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December 4, 2010

President Obama’s Ears Are Open

by MullOverThis

Suppose President Obama is directed to this post.  I’m curious and would like to know what you think.

What would you want to tell our President regarding:

1.  What he should do with his time remaining in office for this term.

2.  What he needs to do in the next election in order to remain in the Presidential office.

3.  Review of his performance thus far, specifically compared to his campaign promises and what he inherited from the prior administration.

4.  What you hope to see during the next campaign and administration, regardless of who is in office.

5.  Fill in the blank:____________________________________________! (Without it being a federal offense, LOL.)


April 15, 2009


by MullOverThis

What is the problem?  The Republican tea parties around the country to protest against excessive government spending and the proposed tax increases to the upper-class (or at least wealthiest Americans) are a great idea.  We have always been a nation that values the freedom of expression.  As long as the protests–I mean parties–remain peaceful, who cares? 

s-teaparty-large                                                                     s-tea-party-photo-large

We must learn to accept the concerted efforts of the disconcerted to complain about what President Obama is doing to our country.  Obama didn’t start the bail-out madness.  He just continued it.  So, if the insiduous economic course of treatment our President is ensuing to repair and re-build a bloodied economy is far-fetched, please, place the blame and proper socialist characterizations right where they belong.  A number of Repubs were in agreement with the economic aid the government decided to give those on Market Street and Wall Street before Obama smiled with his perfect teeth  and ever raised his right hand.  Remember?

s-tax-day-protest-large1Furthermore, we accepted the diabolical response of Condoleeza reputedly shopping on New York’s Fifth Avenue for shoes–albeit an intoxicating experience–while Hurricane Katrina nearly destroyed New Orleans.  We endured the ghastly nervous grin of former President George Bush cradled in the comfort of an auspicious presidential appearance and photo-op with 2nd graders when he got the 911 announcement.  Even church folks put the finger up and tip out of a room when the bladder signals an impending release.  Yet, the top-ranked repub sat still until his brain finally got the signal and alerted  him that our nation was under attack and he might just have to do his job as President.   If this isn’t enough to conclude that  these tea parties are nothing but gatherings for railers to  re-direct pent-up frustrations, the inclusion of Joe the plumber ought to allay unnecessary fears.    The unofficial Repub pawn and GOP desperation celebrity actually appeared as a speaker at the Lansing, Michigan tea party/tax protest. I firmly predict we will not see another Revolutionary War.  American Repubs, although empassioned and committed, have become more concerned with the superfluous.

So with the recent history of my fellow conservatives who largely identify themselves as Republicans, this is really no big deal.  The concern that I have is with false advertising.  When someone hosts a tea party, I expect tea.  With all of the musings about these  tea parties, this is my concern:  Who is hosting one where I can get a good cup of a flavorful antioxidant like mandarin white tea?

April 15, 2009


by MullOverThis

Andy Warhol is credited with authoring the statement, “In the future everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes.”  The pirates–and they are by no means heroes–seem to be taking their fifteen minutes of fame a bit too seriously.  Not only have they verbally committed to striking against US ships, but also to continue to target US ships as some sort of repercussion for killing their dingy cohorts last week.  You would think that the  estimated $150 million dollar gain from last year’s badwill piracy would help keep the thieves focused:  Keep on pirating and sequestering the spoils.  Do not invoke the attention of the world, and the wrath of the world police.   Keep on living the bling bling life after a hard day’s work from  traversing the seas, robbing ships, holding people hostage, and negotiating with the crew’s countrymen for money.  Now, the hellacious criminals  have to defend their sub-human honor and fight the ones that defend themselves.  They want to be part robber, part celebrity.  The Somali bandits will soon find that greed and pride don’t mix. 

Nonetheless, I am left with two questions:

1.  If these pirates are reachable such that they are issuing statements to the press, why are they still able to talk?

2.  Who is going to inherit their money–or will there be treasure hunts– when they are gone?


For updates on the situation, here are some articles with insightful coverage:

April 13, 2009

President Obama & Fried Chicken

by MullOverThis

This might actually be the issue that pulled me out of an unofficial hiatus:   a query into the appropriateness or insolence of fried chicken when coupled with the name of our incumbent President.

Obama Fried Chicken

Obama Fried Chicken

Apparently, there are some fried chicken peddlers who have opened up a few establishments branding their fast food as Obama Fried Chicken.  Of course, the people who believe in “the man” are up in arms about how offensive this is towards our first African-American President of the United States. 

Folks who wear Obama name belts, name plates, pins, buttons, hats, shirts-and I’m surprised someone hasn’t marketed a nail polish yet-don’t like the Fried Chicken joint displaying his name.  Can it be that Black folks, many of whom support him because he is “one of us”, don’t like the stereotypical image of a black man and fried chicken?  Suppose Obama likes fried chicken.  Suppose our President loves fried chicken. The staple food at funerals, Thanksgiving and family re-unions is now questionable. So, we can have the ghetto Obama scarves and grills in the mouth but can’t have the fried chicken?

Maybe the neighborhood proprietors should emphasize the pizza as the principal delectable delight.  We do know the Obamas had a pizza maker flown to their spot to make them pizza.  And, pizza is largely associated with Italians.  So then, the zealous marketeers  might pass the small cheez ghetto muster and all of the nonsense that comes with being over-black.



April 13, 2009


by MullOverThis

I’m a bit late on this one.  However, I’ve got to self-evaluate when mulloverthis is in sync with Rush Limbaugh.

I’m glad President Obama has white teeth, a great smile, a wonderful family and the best-dressed wife since Jackie O.  The rock-star qualities and its’ worth stop right about there.  I too, hope that our dear President does not succeed on a number of his so-called commitments.  Principally, his avid support of abortion is a no-no.  I hope all of his endeavors to secure the right to kill babies at will, and all of the other inflammatory emotional ploys to justify fetus, embryo, and/or baby killing goes down the drain.  Although it is highly unlikely, because too many people that matter support abortion, I will still hope and pray.

So kudos to the Bishops at Notre Dame who dared to challenge the worthiness of an abortion rights supporter for a graduation speaker.  Thank God some people of faith still have enough gumption to draw the line.  The last thing people of faith should be smiling and waving at is anyone who helps stop life.