FL Mom Murders Two Teenage Children

by MullOverThis

Why, as this story unfolds, is this tragic outcome not surprising?


Why were these two teenagers left alone (hello Colonel) with a mom who is allegedly mentally unstable? 


Why was this mom free to purchase a hand gun AFTER she told police (hello police) she back slapped her daughter in her face, when her daughter notified authorities that her mother was abusive? 


This mom’s  teenagers mouthed off, like just about every other teenager in the world. Most teenagers don’t have to deal with so-called recovering drug abusers as mothers.  But, these two got their heads blown off-literally.  No one had a clue?  What makes people like her be on the radar, off the radar, and no one does a dag on thing to prevent this type of disaster?  She needed more than 12 -step therapy.

The mother of one of my minor relatives threatened to give her a black eye.  Threatened.  I found out about it, and told a relative with standing to sue the threat-wielding parent for joint custody.  All other factors remaining constant, this mother is a relatively good parent, like all of this mom’s neighbors seem to think of this pre-meditated killer mom.  Our family   preempted the black eye and sent a strong message to Rocketta:  Rocky is only a movie and  this child won’t be abused or neglected, point-blank.  This mother is a better mother because her daughter has family that pays attention and intervenes. 

No more excuses and duh question marks.  Mom under pressure or not, these children needed protection and didn’t get it. 


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