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July 8, 2011

Bewildering Donna Simpson Wants To Gain Weight

by MullOverThis

Donna Simpson is on record as the heaviest woman to give birth.

Reputedly, Simpson wants to gain 300 pounds to break another Guinness World Record as the world’s most obese woman.  Wow.  What an aspiration.  She now makes somewhere around $100,000 yearly from her website, which makes her superlative gluttony lucrative. Clearly, this is a job for Fame Whores Anonymous.

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Here’s my question:  Does Donna “think” at all?  That is a logical point of inquiry because if Ms. Simpson at least thinks, then maybe her brain will travel and arrive at the destination that she is in poor health and could drop dead at any minute.  Upon arrival at this inevitable conclusion, maybe-and only maybe-Ms. Simpson will realize that $100,000 a year isn’t a lot of money when you’re dead, or alive.  Furthermore, another Guinness title won’t raise her 4-year-old daughter, either.

This here thingy is bewildering.  For real.  Maybe she should revise her ambitions for her next Guinness World Record title to woman with  longest human fungal big toe-nail and put up a lucrative website with tours to pictures of a gargantuan blue-black toenail.  Meanwhile, she should attempt to lose weight and curtail her diabetes so she can live and be a mother to her child.


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