Houston Day Care Blaze Kills Four Children

by MullOverThis

Children were dropped off and left in the care and supervision of a day care provider.

Fire breaks out.

Adults?  Adults present?  Where were the adults? Supervision with no adults?

CHILDREN DIE.  Ok.  Let’s say that again:  Children die. 

Is the death of these children because a responsible adult had a stroke?  Heart attack? Seizure?  Nervous breakdown? 

Law enforcement has to figure out if there was alternate supervision in place and/or determine what time the day care provider returned from a possible shopping trip.

While the fact-finding is taking place, who really needs to know that much more? The children were left unattended and somewhere along the line, lack of appropriate supervision took place.While we may never know if the presence of an alert responsible adult would have prevented the fire or defrayed the consequent damage and loss of life, we do know that when an adult isn’t there, babies burn.  Sounds harsh? Well harsh is living the reality of a tragedy that should not have occurred.  This reality is pretty much predetermined when there is lack of adequate supervision.  Just about anything can happen.

Somebody needs to roast for this kind of triflinicity.  Somebody needs to go to jail and burn there for enough time to think about what complete irresponsibility breeds:  a literal nightmare for these families.


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