by MullOverThis

I commuted to NYC two weekends ago and am about to go in for a show this evening.  Guess what is lurching in my mind?  How to make sure I never see the disbursement of what had to be a RAT convention on Broadway at 2AM, ever again.

I didn’t do the subway to rail thing because a friend told me the wee hours of the morning is when I will find the creatures running all over the mass transit trails.  So I drove.  The mistake:  stopping at an eatery with a friend on a garbage night. 

On the way out of the restaurant going to the car (which we parked right in front of the restaurant), the rat delegates for what had to be a convention, were running wild all over the place.  I stood in my tracks and SCREAMED!!!!!  Yes, I did.  They did not stop running.  The big fat nasty vermin just kept running until most of them went into the sewer.  I felt crippled and didn’t know if I should run back inside, or try to make it to the car.  Needless to say, the friend and a few of the attendants at the eatery ushered me to the car. 

So, news reports aren’t necessary to convince Mulloverthis that NYC has a horrific RAT problem, to the degree that I don’t even want to venture there to call it an evening.


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