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March 27, 2008


by MullOverThis

For those of you who said you don’t want another Bush in office, I guess that disqualifies Obama according to a genealogy report.  Obama appears to be related to both Presidents Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, President Ford, and General Robert E. Lee. McCain appears to be a part of the Bush family tree as well.

So if you are slightly disconcerted by the Bush dynasty’s reputed use of the US Presidency to secure its infinite wealth and power to the demise of hundreds of American lives (check out Michael Moore’s documentary Farenheit 9/11), you will be challenged to vote according to your convictions.  The report says that Obama is a tenth cousin, once removed, from his relatives, the Bushes.   I’d love to see a family portrait with Michele Obama, the budding Senator Obama, and both Bush Presidents. 

Bilary just may take this!

March 27, 2008


by MullOverThis

If you don’t know by now, this is not the politically correct blog. 

Thomas Beatie, allegedly a  transgender he-she, is a legal man after having had a sex change (kept her reproductive organs).   Mr./Mrs. is now married to a woman and pregnant.  Another human being who felt trapped as a woman, had to convert her being to be identified as a man.  This feeling is completely distinct from a woman just staying female and living as a lesbian with another woman.  Transgenders have to have the proper sexual identity, which is completely different from the sexual acts or preferences.  So now the former female who now lives as a man has a swelling belly and is reportedly a man having a baby. 

Newsworthiness:  a woman thinks that adding and taking away organs and flooding her body with hormones can change her sex.  The rest of the world needs to maintain enough sense to know that male human beings-men-cannot have babies.  So while this he-she is giving birth from a female womb that she was born with, whether her thought processes allow her to acknowledge the fact that she is still a woman or not, when they cut open the womb and deliver the baby, I hope the proof cries real loud. 

Meanwhile, I’ll be praying that those who choose to believe the Word of God do not fall prey to this  and other influences where everyone loves the “anything goes” lifestyles.  We live in a world where as long as no one is hurting anyone, everyone can live any way they choose to live, even when it defies how God made them.  Those who believe and are awaiting the return of the Lord Jesus Christ must be watchful, because there are not too many more lines that can be crossed or blurred with legitimizing all of the demonic strongholds that mankind has embraced with a picture and a smile.   Jesus loves all of His creation.  Everything God created He loves.  Christians draw by love, but we also have a responsibility to lead others to knowing the fulness of Christ.  That includes what Christ hates and does not accept according to the Word of God.  Sin will cause God to separate Himself from what He loves.

Transgenders are a protected class according to the law.  But when it is all said and done, there is a higher law.  Mulloverthis.

March 22, 2008

Jeremiah Wright’s Parishoner Speaks

by MullOverThis


In Defense of Rev. Jeremiah Wright by A Parishoner
Body: By Patricia Novick, Posted: Mar 23, 2008

CHICAGO — In recent weeks, as a member of Trinity United Church of Christ, I have experienced pain over the characterization of Pastor Jeremiah Wright as a “radical crazy.”

I am a white, middle-class, middle-aged woman. I chose to attend Trinity because of Rev. Wright – because of the breadth and depth of his biblical knowledge and wisdom, because of the love and caring he extended to his congregants, and because of his message of the possibility of a polity connected in love and compassion.

I have attended Trinity for over ten years. With other healthcare professionals, I am a member of the health ministry, which provides important services to the community. I have participated in nine courses at the church, covering biblical history and scripture. In both of those endeavors, I have been respected for my own opinions, questions, concerns and interests.

I am involved in creating health ministries in a range of congregations in cities in the United States. In the course of my work, I proudly announce that I am a member of Trinity UCC. Invariably, someone will come up to me and tell me of their experience hearing pastor Wright speak at their college, university, or seminary, and how inspirational and moving it had been. I have always felt pride at having pastor Wright as my minister, and it always has been enhanced by what I have heard throughout the country. I have glowed in the acknowledgment of the contributions of my pastor.

When I was a Fellow at the Center for the Study of World Religions at Harvard, I had the opportunity to listen to many exceptional ministers and theologians speak on important issues. I was never as moved by any of them as I have been by Rev. Wright. I have brought people from many faiths and other countries as guests to church with me at Trinity. They always have been unequivocally amazed and exhilarated by the passion, commitment, and quality of the worship experience of my home church.

I am bringing a group of my friends with me to church in April because they have been inundated by scare emails about my church and what it represents. Since Rev. Wright is now retired, I regret that they will not have the opportunity to hear him and judge for themselves, but I know they will recognize the quality of the community that Rev. Wright built.

I have always felt welcome, at home, a contributor, and contributed-to in my home church. Jeremiah Wright has been one of the great teachers in my life and in the lives of so many people of so many colors. When he preaches in a fiery way from the prophetic tradition of biblical figures like Isaiah and Hosea, he reminds us how one can love one’s country and still deplore its shortcomings. Hosea, as much as he loved Israel and longed for its betterment, nonetheless compared his beloved land to a prostitute. Rev. Wright is not preaching as a political figure who must find accommodation and compromise while moving toward attainable goals – as I know Senator Obama will do if he is elected – he is talking about a different and more exacting standard, God’s expectations of us. All true Christians learn the difference between what is owed to Caesar and what is owed to God.

Senator Obama in his recent speech, “A More Perfect Union,”? at the Constitution Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has lifted the spirits and the sights of tens of millions of Americans in his own way and in his own sphere. His judgment of Rev. Wright as a man who did the same thing within his sphere was and is correct. May God bless all those whose eyes are open to see that, and all those who cannot yet but one day will.

March 20, 2008


by MullOverThis

In 1991, now Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was the first staunchly conservative Republican African-American Supreme Court appointee. Aforetime, African-American people had enjoyed at least one honorable brother on the bench in the person of Justice Thurgood Marshall. Marshall was instrumental in forging the reversal of Jim Crow laws and securing civil rights for African-Americans in this country. Racism was still bleeding. During Thomas’ confirmation hearings, he firmly withstood racist questioning which presupposed that Thomas was not as intellectual as his Caucasion counterparts. He berated the confirmation committee by calling the process a “…circus…”, “…sick…”, and “…a high tech lynching”. Any African-American who has been in upper echelon academia, business or intellectual settings can probably agree with how Thomas must have felt. Regardless of independent achievements, folks oftentimes think that some other factors must be at play to explain the brillance of an accomplished African American.

So, when the charges of sexual harrassment were levied against Thomas, this too came into the backdrop of lynching another “uppity” negro. Anita Hill’s credibility, professional experience, record of the incidents, and testimony was heard, but did not trump Thomas’ repeated denial of all allegations. Although I was much younger back then, I remember thinking why would this woman tarnish her reputation to lie against this man? What amount of money, if she were bribed, could be worth the stigma? She is a well-established professional woman with much to lose. Thomas denied the allegations. Hill becomes questionably known as a liar who Democrats conjured to thwart Thomas’ appointment. Sexism was bleeding too.

Although most sexual harrassment and assaults against women are not baseless, the minute incidence that is proven to be false becomes the concentration. Experts play on this common belief which serves to discourage women from opening their mouths, cause “no one will believe me anyway”. Hill’s detailed allegations caused an upsurgence of support from women’s rights organizations and brought the treatment of sexual harrassment in the workplace to the limelight.

Thomas was appointed, and has been relatively quiet during most questioning sessions before the Supreme Court. While his silence may be construed as that of an inferior mind, Thomas has bluntly stated that he need not compete with the other super-verbose justices who routinely excavate all the necessary information for issuing a judgment anyway. He does not engage in needless calisthenics to prove his competency. Supreme Court decisions written by Thomas prove that not only has he been competent, but also has been stellar at succintly writing decisions.

Yet, almost 17 years later, Thomas’ career thus far is not only clouded as being one who waited for Scalia to know how to think, but also wonders whether he has every really been truthful. In Thomas’ 2007 book “My Grandfather’s Son”, he dubbs Anita Hill as “most traitorous adversary”. Hill, currently a law professor, maintains her testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee during Thomas’ appointment hearings were true. Hill penned, “Speaking Truth to Power” (Doubleday, 1997) which gives more information about her experiences with working for Justice Clarence Thomas. Hill has proven to be a gem in academia.   Her testimony caused the barometer examining sexual discrimination in the workplace to prescribe greater scrutiny and procedural safeguards today.

March 20, 2008


by MullOverThis

Remember, this is the man–black, white, yellow, green, navy or brown–who is supposed to be about change.

Senator Barack Obama is Planned Parenthood’s choice.

Look at the history of Planned Parenthood. Investigate the mentality and mission of its founder by visiting the links below:

Margaret Sanger’s work was built upon of foundation of firm beliefs that empowered women to believe that reproductive rights belong to women, IRRESPECTIVE of the Church and should hinge upon a woman’s comfort within her economic status.

” Against the State, against the Church, against the silence of the medical profession, against the whole machinery of dead institutions of the past, the woman of today arises. ”

“War, famine, poverty and oppression of the workers will continue while woman makes life cheap. They will cease only when she limits her reproductivity and human life is no longer a thing to be wasted. ” (Quotations from

OBAMA is their choice.

In the tradition and spirit of Planned Parenthood’s founder, they continue to target Black babies:

Senator Obama may not ever make a straight-forward confession about his support for abortion, but we know how the abortion community feels about Obama. Obama is their man.

March 19, 2008


by MullOverThis

Regardless of where one fares with whether Obama should be our next President or not, Senator Barack Obama’s speech was telling. Because of his diverse racial and ethnic make-up and up-bringing, clearly Senator Obama has an understanding and appreciation for race and its impact from a familial to institutional level in our country. HOWEVER, the empassioned truths that the dear Senator shared from his own life experience and reality may address, but does not answer or resolve, the fact that Obama is a member of a church with a Pastor who has on too many occasions made inflammatory racist remarks. This is a slippery move to align Senator Obama with the Black church and the Black community and explain why he cannot denounce Jeremiah Wright. Jeremiah Wright is not similarly analagous to the Black Community. Neither is Minister Farrakhan, one who Jeremiah Wright allegedly supports. Those who choose to sit under this type of leadership in a pastor make that choice. There are a plethora of politically astute Black male pastors who are empowering this generation to be effective citizens and fight against racism and do not employ language two notches below a good Nation of Islam speech, all in the name of Christ, to do so. Seems like Obama’s speech and its efforts were genuine and will log into the annals of time for great moments in American Politics. But, it was too greasy to stick regarding the Jeremiah Wright issue.

Obama CANNOT claim to be 20 year member of his church to authenticate his longstanding faith in Jesus Christ as the Savior of the world and not know the voice and messages that the pastor preaches/teaches. He cannot legitimately claim that he was never present and in being absent, be shocked and categorically deny the objectionable commentary by Jeremiah Wright. We are to believe that every time Obama’s pastor went off the meter, Obama just did not walk through the church doors. No one in their right or left mind, sits in a church for 20 years and does not know the message, heart, voice or vibe of their pastor and other spiritual leaders. Not unless you really weren’t at church in the twenty years, or you were doing like Bill Clinton and I did, taking naps in church.

So while so many of us were inspired by Senator Obama’s speech, the leap to connect the history and present racial animus in this country against Black people does not excuse Jeremiah Wright and his motivational messages birthed out of a real anger. Mr. no more politics as usual Obama needs to go back to the drawing board and practice being the different kind of politician that he says he is going to be as the agent of change, right now. Tell the truth Senator Obama. Your Black militant pastor has been militant, and you knew it. You could not choose your grandmother or your pops, but you can and did choose the pastor who teaches you, your wife and your children.

Obama’s knowledge of his Pastor’s sentiments does not mean that he completely aligns himself with them, he may just understand them and appreciate all of the other good that comes from listening to Jeremiah Wright’s messages. This entire pastoral relationship and slick defense of it by attaching the Black community as the band-aid, does lend some light to Michelle Obama’s slip a number of weeks ago, where she stated, “For the first time in my adult lifetime, I’m proud of my country…” The need to try to correct this Obamamania stump with the real and present “racism in America” issue while subtlely heightening the insensitivity of those who question Obama’s loud-mouth pastor who has crossed the line is disingenious in my opinion. Of course, I invite you to share yours…

For more on this topic check out the links below:

March 14, 2008


by MullOverThis


Surely, New York State soon to be ex-governor Eliot Spitzer did not anticipate on January 1, 2007 that his governorship would have been so short-lived. Had the root of Dr. Seuss’s influence sprigged into the consciousness of his adult psyche, Spitzer must have known that he was going to get busted. First of all, the building blocks of how to remain in office when your ticket is anti-corruption is clean up the mess in your own closet, or at least sweep it under the rug. In other words, wait until your term is over to think you can funnel thousands of dollars through different accounts, some of which allegedly may have been government funds, to support a specific order for a 105 pound brunnette. So for Spitzer, that should have at least included omitting the frequent visits to whoremongers, or having the whoremongers travel to meet him (Did I say “whoremonger” in 2008? Pass this one up to a turret’s syndrome like moment while typing).

When this revelation of yet another man cheating on his wife broke, I did not think that we would be singing the oh so familiar Mickey Mouse song to the New York State Governor, “Now it’s time (pause) to say good-bye (pause) to all our family…E-L-I…” We are simply dealing with a governor plus a call girl/escort (in the whoredom industry high class call girls should never be categorized amongst menial street level hookers or prostitutes). Well, when we had a married DC Mayor with a hooker (she wasn’t an exclusive whore, so we can appropriately call her a hooker) plus crack cocaine and enough expletives to make the Supreme Court re-think the protections profanity enjoys in this nation, not only was the Mayor re-habilitated, but was re-elected. So Spitzer’s fairly quick departure from the governor’s office may be the right thing to do, but still remains ironic. We must accept the fact that we don’t like men who publicly cheat on their wives in the governorship position. Mayors tend to fare better. A Former New York Mayor thought for five seconds he had a chance of winning the Republican nomination for US President when he completely disrespected his wife and children by allowing his then “other woman” (who is now his wife) to frequent the family residence in overnight visits. His public shuffling of his girlfriend did not stop him from completing his term in office but stopped his children from campaigning for him during his presidential bid.

I’m not quite sure how to process this moral turpitude in the land of progressive immorality. Some of the same people who denounce a married man soliciting hookers will fight for two gay men or women to have the right to marry and raise children. Maybe we should simply be grateful that enough people still prefer governmental leaders to exemplify family values and be faithful to their spouses. And, if there is infidelity the leaders should spend more than 54 seconds giving a blanket apology to the public and family without specifically apologizing to the spouse. While so many don’t respect Hilary because she didn’t leave Bill, she demonstrated that some political families, as well as everyday homes, survive spousal infidelity.

Maybe Spitzer’s exit from office is attributable to the alleged illegal activities and possible future charges. The question remains whether Spitzer’s activities will cost him his wife and family. I personally hope they do not. What people like Spitzer often forget during those brain freeze moments is that the young hot “thangs” are not worth a career, marriage, family, possible loss of license to practice if convicted of a felony, one of Hilary Clinton’s super-delegates, and the list goes on. The face of the order No. 9 speaks of a volume of women who think they are liberated every time they demean and reduce themselves to some money and bling to satisfy men who completely objectify them. The face of Spitzer’s wife is that of too many women who must juggle between their own self-worth/respect and sustaining a commitment to a life with a man who typically would never put up with the same malfeasance from his cheating wife. To think of enduring years of his unpleasantries to be given a bouquet of flowers for Valentine’s Day and some unknown gets the value of a good high-end pocketbook or a month of private school tuition for a romp, brings other unmentionable thoughts to mind. My heart goes out to the many faces that have to deal with public scrutiny and humiliation because one spouse’s decisions have opened up a tab that just may keep running.

March 13, 2008

THE LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL-Governor-Designate David Patterson

by MullOverThis

Many people talk about Governor-Designate David Patterson’s blindness as if this is an issue of leadership. I believe that in the midst of this crisis, it is clear that the right person was selected for the Lieutenant position and will be a competent 55th New York State Governor.

Well I say, forget his blindness- this is a man with vision! David Patterson has tremendous intellectual capacity and charm that is needed for this position. Quite the opposite of the soon to be ex-Governor Eliot Spitzer whose tactics were likened to a steamroller, one that looked for dirt on other people and showed no mercy or compassion. I don’t even want to mention the degree of offense to former State Comptroller Hevesi who used his driver or staff person to drive his ailing wife home on occasion. Or the State Senator Joe Bruno fiasco where instead of governing Spitzer acted like in investigator back at AG’s office.

I am thrilled to hear of Governor-Designate Patterson’s rise to lead this great state. Yes, I am very pleased that New York finally has an African-American Governor!!! Out of great shame and disappointment, we have a gained a statesman in Governor-Designate David Patterson who has been making contributions to the State of New York for over 20 years. Patterson also has deep family roots in politics. His father Basil Patterson, was the first African American to run for Lt. Governor many years ago and served as Secretary of State in the past. Prior to joining Eliot Spitzer’s team, Governor-Designate David Patterson was the State Senator representing Harlem. His style is one that I believe will manage ethical issues with great consideration. Patterson has certainly supported fair dealings with Minority and Women Owned Businesses that are eligible to get government contracts to the same degree as while males.

I had the opportunity to meet him a few years ago where he gave a talk on corporate governance within a legal context. He is a very insightful and engaging person that can captivate an audience. Yes, he is a political progressive but I believe that his manner is such that he has great support from legislators in this state. As well, I was honored to attend his inauguration last year in Harlem and I was thrilled to be among a packed house at Riverside Church to witness history. There was thunderous applause throughout the course of his address. Even that night, I do recall someone inadvertently calling him “Governor”. Well, there is something to say about “speaking those things into existence…” or weighted “slips of the tongue”. The bottom line is Governor-Designate Patterson is a respected politician and at this point New Yorkers need to look forward and embrace all that comes with this new leadership. Patterson has 33 months left of this term to show that Spitzer’s demise is a new beginning for the State of New York.

Moderator’s Note: This contribution is fromThe Lady who has a career in intergovernmental and legal affairs.

March 12, 2008

TWO OF THE GRASSLEY SIX HAVE RESPONDED: Senator Max Baucus Backs Senator Grassley in Televangelist Probe

by MullOverThis

So far, Joyce Meyer and Benny Hinn have responded to Senator Grassley’s original letter requesting information from six televangelist ministries. Creflo Dollar, Eddie Long and Kenneth Copeland have not yet complied and appear to be challenging the jurisdiction of the Senate Finance Committee to make such inquiries. These three ministries, along with Paula White who agrees to cooperate, have been issued additional letters with the added authority of the Chairman of the committee, Senator Max Baucus. So if this were a schoolyard wrangle two decades ago, it looks like Senator Grassley’s got some “back” [fighting reinforcements]. The second letter sets forth the basis of jurisdiction for imposing such questions to the Grassley 6. The Senate Finance committee distinguishes its oversight from the IRS, as the IRS enforces already existing tax laws while this review deals with the effectiveness of tax-exempt policies in ministries. “We have an obligation to oversee how the tax laws are working for both tax-exempt organizations and taxpayers. Just like with reviews of other tax-exempt organizations in recent years, I look forward to the cooperation of these ministries in the weeks and months ahead.” [March 12, 2008 Press Release: Grassley, Baucus Urge Four Ministries To Cooperate With Information Request] The weight of Senator Baucus joining this probe imports a greater ability for the Senators to acquire subpeonas from the non-obliging ministries.

For Press Release from United States Senator Chuck Grassley and Letters to Ministries:

March 12, 2008

EURWEB: “Man-UP” and Offer An Apology to Dr. Juanita Bynum

by MullOverThis

EURweb covered the Juanita Bynum and Bishop Thomas Weeks marital dispute stemming from the August 21, 2007 parking lot assault. This media outlet, along with a plethora of others, interviewed Bishop Thomas Weeks and gave slanted coverage. This is not problematic at all as people tend to believe what they believe and present coverage based upon their own perspectives. Where EURweb went too far and denigrated itself to a trashy online publication is when it crossed the lines of any type of journalistic integrity in making the statement, “We find out that in this couple’s feud, Weeks is a total victim who thinks he is being used for Bynum’s personal gain.” (EURweb, WEEKS SPEAKS AGAIN (Part 2): Bishop Thomas Weeks comes out swinging January 2, 2008). If this “WE FIND OUT THAT IN THIS COUPLE’S FEUD WEEKS IS A TOTAL VICTIM…” was a mere misprint, Lee Bailey needs to merely apologize. However, in reading the EURweb’s editorial in totality and context, it will be quite difficult for them to squirm out of the fact this coverage was tabloidville at best.

Looking at the tone of Eurweb’s “exclusive” two-part interview with Bishop Weeks, seems like Mr. Lee Bailey thought he was doing a service to the public by sitting down with a black man who had allegations of assaulting his wife, while ignoring the public records of statements from two eye-witnesses (who were also black men), one of whom pulled Bishop Weeks from kicking his wife while on the ground.

In part one of the interview, here was some of the statements Bailey made regarding the incident: “Now, armed with a PR firm, Weeks is on an interview spree to disinfect what’s left of his reputation–appearing to follow his wife’s trail of tears already having been on the Tom Joyner show where 2 months ago she’d been candid about the alleged abuse. [Please note that Juanita Bynum was very adamant about discussing domestic violence when Tom Joyner tried to pin her to discussing her marriage with Bishop Weeks.]…Perhaps by telling his version of the story his members and others will see him in a more positive light… After the embarrassing allegations he has withstood, it seems that he could use a fresh start…In this continuing coverage of Bynum-Weeks, EUR’s Lee Bailey is one of the first to speak to the tarnished clergyman in a straight up, man-to-man conversation about the allegations he is facing…”

This morning, EURweb’s investigative mode was inoperative and reported the final plead agreement. Since Lee Bailey is into fresh starts for the tarnished who have to disinfect what’s left of a reputation, he might begin with a mere one-liner that addresses the fact that his coverage and gratuitous findings fostered the decrepid concept that a black woman set her husband up when in fact, she was violently abused. Until EURweb can take account for promoting an abusers agenda with their own findings, their worth will certainly only be as good as issuing the press releases and the paid advertisments they publish.

For EURweb interview click on links below:
Part 1:
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UPDATE: EURweb was sure to publish Bishop Week’s explanation of taking the plea agreement. Then, they made a few editorializations with supporting quotations, in line with the Bishop’s explanation of the plea agreement. EURweb CONVENIENTLY omitted Bishop’s Weeks public admission that he pushed AND KICKED his wife. What some men will do in order to make a mockery of domestic violence against women is unbelievable.