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April 15, 2009


by MullOverThis

Andy Warhol is credited with authoring the statement, “In the future everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes.”  The pirates–and they are by no means heroes–seem to be taking their fifteen minutes of fame a bit too seriously.  Not only have they verbally committed to striking against US ships, but also to continue to target US ships as some sort of repercussion for killing their dingy cohorts last week.  You would think that the  estimated $150 million dollar gain from last year’s badwill piracy would help keep the thieves focused:  Keep on pirating and sequestering the spoils.  Do not invoke the attention of the world, and the wrath of the world police.   Keep on living the bling bling life after a hard day’s work from  traversing the seas, robbing ships, holding people hostage, and negotiating with the crew’s countrymen for money.  Now, the hellacious criminals  have to defend their sub-human honor and fight the ones that defend themselves.  They want to be part robber, part celebrity.  The Somali bandits will soon find that greed and pride don’t mix. 

Nonetheless, I am left with two questions:

1.  If these pirates are reachable such that they are issuing statements to the press, why are they still able to talk?

2.  Who is going to inherit their money–or will there be treasure hunts– when they are gone?


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