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July 3, 2015

Amber Roof Solicits Funds: Another GoFundMe Bungle

by MullOverThis

Yup. You have read correctly.  Michael and Amber had their dreams halted, smashed, crumbled, and upset by the public shame and bombastic inconvenience her brother caused her when he decided to execute 9 human beings on the basis of race. While the nation is mourning from a hate crime which impacted the entire Charleston, South Carolina area and people who have been terribly reminded that racist venom is still vicious enough to cause a 21 year old deluded man to end the lives of innocent people, let’s not forget the other ills and consequential damages:  this lunatic’s sister is also suffering with the loss of everything she hoped and dreamed for in planning her nuptials.

See, I can understand her pain.

Truly, I can. Who can’t empathize with her having to see her brother arrested and have to face the inevitable justice system which is going to put him away for the majority of his adult life? Who can’t empathize with the horror the entire Roof family probably felt in knowing that they are connected to such a depraved human being–a loved one? But, with all of the grace we must have, we also should help fund this tootsy pop’s wedding and relate to her devastation.

Only in America, can someone have such boldness and insensitivity to even think it’s a good idea to go raise wedding money when your brother has literally terrorized a nation with a hate crime of this magnitude. Of all of the things that have transpired–massive peaceful protests, government entities addressing the Confederate flag and the ills of the wicked influences that infiltrated this brother of this nincompoop, ordering grave stones, coffins, writing obituaries, re-structuring family life from day-to-day, mourning the loss of loved ones, re-building the faith in a community and leadership in a long-standing congregation–let’s not forget this clown’s interests cut from the most pungent narcissistic depraved indifference to human life pie ever made: poopy deserves her wedding.

There really is nothing more to say to this one, other than I wonder what the rest of this Roof family has to face in the aftermath of what Dylan Roof has done. Let’s hope missing the annual berry picking contest or losing Dylan’s worth as the one who takes out the kitchen garbage isn’t on their list.

So, GoFundMe has had to knock off another unethical campaign grounded in absolute lunacy.



April 30, 2014


by MullOverThis

No one can blame another for when someone flips out and does the unexpected.

The thing is, we need to pay attention to the tell tale signs that we live with, daily. Am I to believe this young man just woke up, decided to walk into his job dressed like Rambo and act like he was in a real movie scene, fired shots that injured 6 people and took his own life?

“Honey, have you heard from Sammy? He’s a little late coming home from work today.”

“No, actually, I haven’t. Dear, are you watching the news?  Put on CNN. Oh my! It looks like someone shot up the gas station.   Oh my! They say the gunman looks like Sammy!  Oh my, could Sammy be that far gone?”

Yes, Sammy can. There is no way someone is that far gone and NO ONE noticed a thing. Let’s stop ignoring what we will one day not be able to live with because when these tragedies occur, those who are “shocked” by their loved one’s human depravity also suffer losses. It is better for Sammy to be under the treatment of a mental facility than to go to a premature grave while attempting to take others with him.


April 30, 2014

Inmate Dies From Heart Attack During Execution Process

by MullOverThis

If I wanted to kill an ant with a hammer and the hammer defaulted during the first strike but injured the ant enough to cause it to die, do you think I’d halt killing another ant in close proximity to conduct an investigation on the hammer to make sure it will kill the other ant perfectly the next time around?  Nope. MullOverThis surely would not. I’d swish, swash and swap again and again to get rid of the ants, permanently.

But ants are not human beings and do not require humane executions. These two Oklahoma criminals sentenced to death are still human beings and may be sorrowful for the crimes they committed years ago. My heart goes out to them and those who suffered the loss of loved ones.



April 30, 2014


by MullOverThis

Some things warrant uniqueness. Things of this nature need not ever be viewed in the mishmash of other human experiences that are utterly insane.

It is time to create the new terminology for such things. How about the word, “demenfoolery”? A good combination of what can only been viewed as demented foolery seems to suffice for this here thingamajig.


This mother, Sharon Spink, poses with a picturesque smile while breastfeeding her 5 year-old daughter who is big enough to no longer be cradled in her much bountiful arms and on her lap.  In other words, this generously sized woman has a child whose legs are too long to fit on her body but still allows this child to breast feed.

Let’s get some good use of the new word. Demenfoolery could not have had a greater début.

This child undoubtedly can talk, has teeth that can cut through a prime cut of filet mignon, can walk, can run, can poop on the big people’s toilet all by herself for probably at least 2 years now–if she was substantially LATE in toilet training–yet, has a reserved space on big momma’s breasts because she has to decide when it is time for her to stop breast-feeding.

Since when does a child have the mental acuity and capacity to know how to develop oneself?  With all the advanced medical and child development knowledge we have in today’s information age, mothers still think 5 year-old children need breast milk. Most pediatricians advise that children DO NOT need breast milk after about age 2. Heightened immunity because of 27 years of breast-feeding a child who can stand up and snatch a breast out and help oneself has not been proven anywhere.

The notion that a child needs to bond by breast-feeding at this over-the-hill age in infant development  is also demenfoolery. Bond by taking a walk in the park. Bond by doing a MJ dance track on a Wii system. Bond by watching a season of the Boondocks. Even the influence of raunchy superior whit in that cartoon series isn’t as harmful as sitting a child who is no longer an infant or toddler on a lap to help a mom with issues let go and rear a child. Bond by doing age appropriate activities.

Many will read this in an uproar because they breastfeed 12 year-olds and this is customary in many cultures. Many cultures which practice this, do so because they cannot afford milk and use this as an elongated form of nourishment for children who might otherwise be hungry. In many of these same cultures, children work at these tender ages and do not come home from a day’s work and start to yapping with a mouth full of teeth.

Please, demenfoolery mothers and demenfoolery fathers who allow their children to be breast-fed at these late stages of development, don’t get mad when your children are 72 and still want you to pay a car note and have a mental breakdown when you don’t text them back 2 seconds after they’ve tried to call you.



April 14, 2014

by MullOverThis

A Utah mom accused of killing 6 newborns (her biological children) is facing criminal charges for their deaths.  MullOverThis is befuddled once again. And, it is a rare scenario that leaves me with a lack of words.

Okay. I’ve recovered enough to share this:

1. Who could have possibly lived in that house and not smelled six carcasses stored in boxes amassed in the past decade?  Only nasty people can live in a home and not ever notice their garage smells like a gutter.

2.  This woman was repeatedly pregnant. So, ex-hubby knocked up this murderer while they were together-several times-and never noticed a pregnancy?  Am I to believe he impregnated someone numerous times and nothing registered in his brain or ding ding that his wife-at-the-time was preggo?

3.  Preggo was pregnant several times and *shrugs*…where are the babies? Pregnancy, no baby, no problem.

I am saddened to know that children were devalued enough to be snuffed from life by their mother, rolled up and then stored in plastic bags and boxes.  Imagine what kind of organizing guru this nutjob could have been had she harvested her knowledge to literally mask pregnancies and store dead fetuses without a putrid odor, unbeknownst to people who have working brains.



June 22, 2013


by MullOverThis

What is the big deal?

Most nigaros probably think she’s a fat white slob. Most of us who have had the awesome awful experience of dining at her extremely common country restaurant in Savannah, Georgia readily admit that everybody in our families can cook much better than her. Her desserts were absolutely over-sweet and nasty with a too raw texture.  Aside from the wonderful time with friends, Paula Deen’s restaurant is not a culinary delight.

Of course, co-confederate Southern belle’s and gents are in an uproar over the Food Network’s decision to let one of its prized chefs go for getting caught.

Do people really think that Paula and most of ‘dem wonderful folks who just uphold the way things used to be in the good old nigaro, nigaro, figaro South hold Black folks as equals?  By jolly golly, Paula Deen didn’t mean a bit of harm because Figaro, nigaro, Figaros are the ones who she employs and takes good care of, just like Massa did with all ‘dem N-word’s he gave a roof over their heads, food they plucked and prepared, and occasional forced loving when the South was at its slavery best. Paula Deen probably really does have a great heart, spirit and soul.  It’s just a typical white racist one which copes with the ways things are now with free N-words everywhere.

So, although I don’t advocate pristine confederate slobs calling Black folk niggers, Paula Deen isn’t really that important. Nigaros just need to eat our own, much tastier food.


May 11, 2013

On Charles Ramsey, the Amanda Berry Hero

by MullOverThis


Three women were held hostage for approximately, nearly, roughly a decade. Charles Ramsey is the primary person with enough courage to respond to Amanda Berry’s screams. His swift action serves as intervention to end the horrific experience for three women and a surviving child.

Now, hoity toity ignoramuses with some measure of respectability because they “got demselves some learning” dare to comment on Charles Ramsey’s teeth or lack thereof, matted hair and ghettoism.


How does it become a media ploy against black folks and stereotyping a Black man when a news reporter interviews a completely relevant witness who happens to be straight up ghetto? Should a media person have the wherewithal to think, “Hey, this dude is a hot mess ghetto negro and maybe we should find a suited Harvardite to represent the Black race to speak on behalf of his heroism.”

You cannot please banana peel everything-is-slippery-and-an-offense-to-Black-folk Negroes. A blogger even surmised whether Mr. Ramsey would have done the same thing for a black woman. These Negroids think so hard that their logic breaks the common sense meter and registers in Duhville.  Does anyone think that a man-who didn’t know women lived in the house with the man with whom he ate barbecue-knew that the cries were from a pretty white woman?  Did he see a pretty white woman before he left his home?  Or, did he decide to be a hero when he saw Amanda Berry?  Some folks just need medication.

Charles Ramsey has ears. He heard a woman screaming. Charles Ramsey has a heart. He felt an impulse to aid one who appeared to be in emergent need. Charles Ramsey has guts. Unlike many educated Negroes who rationalize why they cannot get involved, Charles dared to help a woman. Charles Ramsey has strong legs. He used them to get “hisself” over to the house where he heard the screams and kicked the door down.

So all pristine negroid clowns who are embarrassed by Charles Ramsey, HE DOES NOT REPRESENT YOU. He represents a wider class of people who are selfless enough to do the right thing and this class of people is universal.


January 14, 2013

Gayitism at the 2013 Golden Globes

by MullOverThis

Can somebody “splain to me” why Jodi Foster (one of the most talented actresses of all time) thinks the Golden Globe Awards was the appropriate setting to make her sexuality and privacy concerns an issue while being honored for her body of work as an actress?

Gay folks would be up in arms if any heterosexual took that same forum to announce her heterosexuality and reinforce their privileges and rights to a traditional family.  Do heteros get up an an annual office event and since they have a captive audience, declare and crack jokes about their heterosexuality?

More gayitizing with a grin.  Sheer ridiculousness.Image


January 12, 2013


by MullOverThis

Now, I realize this is a sensitive topic.

There is a show to which I have become quite addicted:  Hoarders.

For a few episodes, I could not get the connection.

“My husband left me in 1969 that’s why in 2013 I can’t see the toilet bowl, got to climb up over mounds of food in the living room, rats and raccoons live comfortably in the house, and I keep buying more stuff to store in the–oh yeah, there’s no room to store anything.”

“When my son stopped speaking to me, I lost all confidence so that’s why food is rotting in the refrigerator with expiration dates from six years ago and there’s no electricity in the home.”

There seems to be some uncontrollable anxiety that causes people to feel better with everything all over a house in complete disarray than to live in a relatively dirty environment.  Forget clean.  Just relative dirt would be imaginable.  The issues with hoarders are deep-seated.

I admire people who work with hoarders and the hoarders who go through the difficult process of learning how to cope with their anxiety and face their fears, rejection and disappointment.  What was first amusing and disgusting, isn’t really funny at all.  So, MullOverThis has learned something from observing how pain can translate into sub-human living conditions.

October 29, 2012

Non-Meritorious FB Posts

by MullOverThis

Being that Facebookers (FB’s) post just about anything, MullOverThis is going to take the liberty to be the judge and jury on some nonsensical patterns:

1.  Posts about your child’s every accomplishment-If your child won the Nobel Peace Prize or found the only missing car key, most people might comprehend the worthiness of knowing such information, or feeling the need to share such accomplishments.  A snapshot of bug-a-boo’s one red, one gold, and two hunter green stars for tracing words two inches off of the dotted lines is not FBable.  It just may get the teacher in trouble if administration finds out because remember, the tracing was OFF of the lines and that is not an accomplishment that deserves the two hunter green stars.

2.  The latest photograph of yourself taken with your mobile phone camera-you know, the one with the extended arm away from self pose-particularly in a messy background, is not the best photo option.  Wait for a friend, or nag a compliant stranger, to take a snapshot in a picturesque place in front of a pond, or at horse manure farm.  We can’t smell the horse manure but we sure can see the garbage in backgrounds that invoke the same repulsive regurgitation in the desperate hand-held flicks.

3.  Posting your whereabouts such as, “Glad I made it in safe. No one at home yet. Time for a nice shower in the master garden tub,” makes it real easy for sickos to pounce, effectively.  We don’t need to know your whereabouts and timeline all over the world.  Remember, trusted Nana may not be the only one reading your whereabouts. And, when your whereabouts conflict with the stories you tell (the lies), FB–not you but let’s blame FB–may get you in trouble. If you’re at the amusement park on the sick day you took during an important company audit, or on the boogy-down dance floor with a hot red-head when your love thinks you’re working late, FB just might get you cut back.  So, think about sharing your every moment of excitement.  There is no APP for lie-proofing posts, yet.

4.  What’s on your mind?  FB really doesn’t want to know the answer to THAT question.  After all, it may be that your toe fungus is spreading, you feel like vomiting from the putrid smell of your husband’s foul defecation odor seeping from the 2 1/2 inch gap from underneath the closed bathroom door, you wish you could steal instead of having to go to work, you really have a crush on your co-worker and your wife is six months pregnant, or you don’t know who your baby’s daddy is and just called Maury for help.  The real FB question is, “What is on your mind that you should have enough sense to filter before you share with your network of friends and their friends?”  It is just that, that question is too long.  So thank God for MullOverThis and get the lesson.  We don’t want to really know everything that is on your mind absent sound judgment and discretion.

5.  Posters who are on FB at 2 AM, 4:38 AM, 8 AM, 2:27 PM, 4:14 Pm, 6:21 PM, 7:19 PM, and every 1/2 hour until midnight tell on themselves.  Not only do you have no life, an addictive personality, and probably supplant normal relationships to bolster your FB ones, you probably do not have any tangible career or other important things in life to take part.  Please change that by cheating on FB and having an affair with life.