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December 2, 2010

Higher Education: The Choice for the African American Collegiate

by MullOverThis

A couple of weekends ago, I attended a birthday bash for a real-life Wonderwoman friend of mine.  Really.  Homegirl is a consummate professional, linked in, linked up, linked out and the entire nine yards plus some.  The power broker is a member of a reputable sorority, so the set was flanked with her sorors:  a number of fine engaging women.

Well, of course, after the introductions were kaput, small talk ensued.  The topic that became the mainstay was what type of college experience we wanted our own children to have as African-Americans in America.  More specifically, does the African-American fare better at the HBCU or a reputable well-ranked large university?  After about one hour of dialogue concerning the same, much of which was jarring to some hearers who were offended that Black people can be well-informed and still make sound choices to go to “white” schools, we all agreed that it would be best for our own children to make their own decisions, if our children can withstand our legacy dominance and influence.

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July 27, 2009

Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Revisited

by MullOverThis

For all the racial profiling assessors regarding the Louis Henry Gates, Jr. arrest, looks like the record of the 911 call and the released notes from the arresting and other officers clearly demonstrates that some people need to leave “THE MAN” alone.

Knowledge is power. Nonetheless, people who live to be right in their own eyes will still try to extract some adverse racial motivations from actions and dialogue in the highly over-publicizied incident when there was none. At least on the part of Crowley, the arresting officer, towards Gates.

Now, Mr. Gates is reputedly calling for the nation to move on. This magnanimous stance is quite convenient as it comes after the transcripts and notes show Gates escalated and really charged the entire incident and called a cop with a good record a “racist” simply because the cop did his job and had a spat with Gates, a Black man.

Obama needs to think again when attempting to defend any of his homeboys. Correction: “esteemed colleagues”.