Juanita Bynum on Divorce Court

by MullOverThis

In case you were wondering what her appearance was all about, check out the clips.

I have never seen divorce court spend so much air-time highlighting any special guests and their own lifestyles or issues.  So, this appearance is probably aimed at increasing the show’s ratings.

Whether or not Bynum’s appearance served ministerial purpose is really a question that only those who she spent time with can answer.  Nonetheless, I’m sure this won’t stop the philosophizers from philosphizing and waking up again tomorrow, having not demonstrated notable service outside of their own needs or interests to anyone else who has been substantially impacted by their lives.  Meanwhile, again Bynum has used her personal life experience to provide insight for someone else.

After being stomped by an unrepentant husband who still denies any real wrongdoing, it is easy for Bynum to identify with and tell another woman to love oneself enough to stop the domestic abuse before it cannot be curtailed.


2 Comments to “Juanita Bynum on Divorce Court”

  1. Hmmmm….to those who think so: does her appearance have to serve a ministerial purpose? Are our gift and callings only supposed to be used within the four walls of the church? As long she shows the light of Christ and stays true to herself, I see no violation. No one is having fits about Jakes on Dr. Phil. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Anyway, was it me or was Judge Toler too hard on her during the interview? Check the clip:

  2. Well, Bynum is being held to the standard as too many other abused women–their every move and actions are scrutinized because they are often seen as the “problem”, or the trouble-makers. And, the toughest critics are usually other women. Point well made, Nik.

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