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June 3, 2011

Palin For President

by MullOverThis

Palin for President.

The only Presidential pull Governor Sarah Palin will have, is  President of her own book club, Lipsticks for Pit Bulls, or Hockey Moms of redneck America.

The hockey mom pit bull proponent need not think that because she still has a strong fan base, that her supporters will translate into a political constituency that will put her in the oval office.  Homegirl, oops, lipstick lady, didn’t even complete her gubernatorial term in serving Alaskans.  The bling bling from a network show, book royalties, and interviews extraordinaire seemed too honorable for Mrs. Palin to forsake when weighted against fulfilling the mandates of public office.

So, pundits, relax.  Sarah’s voice will continue to be heard, but not from the Presidential office.  No one in her right mind will knowingly make her POTUS.  Even Rush Limbaugh couldn’t pull this off.

Nuff said.


September 8, 2008


by MullOverThis

There’s a book getting ready to be published about Governor Sarah Palin.  With only two months left until Election Day 2008, how Governor Palin is handled in the media is imperative to the McCain/Palin success.  The GOP only has a few days left to try and convince Americans that a woman who can fully load a firearm in under two minutes is competent to make decisions regarding our nation. 

So then the Repub strategy for selling the McCain/Palin ticket is laudable.  Obviously Governor Palin must go to national politics school so she can brush up and at least have a grasp on the stump speech issues.  Accordingly, she has not given any non-celebrity news media interviews.  The only coverage we’ve seen so far, is of Barbie beauty queen Palin and  Mother-of-five Palin.  The delayed indulgence to conversations wtih political media outlets is not because the queen needs time to highlight her beauty marks.  The queen needs to appear to be more than a figurehead, or one who holds public office as a state Governor, but did not know what the job of the Vice President of the United States entailed.  The Repubs want the public’s first and lasting impression of Palin to be that she is just like any other young, fit, attractive mom reaching for the stars and actually touching them.  So, they inflate Redneck Barbie Palin who has the innate persona that breeds confidence, put some words in her mouth, and won’t release her to the public on the issues too soon.  Pre-mature speeches or impromptu questions and answers with Governor Palin would surely prove to be embarrassing. 

The platform for Palin must be a sure foundation of hype first, so that when she is ready to hold her own, we will be committed to seeing the everyday soccer mom succeed.  Well, we’ll have our opportunity soon.  ABC News has an interview with Palin forthcoming.  I just hope that we will be able to see Palin on her own two feet before Election Day.  Not just in televised debates, but one on one with the press and general population as McCain and Palin traverse the campaign trail.  That’s when we’ll know if Palin’s knowledge of guns transcends hunting use. 

 Moderator’s Note:  Governor Palin has endearingly espoused the use of the word “redneck” to describe her husband.  I hope this is a cultural use akin to “my nigga” in the black community, which is ultra highly sensitive, but understood to mean a close friend, not a dumb ignorant fool.  The last time I checked, “rednecks” weren’t people wanted to ever see since nooses still exist.

UPDATE:  CHARLIE GIBSON WILL BE REPRESENTING ABC IN THE HONOR OF INTERVIEWING THE FIRST REPUBLICAN FEMALE VICE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE, GOVERNOR SARAH PALIN.  HIS RATINGS WILL GO THROUGH THE ROOF.  The Mr. Rogers of the ABC neigborhood Charlie won’t be aggressive with Sarah, but at least we’ll get an introduction to what Governor Palin brings to the table.


September 4, 2008


by MullOverThis

Ann Coulter penned an article, “THE BEST MAN TURNED OUT TO BE A WOMAN”.


I’m not surprised that ANN and other inner-cusp Repubs will justify this appointment at any cost.  The flags of sexism will continue to be posted wherever there is a legitimate challenge to Palin’s ability to be a decent mother to her THREE CONSIDERABLY UNDERAGE CHILDREN while she is supposed to be the Vice President of the United States.  Motherhood and family values are of utmost importance to the GOP platform. Palin’s appointment proves that for this possible administration, this is theory at best.  Let’s all work and fight for ideals and principles but not live them.

McCain’s need for a gun-toting, pro-life, tax-cutting young female GOP running mate outweighs any other concerns.  For instance, McCain’s age and medical history was not a priority in appointing a POTUS-ready running mate.  Did GOP nominee McCain get the memo that if he wins the election, he would be the oldest US President to enter office?  McCain should have made the readiness of his VP to lead this nation of utmost importance in his selection.  Whether or not McCain outlives Bristol is not the issue.  McCain is supposed to be planning for the good of our nation–“Country First”– right GOP? The average family has enough sense to have insurance policies in the event of death.  Palin, with two  more months of shaking hands, cramming and trying to learn the ropes, come November is supposed to be mature and ready, God-forbid, to be America’s payout. 

Otherwise, the idea of the small town girl who is not afraid to go against the grain and status quo to effectuate good is admirable.  Palin’s firm anti-abortion, pro-Christian beliefs are welcome.  Her youthfulness adds bliss to the equation.  If McCain wins takes us through the next four years, Palin will be ready to run for President AFTER her on-the-job training.  However, Republicans have been terribly hypocritical in this appointment with Palin’s substantial inexperience (a campaign theme against Nobama), and attempting to posit a mother of FIVE WITH FOUR UNDERAGE CHILDREN traipsing across this country and eventually the world, as the picture of family values in America.  No abortions, Dems.  That’s what matters.  Commitment to EFFECTIVE parenting, or at least having the appearance of the same, is not part of this platform.

Whew, I am ready for a Children First candidate.