by MullOverThis

Since “re-gifting” is a term made popular from the Seinfeld series, I presume the gifting concept is okee-dokee.

Here are some gifting ideas that should cost $20 USD or less for the perfect giftee:

1.  A cozy pair of fuzzy slippers or foot-warming socks.  This says, “I thought about you and wanted you to be cozy and comfy without having to break the bank.”

2.  A gift bag full of giftee’s  favorite snacks.  This says, “You’re so special to me that I even pay attention to your snacking choices and won’t break the bank to demonstrate how much I want you to be pleased.”

3.  An I-Tunes download or the like for a musical giftee.  This says, “I know you’re a muzikee and when your head is bobbing to the new song, you’ll think of how much I appreciate you without breaking the bank.”

4.  A DVD movie or matinée tix for the cinema junkie giftee.  This says, “Hey, as if you don’t spend too much time watching films,  but I wanted to add to your habit because that’s what you like anyway, without me breaking the bank.”

5.  A mani/pedi gift certificate/card for just about any giftee.  This says, “Hey, I’m not saying you need it, but this kind of stuff is unisex now, so if you feel like beginning the pampering process, here’s a good place to begin without me breaking the bank.”

6.  Candles, candles, candles for non-children and non-challenged giftees.  This says, “I just wanted to give you a little something that would hopefully make you feel better because pleasant scents tend to do that, without me breaking the bank.”


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