EURWEB: “Man-UP” and Offer An Apology to Dr. Juanita Bynum

by MullOverThis

EURweb covered the Juanita Bynum and Bishop Thomas Weeks marital dispute stemming from the August 21, 2007 parking lot assault. This media outlet, along with a plethora of others, interviewed Bishop Thomas Weeks and gave slanted coverage. This is not problematic at all as people tend to believe what they believe and present coverage based upon their own perspectives. Where EURweb went too far and denigrated itself to a trashy online publication is when it crossed the lines of any type of journalistic integrity in making the statement, “We find out that in this couple’s feud, Weeks is a total victim who thinks he is being used for Bynum’s personal gain.” (EURweb, WEEKS SPEAKS AGAIN (Part 2): Bishop Thomas Weeks comes out swinging January 2, 2008). If this “WE FIND OUT THAT IN THIS COUPLE’S FEUD WEEKS IS A TOTAL VICTIM…” was a mere misprint, Lee Bailey needs to merely apologize. However, in reading the EURweb’s editorial in totality and context, it will be quite difficult for them to squirm out of the fact this coverage was tabloidville at best.

Looking at the tone of Eurweb’s “exclusive” two-part interview with Bishop Weeks, seems like Mr. Lee Bailey thought he was doing a service to the public by sitting down with a black man who had allegations of assaulting his wife, while ignoring the public records of statements from two eye-witnesses (who were also black men), one of whom pulled Bishop Weeks from kicking his wife while on the ground.

In part one of the interview, here was some of the statements Bailey made regarding the incident: “Now, armed with a PR firm, Weeks is on an interview spree to disinfect what’s left of his reputation–appearing to follow his wife’s trail of tears already having been on the Tom Joyner show where 2 months ago she’d been candid about the alleged abuse. [Please note that Juanita Bynum was very adamant about discussing domestic violence when Tom Joyner tried to pin her to discussing her marriage with Bishop Weeks.]…Perhaps by telling his version of the story his members and others will see him in a more positive light… After the embarrassing allegations he has withstood, it seems that he could use a fresh start…In this continuing coverage of Bynum-Weeks, EUR’s Lee Bailey is one of the first to speak to the tarnished clergyman in a straight up, man-to-man conversation about the allegations he is facing…”

This morning, EURweb’s investigative mode was inoperative and reported the final plead agreement. Since Lee Bailey is into fresh starts for the tarnished who have to disinfect what’s left of a reputation, he might begin with a mere one-liner that addresses the fact that his coverage and gratuitous findings fostered the decrepid concept that a black woman set her husband up when in fact, she was violently abused. Until EURweb can take account for promoting an abusers agenda with their own findings, their worth will certainly only be as good as issuing the press releases and the paid advertisments they publish.

For EURweb interview click on links below:
Part 1:
Part 2:

UPDATE: EURweb was sure to publish Bishop Week’s explanation of taking the plea agreement. Then, they made a few editorializations with supporting quotations, in line with the Bishop’s explanation of the plea agreement. EURweb CONVENIENTLY omitted Bishop’s Weeks public admission that he pushed AND KICKED his wife. What some men will do in order to make a mockery of domestic violence against women is unbelievable.


2 Comments to “EURWEB: “Man-UP” and Offer An Apology to Dr. Juanita Bynum”

  1. while i am dissappointed in this union, i am prayerful for the two involved.
    Juanita Bynum should go to some counseling classes since she wants so desperately to go secular with this! having professed to be “a prophet”, why didn’t she see it coming? had the Lord not “birthed this into her?’ i suggest that she go quietly, and leave the media alone. if she can best use this situation to bless someone, surely it would be within her own ministry, for surely there are women that has not shared their secrets. there are thousands of advocacy resources. is this God’s way? why does everything has to be done on agrand scale. after all, it’s this scale that caused so much attention to be drawn from the media, and bring shame on the thousands of God’s people that try thrie best to walk humbly. we need to stop lending to the bashing of ourselves. i noticed that hardly can we find any web information where Weeks is bashing her. It takes two. how many prayers are being answered with all of this going on in her life. thank God that he has repented, unto the Lord, and apologized to her. for her not to be willing to at least talk to the man leaves me to believe that true marriage is a bit more than she can handle. if we learn to truly be submissive “ONE TO ANOTHER”. WITHOUT CONSIDERATION OF OUR PERSONALITIES. THE WORLD IS LOOKING FOR A REASON OR AN OCCASSION TO MAKE YOUR TESTIMONY TO BE A LIE, so why give it to them. Juanita has professed T.D.Jakes to be her spiritual guide on moreothan one occassion, i wonde what advice he has given , especially concerning the media. It seems as aproomotion for increased celebrity status. ” let a man not esteem himself higher than others, after all, we’re really as nothing in the eyes of God when we think we are something (someone).poor Pastor Hagee, he invested so much of himself into this holy union, what has he possibly said to Juanita. Not ot diminish the efforts put forth that has come out of this, but real Pastors deal with this all the time. Their job is to minister, not to broadcast. Again, i say she needs to seek professional help. It is difficult to minister to ones own self in crisis. Surely this is a crisis. I do not particularly care to witness anything she has to say concerning the word of God now, for it is obvious to me that she needs to be taught at this point, all over again about Christian character and conduct.

  2. I’m glad you opened the door and asked the question so I can answer: Prophets are not psychics. They do not know everything about everybody in every situation including themselves. They do not “go into the spirit realm” and survey what is to come. They hear from God, and as God speaks and reveals through symbols, dreams, visions, an audible voice, or the gifts of His Spirit, a prophet knows. NOW, prophets in the Bible were often knowledgeable of things that occured regarding the lives of others, and sometimes their own lives. There are, however, too many substantial situations where prophets who were in right relationship with God did not know of what was coming to them. Why? BEcause then a prophet would not need God, they would only need their office and the gift to be all-knowing, and only Jehovah is all knowing. Also, please note that Bishop WEeks slandered his wife across the pulpit for months before the incident, issued a tell-all book, hired a PR company, gave BET an interview, EUR WEB, issued at least three press conferences, gave the Atlanta Journal Constitution a number of interviews hence articles, did one of the tabloid evening news shows, Tom Joyner Morning Show, Wendy Williams, and had a you-tube hatchett job going within one week one of being arrested. For the sake of legalities, all of this is alleged, but check the sources. So, I don’t know what planet you have been on (cause for anyone who has been really trying to see what the Bishop has put out there is just too much to miss all of this), but he has been all over the media, and publicly slandering his wife since before the incident. Much of what you have raised is true. However, I am glad that someone with a big mouth is speaking out about and against domestic violence. Silence is what has let this sickness live and exist with all of the big bishops and pastors knowing about it, and too often, doing nothing. A silent divorce or years of go through while the man of God still bashes his wife’s head in is not the answer. If the church was in position and dealt with this when clergypersons are involved correctly, there would be no need for a disclosed cry for help and validation that my butt was stomped in a parking lot. Finally, while there is a responsibility to govern ourselves accordingly such that the world is not hindered or turned off from the Kingdom of God, our Father is not that concerned with the world’s outlook and effect to the point where he does not care about his own. Juanita has given of herself for over 25 years in ministry, long before Jakes platformed her ministry, and when she is at her lowest point of personal disappointment and devastation, her life does not become meaningless because of “how this will affect the church”. Please. The true church is doing what we are supposed to do, pray for and counsel for healing and restoration. As ministers we must endure suffering, but everyone has a breaking point and God understands our humanity and is fully capable of processing Juanita Bynum, not the public persona or minister to the nations, but JUANITA outside of all of that, such that she will come to know HIm in the fellowship room of suffering and become more broken before the Lord.

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