100 Years to Life for Rape

by MullOverThis

An African American man was sentenced to 100 years to life for two hours of criminal conduct. These are the types of sentences that are completely insane based upon equitable lines, but sure do make me sleep better at night.

Mr. Christopher Pearce, 29, of Roosevelt, Long Island, took an expensive trip to the bank when he broke into his victim’s home and forced her to go to two different ATM locations and withdraw $600 in cash, then forced her to another location and raped her, then forced her to drive back to her home.   Mr. Pearce put robbery, burglary, kidnapping, criminal sexual act, and rape charges in his criminal shopping cart.  He checked out in Nassau County, Long Island and he must pay the piper with a life sentence.

I will not be protesting this decision, just praying that Mr. Pearce will be productive and find meaning to life behind prison walls and gets the help he needs. 










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