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October 10, 2008

When The Juice Dries Up

by MullOverThis

I remember the day I waited for the verdict in OJ’s murder trial better than I remember most days.  That day was a day that I would find that most of the hope vested in true justice in America would be crushed.  I heard the verdict, watched OJ’s reaction, his son’s reaction, and knew what I knew the moment I saw the televised chase in the white bronco.  As one who refuses to dethrone common sense for a bunch of extraneous theories that amount to nonsense, it was clear that Orenthal Simpson, The Juice, had something to hide.  Marsha Clarke and Chris Darden missed simple common sense approaches to working their legal theory and proving the prosecution’s case against OJ.  OJ’s legal team pimped stereotypes and the race card to give place to reasonable doubt.  Such mastery even trumped DNA evidence, which by the way, has no particular feelings against OJ.  And, we cannot forget Johnny Cochran’s “if [the glove] doesn’t fit, we must acquit”.   OJ’s immediate post trial behavior only substantiated that fact that I believed that OJ did in murder Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. His year-long pre-verdict promise to find the real killer never took place.  A much needed trip to the golf course did, however.   Nicole’s alleged drug abuse and frivolous lifestyle did not cloud my judgment about the worth of her life, or the ignorance many still hold regarding control and domestic abuse at its worst. The grand celebration that many African Americans conducted, because OJ symbolized someone who got away with it, like endless other white men who have gotten slaps on wrists for committing crimes against blacks, was not true equity.  OJ’s victory only symbolized the sickness of racism and celebrity love working in the reverse where African Americans by the masses showed that when given the opportunity, we would engage and celebrate the same racial bias that  historically served to oppress us. 

As Denise Brown allegedly stated, all who worked to help OJ “go free” have suffered major castastrophes because God doesn’t like ugly.  As the following referenced AP article denotes regarding the recent Las Vegas trial, “He [OJ] was convicted of an armed robbery that happened on Sept. 13 and was found guilty on the 13th anniversary of his Los Angeles murder acquittal. The Las Vegas jury deliberated for 13 hours after a 13-day trial.”  Thirteen [13] is the number of apostasy, depravity and rebellion in Biblical numerics.  OJ will finally be sentenced for the current charges, yet I cannot help but believe that OJ, who is facing a possible life sentence, will spend incarcerated days knowing that he finally got what he deserved. 

Although I believe OJ was set up and walked right into the trap set for him, he did so because his steps of life needed to take him to reap what he sowed.  He needed to be exposed for his shady low-grade lifestyle.  The same legal system that OJ allegedly “got over” on in 1995 is the same legal system that may have worked against him in this case.   OJ’s jury is this case was a jury of his peers.  OJ is not concerned about being surrounded by black people unless it involves his family.  So African Americans need not even attempt to use the make-up of the jury as a ground for bias against OJ because he is a Black man.  The Juice’s willful associations over the years have been with the same racial make-up of the jurors that heard the case and relevant facts in this case. 

For OJ, it is time to pay the piper.