Bishop Eddie Long who had a sexting component to his scandal and alleged sexual escapades with young boys/men has yet to make any public statement demonstrating any amount of humility or admission that at the very least, Bishops don’t take pictures of their buffed bodies and send them to their parishioners (especially when the men who are supposed to be chaste are married and have children).

The handsome sum in the millions (alleged) for settling the lawsuits-again, millions-is a huge rock in a Bishop Long’s slingshot.  However, Bishop Long’s slingshot seemed to have a boomerang effect.  I commend all of the people with common sense who are leaving New Birth and refuse to sit under a leader who would settle in the millions rather than let the truth be made known. Remember, for those who receive restoration for being overtaken in a fault, there must first be acknowledgment of wrong and repentance.  True repentance means the behavior must change because it is WRONG.  Arrogance and regrets for being busted won’t do.

Nuff said.


May 13, 2009

KUDOS Miss California USA

by MullOverThis

The question is not whether Christianphobia is on the rise or not. The question is do people who despise Christians, because we hold fast to the Bible and our faith, have the ability to be equitable and just. 

Imagine the melee gay activists, same sex marriage advocates and the so-called “open-minded” (and I use this characterization lightly) people would have if Mrs. California was pro-gay, and a staunch Christian judge began an uproar because of her support for the advancement of gay rights.  Imagine.  It’s not hard to imagine, because Christians can no longer go to our own churches without being challenged by people who want Christians to deface our teachings and comply with modern “thinking” and ways of living.  When gay people are filthy and downright egregious in their tactics to advance their causes, they are activists.  When Christians do the same thing, we are barbaric bigots.

Perez Hilton probably thought he was going to set Miss California up.  Perez admitted Miss California’s answer cost her the “win” in the Miss USA pageant.  To those who believe her position is outdated and inundated with bias, Perez’s “on the spot” question was fair game.  Again, had Perez been James Dobson questioning a hard core lesbian whose avid response supported same sex marriage, and the lesbian suffered the crown because of her viewpoint, no one in America would be able to take a nap.

When folks believe that terrorizing church members by locking them into a sanctuary is not that big of a deal-but the same action against a bunch of preschoolers by a bunch of young black or latino males would have a community in an uproar-that’s when we know the answers to the pertinent questions.  What is equitable and justifiable is what people want while the means-end application of principle is out of the window.

Kudos to Miss California for her forthright boldness and honesty while enduring another episode of heterophobia for believing in traditional family values.  Just as homosexuals have a right to their opinion, so does Miss California and every other Christian who opposes same sex marriage.


April 20, 2009


by MullOverThis

Not really.  I don’t believe atheists, agnostics, and people of “spiritual paths” other than Christianity are necessarily fearful of Christians.  But since this “homophobia” inflammatory jargon designed to disengage legitimate opposition to the homosexual/gay agenda is now politically correct, I thought the use of the phobia tactic is apropos solely  for illustrative purposes.

The truth is many homosexuals/gays-and those who are simply perceived to be homosexual–have been beaten, persecuted, marred, murdered and discriminated against simply because they are believed to be  homosexuals.  This denigration of humanity is never acceptable.  We need not discuss the historical and current persecution of Jews, Christians, and African-Americans through mass genocide and the like.  The annals of utter hatred against these classes of people cannot be justifiably encapsulated in one blog post.

Yet, the disdain and intolerance of the homosexual lifestyle and agenda is met with a nifty  “phobia” marking. The connotation is as if the logical one who does not agree suffers from some unreasonable fear of what is otherwise simple or normal.   I think it is safe to say, most people do not have “fear” of homosexuals or homosexuality.  The disapproval, rejection and opposition to a thing are not necessarily synonymous with “fear”.  I can’t stand onion rings.  My personal preference is to never have onion rings.  My failure to order onion rings, or efforts to vote them off of the fast food menu does not mean I fear them.  I have made a valuation and judgment that they are not desirable and are not good, although many people may prefer and love onion rings.  My personal beliefs regarding homosexuality are clear:  it is not a desirable lifestyle.  I’m not scared, nor am I ignorant.  I just don’t agree.

My belief system is firmly rooted in my faith and commitment to Christianity.  Need I be “converted” to another point of reason by one whose belief system is rooted in self by way of intellect, education, philosophical affinity or life achievement?  To another woman’s valuations based upon impulse and present life goals and experiences?  To another person’s values because he is good?  To the current trend of thought because it is increasingly common?  The opinionated Christian—not all of us are this involved—has her right to reason to a final resolve just like the non-Christian. We do not enjoy blanket classifications about how we live and respond to the questions of life any more than anyone else.  Our opinions and right to be involved in the political process is no less weighty because we serve the True and Living God.  We need not cow-tow to those who wake up and go to bed and the world should be as s/he thinks based upon the breadth of knowledge s/he has thusly consumed, or those who heighten the import of the human experience.

There is no civil system of government where the law is not largely composed of moral codes.  However a man identifies his own beliefs and morality, and that system of government employs that man’s belief, it is what it is.  Christians have every right, PARTICULARLY SINCE THE UNITED STATES IS FOUNDED UPON JUDEO-CHRISTIAN PRINCIPLES, to stand up for what we believe and what we do not believe.  A crucial tenet of the faith is that God is the Creator and loves all men.  Yet all will not believe what we believe.  We are to share our faith because the relationship with God and benefits of being in fellowship with God are available to everyone.  We are prepared to encounter those who do as we often do to other belief systems:  REJECT the faith. We must simply keep on believing and keep on living.  So then, are we dealing with Christianphobia when some atheists, agnostics, and people of other religions do not accept and conform, form interest groups, create and produce programming released through various media outlets to promote their beliefs, lobby for their beliefs to be encoded as statutory rights, file zillions of frivolous lawsuits, actively discriminate against Christians, endanger the lives of Christians, and fight to thwart the values of Christianity because what they believe should be?



Note:  Not all Christians share this view. The emphasis of the Christian message is that we have all been born in sin, shaped in iniquity, and have the grace of a loving, merciful God to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

March 27, 2008


by MullOverThis

If you don’t know by now, this is not the politically correct blog. 

Thomas Beatie, allegedly a  transgender he-she, is a legal man after having had a sex change (kept her reproductive organs).   Mr./Mrs. is now married to a woman and pregnant.  Another human being who felt trapped as a woman, had to convert her being to be identified as a man.  This feeling is completely distinct from a woman just staying female and living as a lesbian with another woman.  Transgenders have to have the proper sexual identity, which is completely different from the sexual acts or preferences.  So now the former female who now lives as a man has a swelling belly and is reportedly a man having a baby. 

Newsworthiness:  a woman thinks that adding and taking away organs and flooding her body with hormones can change her sex.  The rest of the world needs to maintain enough sense to know that male human beings-men-cannot have babies.  So while this he-she is giving birth from a female womb that she was born with, whether her thought processes allow her to acknowledge the fact that she is still a woman or not, when they cut open the womb and deliver the baby, I hope the proof cries real loud. 

Meanwhile, I’ll be praying that those who choose to believe the Word of God do not fall prey to this  and other influences where everyone loves the “anything goes” lifestyles.  We live in a world where as long as no one is hurting anyone, everyone can live any way they choose to live, even when it defies how God made them.  Those who believe and are awaiting the return of the Lord Jesus Christ must be watchful, because there are not too many more lines that can be crossed or blurred with legitimizing all of the demonic strongholds that mankind has embraced with a picture and a smile.   Jesus loves all of His creation.  Everything God created He loves.  Christians draw by love, but we also have a responsibility to lead others to knowing the fulness of Christ.  That includes what Christ hates and does not accept according to the Word of God.  Sin will cause God to separate Himself from what He loves.

Transgenders are a protected class according to the law.  But when it is all said and done, there is a higher law.  Mulloverthis.

January 3, 2008


by MullOverThis

…So the Philadelphia branch will have to pair fair market rent and lose the privilege of city subsidies OR BE EVICTED because it will not accept “avowed homosexuals” or openly gay scouts or troop leaders.  The National Boy Scouts of America maintains that openly gay men are not suitable role models to represent traditional family values.   Boy Scouts pledge in part “…to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight”.  Apparently heterophobic people, largely homosexuals, feel that their sexual orientation does not violate this pledge.  The Boys Scouts of America maintains that homosexuality does.  In 2000, the US Supreme Court did not find their policy unconstitutional.  The First Amendment afforded this private organization the right to exclude gays, much to the dismay of heterophobes.

Although the Philly chapter says they adopted a non-discrimination policy in 2005 akin to one the New York chapter has, they still have not been able to simultaneously please the mother National Boy Scouts of America who made them revoke one in 2003, and the local city laws which do not permit discrimination against homosexuals.  By the way, the current  City Solicitor,  Romulo  Diaz, Jr.  allegedly is reputed to be gay (we can’t make conclusions), but of course his pursuits against the local branch is not biased. He is just “doing his job”. The prior City Solicitor worked in conjunction with the Philly chapter to author the 2005 anti-discrimination policy.  Allegedly, there have been no reports of discrimination since then, no incidents, yet the language is not clear enough for Mr. Diaz.

The Philadelphia chapter had been enjoying a $1 rent for the scouts office building but since they are violating the City’s anti-discrimination policy by banning openly gay participation, the current City Solicitor who claims he has made continual efforts to bring the troop into compliance, is holding them to a $200,000 tab.  Now isn’t homosexuality supposed to be a person’s sexual orientation?  A homosexual  can be a troop leader or boy scout if he really just wants to be a Boy Scout.  The Boy Scouts is not the place to affirm the moral acceptance of this lifestyle.   To the  extreme,  Boy Scouts do not pledge to be heterosexuals.  Are there no traditions or even new alliances where heterosexuals are free to just be people and do not have to be stampeded by heterophobic people who fear the lifestyles of people who agree to obey natural laws? 

 What are these boy scouts to do? Pay up. As many corporations, religious organizations and public interest groups that have withdrawn their support because of the anti-gay discrimination policy, there are so many groups that don’t want to see flagrant homosexuality as an ideal presented to boys as a model of family values.  Surely, there must be homosexuals within the ranks of the Boy Scouts. They just comply with the don’t ask, don’t tell culture. 

Local chapters need to get subsidies from elsewhere and keep these issues in mind when voting instead of trying to comply with growing pressures for private organizations to dilute their core values and treat homosexuals as a protected class.  Remember, 2008 is an election year and candidates who support gay marriages, unions and have opened up to the heterophobic agenda need to hear from you at the voting machines as you overlook them on the ballots. 

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January 1, 2008

THE UNTOUCHABLES Part II: No Gay Funerals Here

by MullOverThis

images1.jpgimages1.jpgimages.jpg                 It is the wee hours of the early AM, January 1, 2008.  As I reflect on the great things I heard of around this country last year, one of the most impressionable has to be of the stance the Arlington, Texas High Point Church took in refusing to funeralize a gay man in the sanctuary.

It is an arduous task to be objective, not merely malleable, on a day-to-day basis as it is.  When death appears sometimes that is a high time to live solely in our emotions because we can barely handle the reality that a loved one is no longer with us in this in this earthly life.  During these times we must attempt to manage the trips from the conscious to the sub-conscious and back, and still exist with gaping voids that come with the territory of denial, shock, grief and mortal death.

So it is not without compassion and understanding that I reflect on the decision that faithful church made.  It is with agreement with their audacity to stand for principle and not cow-towing to public opinion, nepotism, or possible attacks from one of the most unrelenting public interest groups in refusing to allow the lifestyle of homosexuality to be part of a celebration of any person’s life, dead or alive, in the house of God that I reflect. The Word of God and the Truth does not operate according to our feelings or thoughts. Our thoughts and feelings should be framed by the Word of God. (Romans 1:24-28; 1 Cor 6:9,10; 1 John 2:15-17; 1 John 4:11-13; 2 Peter 1:3-4; 8 Chap. Romans)

According to a number of reports, the Highland Church agreed to host the funeral as one of the decedent’s family members attended the church (and if I remember correctly, worked on the staff).  Upon learning of the family’s funeral plans in detail, amidst the fact that they wanted to highlight pictures of intimacy between two gay  men at the funeral, and have adulations from gay friends, the church made a decision not to permit the funeral.  During the time of this controversy when I read the church website statement the High Point leadership stated they did not just leave the family with no alternatives.  They provided food for the entire family, found an alternate location for the funeral, and offered to pay for additional expenses.  That is truly the love of God, because I would not have even done that.  The world has got to be crazy to think that they should be able to have gay lovers and cohorts stand in the house of God and reflect and celebrate their lives based upon what the Bible considers to be a sinful lifestyle.  While we do have a flood of homosexuals in mainstream churches across this land, enough of them realize the truth to the degree that they don’t expect the church to celebrate their lifestyle.  The ones who insist on gayitizing David & Jonathan, Jesus, their pet, the spaghetti dinner, plants and the newspaper have enough good sense to join gatherings of people who go for sin and the lifestyle (cause there are no gay churches of the Lord Jesus Christ) and give that a name. 

So while this was a sticky situation where many might find it untouchable, in this blogosphere we are enthused beyond words that this church upheld the banner of righteousness and demonstrated love towards the family at the same time.  In a world where cowards consistently do what is easier as opposed to what is right and difficult, thank the Lord for the High Point Church and others like them who are committed to letting the world know that the church of the Lord Jesus Christ understands true righteousness before the Lord: where our duties are our rights NOT our rights are our duties (we are supposed to be/do what we are entitled to through the “rights” from the Word of God, not have rights based upon what we do/who we are). The High Point Church were not popular in their position but neither was Jesus Christ. 

I pray and look forward to more of these stands this year.  It is a new beginning, and I hope that the Body of Christ will continue to live, breathe and exemplify the heart of God while NEVER compromising to the pressures from those who have a deaf ear to the Word of God.  We must live and cause others to see God, not allow their lives and worldly desires to influence and convert us. When we love God, our loyalty is to Him, not people who want to throw the “love” blanket over every abominable thing and try to bring it to God and expect Him, or His people to bless it. True love is telling the truth and establishing limitations even when it hurts.

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