BREAKING NEWS! Juanita Bynum-Weeks and Bishop Thomas Weeks’ Criminal Case Resolved

by MullOverThis

Alas!  Bishop Thomas Weeks III, the Senior Pastor of  Global Destiny plead guilty to the felony charge of aggravated assault against his wife, internationally known speaker, author and singer, Juanita Bynum.  With this plea, the Bishop took full accountability as he acknowledged grabbing, throwing down and kicking Juanita Bynum on August 21, 2007 in an Atlanta hotel parking lot.  He apologized to his wife and received  3 years probation, 200 hours of non-church related community service and mandatory anger management counseling.

Dr. Juanita Bynum did as many women  (and sometimes men) must who have suffered at the hands of their violent attackers in domestic situations–accepted Bishop Weeks’ apology.   Juanita Bynum said she forgave Bishop Thomas Weeks.  Despite withstanding a prolific media campaign of television, on-line and radio interviews and press releases with a pristine clean-cut imagery of the Bishop who intimated Dr. Bynum set him up and proffered himself as the one who had been habitually abused by his wife, Dr. Bynum was vindicated, as much as could be possible, with today’s admission and apology.  Unfortunately, Juanita experienced what many accusers suffer: a complete tirade against one’s character to deflect focusing on the relevant facts and real culpability.  Had Nicole Brown Simpson survived, she might have been able to fill in all of the blanks that occurred in her condo on that fateful night.  Just like OJ’s book deal on how I would have done it, if I would have done it was squashed, we hope that Bishop Weeks will pull his book off of the market since it is evident that he has not yet fully learned his lessons.  Moreso, he does not need to profit one more cent on the back of his wife. 

The presiding judge apparantly scolded both Bynum and Weeks regarding their behavior during this divorce before the public.  This blogger veers from those remarks and emphatically states that in completely reviewing every moment of public footage Juanita Bynum made in press conferences, television appearances and print media, she continually re-stated her agenda to deal with the subject incident and all immediate and ancillary information relating to the same.  When prodded to delve into other marital issues, Juanita maintained her commitment to talk about domestic violence and her new-found introduction into the world no one in their right or left mind ever wants to enter as a first-partaker.  Since when does a woman get scolded for being a public figure who stated the conditions of the assault and everyone else turned her statements and actions upside down to fit another account of the story.  The content and tone of Juanita’s press interviews was completely different than that of the Bishop.  And in case anyone may be a bit confused by the judge’s remarks, Juanita Bynum and Thomas Weeks was before the court as two individuals, a husband and a wife, not world leaders.  When Juanita was being attacked, she did not represent all of those people who would be influenced by her behavior in public during a tumultuous divorce.  She represented who got kicked, Juanita Bynum.  There is only one saviour of the world, Jesus Christ and He already died for our sins.  I am by no means suggesting that Dr. Bynum should not be mindful of her life choices and how she may influence the world.  But, I am by every means suggesting that she must be acknowledged as an individual for who she is in her very own persona, essence and countenance at some points in her life and this was one of them.  Kudos to Juanita Bynum for taking the lid off of the pressure cooker full of clergy gone wild who justify their behavior and vilify anyone who wants to hold them accountable.  Too many men, saved or not, clergy or not, beat their wives, de-humanize them, de-value them and eat away at their self-worth and want an offering and servitude in the process.  Domestic violence is real and must be dealt with in the church of all institutions, if we say we have the answer to a dying world.

As for the Bishop, I pray that one day soon he will enjoy full restoration.  This will only transpire if he continues down the path of repairing the breach, first and foremost to his wife, the very one he has been called and ordained to protect and cover. And what must the rest of us do?  Thank God that it was not us, and just as God forgives and restores us through His Grace, that we don’t hold a man for the rest of his life to what God has cast into the sea of forgetfulness, once he has sincerely repented to the one he offended and to God. 


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12 Comments to “BREAKING NEWS! Juanita Bynum-Weeks and Bishop Thomas Weeks’ Criminal Case Resolved”

  1. Oh, I didn’t even know! WOW! When did this hit the news — or did the political drama in NY State take all the media’s attention away from this? I am glad that it is finally resolved and he told the truth. I agree with the judge!! There was too much media coverage on this and most of it was not positive albeit the initiative to do something for domestic violence victims..

    Got a question: When should one just “let quietness and confidence be their strength and let the lord fight the battle” and when is it time to “cry loud and spare not”?

    I think the challenges in one’s marriage is something that is too private of a matter and shouldn’t be “aired out” on every media outlet. Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay to talk if it has a postivie point — i.e. it is going to help people. The mission cannot be to malign or tear-down the other spouse even if it is in a subtle manner. If that is the case then what’s the message? There is time to help people as long as people are speaking from a place of wholeness and not venom; but sometimes good intentions can be misconstrued as what might have occurred with Juanita Bynum. I just agree with the judge in this case – he has a point.

    As you know in many marriages people may get angry, “carry on”, some may unfortunately even get physical and when the outside world thinks they should leave each other alone- the couple stays together.. But as on-lookers (we don’t know in this particular case) we could say then what was all that about? So, what if they reconcile? That doesn’t need an answer in my opinion – that is between them and God if they do. I think Juanita Bynum is a great woman and a Christian woman in realizing the power of forgiveness. It takes quite a woman to do so and to stay focused on her purpose/destiny. I look forward to seeing he continue to soar!

    Basically, I am glad the truth came out. I pray for their individual healing, restoration and for God to just make them better and stronger while letting the experience teach them. It’s all about God getting the glory out of their lives.

  2. I agree with The Lady in that this was a matter that, while occurring in public, afterwards it should have been dealt with privately. I understand the necessity for speaking out against domestic violence, but I think closure should have come first followed by constructive public conversation based on the whole picture. Nevertheless, what’s done is done and thank God there is some resolve. However, I must confess my sins when I admit that I am disappointed with the light sentence Weeks received. But then again, God is merciful.

  3. One statement and one question: Juanita Bynum did not in any of her media coverage, talk about her “marriage”, per se. She discussed the abuse in the marriage, and really only leading up to the parking lot incident. Q: When can a domestically abused wife discuss anything constructively while being quiet? I challenge anyone to provide me with concrete statements where Juanita Bynum’s contributions to the media went beyond the scope of domestic abuse in her marriage.

  4. And, I must add, the challenges to one’s marriage that surpasses privacy in terms of criminal activity is not a private matter. It does not have to be sensationalized in the media, but once cops are involved, the marriage is, and should not be, the primary emphasis until the criminal is under control.

  5. I think that the whole criminal process should have been resolved, along with some kind of personal closure, THEN constructive public conversation on a grand scale about what happened. And of course that discussion should be motivated by a desire to see people delivered, which I am sure is JB’s motive. People are confused by this whole thing for reasons that are too deep to go into here. In a situation like this, I would think a person would really take the time to fully collect themselves before so much talking. And I am not talking about a month or two. That’s just me, and as a human, I could be wrong and missing some links that could set me straight on this issue. Anyway, based on what I know (and I’ve been following this from day one looking at news clips, radio shows, videos, blogs, old sermons, you name it) a media blitz before resolution?? I don’t think that was the wisest idea. I can see giving face time to one or two very reputable news shows putting the truth out there so that the public can have clarification and not run amok with gossip. But Tom Joyner, Essence, Fox news, TBN, WAOK Parts 1-6, writing a tell all book, blah blah blah????? Waaay too much talking. That’s just too much business out in the street too soon. Now I am aware of what was publicly said by JB and Weeks. Weeks was on a slander campaign for sure and I have my opinions that I will only tell the Lord. But I must say this, and I am probably digressing but I just want to get this off my chest (I have other blog comments and something I recently read by W.E.B. DuBois on my mind when I say this)….I am so sick and tired of this iconic status we give preachers. sick sick sick.

    Ok, I’m done…….!! Packing the soapbox……………..

  6. Agreed w/iconic status stuff. Tell all book and the back and forth over what happened, overdrawn. ALL of that outside of the incident was one-sided. Regarding the incident, the back and forth was unnecessary. The truth and reality (outside of mere opinions substantiated by nothing) is that there is an entire caseload of documentation, witness statements, and so on from witnesses that speak to what transpired. The truth about what happened and its effect is all JB has put in the media. Trifling folks decided to harp on her Louis Vuitton luggage description, when the point was she and her luggage was thrown out of a car her husband was driving. Her husband and what he contributed, that’s another story.

  7. Thomas Weeks is a douche bag. In my opinion, any man that would stomp, kick, beat and then lie should fly first class to hell!

  8. And unless he repents and makes things right with the one he offended, that is exactly what will be happening. So as a believer, after all of the initial rage surpasses, I pray that he desires to do the right thing. God does not want any one of us to suffer an end that was not meant for us. The way has already been made!

  9. Someone raised a good point about preachers: some of them are mentally ill. There are people with split personalities, bi-polar disorder, etc., preaching to the masses. I mean let’s face it, just like every other occupation, you will have some unwell people in high places. Decades ago becoming a preacher in the black community was not about answering a calling but rather it was one of the few options black men had to make a living. Booker T. Washington wrote about how the black church had to be cleaned up because there were unqualified people in the pulpit and inconsistencies in doctrine and beliefs. There was also a contingent that believed if their father or grandfather was a Bishop, the mantle must surely be passed down to them. These are not the days where we “inherit” priesthoods, ok? Just because your daddy is a Levite doesn’t make you one. Anyway, Camille, thank you. You gave my laugh for the day!!

  10. People please wake up if the good Bishop was as private as he said he was. Then why would you beat your preacher wife up in the public, and let a witness saw and heard the whole thing. Went around for months lying and trying to destory Bynum ministry and her character. Now, it is court time and everything is very real you get scared and plea a guilt plea. Over that whole time span Juanita never slansder Weeks. She always spoke of him being a man of God who simplely made a mistake. Weeks is a control freak. He wanted to control Juanita and her ministry. This man was jealous of his own wife success. He was in a rage to be just as big . Juanita lifted this man out from a basement of a church, and he was in bankruptcy. If I am not mistaken he is still living in a church. Weeks is mean spirited and has a lot of angry in him. Bynum tried to help this man in every way she could. I really thank Weeks has a problem with women in his close circle. There is somrthing really up with him. Ther has been a lot of rumors. He has a problem beating up on women. As a man of God are just as a person this is not how you repay someone for giving a helping hand. Juanita Bynum carried Weeks on her back. She really loved this so call man of God why is his heart so mean spirited. I myself had hope they would get back togather. Weeks never married Bynum for love in the first place. She gave him one last chance, but he chose to turn back to the media to try to build more image for him. How are you going to give the media private text messages from your wife for the public to see, but you are so private. The man need some serious mental help.

  11. Dr Juanita and Rev Weeks,
    Greeting in the name of our Father and our comforter Jesus Christ, I believe that the peace of God has rested upon you. I have read all what has been happening and reported in Kenyan and International media and for sure am very dissapointed. Okay I waitness the live coverage of your wedding and I had followed up the issues and the history of Juanita for many years, infact we thanked God for giving Juanita Weeks as a Husband after divorsing the first husband. Now I believe you have been teaching and encouraging young couple who are getting marriage, but with what you have now shown the world as our mentors brethen we are so worried and praying for you. In this life we encounter many challanges and we are the only people who can solve the domestic issues not media or court, I do not think that my applea could revert the case but ( re-consider the stand you made) we had a pastor’s meeting and we some how mentined Juanita’s visit in Kenya and how its was manifested by God’s presence and many people people (women) were resptored in their families and in thie spititual life. But only one year and our mentor is no more.
    Kindly think about it for you do not represent America but the entire body of Christ in the universe.
    Thanks in advance

    Pastor Jim
    Fragrance of Christ Ministries In
    Box 8241-00300

  12. Good info. Lucky me I discovered your site by chance (stumbleupon).
    I’ve bookmarked it for later!

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